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Be sure to attend our home Roseburg Clint Newell Doc's games to receive your free raffle ticket for that nights raffle. I will post each gameday what that night's giveaway is! See you at the ball park!

The Lifestyle & Family Medicine Residents learned a little bit more about their unique gifts + passions + values and how they come together to form one's
Seasoned Purpose Workshop facilitator, Jessie Hecocta came all the way from Klamath Falls to talk about how living can add years to one's life!

*Catered by Blue Zones Project Approved Restaurant Wrappin and Rollin ! 😋

Aviva Health CHI Mercy Health Mercy Medical Center Edward Jones-Financial Advisor: Jessie Hecocta


Open from 11am-3pm today, we're featuring Wrappin & Rollin; a Blue Zones Approved Restaurant.

“All our food is plant-based and made to order, with homemade sauces and specialty items.”

Wrappin & Rollin owner, Darci Hawkins, became plant-based for health reasons. She continued being vegan because it has so many benefits. “I’m Passionate about it because I believe it helped heal me.”
She also believes that being plant-based is more ethical, better use of land and better for the environment.

Wrappin & Rollin options include the very popular Buffalo Bowl, nachos, tacos, enchiladas, and much more. There are homemade sauces and cheeses, and lots for fresh vegetables.

Go check them out and give them a shout for making healthy choices easy and accessible in the Umpqua Valley! 👏🏼🎉

Wrappin and Rollin

Congratulations to Blue Zones Approved Wrappin and Rollin on celebrating their one-year anniversary in their new space on Main Street this week! We love seeing all of the fun new specials that Darci puts on her menus including these delicious plant-based cupcake treats from Sugar Mama's Gourmet Desserts!
Winner Winner! 🏆

Did you participate in the RealAge Test!? You might be a winner!
Watch Juliete and John from your Thrive Umpqua team draw 14 winners of some awesome prizes, including a gift basket from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine!

Are you a winner? Do you know a winner! We'll be reaching out to you via email to coordinate getting your prize! Congrats to you and all for participating in the RealAge test!

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One of my amazing new friends in Roseburg that has a restaurant and food cart that heals people through food and service. Wrappin and Rollin owned by Darci Hawkins

She's so amazing that I'm literally tearing 😢 up as I right this 😊😊😊

She's a foodie for healing people...she doesn't do plant based/vegan food to revolt, she gifts this cuisine to bring people together, restore balance, to open channels in our bodies through the right foods, and wants us to heal and live everlasting.

I'm still learning about food and many other things.

She's also not one of those judgy people either.

I literally cried when I met her cause I felt I could be so real with my passions of what I've been doing with my crew and the "cuisine" we've been cookin up.
Today is the day to (RE)DISCOVER DOWNTOWN.


Here is where to pick up and drop
off passports from 4-7pm (or drop off at Sunnyside 7- 8pm).

Visit any of these stops for a sign off
There are 6 wild spots can be signed off in 2 ways:

Visit participating businesses marked with a balloon (Kids Cent, Old Soul Pizza, Trella, Salud, North Forty, Wrappin & Rollin + others)

Make a purchase at any participating business

All passports must completed signed and returned by 7pm to these businesses or SunmuSide 7-8pm.

Passport Raffle Prizes
Jackson Street Provisions
The Wine Destination
Wrappin and Rollin
Ember & Ash
Whiskey Creek Rustics
The People's Goods
Magdalene's On Jackson
The Blade Axe House
Specials today? Soup today?
We will have fried zucchini tacos today!! And cheezy quinoa balls ❤️ Open 11-3
Our chef is sick and she’s more important than money!
I’ll be home tomorrow and we’ll be open the rest of the week!
Thanks for your understanding ❤️❤️
SORRY EVERYBODY!! We have to be CLOSED again today 🥺 Our chef is sick and she is more important than money!

Love to you all and we will be OPEN TOMORROW! I’ll be back in town and will take over for the rest of the week ❤️ Please come see us, sorry for the inconvenience 😬
Meanwhile…enjoy these pics and again we’re sorry about the inconvenience!
Our favorite vegan food truck is now a restaurant!

Speaking of practicing what you preach, we # went down to Roseburg Tuesday to meet w/ Wrappin and Rollin about website and social media management. Darci is a smart, strong woman who knows the healing power of food!

Trauma release coach/mentor. Helping people overcome painful experiences to get unstuck in life.

Trapped Trauma Release & Exchange simulates the REM sleep cycle by activating the subconscious through eye desensitization allowing negative energy attached to painful experiences to be released and reframing those experiences with positive thoughts and emotions. This naturally causes the mind, body and soul to be refreshed and restored causing calm and ease to be the new state of existence.


Anyone interested in learning more about trauma therapy? I’m doing free consultations! DM me 🔥

Timeline photos 08/04/2023

Super cute and fun little market ❤️♥️


As most of you know by now, I no longer operate my food truck and have moved into a therapeutic environment.
I am now a trauma release coach and mentor. I offer rapid eye therapy, tapping sessions and more from my office downtown.
If you or someone you love is struggling to be free from anxiety, depression, negative thought patterns, hopelessness or just a general stuckness in life, please reach out to me.
I am seeing tremendous success in people’s lives who are ready to be free of the things holding them back from true and tangible happiness.
I have many testimonies of people sleeping a full night for the first time in many years, handling difficult situations without emotional upheaval, no longer having anxiety, stress or depression.
I would love to work with you to help address and release any negative responses you’ve had to painful experiences and reframe/replace those experiences and emotions with positive thoughts about it.
Changing the way you think about situations in the past or present by way of creating new neurological pathways in the brain to process those experiences through a new lense will set you free from negative thought patterns and ultimately change the course of your life for the better.

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 04/26/2023

Ok….the time has come. Doubtful that we will be selling the business for now. I’m going to keep the name and possibly be available for pop ups in the future under W&R!

But we have decided to sell our beloved Gretyl! We put tons of love and work into her and she’s ready for a new home.

DM me for details and to set up a time to come take a look at her ❤️


Here's some information for all of my friends and family that are curious about what I'm doing with my life right now. I'm a certified trauma release coach and life mentor.

What is Trapped Trauma Release & Exchange (TTRE)?

TTRE is a therapeutic process that simulates the REM sleep cycle by way of eye movement desensitization that promotes total rest and relaxation in the body, allowing the subconscious mind to release stressors from painful and/or overwhelming situations from the past, present and even future painful situations.

This type of treatment is especially important and designed for the purpose of reframing the neural pathways in the brain in an effort to be able to process life, (all of the twists and turns, positive and negative), in a healthy and reasonable way and redirect the mind to respond with pause and ease. Creating peace in the mind and body, and helping to find healthy and positive coping skills.

REM can be described as a kind of sleep that occurs at intervals during the night and is characterized by rapid eye movements.
During REM sleep your mind and body naturally stores experiences, (both painful & positive), of the day, (past & present), in the brain that help you process emotional and physical stress through the night to wake up completely refreshed and ready for the new day and it’s experiences.

In this day and age most people are not getting REM sleep. There are many reasons for this. Cultural hyper activity, childhood trauma, single situation and/or long term or ongoing trauma, (emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, financial abuse), busy work schedules, too much audio/visual input, alcohol, sleep aids & other medications also interfere with the natural sleep cycle. Therefore their bodies and minds are experiencing all kinds of dis-ease. Depression, anxiety, stress, apathy, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, mental exhaustion....insert anything here.

Our bodies, minds and souls, (physical, mental, emotional), are designed to be able to heal themselves. Every action starts with a thought. If you think you can’t do something or you don’t deserve something, (you may have been told so by someone or yourself), you likely won’t try it because of the fear and doubt that takes over in your mind. Your mind can keep you at a stand still in life if the negative self talk is prominent. i.e.Fear of failing, succeeding, letting yourself or others down, not knowing where to start, apathy, depression, anxiety, (as mentioned above),...the list goes on.

Our minds have the ability to reframe our thoughts about all situations, (and ourselves), and make our thoughts focus on the positive reframing words. For instance, if you’ve been telling yourself you’re stupid your whole life, you can start to tell yourself you are smart and capable.
You can actually change and train your mind to believe whatever you tell it, once you release the negative story through TTRE.

As you daily exercise positive reframing, not only will you believe the new/true story about who you are, but your body will respond more confidently to unfamiliar situations and you will try things that you’ve never tried before because you now believe you are capable. Your relationships and outlook will change, your life will change.

This is the power we’ve been given. This is where the exchange happens. You get to exchange the lie you’ve believed about yourself with the truth about who you truly are. If you are intricately, wonderfully and beautifully made, you are capable and worthy of doing amazing, wonderful and beautiful things.

TTRE therapy has the power to help you get unstuck from the negative thought patterns and puts you back on track with the positive reframing thoughts, so you can accomplish and fulfill all the wonderful things you were designed to do in this life.
TTRE therapy reminds you of your value and purpose and has the ability to change your life forever.

I wouldn’t say this if I wasn’t seeing it happen daily with my clients. My clients that commit to their healing journey and this particular treatment for at least 10 weeks are seeing tremendous results and starting to live their best lives again.
For some of them, this is the first time in their lives they’ve felt relief enough to, not only function at a higher level, but pursue life long dreams.

If this speaks to anyone, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m here and I love you and I want to see you living to your fullest potential. Change and growth is only a thought away and I can help you find the tools you carry inside to make this happen. It's never too late and you are not a lost soul.

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 02/15/2023

Anyone need a place to stay in Southern Oregon for a mini vacay??!! We got you covered at the Hawkins Haven!
Message me for details!


Oh hello...it's been awhile.
I miss you all so much.
I'm not on FB much these days, this makes me happy.
My new adventure doesn't require so many posts.

I could tell you all of the wonderful healing sessions I get to be a part of, I suppose.

I get to witness oppression, stress, anxiety, depression, heart ache and many other ailments lift off some of the most precious people I have ever met.

My heart has grown at least 3 times bigger with the trust people offer me as we process through some of their most painful memories together.

I could tell you I'm walking in my gift, I feel more alive than ever before.

Has every person I've met with stuck with it? No. Have I questioned my abilities and purpose as I navigate new territories of my own heart to help my fellow humans overcome pain in a deep and meaningful way? Yes.

Even when you know what you're supposed to do, sometimes doubt creeps in. Rejection issues rear their ugly head. Am I capable? Am I qualified? Am I making a difference? Does this really have lasting effects? I know the answer is yes to all of these questions, in the deepest part of my being. Even if I don't feel it in a moment, I know it to be true.

I hold on to this truth as I remain present and attentive to each and every one of my clients. I truly love them and am so excited for the wholeness they get to experience through the healing work they've committed to do in their own hearts.

Healing is a process and a journey. It's not a one and done type thing. It requires intention and grace. Everyone is in charge of their own healing at their own pace when they are ready.

I'll be here if anyone feels ready.
My job is to connect you to your highest self and purpose, so you can accomplish great things.
Connecting you to the Source is where true, deep, lasting healing happens.

Stay tuned for some amazing testimonies coming up in my next post.


Anyone interested in buying a vegan food truck business?

Spring and summer will be here soon enough! Training and teen helper (who knows how to make all the food) comes along with the sale!

Message me for details!


Friends and fans, listen up!!!!

There have been some new developments with the pending sale and this video talks about it. Make sure you’re volume is up!

Enjoy watching Gretyl on her way home ❤️

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 01/03/2023

The pending sale did not go through. We are waiting patiently for the right person to come along. Wrappin and Rollin is officially still on the market! Anyone interested just send us a message about the details! We are happy to answer any and all questions! We're excited for the opportunity to continue holding out for the best possible outcome for us and the any potential new owner!!

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 01/03/2023

Hello and good morning friends and fans!

I have some fantastic news!!!

We have a very serious pending buyer for the business.

Wrappin and Rollin will very likely be staying local and have a grand opening date with new owners SOON!

Since the sale is not completely final, I’m keeping some details private until it’s a 💯 for sure deal.

Please stay tuned here for updates and we will reveal more info as we get closer to the new opening date!!

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 12/30/2022

It’s our
We have prepared a buffet style lunch for you from 11-3.
Homemade TAMALES, Charcuterie Boards, Wraps, and more.

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 12/27/2022

OUR FINAL WEEK OPEN 11-3 Tuesday-Friday!!

Come see us and get some award winning curry, tacos & buffalo bowl!!

Friday the 30th will be our very last day! I’m going to have some delicious surprises for you, so please stop by and say hi and grab ya some of the best food you’ll ever put in your mouth 🤤

Wrappin N Rollin to close doors 12/06/2022

It’s official now


Wrappin N Rollin to close doors As Wrappin N Rollin owners Darci and Daryl Hawkins prepare for the next chapter in their lives, downtown Roseburg is losing a popular local eatery.


I’ll be making my award winning sweet potato curry this week!

Thanks to my dear sweet lady friend, Linda…who I can’t tag for some reason. She donated some amazing sweet taters today!

Also one of my regulars, Allison, whom I also can’t tag…will be super happy about this! It’s a special request fulfilled for her, because she’s rad and has the best shoes in town!

Come on by and grab a bowl!

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 11/29/2022

Hey everyone!!

We are getting down to the wire, just a few more weeks until we close our doors!

Please stop in and say hi and grab a fresh bite!

Open all week 11-3
Please pop out to the truck if you don’t see me inside, I’d love to see your beautiful face!

We will be closing our doors December 30th! Our last day.

Still looking for a buyer!

Hope to see your smiling faces in the coming weeks!


Donate to this wonderful program in our community! Educating our kids about gardening and eating fresh foods is such an important thing for them to learn early!

This Giving Tuesday, consider a donation to UVF2S that would help us reach more students with hands-on, school garden education. Our programs are free to all Title I schools and provide students with in-depth opportunities to experience what a local food system is all about. From farm field trips to worm compost facility tours, and from school garden veggies to veggies grown all over Douglas County by our amazing farmers, we strive to offer the highest quality experiential education there is. Donate at the link in bio today!


Well everyone…I’m 49 and not editing this photo because why?!? Letting my grey come in and I love it, appreciating my Native American skin…and I got a couple of dermal piercings to remind myself that I can do what I want at any age 😝



We won’t be participating in killing animals this thanksgiving or any holidays we celebrate…EVER. It’s not a celebration if we have to murder sentient beings.
It’s just sad and not natural…in our opinion. Please join the compassion movement. It’s a thing of the heart…please get in tune.

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 11/23/2022

Anyone who ordered a meal to be picked up today 11/23…


We’ll be here until 3! Come and get it!!


Good morning friends and fans!

We will be CLOSED all this week due to the high volume of thanksgiving meals I’ll be preparing and distributing!!

Thanks for all your orders! We will be back on the 29th!!

Have a happy holiday and we’ll see you again next week!

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 11/19/2022

Dear Friends and Fans;

This is going to be a long one, so I suggest going to the bathroom and snuggling down with a warm beverage before continuing.

We started our sweet little business way back in the summer of 2016. We had no food truck in sight, but set out to make sure our community got to try some of our yummy creations.

We started doing pop ups (with coolers) at places such as the Umpqua Valley Farmers Market and Two Shy Brewery. Those were the two main places where our little story began. We prepared our food out of the Umpqua Local Goods commissary for those first 3 months of business, before finding our beloved Gretyl (that little green truck).

We acquired our tiny truck here in Roseburg in the Hucrest area, in July. She was pretty rough. Nobody in their right mind would have chosen her. She was definitely an ugly duckling. She was gutted, had no floor, a few broken windows and needed lots of TLC. We knew immediately she was the one for us!

My husband, being a construction visionary and myself, trusting in my husband’s abilities, decided to purchase the truck and start our journey to fix Gretyl up and make her a full blown functional food truck and we did just that in 3 short months! It was quite the undertaking and we learned so much in the process. She’s a fully custom built truck.

October 1, 2016 was our maiden voyage. By the way, if you're thinking of starting a food truck in Oregon, don’t choose to do it in the fall. Lesson learned. Needless to say, it was a rough go of it in the beginning.
Several months of trying to figure out where to park and what to do and how to make money in the freezing cold. It was a harsh winter, but we made it somehow.

Part of what helped us get through those tough times was partnering with SBDC and entering a pitch presentation held at UCC about 3 weeks after opening our doors to the public. We put our presentation together and pitched our idea in a room full of investors with about 10 other small, local businesses. We ended up winning 1st place and 5k dollars!! I’m still in shock and awe over that! We are so grateful to places like SBDC and CCD that help small businesses in our community be successful. That money helped float us through those tough times.

Spring came, things warmed up and we started to get a little busier. We started booking events, such as the Summer Arts Festival, and the Food Truck Off at The Mill Casino in Coos Bay, the Eugene Food Truck Festival, Music on the Halfshell and various other local and out of town events. We quickly became a staple at the Umpqua Valley Farmers Market and always had so much support from the market managers!

Things were looking up for us! In the coming years we would start winning competitions such as the Douglas County Food Truck Competition, best food truck in Douglas County and 3rd place overall and 1st place at the Food Truck Off in Coos Bay. We were establishing a pretty good name for ourselves in our community!

We started actively looking for a place to park our truck about two years into our journey, as we were growing tired of always moving around and not knowing what to expect at events. At the end of 2017 we were asked to park our truck for an anniversary event at Whitestone vitamin store in our downtown area. It was such a hit that the ladies running the vitamin store asked us if we could park our truck there on a more permanent basis. We then contacted the owner of that particular lot and building and worked out a contract with her and established a stationary location in their parking lot. We were so excited to be in the downtown area and were pleased with that location for almost three years. Then 2020 hit!

With the pandemic upon us and two children at home we were scrambling to figure out what our new normal was going to look like. We decided to take the truck home and serve out of our driveway for an undetermined amount of time, while we “homeschooled” our two daughters. We did this for about a month in a half. It was ok, but not ideal. Lots of our loving customers bought gift cards at this time to support us and keep us in business.
We struggled for a bit, then started applying for the loans that were becoming available to small businesses. That helped keep us afloat through that period of time.

We returned to our downtown spot and started talking about wanting to have an indoor location so people wouldn’t have to sit or wait in the cold for their food.

One Sunday morning as I was sipping my coffee and chatting with my husband, I decided to send a random text to Ray, Owner of Old Soul Pizza. He and I had chatted a few times about a space he had been leasing, but was empty because there was no kitchen. We talked about our truck being a certified kitchen, so that wasn’t something we would need. All we wanted was indoor seating for our guests. We could park our truck behind the building to use as our kitchen, while our guests could sit inside and be cozy and comfortable. He thought that was a cool idea, so he immediately got us in touch with the owners of the building and we decided to get into a lease contract with them and move into our new spot!! It all happened so quickly after that random text, it was very exciting!

We had our grand opening sometime in December of 2020! It was a huge hit and everyone was so excited that we finally got an indoor location! I remember being super slammed on that very first day, it was an incredible feeling. The community came together and celebrated with us! We knew this was the beginning of something great at this spot! We have grown so much just by having indoor seating and storage and it’s been a huge blessing for us and our family. We are so thankful and grateful for this opportunity to grow in this place for the past two years.

We’ve loved providing a nice, peaceful, loving environment for our customers to relax and enjoy. Are you ready for the rest of this story? A twist to the story is coming up, get prepared.

We have recently been informed that we can no longer lease this location after December 31st. There have been plans in the making to turn the back lot where our truck is parked, into an event/community space. Which means there will be no room for our truck to be parked there anymore.

Although we love seeing new, fun things happening in our community, this news hit us in the gut hard. It was unexpected, disappointing news. This has been a safe, fun environment not only for our patrons, but our friends and family alike. We’ve established a wonderful and cute place for our amazing customers, which has been a dream of mine since opening our truck back in 2016. So this heartbreaking news hasn’t been easy to swallow. Our kids have had a place for their friends to gather and a place for them to come to after school and work to make extra money. We definitely will miss this gathering space for us.

Sure, we could try and find another place to lease, we could try and relocate or go back to finding random places to park the truck....BUT we have decided this isn’t the direction we want to go at this time. Honestly, we’ve been spoiled at this spot and have put a lot of time and effort into making it our own. It’s hard to think of going back to just working on the truck or not having a spot for people to dine in and enjoy. It’s not impossible, but we have bigger aspirations.

We have come to a very hard, but thoughtful decision. We will be closing the business indefinitely as of December 31st. We may have the opportunity to do pop ups occasionally and catering , maybe even some private chef stuff, but that is still undetermined.

Our hope is to find a buyer for the business, it really is on the rise still and we don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. We would love for our food to still be able to be served to our community. We have found that having these healthy and fresh options is so needed in this community. We will be meeting with some business advisors over the next few weeks to see what our options are as far as selling the business and/or just the truck. Stay tuned!

Our next adventure awaits! Here’s some GOOD NEWS. I have been interning with my therapist for several months now and am learning and practicing new therapeutic techniques to overcome trapped trauma. I’m working on getting my certification as a trauma release coach. Basically this means that I’m learning to help people overcome things in their lives that have held them back or made them stuck in patterns that don’t serve them anymore.

I’m so excited about this new practice that I am throwing myself full time into this training. I have already met with a handful of clients and am currently trying to build my clientele. I will be offering free consultations to anyone interested in learning more about this practice.
If anyone wants to talk more about this don’t hesitate to call or private message me! I would be happy to sit with you and share this much needed practice in our community.

I know this is a lot of information to take in and things are changing quickly. Life has a way of switching things up on us in some of the most unexpected ways. We are truly excited to step out in this new healing journey and can’t wait to see what our future holds.

We will miss you dearly, but hope we can still connect with some of you on an even deeper level. Thank you for all your continued love and support!!

All our love,
The Wrappin and Rollin Crew


Hey friends and fans!

Just want to get the word out that I’ve got 13 people locked in to the Thanksgiving meal package plan and I’ll be CLOSING the orders when I get 15 signed up!

So if you want to get in on this please private message me sooner than later and I’ll post a closing update as soon as that number is reached!



MEALS CLOSED! WE HAVE REACHED CAPACITY 😀 Thank you for all your orders!

OK! We have decided we will be offering an all vegan Thanksgiving meal package this year!! It will feed 6-8 people for $130 or $25 per plate if it's 5 or less people.

Portabello Shepherds Pie (gf)
White Truffle Mac n Cheez
Whipped Potatoes (gf)
Caesar Salad (gf)

Private Message me your order & preferred pickup time by Friday the 18th.

Pickup days and times will be Monday 21st, 4-7pm, Tuesday 22nd 11am-3pm & Wednesday 23rd 11am-3pm at Wrappin and Rollin.

I will not be taking orders after Friday the 18th!


Is anyone interested in me doing an all vegan thanksgiving meal package?

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 11/09/2022

I like food. I like not having to murder animals for my food.

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 11/09/2022

I’ve been making foods lately…enjoy!

The flan is hideous because I don’t have ramekins 😵

That cornbread though ⚡️

Portobello shepherds pie 🥧
White truffle Mac n cheez 🧀


Creamy potato soup this week w/ garlic bread!

Tuesday-Friday 11-3


More of this please! Cup Of Joe they came to visit me too!!!

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 10/31/2022

We have an announcement to make!

For the past two years we have been located at 533 SE Main Street with indoor and outdoor dining available.

We moved during the height of COVID and thrived in this location. We’ve been supported and loved during a time when many were losing their jobs, homes and businesses.

We are so thankful to and for all of you, for everything you’ve offered us during this time. We have loved serving from here and being a part of our downtown community. It has been a place for our kids and their friends to come after school and a place where we’ve been able to host family and friend private parties.

It is with bittersweet sentiment, that our time here has come to an end. We will not be able to renew our lease after December. We may have the option of continuing until March 1st, and at that time we have to be out for good.

We’re not sure what the future holds, but we do know it will be right where we’re supposed to be at the right time. We trust that this is a move in the right direction and we look forward to what that’s going to look like.

In the meantime, please continue to follow us to see how things unfold and to know where we will end up.

Thank you for all of your continued support…AND if anyone has any cool or fun ideas for us, please don’t hesitate to make all of your welcomed suggestions here. We love you!

Please enjoy some of my favorite things that have happened recently and in this location ❤️

Compassionate Thanksgiving Feast 2022 — A Broken Angel 10/27/2022

Vegan thanksgiving by a phenomenal chef and his crew…in Bend! Pretty sure this will be the best and tastiest Thanksgiving you’ll ever go to! Do it ❤️

Compassionate Thanksgiving Feast 2022 — A Broken Angel Compassionate Thanksgiving Feast 2022: A bountiful vegan dinner experience.

Photos from Cup Of Joe's post 10/26/2022

Go say hi to my friend and get some yummy in your tummy!


Come get some award winning sweet potato curry this week!


Avocado tacos today!!!
Come and get it!

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 10/19/2022

This week’s special is your last taste of summer before soup season.

Chicken Bakon Sando
w/ lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mustard…make it Spicy?!!?
-Served w/chips

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 10/19/2022

Family vacay LA

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 10/19/2022

Until we meet again SF! You’ll always have a special place in my heart ❤️ Thanks La Rox for always having the best ideas for vegan food for me!


Guess what!! We will be OPEN on Friday 11-2:45!! Come see us 😁

Photos from Darci Hawkins Healing's post 10/12/2022

Heads up!! Different schedule this week!

Open Tuesday-Thursday 11-3

Burgers, burgers and more burgers!!! Comes with chips & a pickle or side salad!


We also have AVOCADO TACOS 🌮

I’m also making HOT SAUCE for the first time ever and will be bottling and have for sale in a couple weeks!

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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The official ribbon cutting ☺️
NBD…So stoked we got to be a part of this!Motocross has been a huge part of my husband’s life since he was 5. The first ...
One more 🙏🥰
Take out Sell out Monday!!!




725 SE Main Street
Roseburg, OR

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Tongue tie, mouth breathing and other habits can affect how the face muscles function. Myo Therapy c

Equine Sports Therapy, LLC Equine Sports Therapy, LLC
Roseburg, 97471

Equine Sports Therapy offers a full body, muscle therapy session for your horse. My goal is to allev

Alisha Johnson Bowenwork Alisha Johnson Bowenwork
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Bowen Therapy

Natural Essence by Debbie Natural Essence by Debbie
1701 W. Harvard Avenue Suite #205
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Organic Skin & Body Care

Steadfast - Injury Recovery + Human Performance Steadfast - Injury Recovery + Human Performance
Roseburg, 97470

1 on 1 personal care to restore quality of life or goal achievement through use of the ARPwave, Nutr

Whispering Winds Wellness Center Whispering Winds Wellness Center

A personalized approach to mind, body and spirit well-being. Offering sessions in Reiki, Chakra clea

Affordable Integrative Medicine: Dr. Darryl B George Affordable Integrative Medicine: Dr. Darryl B George
832 NW Highland Street
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Dr. George offers easy to understand medical advice that gives you a clearer picture of how we can w