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Fish s*x is a tricky business! | Ken Maff | TEDxMiami 12/06/2022

I’ve been working with for a couple years now on developing the technology to repopulate wild fish species. It’s nice to see the founder Ken Maff get up on stage at a Ted Talk to show one more way aquaculture can help restore our oceans.

Fish s*x is a tricky business! | Ken Maff | TEDxMiami Captain Ken Maff offers unique perspectives and insights into creating innovative Fertilization Release Programs to revive marine life and restore local fish...


On December 3rd, 2019, the New York State Ocean Acidification Task Force will be meeting again at Stony Brook University starting at 6:30pm. I am a member of that task force.

One of the interesting points that another member brought up from the last meeting was in regard to specific goals that our Ocean Acidification Action Plan should accomplish.

This issue of goals has been eating away at me since the meeting.

The argument was made regarding, “will what we do with this action plan even make a difference”, or “Is this even significant? And if it’s not why are we doing anything?”

The fault in that line of questioning is a presumption that we are acting though a short timeframe of maybe 1 or two generations (i.e. 25 to 50 years). The reality is that we have been making incrementally larger and larger changes over time that brought our environment and oceans to this state over the last 270 years.

Our (New York State’s) OA Action Plan is the start of a journey, not a means to an end. We didn’t start out knowing that fossil fuels would have such a deleterious effect on our environment and we sure didn’t calculate the rate of change that has been acidifying our oceans back in the 1750's. And just so I am not excluding other scientists' measurements and subsequent calculations, those rates of change are still not completely known; some are fluctuating, some are accelerating.

But we know the actions that have gotten us here. In the same sense that the vast majority of us know to retreat from a lion’s den, we know we face an immediate danger to our climates and oceans. We need to back away from the path we’ve been on. As a species, we are trying to walk back from the most immediate danger of combusting fossil fuels into our atmosphere, because it has a direct effect on our climate and oceans.

Where we sit with Ocean Acidification is on that same path that lead us into the lion’s den, except we are just a few steps removed. We’re not out of immediate danger, but we also know we cannot go back along the same path. Evolution does not retrace itself. It evolves. And so too must we evolve.

For those people who would seek a deterministic, goal-fixed future, I would suggest you look at Nature and Evolution. The process that brings all life forward does not have an end-goal. Combatting ocean acidification at this stage is like creating a new path away from the lion’s den. The path is unknown. We have to create it. We know we are bettering ourselves by not walking into the lion’s den, while keeping aware of how we are affecting our surroundings. For ocean acidification, we can suggest short-term goals, but achieving them is not the purpose toward combatting ocean acidification, the continued betterment of the oceans in a changing environment while continuing to evolve the species by creating jobs that improve the environment is the challenge.


Kelp Power: Can Seaweed Fight Ocean Acidification?

How can Seaweeds Help the Coastal Waters? Researchers around the Seattle area are already moving forward with project that will help measure just how much seaweeds, like kelp, can remove nutrients, create fish sanctuaries, and improve effects from Ocean Acidification.

Gaiergy is moving to replicate these studies along the East Coast of Long Island.

How can you help? Just watch...become a little more informed.

Increasing acidification in the Puget Sound and Hood Canal is taking a toll on the species that inhabit those waters. Philanthropist Paul G. Allen is teaming...


The Fitness of Ocean Acidification Are we correctly framing Ocean Acidification to communicate with the greatest number of individuals? I’ve recently been reading the book, “The Case Against Reality”, by Donald Hoffman and The Interface Theory of Perception, by the same author. The prime assertion is that our perceptual capacit...


Ray Dalio, CEO of Bridgewater Associates one of the most successful hedge funds ever and a multibillionaire, “I don’t understand the resource allocation of space to the ocean. terms of return of investment, the return on investment down here is fabulous” compared to the return from space.


Shell Day 2019 3

We need help to study ocean acidification. Ocean Acidification is literally the rate at which our oceans are becoming more acidic due to more carbon dioxide being emitted worldwide. Not only do I sit on a New York task force to determine how ocean acidification will effect New York's coast environment, but I also participate as a citizen scientist for the Northeast Coastal Acidification Network (NECAN) and for the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Acidification Network (MACAN).

Think about participating in monitoring ocean water quality. It's something you can do for yourself, educate your children or family. If you're interested, maybe watch this video.

The Northeast Coastal Acidification Network (NECAN) is working with citizen science groups to organize a one-day monitoring event, called Shell Day, that wil...


Statement: U.S. House passes first bipartisan legislation in a decade to combat ocean acidification - Ocean Conservancy
U.S. House passes first bipartisan legislation in a decade to combat ocean acidification Washington, D.C. – Today the U.S. House of Representatives passed four bills that further our nation’s …


Expensing Grant Purchases Before Receiving Grant Approval Many new and innovative businesses have limited funds when starting out. But, there are usually grants available through non-profit organizations, states and the federal government to assist in deferring costs.


So I know there are questions about how does climate change detrimentally affect life. Gaiergy Corp has an oyster farm. We are spawning and growing oysters. Our continued use of fossil fuels is affecting the survivability of life at its most vulnerable stage; conception.

Research was published back in 2013 showing the effect on baby oysters, which can be summed up by the image below.

I've summed up the article as follows.

High concentrations of carbon dioxide in the water alter baby oyster shell formation rates, energy usage and survivability.

1. At Oyster egg fertilization, 90% of body weight within first 48 hours comes from shell formation.

2. Energy for this shell formation comes from the egg, because the oyster hasn’t developed a “mouth” to feed yet.

3. High carbon dioxide in the water requires more egg energy to build shell.

4. Mature oysters have slower growth in high CO2 environments, but they have the luxury of a mouth to feed with.

5. For baby oysters, the shell must be built first before the “mouth”.

6. "It becomes a death race of sorts. Can the oyster build its shell quickly enough to allow its feeding mechanisms to develop before it runs out of energy from the egg?"

Waldbusser and Brunner, 2013, “A developmental and energetic basis linking larval oyster shell formation to acidification sensitivity”. Geophysical Research Letters. V40, 2171-2176.

If you want the actual article, it is here.



How do we create new jobs in aquaculture that also improve the environment? Create more seaweed farms...


Yesterday, I participated as the Suffolk County appointee toward the New York State Ocean Acidification Task Force for Governor Cuomo. The goals of the Task Force are to develop actionable ways New York State can counteract the increasingly acidic conditions in New York's Coastal Waters. Presentations from local researchers showed that New York coastal waters are already 5 times higher in carbon dioxide concentrations than offshore, oceanic waters. The fact that we continue to use too many fertilizers coupled with poor waste water treatment is causing the coastal waters to suffer algal blooms, which causes further acidic conditions. We heard presentations from Long Island's Nitrogen Action Plan, Stony Brook University's Marine Science researchers Chris Gobler and Frank Roethal. Probably the newest take away from this meeting was the possibility to utilize NYC's waste water treatment plants which process over 1 billion gallons of water per day as a means of adding high pH back into the East River and western long island water bodies to begin to mitigate acidity increases. 1 billion gallons per day is 15% of the water transiting NYC. That's one step... Now to make it actionable.


Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Threaten Corals and Oysters

I just ran across a great podcast on Ocean Acidification and how aquaculture needs to consider the rate of change in coastal ocean acidity. I'll be focusing more time on developing a drop-in water monitoring and correction system that will maintain optimal nursery growing conditions so that larval shellfish and finfish will not have the overly taxing metabolic stresses that lead to premature death events in hatcheries. All life is most vulnerable at the point of birth. And if we provide the conditions to allow life the chance to grow into a stronger, more mature life-stage, then we can increase the probability of that life, whether it be finfish, shellfish or any life, to propagate into adulthood. hashtag hashtag hashtag hashtag hashtag hashtag hashtag hashtag hashtag hashtag Tiny, thin-shelled oysters; crumbling coral reefs; fish unable to make sense of odors; decimated plankton populations. Those are some of the nightmare


American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

If we build aquaculture zones around the oceanic wind turbines, that will act as an even stronger fish haven that will allow fishermen a consistent place to fish while providing protection for more juvenile fish to grow to an adult size. We would begin to mimic the natural environment even more while providing renewable energy our country needs.

fact of the day: turbines can act as artificial reefs, attracting new marine life to the area.


Jason Masters on LinkedIn: "Kelp Farming hits a roadblock in Scotland - the products from kelp are being realized by a Scottish company, Marine Biopolymers, include oral vaccines, medical meshes, gastric medicines and even body armor. The one... November 22, 2018: Jason Masters posted an article on LinkedIn


Jason Masters on LinkedIn: "Massachusetts is developing energy storage and renewable energy to fortify the distal ends of their energy grid. Gaiergy is now working on an initiative to develop aquaculture with a microgrid on the North Fork of Long... November 21, 2018: Jason Masters posted an article on LinkedIn


Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition: A partnership with shellfish growers and The Nature Conservancy

Time to get involved more.

The Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition is a rapidly growing partnership, initiated by seven East and West Coast shellfish farms and The Nature Conservancy. ...


The latest from Oceanus magazine

This is just cool.


The history of oysters and the Great South Bay

Just a little article on Long Island Oysters Long Island has been home to legendary oysters - and oystermen - for centuries. And now a new generation of growers is yet again transforming its waters into a bivalve lover's dream.


Financing aquaculture: The cash is there, but information is lacking

This is a good article on how investments are growing in aquaculture. Don't expect outrageous tech returns. It's farming, just in the ocean and it's for the long term. Finance can “drive change on the water,” according to Neil Sims at Kampachi Worldwide Holdings. But for aquaculture projects, it’s still hard to come by.


Acidifying Waters Corrode Northwest Shellfish

For a long time I've tried to figure out how to use the education and experience I've gained as an ocean chemist. I've had the opportunity to work with some fantastically intelligent people. And while I find myself pushing Gaiergy into more shellfish and aquaculture farming, I'm pleased to see some of my mentors like Dick Feely shedding particular light on how Ocean Acidification and man's impact on climate change is affecting the shellfish industry. The alarms do not shy me away from the industry, rather it drives Gaiergy's purpose to find environmental and economical means to combat man's deleterious effects on the oceans and atmosphere.

For more on this story: and The world's ocean are absorbing carbon dioxide at an unprecedented rate and the res...


Warming Waters Push Fish To Cooler Climes, Out Of Some Fishermen's Reach

I can positively agree with this given what we see in Long Island waters. From bass to lobster, hundreds of species that live along U.S. coastlines are projected to migrate north over the next 80 years, making them harder to catch and manage. It's already happening.


US shellfish farmers could get relief from insurance requirements under new bill

Some good news for Gaiergy's emerging oyster farm. A bill that would save the USD 500 million shellfish aquaculture industry a significant amount of money has been introduced in the United States House of R


State kills Atlantic salmon farming in Washington

I applaud Washington State in banning a non-native fish species from farming in their waters. If the company will not do what is right for the environment they are profiting from, then government needs to stand up and take positive action that benefits all that use the natural resources of the area. In this particular case, Cooke Aquaculture blatantly lied about the cause and magnitude of the fish escape. After a tough floor fight and fancy parliamentary footwork, the state Senate passed a bill phasing out Atlantic salmon net-pen farming in Washington.


Offshore wind and fishing thrive together

Block Island Wind is proving to increase fish populations in the surrounding waters.

After a year of operation, it's clear that the fishing community and offshore wind near Block Island are thriving together. Each offshore wind turbine suppor...


Solar Energy - Business - Duke Energy

The first major fossil fuel company completed the purchase of one of the largest Renewable energy companies in the US. Duke Energy is the parent company of REC solar now. The transition from fossil to renewables is progressing even faster in the conventional power production industry. .8Tnnb5k Duke Energy owns and operates more than 20 solar farms across the country, generating solar energy for utilities, municipalities and large business customers.


World’s first floating wind farm powers up off Scotland

This is the infrastructure that will help off-shore aquaculture become a stronger commercial opportunity. As more off-shore floating wind farms are developed, the water volume underneath these platforms provides a fantastic opportunity to develop off-shore aquaculture while providing the wind farms with tenant rents and a consistent underwater work-force to maintain the integrity of the anchoring structures. The aquaculture developer has dedicated offshore water, plus on-site power generation which has been a concern for some time. The world’s first floating wind farm – Norwegian energy giant Statoil’s 30MW Hywind Scotland array – has been switched on off the Scottish northeast coast, mark


Governor Cuomo Announces $10.4 Million Effort to Improve Long Island Water Quality, Restore Shellfish Populations and Bolster Resiliency of Coastal Communities

Attended Gov. Cuomo's announcement for NYS Shellfish Restoration Program and received confirmation in the same day that our Shellfish Hatchery Plan was accepted as a priority funding target for Long Island Regional Economic Development Council's recommendations to the Governor's office. Governor Cuomo announces a $10.4 million effort to improve Long Island's water quality and bolster the economies and resiliency of coastal communities by restoring native shellfish populations to coastal waters.


Solar Eclipse 2017 +TV+Public+Channel NASA covers the August 21 solar eclipse live from coast to coast, from unique vantage points on the ground and from aircraft and spacecraft, including the International Space Station.



This is a good description where and why aquaculture is evolving.

It is estimated there will be two billion more people on the planet by mid-century. To feed this booming world population, more fish will need to be farmed than ever before. One way to increase fish production in a sustainable way is to move aquaculture operations offshore – where there is plenty of available space and strong currents flush out the pens to avoid polluting sensitive ecosystems.

Full episode will air on South Forida PBS and will be available to watch online at this June!


Future Inflation Rates and the Fallacy of CPI Financing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects through third parties has become a blossoming industry in both the private and public


First kelp crop harvested in Cornell pilot program

Gaiergy just received permit approval for the aquaculture raft that will be growing kelp as one of its products. Early Thursday afternoon, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and Suffolk County Legislator Al Krupski climbed aboard a barge and headed into the Peconic Bay. Their mission: to harvest sugar kelp, a type of seaweed. The officials participated in the


Companies - RE100

When your largest Banks, your largest retailers, your largest insurance companies and largest IT companies sign on to become 100% renewably powered by 2020 and our current government is moving in the opposite direction, the government is failing capitalism. The world’s most influential companies commit to 100% renewable power.



: Chicago just posted all the climate data deleted by Trump’s EPA.


First look: Neel 51

Neel 51 Trimaran.. wow

A first walkthrough of La Rochelle based Neel Trimarans new 51ft cruising trimaran from La Grande Motte multihull show 2017


If “talent is liquefied trouble” as Pollack described to Gehry, then we must learn and experiment how to direct our own talents in such a way to not only serve that creative heart within each of us, but to also direct that liquid, that talent to serve the metaphor that connects each one of us in our society and our humanity to the environment in which we live. For it is within that realm where we serve ourselves while serving others that we find our greatest fulfillment.

It’s within these acts that the impermanence of time connects the past, present and future within the same moment. That liquid that is your talent needs to be directed to satisfy that part of you that cannot be described or else it remains a trouble within our lives.

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