Rosendale Chamber of Commerce

Rosendale Chamber of Commerce


Mark your calendar! THIS SATURDAY, December 11th, 11-5 for a Holiday Maker's Market + A Luminous Musical, Magical, Puppet-y Experience!
We’re so excited to have you to help us get the word out about our fourth MAKER'S MARKET, and oh so much more- including a lantern-lit puppet-led procession across the Rosendale Trestle! Together, we will enjoy a day of shopping, community, great food (with Tilda’s Kitchen, Seasoned Delicious and Rosendale’s excellent and diverse restaurants!), hot cider, crafts, live music, the extraordinary puppets from the Redwing Blackbird Theater, and more—all curated by the Circle Creative Collective’s team for a day of true fun! Celebrate our local Hudson Valley artisans and their work, with new and old friends in a kind of old world village experience of open hearts and creativity.

We hope to see you at the event!


-Jenny Wonderling, Mirabai Trent and Melissa Hewitt
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Today is the first day of reopening for the Mid-Hudson region. The state has created a portal where you can see, based on your business, if you can reopen or not. That link is below.

The following business types are allowed to reopen:
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Retail - (Limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off)
Wholesale Trade

Be well, stay safe, and continue to practice social distancing guidelines and wear masks.

Rosendale Chamber of Commerce
Hey everyone,

I created a Rosendale Happenings page to share information about events in and around Rosendale NY. Please “Like” the page, and share this post to help me spread the word about all the great things happening in our area. Thank you!!

The Rosendale Chamber of Commerce is organized to promote business activity and economic developement in all areas of the Town of Rosendale The Rosendale Chamber of Commerce is a group of committed business people based in the Rosendale N.Y.

area of the Mid-Hudson valley. We actively promote business activity in Rosendale while staying true to the quirky spirit that makes the town so special. We represent a diverse list of business interests in the town of Rosendale, from plumbers to massage therapists and art galleries to machinists. All of our members enjoy the benefits of being part of the Rosendale Chamber of Commerce. Rosendale b

Operating as usual 06/30/2020

Ulster Respond Complete a 5-minute survey to share your status and challenges with the Ulster County Economic Development Alliance (UCEDA) and its partners. We are hosting training and advisory sessions in response to your needs. 06/15/2020

County Recovery Service Center Aims To Streamline Support Access

Terrific resource to help you navigate re-opening. For county residents who may have been struggling to get help during the pandemic, there may now be an easier


We're so excited the Farmers Market is open again! Sunday from 10 - 2 pm. Grab some terrific goods then stroll through town and enjoy Main Street coming back to life!


Rosendale Chamber of Commerce's cover photo


Rosendale Chamber of Commerce's cover photo


The Rosendale Farmers Market is Sunday from 10-2. Grab some delicious food then take a stroll through Rosendale. Outdoor dining, shopping and great walking on the rail trail!


Sunday 10:00 - 2:00!
Rosendale Farmers’ Market is officially open for the season— with masks and distancing required. Hand sanitizer available ( and use encouraged) at entrance... come out and support our local producers!

We do what we do because of you!
A huge thank you to everyone who masked up and came out to our first market of the season last Sunday. We are incredibly grateful to our patrons for being patient and following safety protocols. We are also super grateful to our vendors who are making sure that they are providing our community with quality, local provisions in a safe manor.

In an effort to streamline the shopping experience at the market we have organized a list of our vendors, what types of payment they accept and how to pre-order if possible.

**Please contact the vendor directly if you have any questions**

Pre-order online by Thursday at midnight
Cash, Credit Cards & SNAP

Pre-order online
Cash, Credit Cards & SNAP

Cash & Venmo

Pre-order by phone by Friday
Cash or Check

Cash & Credit Cards

Cash & Credit Cards

Pre-Order by phone by Thursday morning

HV HEIRLOOM FARM - **Joining the market as of July 5th!**
Pre-order online through website
Cash & Venmo

Select Market Dates
Cash & Credit Cards 06/09/2020

Keep your business running during this crisis with tips from our speakers and fellow small business owners.

REBUILD. RECOVER. RECONNECT. CO (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)— is here to help you navigate the delicate road to rebuilding your business.

Join them Wednesday, June 10, for the launch of CO— Blueprint, an audience-driven discussion that combines expert advice with practical strategies from business owners, like you. For the first installment, host Jeanette Mulvey, Content Director at CO—, will moderate conversations that take a close look at this new business environment and break down the considerations and strategies that will help drive success. Join us live every Wednesday for updated information and resources on how to help your small business during the coronavirus crisis. 06/09/2020

NY Forward: A Guide to Reopening New York and Building Back Better

ULSTER COUNTY PHASE TWO BEGINS June 9: Outdoor Dining Guidance and Other Updates:

Phase Two Industries include:

Offices – View Office Summary Guidelines
Real Estate – View Real Estate Summary Guidelines
Essential and Phase 2 In-Store Retail – View In-Store Retail Guidelines
Vehicle Sales, Leases, and Rentals- View Vehicle Guidelines
Retail Rental, Repair, and Cleaning – View Rental Guidelines
Commercial Building Management – View Commercial Management Guidelines
Hair Salons and Barbershops – View Hair Salon and Barbershop Guidelines
Outdoor Dining – View Outdoor Dining Guidelines

Across Ulster County, many eateries will welcome diners back to outdoor areas at their restaurant to enjoy meals and drinks. A special thanks to the Commissioner of the New York State Liquor Authority, Vincent G. Bradley, who was able to join the Ulster County Office of Economic Development and the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce for a webinar on Monday to address emerging questions from business owners about the new bar and restaurant regulations under Phase Two. Key points from this meeting include:
Any consumption of food and/or beverage must happen in outdoor, open-air areas, without a fixed roof (besides a temporary or seasonal awning or cover).

Food and/or beverages can only be consumed while seated at a table, bar, or counter. Patrons may not be standing or walking while consuming food and drinks.

All tables must be 6 feet apart; any seat at a bar or counter must also be 6 feet apart.

Further guidance from the New York State Liquor Authority can be found here. If a bar or restaurant does not currently have a license to serve alcohol outdoors, but wishes to begin outdoor service, they must submit an updated diagram and a short explanation of the proposed serving area to the SLA at [email protected]. If a city, town, or village wishes to grant permission for a bar or restaurant within its jurisdiction to operate on municipal land adjacent to the business, they must complete the form here.

Answers to some common questions at Monday’s bar/restaurant webinar include:

Q: Can food and/or drink be consumed on a golf course?
A: Only as provided in the Guidance, e.g., outdoors, by patrons seated at tables, 6 feet apart, etc.

Q: Can a patron consume an alcoholic beverage on premises under this guidance without purchasing food?
A: Yes, as your on-premises service privileges require that you make food available, but do not require that food be purchased.

Q: May outdoor restaurant patrons use an indoor restroom?
A: Yes, but social distancing guidelines must be followed. This includes a 6-foot space between customers who may be waiting online to use the restroom.

Q: Can I conduct wine tastings?
A: Yes. However, a tasting is an on-premises service that must comply with all the SLA rules and any other relevant NYS guidance on food/drink service.

Q: I own a hotel. Can patrons staying at my hotel take wine/beer/alcoholic beverages to consume on the lawn or garden area in my hotel?
A: This would require a temporary alteration to your liquor license. Please refer to the forms linked above.

Q: Can restaurants with a shared parking lot simply set up tables in their shared lot?
A: After submitting their plan to SLA they can utilize a shared lot, but the space owned by each establishment must be clearly marked by some sort of physical divider. Large flower boxes, a temporary fence or some other physical barrier must be erected.

Q: Can farm wineries and breweries use open-air pavilions on their property for outdoor seating and service of food and beverages?
A: No

Further questions specific to Ulster County bar and restaurant reopening can be answered by visiting the State Liquor Authority website or by contacting Vincent Bradley, Commissioner of The New York State Liquor Authority at 518-474-3114 or emailing [email protected].

Personal protective equipment is required for all businesses in Phase Two. A guide to reopening supplies, many of which are made locally here in Ulster County, can be found here.

Further Information and resources on Ulster County COVID testing are available at

Phase Two Businesses can reopen once they read and affirm detailed guidelines and complete a business safety plan. These forms are available here. Please note that the business safety plans DO NOT have to be submitted to New York State, but a copy must be retained on the business premise and made available upon request. If you believe you are a Phase Two business but don’t see your specific industry listing, this tool will help you to determine the phase for your business classification. If you still need assistance determining your business classification, please email us at [email protected]

Ulster County is also requiring Phase 2 businesses fill out this form to certify they have created a plan. The form also includes a short survey about Ulster County business needs.

For more details on how and when New York State businesses included in Phases Three and Four will reopen, please visit:

Lisa Berger, Director
Kate Heidecker, Deputy Director
Barbara Loughran, Business Services Administrator
Natalie Michael, Confidential Secretary Reopening New York New York City is now in phase one of reopening. All regions of the state except New York City are now in Phase one or two. Phase Two Guidance New York City


Councilman Ernest S. Klepeis

Guidelines for our re-opening.

Today is the first day of reopening for the Mid-Hudson region. The state has created a portal where you can see, based on your business, if you can reopen or not. That link is below.

The following business types are allowed to reopen:
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Retail - (Limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off)
Wholesale Trade

Be well, stay safe, and continue to practice social distancing guidelines and wear masks.

Rosendale Chamber of Commerce 05/23/2020

Economic Recovery and COVID-19 Loans for Small Businesses | Empire State Development

Financial resources for small business! New York State is working to support small businesses throughout the COVID-19 crisis, by providing up-to-date resources and information about economic recovery and COVID-19-related loans, funding and business counseling. See below for details about applying for the New York Forward Loan Fund, target... 05/07/2020

Support the Guidelines to Reopening the Hudson Valley Restaurant Industry

Let your voice be heard! As reopening the restaurant industry in the Hudson Valley gets closer, Albany will be drafting guidelines restaurants will need to follow. In an effort to make sure Albany’s guidelines are practical and achievable, the Hudson Valley Economic Development Council along with Board Member Bonura Hospi...


A nice gift for mom!

Mother's Day is May 10th! Here is a way to honor your mom and support the Rosendale Theatre! Sponsor a chair! For $100 you can put a message on a plaque with a special message or your mom's name (see examples) Click here to sponsor a chair: Thanks! 05/04/2020

Verizon Small Business Recovery Fund | Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Verizon is paying it forward with up to $7.5 million!

We’ve already pledged $5 million to Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), a non-profit that will use Verizon funding to provide grants of up to $10,000 to businesses facing immediate financial pressure because of COVID-19. Over the course of #PayItForwardLive, Verizon will unlock an additional $2.5 million as viewers use the hashtag #PayItForwardLIVE and tag their local businesses, bringing the total donation up to $7.5 million LISC is the largest organization in the country supporting projects that revitalize struggling communities.


The Walkway Over the Hudson spelled out a message of gratitude to frontline workers.From our friends at Chronogram.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone on the front lines keeping us safe and healthy.

Photo: Scott Snell/Zero Point Aerial


FOR PARENTS OF HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS as we look towards the fall and wonder what college will be like for our kids or if they’ll be able to attend college in fall, the following online session may be something to consider attending. Go to and click on online events. 04/24/2020

Rosendale Chamber Of Commerce | Rosendale, New York During these unprecedented times, how we band together, extend a helping hand, and contribute to the well-being of others will sustain us now and will add to our community when this pandemic comes to an end. I had hoped that the revitalization of the Chamber would have had a better introduction than...


Thank you Clemson Bros.

Clemson Bros. Brewery has created a small business relief fund and donated $10K to help our local business communities in Orange and Ulster Counties. Please consider donating if you can (read below for more details).
Clemson Bros. Brewery is concerned for all local businesses and the impact that COVID19 will have on our success. Owner, Kenan Porter cannot move forward in good conscience without doing our best to help out all that are in need, as our small business community and neighbors struggle through this time, especially those who were unable to receive funding from state or federal outlets. With that said, we have made the decision to donate $10,000 to a fund we are creating that will go towards select businesses that are in need of assistance during these very hard times, and we hope that others will participate in adding more to the fund. It’s not much in the grand scheme of things, but every little bit helps, and we want to do our part because we know what it means to work hard for something and potentially lose everything.

The small business communities that we are a part of are tight knit, and we all rely on each other to succeed. Without each other, we are not whole. Our mission is to encourage any and all donations from others who can relate and share this relief effort with select business owners in Orange and Ulster counties who are in need of help. We will be working with our chambers to determine which businesses need the most help and also encourage you to provide suggestions for business owners who you know need help (please do so by emailing [email protected]). We encourage any and all followers to share this message so that it makes its way to those businesses who truly need help.

In the meantime, we hope that our state will be able to do more to help small businesses during this time. Let's all help to get our local and state government involved. We all have a voice, and it's very important, now more than ever, that we make that voice heard. We all deserve the very best, no matter how hard times are, it's what we all work hard for!




National Small Business Town Hall #5

Tomorrow at Noon ET! Congress has struck a deal to replenish the emergency loans available to small business through the CARES Act. The bill infuses more aid into the economy, including $320 billion into the Paycheck Protection Program, which had run dry. It’s critical relief for small businesses who are struggling to...


Orange County Chamber of Commerce, NY

Some good advice on budgeting through this crisis.

❗️Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's COVID 19 Financial Survival Toolkit for New Yorkers.

#OCNY #SupportLocalOCNY 04/21/2020

Bipartisan Deal Reached On $484 Billion More Coronavirus Aid

The legislation also includes a requirement that $60 billion of the money for the small business loans be set aside for smaller lenders. Those restrictions were a key demand from Democrats, who argued that those banks serve very small businesses, particularly in rural areas and under-served communities. Both Republicans and Democrats agreed that a small business program that ran out of money needed a major infusion. Negotiators also added resources for hospitals and testing. 04/21/2020

How to Save Money During COVID-19

Free advice on how to save money and negotiate with vendors, landlords, banks, etc.
This Friday at 12:00 ET Join us for How to Save Money During COVID-19 Friday 4/24 at noon ET.



Some good tips on saving money in the midst of this crisis.

As a business owner, your number one objective is to keep the business operable. This means cash considerations, and making hard choices in times of scarcity.

It also means being smart about what options are available to you. There's been a rallying response to COVID-19 providing small businesses with more opportunities to access free money, cheap loans, payment forgiveness, and payment deferrals. Use this guide to consider some of your options, like:

✅Auto payment deferrals
✅Loan payment deferrals
✅Low interest loans

Download below. 04/20/2020

Save Small Business Fund

The Save Small Business Fund is a grantmaking iniitaiteve offereing short-term relief for small employers in the United States. Helping small employers impacted by Covid-19 with $5,000 grants



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