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A gallery of the original paintings by international artist Christopher Goodsell. Georgia based international artist and painter Topher Goode. It still is. Enjoy.

I’m a man in a mission! I had a painful childhood. There was love and laughter but also a great deal of fear and pain. I learned that life was fleeting and dangerous. I learned to withdraw, to be alone and to rely only on myself. I was also an incredibly sensitive and creative child, a misfit, an outlier. I developed a profound spirituality very early on. My family is not religious, yet I would dr


OMG. I’m still giggling.


This second original Koi piece from artist Christopher Goodsell. Bejeweled with gold leaf, pearls and malachite dust. This piece exudes serenity, beauty and energy. Available for purchase. Show your vibrant style with the Latest Available Original. Stand out and stun with your shine 🐠


Today is the start of the house selling and moving process. It’s going to be 6-7 weeks of work, touching up paint, pairing down, having an estate sale. Making sure everything just so. Still running my business and Eric working full time. Our home is amazing. Seriously spectacular. It’s also 6000 square feet which now feels way to big for the two of us.

I feel super anxious and slightly paralyzed but what is about to happen. But also super super excited for this next chapter. The mountains await…

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My new website is finally live!!! I've been focusing on watercolors for the last year or two. Check out my new Flower series. Click the link below.


Test post from Insta to fb


This is just a testpost to see if my integration with Instagram is working.


Original 36 x 24 on Watercolor Board.
Watercolor Mixed Media.
Original: $1500
Prints from: $15

For years I have struggled to choose a medium to commit to. I love Pop Art, and I love color. I've also developed a deep love affair with Watercolor, but I didn't love how soft the colors felt. I felt like I was cheating if I wasn't a purist. Now my toolkit looks different. I use some tube based pigments, but not many. I now use liquid watercolor pigment, ink, Caran D'ache Watercolor Pencils and Pen and Ink for Vivid detail.


I can’t stand how cute he is!!!


NEW YEAR, NEW WORK! I'm beginning a series of originals and prints of national monuments and sites.

A variety of sizes are available. DM me if interested in this piece or if you have a favorite spot for me to add to my list

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It’s been an amazing year art wise. I’ve sold a lot of work, and I have an upcoming show in spring. I’ve run out of room in the studio though. Lol. So for the next 5 days. I’m offering any of my existing work on my website at 50% off published prices.

Message me if you’d like to view or purchase.

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16 x 20” Watercolor Prints. Local Color and Landmarks. Each print comes matted and foam backed ready for framing. Beautiful gifts. $45 ea. plus shipping or local pick up.
DM me for details.


On this day. We remember those who have fallen in battle. Those who we lost and even more so, what they were fighting for. They fought for us. For you. For me. They fought for a better world. I believe it is our sacred duty to do the same. Every day. This is how we truly honor them.

I have painted poppy fields many times. This piece now resides in The Hamilton Hotel in Alpharetta.

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It's good to feel the darkness at this time of year. The magic, the contrast. I also love oil paints. I did not take the original image of this piece.


An artists home is never finished. I’ve been working on this herb cabinet for almost a year. Now it’s almost finished.


Cutting and engraving more of my Om sign designs. PM me if you’re interested in owning one. This is for my lovely friend Betsy.



I designed this piece a few years ago, and I get an urge to make a new batch every now and again. Available in 3 sizes:

12 x 12: $65
24 x 24: $249
32 x 32: $349

DM Me to purchase.
All prices plus shipping.


The real Koi painting executed. I am LOVING sharing this with y’all !!

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I’ve been thinking about this concept for years. How the grain of certain woods resembles the ripples and patterns in water, and how I might exaggerate and utiles that with paint. This koi series is a nod to the natural world. Created using natural varnishes, stains and mineral pigments.


Concept of new Jeweled Koi series. Acrylic, gold leaf, water color, resin and pearls on board. Very excited


NEW WORK: POP ROCKET 48" x 30" DM Me if interested.
3D, Airbrushed Acrylic on board with an acrylic dome that lights up at night.

Out of all of the styles I work in, POP Art has got to be my favorite. It's fun, bright, cheerful, and silly. It brings a smile to everybody's faces.


The question/comments I most often get

1. OMG. That’s amazingly beautiful. (Thank you. I love that you love it and that it brings you joy)

2. It’s so big. I don’t have anywhere it would fit. This commission was created for a commercial space and we have options. 1. Let me paint and smaller one just perfect for your space. It could be Poppies. Hydrangeas, Plumeria, Daisies. Tulips. You name it we can make it.

Also this piece was designed to be able to split into 2 or 3 panels. So it can be hung around your home, or shared or gifted to family and friends.

So don’t be scared of the scale. DM me with questions.


Spiritual Art and Yoga? What a natural combination. Feeling very excited to hang my work in such an amazing space.

I feel so blessed to be able to add to the vibe in this studio, and to be among the amazing artists who have also shown here. Stay tuned for the show dates!

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Hey Friends!!! I’m super excited to be able to share my new website with you. Check out my latest work, the Joy collection, learn about my mission and my commission process, where we work together to co-create a custom piece. Just for you. Give it a look. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Shop Art | Christopher Goodsell


Working on a study of a Williams Pear this morning. Just for funsies!



"Love is Love" sold at auction this weekend, and was the highest selling single item in the silent auction category!!!
All proceeds went directly to the Human Rights Campaign.

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Take a look at this new tool I have been exploring. It's not perfect yet, but its a way for me to generate and curate exhibitions and gallery shows quickly. Let me know what you think.


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New Work: BIG BANG.
Hand Painted, Mixed Media on Art Panel. 60 x 48

How does this make you feel? What do you think when you experience this image?


NEW WORK. Portal in progress. I think I am going to call this one Big Bang, because I just burned out the motor on my turntable. LMAO!!! Never a dull moment around here.

Also some of you guys have wanted a video of how I create these portal paintings. Watch this space.


Just finishing a commissioned watercolor of the AMAZING Crazy Horse Monument in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Watercolor on Arches. 45 in x 30 in


Hey friends, fans, and followers! I need your help.

I am currently taking an art business course. Part of the course is to complete 2 test commissions or prototype projects. This means that you and I would work together to create an original custom piece of fine art just for you. Something that speaks to and inspires you.

Why and how I became an artist…
As a child, I frequently felt like I didn't fit, like an outcast, different, afraid, alone. I think we all have our own version of that feeling. As a result, I turned inwards. I discovered my creativity and spirituality. I started dreaming about God when I was 4 years old. I did not grow up in a religious family, so this was not a religious thing for me. In my dreams, God was a cartoon monk who lived in a cave with a stream running through it. Outside the entrance to the cave was a rock where I would sit, and we would talk. I remember the overwhelming sense of love and belonging. I remember the peaceful, safe feeling of the place. I still talk to God/the universe all the time. It's a deep and constant connection for me. One that has helped me through some very tough times. My work is inspired by the feeling and experiences I have when I meditate or connect with God/the creative energy of the universe. To me, they are the same thing. This is about connection, not necessarily religion. I have worked with people of all faiths, and none and I know that we all benefit from experiencing something greater than ourselves.

Would you enjoy being part of the creative process of uncovering what true and lasting connection is for you?

I'm looking for 2 people who fit my collector profile to complete these prototype projects. You should be someone who connects with my artwork and my mission. You should also love art and already own or collect fine art, and would love to have a visual representation that allows you to experience being centered, peaceful, and joyful in this hectic world.

In return for your time, I'll make videos and share them with you throughout the process and create a personalized book of the process, our conversations, inspirations, my thought process, notes, inspirations, and sketches. You get to keep this at the end of our project.

I want to be fully transparent. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase the piece at the end of the project. If you want to acquire the piece, you can, but no obligation. This is about me learning to create custom, mission-driven artwork directly for collectors. At the end of the process, we'll talk, and I'll ask for feedback on your experience, what worked, what I'll, what you loved, etc.

I am working in 3 sizes. 24 x 36, 36 x 48 and 48 x 60. They are 1900, 3400 and 5000 USD respectively. Consider what size would work for you and where you might hang the piece. That will really help us during the initial conversations as we discover what your unique piece will look like and what colors and motifs we should include. Our goal is to uncover what true, lasting, meaningful connection is for you. Lastly, you should be someone who already loves and owns fine art. I want to be fully transparent. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase the piece at the end of the project. If you want to acquire the piece, you can, but no obligation.

Just message me if you'd be willing to help, and we'll go from there. Thank you all so much for following my work and believing in me!

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NEW WORK: Verdant. 48 x 60. Mixed media on Canvas.

There's a lot going on in the world right now. Perhaps a lot to be despondent about. But here in Atlanta, spring is springing. Mother nature is waking up. We have had an abundance of rain, the leaves are lunch, the crocuses and pansies are putting on a show. Where nature blooms there is hope. Where art is created there is hope.

Please take a moment to like my page and follow me on Instagram .

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Eye Of The Storm
48 x 60
Mixed Media


I am very proud of this piece. This speaks to a "dark night of the soul" moment. An intense period of reflection and transformation. At times it has felt like I was dying. At times I would have welcomed that. I have come through the storm changed, stronger, less tolerant, and at the same time more peaceful and more authentic. This also represents a turning point in my art business. My work from this point on will be produced under the artist's name GOODE.

Shop Art | Christopher Goodsell

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“Driving Miss Daisy”
Clay sculpture.

I currently have 2 openings for commissions this year. Any car, any pet or person. Message me for details.


Sorry I’ve been silent for a while. My father passed. For me it was a large asteroid strike. Not just the impact but also everything that was thrown into the air by the impact.

During this time, I have done a lot of soul searching. As a son, a man, an artist and a child of God. I have been terrified of painting portraits. I have done many in the past. Yet I feel afraid and inspired to do more.

I feel drawn to paint some icons. Iconic religious figures. Today I started with Jesus. Not white Jesus or suffering Jesus. But Jesus the man. The son of God. The enlightened master.

This is my initial composite watercolor sketch.

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