Enhanced Hearing Solutions

Enhanced Hearing Solutions


I help Medicare Beneficiaries maximize benefits, minimize costs, reduce risk, and find the optimal Medicare Insurance Plan tailored to their needs. As an Independent Broker, I compare all the plans and offer all the choices to Seniors to help them choose the plan best for them. I find plans that have the doctors, medicines, and hospitals the senior wants, that matches their travel and vacation plans, and in some cases, that offers them dental, vision, hearing, health club, transportation, and over the counter benefits. Medicare Insurance Plans change every year, and last year's plan may no longer be the best. The Medicare beneficiaries' needs may change. I offer a free consultation, and my Medicare Services are at no cost to the Seniors or their families. . Call me at 516-228-1050 for a free consultation!

We are a hearing healthcare provider in Rockville Centre, New York. We have been “Enhancing” the lives of our clients on Long Island, NY for over 20 years.

We are able to help many of our hearing impaired clients with the latest in hearing aid technology that will ultimately help you or your loved one hear words clearly again. Perhaps your hearing has brought about some insecurity when communicating with others – words such as; “Could you repeat that”, “What did you say”, or “Pardon me” constantly hamper your ability to communicate with others, making you feel isolated and frustrated. Give us a call today to schedule a free hearing screening!


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to very old hearing aids. We carry a line of hearing aids that are wireless and invisible to the human eye. Call us today for more details!

allamericanhearing.com 02/22/2016

Dealing With a Loved One's Hearing Loss - All American Hearing

Having trouble dealing with a loved ones (spouse, parent, etc) hearing loss? Here is a great article by Dr. Frankl Shepel to help.


allamericanhearing.com By: Dr. Frank Shepel, Au.D. Board Certified Doctor of Audiology SoundPoint Audiology and Hearing Center of Casa Grande, AZ Individuals over age 50...


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allamericanhearing.com 01/05/2016

January Special Offer - All American Hearing

Now through the end of January receive a year's supply of batteries with your hearing aid purchase! See page for complete details. Sign-up now! http://ow.ly/WEUmI

allamericanhearing.com *Certain restrictions apply. See store for complete details. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer cannot be used on previous...


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www.allamericanhearing.com 12/03/2015

Black Friday - All American Hearing

A reminder, our Black Friday sale is NOT over. You can still take advantage of this here: http://www.allamericanhearing.com/black-friday

Save now!

www.allamericanhearing.com If you have not yet made your initial hearing evaluation appointment you can do so by clicking here. We do provide the hearing evaluation at...


A special Extended Sale starts today through 12/15/15. Receive a 6-month supply of hearing aid batteries with a purchase of premium hearing aids!* Click here for more details >>> http://bit.ly/1QLaa3s


Have a safe and happy everyone!


How many of you know someone with a hearing loss? Share your story!


Did you know that 1 in 4 people between the ages of 55 and 64 suffer from a hearing loss? Those 65+ increase their risk of hearing loss to almost 50%!

Call our office today have your your hearing checked!


Enhanced Hearing Solutions


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September 1-3 2015 Thrive into Fall Event With Hearing Industry Expert Ben Richard. Life is worth Hearing. Schedule an appointment today. Don't miss out. Education without obligation!

bizjournals.com 08/17/2015

Tour Starkey's high-tech hearing aid R&D and manufacturing labs (Photos)...

Ever wonder what actually goes into making a hearing aid? Take a tour of Starkey Hearing labs in Eden Prairie, MN through this slideshow. They are very sophisticated devices that can improve your hearing and your way of life. http://ow.ly/QZJHx

bizjournals.com Starkey gave the Business Journal an inside look at the labs where it makes hearing aids and invents next-generation devices.


Did You Know? Hearing loss is the third most common health issue behind heart disease and arthritis? Get your free hearing screening today at our location!

benchmarkreporter.com 08/10/2015

Untreated hearing loss and neglecting aid leads to depression and...

Do not hesitate if you think you have a hearing loss. Get your free hearing screening from us today!

benchmarkreporter.com Untreated hearing loss and neglecting aid leads to depression and dementia, study says 2 By Tasnuva Rahim on August 10, 2015 Health One in every...


Do you know that you can trademark sounds? Certain sounds and noises are associated with a brand or product that make it recognizable. How many trademark sounds can you name? Ready, set, go!

www.roanoke.com 07/30/2015

Hearing loss can be harmful, but it often can be alleviated

This article written by a man who's life was affected by his father's hearing loss explains what to look for when buying a hearing aid. HINT: Invest in Quality

www.roanoke.com Sometimes the changes that affect the well-being of our loved ones come about so slowly that we don’t understand what’s happening. Even being a...


Happy Friday! Did you know that a majority of people seeking information online regarding goods and services will turn to user reviews? If you have ever had an experience with our office we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to write us a review regarding that experience. Head over to our website and click on the "Write Us A Review" on the right side of the screen. It's that simple! Thank you!

kimt.com 05/13/2015

Student makes discovery when it comes to extending hearing aid battery life

Exciting new information on how to extend the life of your hearing aid batteries! All current hearing aid wearers should give this a read!


kimt.com An 8th grade student may have made a discovery that could save people who wear hearing aids significant money.


Did you know you can now schedule your next FREE appointment directly from our page? Try it out today! Click "Schedule an Appointment" or the "Locations" Tab above!

learningenglish.voanews.com 04/22/2015

One Billion Young People Risk Hearing Loss From Loud Music

Do you listen to your music too loud? Young or old it is always a good idea to have your hearing checked as often as you have your teeth cleaned. Call our office today! http://ow.ly/LYbem

learningenglish.voanews.com One Billion Young People Risk Hearing Loss From Loud Music One Billion Young People Risk Hearing Loss From Loud Musici ▶ ▶ || 0:00:00 ... ⇱...


Thankfully this is not the way it is done anymore. But once upon a time...

We carry the most advanced technological hearing aids and the sleekest designed hearing aids in the industry. We have hearing aids that are virtually invisible! Schedule your appointment today!


my wife hearing for the first time! its amazing!

Monday's Feel Good Moment. These are the reasons we provide the gift of better hearing on a daily basis.


my wife lost her hearing when she was 2.5 years old doctors told her family she would never be able to talk. she was able to hear for a while with...


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kare11.com 03/20/2015

Baby born deaf finds new world with hearing aids

Yesterday we posted a video of a baby hearing for the first time. Here is the backstory behind that. Enjoy your weekend! http://ow.ly/KA4dN

kare11.com A baby in Andover who was born profoundly deaf is making new discoveries every day, after being fitted with tiny hearing aids.


Baby hears for the first time with hearing aids.

Why are we so passionate about what we do? We think this video sums it all up. Share this story with everyone you know! http://ow.ly/KxpUU

My son got his first hearing aids at 9 weeks of age. Elijah was born with severe/profound deafness. He can hear at 75 decibels on his right ear and...

cbsnews.com 03/04/2015

Why 1 billion could be at risk for hearing loss

Over 1 billion people could be at risk for hearing loss? This CBS report explains why. http://ow.ly/JVW1v

cbsnews.com New World Health Organization report sounds the alarm about loud noises

jsonline.com 02/24/2015

Smart buying decisions: How hearing aids give you a great return on your...

A great article written in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel addresses why you should invest in your hearing future. Spoiler alert: They hit the nail right on the head! Visit our office today to have your hearing checked. Life is worth hearing! http://ow.ly/JAvog

jsonline.com (BPT) - If you’re one of the nearly 40 million Americans who suffer with hearing loss, maybe it’s time to consider investing in your hearing health.


What does, "Life is Worth Hearing," mean to you? Share your stories with us!


Do you know what the leading cause of hearing loss is? This article from the NY Times explains that it is noise, not age. Get your hearing checked today at our location. Schedule an appointment online now.


The Grammy Awards are this Sunday. Beautiful music will be played, yet over 36 million Americans will not be able to properly hear it the way it was meant to be heard. We provide top of the line hearing technology, but more importantly, top of the line service. Stop in today to have your hearing checked! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the Grammy Awards!

blog.aarp.org 01/29/2015

Hearing Loss Has Social, Physical and Psychological Consequences

A great article written by Katherine Bouton for the AARP website about hearing loss denial The moral of the story is it is not healthy. Give this a read. If you think you or a loved one suffers from a hearing loss call to schedule an appointment today, or visit our website. http://ow.ly/IbcHb

blog.aarp.org Boomers and beyond: It may be time to face up to the fact that you probably have hearing loss. An estimated 48 million Americans do, and 55 percent...


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Everything we do is designed around your need for individual care and attention.

Our Services:

- Complete Hearing Evaluations
- Tympanometry
- Hearing Aid Evaluations
- Advanced Ear Mold Selection Skills
- Swim Plugs, Musician Plugs, etc.
- Wide Selection of Hearing Aids
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- Assistive Listening Devices
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- Complete Hearing Help Care for Hearing Aids
- Quarterly Cleanings and Hearing Aid Checks
- Hearing Aid Repair
- Loss/Damage and Loaner Services
- Yearly Evaluations
- Computerized Expert Fitting of Hearing Aids

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