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Videos by Chroma Designs & Graphics LLC in Rogersville. Over 35 years design and printing experience. Designs, Screen Printed Apparel, Embroidered Caps and

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Come on caffeine and kick in..

Here we go!

Whats it going to be?

Something new daily..
It still amazes me how fast these needles work!

Caps….. Caps everywhere! Happy Thursday!

Yes we now offer embroidered Polos. Let us know if we can help you!

Monday into Funday! #screenprinting #waterink

30 days in and we are humbled by the response. Our expectations have been surpassed ten fold..

First ever-cap digitization. Not perfect but learning.

A little testing and A LOT of learning.

Rolling out six color jobs today!

Surface temp at 350 degrees.. A view inside the tunnel!

Let’s call it a day.

Very scarce item..
Hoodies are few and far between at the moment.. every warehouse from East to West has very limited quantities and sizes. Most times there are none above the size large.. Covid can leave anytime.