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Hello! My names is Rudy I am a one man craftsmanship small business. I love to add elegance to any room with hand crafted furniture-design. Everything is custom to the area/wall/room being done! I work with my customers to find a perfect design and furniture style that they love! I work with Polyutherane paint one of the best paint for long lasting furniture.

Feel free to Message me for more information!
Or check out Nathaniel’s Home Improvement on fb
(Currently working on adding much more before and afters)


Si usted esta...

••atrasado en los pagos de su hipoteca
••si tiene una tasa ajustable
••o simplemente si le es imposible continuar con los pagos de su prestamo

Entonces Llamenos! podemos ayudarle


El demonio y el caballo


Good morning , today we will be having a special program " property tax reduction "

How high taxes, constantly increase and your mortgage never seems be stable amount .. call 347-566-1720

Tune in at 1:00pm at Espacio Abierto 105.5 Fm

Don't wait no more this is the month to apply for the government program to reduce your taxes .

Act now as time is limited depending on Town and state .

Call now at 347-566-1720 12/18/2017

You may qualify for the government backed 2018 HARP 2.0 Program.please visit us online at to check your eligibility. If you have already participated in the HARP 2.0 Loan-Program before, rates are lower now than they have been in some time, you may be eligible to participate again and keep even more money in your pocket.
Call us(347)566-1720 for 60 second review



Higher down payment

It’s a common misconception that the standard 20 percent down payment made for a primary residence will also apply for the purchase of a second home. Unfortunately, potential buyers are sometimes disappointed to find that the home they fell in love with will need substantially more upfront capital to purchase.

Down payment requirements typically range from 25 to 35 percent but can sometimes be as high as 50 percent depending on property cost, applicant credit score, and other outstanding fixed debts.

A couple considering the purchase of a $2 million vacation home, for example, may feel let down when they realize the $400,000 they’ve stashed away isn’t enough to fund their down payment. An upfront conversation with a banker can help an individual or couple set expectations for what’s within range before setting out on the open house circuit.

More liquid capital needed in the bank
When purchasing a second home, many financial institutions require a borrower to have a certain multiple of their fixed monthly expenses available in liquid reserves. This includes automobile payments, mortgages, monthly condo or co-op fees, real estate taxes, and potential bills for any outstanding lines of credit – whether they’re currently fully utilized or not.

A cash reserve requirement could be as low as 12 months, but it could be as high as 36 months depending on the amount of the loan and current levels of other outstanding debt.

For some, higher interest costs
Investment property purchasers are likely to face mortgage rates that are about one half of a percent higher than those seen by primary and vacation home purchasers. There is also often a fee (or point) of between one half and a full percent of the loan value, assessed for investment properties at settlement.

Second home buyers also face more stringent credit score requirements than those experienced by primary home purchasers. Individuals with a top tier credit score will generally have access to the most attractive mortgage prices.

Unexpected settlement surprises
An unsuspecting buyer can run into a few snags when purchasing property in a new state. A buyer looking for a second home in New York may not know to prepare for mortgage or mansion tax, for example, or to build in time for an application review by a condominium or co-op board. For California real estate, a purchaser may not know to hire an escrow agent or secure wildfire insurance protection. Settlement costs and requirements also vary by state, sometimes dramatically.

For first-time second home buyers, these unfamiliar requirements can add additional out-of-pocket costs or needlessly delay a purchasing timeline. Working with a banker or financial planner early in the search for another property can help a family or individual plan a working budget and prepare for the additional costs and requirements associated with buying a second home.


First time home buyers Dont miss out in the programs available to you... Call or Text (347)566-1720


5 Reasons your ready to buy a HOME.

1. You have positive cash flow
Positive cash flow means you're bringing in more income than you're spending on everyday items and debt payments. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau puts the debt-to-income ratio at 43 percent. This ratio is one way that lenders measure your ability to repay debt. It can be calculated by dividing your total recurring monthly debt by your gross monthly income. However, just because lenders use this ratio, you may need to take a stricter approach. The debt-to-income ratio uses gross income, which means income before taxes, when really we pay bills with net income after taxes.

If you're carrying a great deal of consumer debt, paying just the monthly minimums and increasing your balances every month, you need to get your debt in order before taking on additional debt. If you pay off your credit balances monthly and would still have room in your budget after swapping your rent check for a mortgage payment, then you are definitely a candidate for buying a home.

2. You have enough saved for a down payment
Many homebuyers take money out of their 401(k) or Individual Retirement Account to cover the down payment. This is a costly mistake that can negatively impact retirement savings. Taking money from your 401(k) or IRA denies years of compounding interest and has to be paid back with post-tax money. Instead, dedicate a savings account, which is more liquid, to be used for a down payment.

3. You have job security
Or, you have a steady stream of income with a high degree of predictability. You will need to reliably generate enough income to withstand a monthly mortgage payment.

A monthly rent check in the Washington region may be comparable to the principal and interest payment of a mortgage there, but mortgage payments also include property taxes and higher insurance costs. The upside to a mortgage payment is the tax deduction. As a result of a larger tax deduction, less money may need to be withheld from your paycheck.

4. You're ready for a commitment
You've probably given a lot of thought to the house itself, but first-time homebuyers should also take into account supplementary expenses. Unlike renting, there is no longer a landlord to fix a broken dishwasher. Additional expenses to consider include home maintenance repairs and replacements, and the expense of selling the home if and when you ever do.

You should be prepared to pay these additional expenses, and not be shaken by the possibility that you may eventually have to replace the roof. You should be excited to make the space your own and identify what that means to you. If you want to renovate the kitchen and bathroom on the house, add that cost to your budget.

5. You're ready to put down roots
Before you jump into a home or neighborhood, do your due diligence. A home can be viewed as an investment, but that's not the sole purpose of why you buy. You want the stability it provides and a home that is your own. Depending on how long you plan to live there, your home may or may not appreciate, so you should look at it as more than just a way to build equity.


Vanessa’s Public Consulting
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Good Morning All,
FYI: We are now servicing outside New York, Approved in all states except Canada
call us ,

We are servicing in the following areas :
Loans- - Hard lending Money -

Short sale

Translations on Docs
Quit Claim Deed

Tax Reduction-

Chapter 7&13

Photos from 45TV El Canal de Los Ceibeños's post 10/26/2017

Photos from 45TV El Canal de Los Ceibeños's post

Salmos 37:1-40; No te impacientes a causa de los malignos,Ni tengas envidia de los que hacen iniquidad. Porque como hierba serán pronto cortados,Y como la hierba verde se secarán. Confía en Jehová, y haz el bien;Y... 05/26/2017

Salmos 37:1-40; No te impacientes a causa de los malignos,Ni tengas envidia de los que hacen iniquidad. Porque como hierba serán pronto cortados,Y como la hierba verde se secarán. Confía en Jehová, y haz el bien;Y...

“No te impacientes a causa de los malignos, Ni tengas envidia de los que hacen iniquidad. Porque como hierba serán pronto cortados, Y como la hierba verde se secarán. Confía en Jehová, y haz el bien; Y habitarás en la tierra, y te apacentarás de la verdad. Deléitate asimismo en Jehová, Y él te concederá las peticiones de tu corazón. Encomienda a Jehová tu camino, Y confía en él; y él hará. Exhibirá tu justicia como la luz, Y tu derecho como el mediodía. Guarda silencio ante Jehová, y espera en él. No te alteres con motivo del que prospera en su camino, Por el hombre que hace maldades. Deja la ira, y desecha el enojo; No te excites en manera alguna a hacer lo malo. Porque los malignos serán destruidos, Pero los que esperan en Jehová, ellos heredarán la tierra. Pues de aquí a poco no existirá el malo; Observarás su lugar, y no estará allí. Pero los mansos heredarán la tierra, Y se recrearán con abundancia de paz. Maquina el impío contra el justo, Y cruje contra él sus dientes; El Señor se reirá de él; Porque ve que viene su día. Los impíos desenvainan espada y entesan su arco, Para derribar al pobre y al menesteroso, Para matar a los de recto proceder. Su espada entrará en su mismo corazón, Y su arco será quebrado. Mejor es lo poco del justo, Que las riquezas de muchos pecadores. Porque los brazos de los impíos serán quebrados; Mas el que sostiene a los justos es Jehová. Conoce Jehová los días de los perfectos, Y la heredad de ellos será para siempre. No serán avergonzados en el mal tiempo, Y en los días de hambre serán saciados. Mas los impíos perecerán, Y los enemigos de Jehová como la grasa de los carneros Serán consumidos; se disiparán como el humo. El impío toma prestado, y no paga; Mas el justo tiene misericordia, y da. Porque los benditos de él heredarán la tierra; Y los malditos de él serán destruidos. Por Jehová son ordenados los pasos del hombre, Y él aprueba su camino. Cuando el hombre cayere, no quedará postrado, Porque Jehová sostiene su mano. Joven fui, y he envejecido, Y no he visto justo desamparado, Ni su descendencia que mendigue pan. En todo tiempo tiene misericordia, y presta; Y su descendencia es para bendición. Apártate del mal, y haz el bien, Y vivirás para siempre. Porque Jehová ama la rectitud, Y no desampara a sus santos. Para siempre serán guardados; Mas la descendencia de los impíos será destruida. Los justos heredarán la tierra, Y vivirán para siempre sobre ella. La boca del justo habla sabiduría, Y su lengua habla justicia. La ley de su Dios está en su corazón; Por tanto, sus pies no resbalarán. Acecha el impío al justo, Y procura matarlo. Jehová no lo dejará en sus manos, Ni lo condenará cuando le juzgaren. Espera en Jehová, y guarda su camino, Y él te exaltará para heredar la tierra; Cuando sean destruidos los pecadores, lo verás. Vi yo al impío sumamente enaltecido, Y que se extendía como laurel verde. Pero él pasó, y he aquí ya no estaba; Lo busqué, y no fue hallado. Considera al íntegro, y mira al justo; Porque hay un final dichoso para el hombre de paz. Mas los transgresores serán todos a una destruidos; La posteridad de los impíos será extinguida. Pero la salvación de los justos es de Jehová, Y él es su fortaleza en el tiempo de la angustia. Jehová los ayudará y los librará; Los libertará de los impíos, y los salvará, Por cuanto en él esperaron.”
‭‭Salmos‬ ‭37:1-40‬ ‭RVR1960‬‬

Salmos 37:1-40; No te impacientes a causa de los malignos,Ni tengas envidia de los que hacen iniquidad. Porque como hierba serán pronto cortados,Y como la hierba verde se secarán. Confía en Jehová, y haz el bien;Y... No te impacientes a causa de los malignos,Ni tengas envidia de los que hacen iniquidad. Porque como hierba serán pronto cortados,Y como la hierba verde se secarán. Confía en Jehová, y haz el bien;Y habitarás en la tierra, y te apacentarás de la verdad. Deléitate as...


Abraham Twerski - Love of Giving

Timeline photos 04/10/2017

Timeline photos

I am the good shepherd, who is willing to die for the sheep. John 10:11 02/28/2017

Gracias a todos por conectarse en Espacio Abierto
Si usted está pasando por problemas financiero y necesita ayuda en su crédito, en buscar casa, o ya no puede más con su hipoteca no encuentra solución estamos aquí para ayudarles , pueden confiar en nosotros me puede llamar directamente a mi a (347)566-1720, visite nuestra página web

Si busca rentar un apartamento o casa tenemos al agente licensiado NY :Kevin Iglesias le puede llamar (631)618-7413 public consulting and financial adviser


por favor cuando llamen digan el promocode: Espacio Abierto y le damos $100 descuento, llamenos hoy !!! 631-618-7413

Se renta una casa completa en Farmingdale 4 cuartos 1 baño driveway garage y basement $2900 al mes TRES pagos para entrar y firmar el lease listo para el 15 de Febrero


Estamos hoy en vivo Gracias a Dios por un privilegio de poder salir al aire y educar a la audiencia. Este es el comienzo de una grande bendición de la compañía De Dios Vanessa Public Consulting.



«Si se trata de esforzarse, no sean perezosos; manténganse espiritualmente fervientes y prontos para el servicio del Señor. Vivan alegres por la esperanza, animosos en la tribulación y constantes en la oración. Solidarícense con las necesidades de los creyentes; practiquen la hospitalidad;

Alégrense con los que están alegres y lloren con los que lloran. Vivan en plena armonía unos con otros. No ambicionen grandezas, antes bien pónganse al nivel de los humildes. Y no presuman de inteligentes.

En cuanto de ustedes dependa, hagan lo posible por vivir en paz con todo el mundo.

A ti, en cambio, te dice: Si tu enemigo tiene hambre, dale de comer; si tiene sed, dale de beber. Así harás que su cara le arda de vergüenza. No permitas que te venza el mal, antes bien, vence al mal a fuerza de bien.» ROMANOS 12:11-13, 15-16, 18, 20-21 BHTI

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November 26, 2016 we will be having a seminar : financial and Legal advice in general, residential and commercial issues and resolution ...

Enter zip; calculate new payment. Can't hurt to look. 10/24/2016

Enter zip; calculate new payment. Can't hurt to look.

Enter zip; calculate new payment. Can't hurt to look. Click anywhere to get started now

Timeline photos 10/20/2016

Timeline photos

SERVICES 10/12/2016


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