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I have been tinting windows for over two years and have hundreds of cars under my belt. I take pride in my work and the care I take shows that.

At Hammerhead Tint we use only Suntek window films which are "Made in USA" and come with a lifetime warranty on the product. I also believe in making sure the customer is satisfied so if there are defects in MY workmanship I will redo the windows at a reasonable discretion. I work on an on-call basis so there are no regular business hours. Feel free to contact me and we can set up a time to meet a


20% on the back and 35% on the front two windows of a Dodge Dart


Hyundai Elantra from last week with 20% on the back half and 35% on the front two. Looks much better now!


35% on the front two windows on a 2014 Ford F150 - another happy customer


Brand new 2015 Camaro with 20% all around and a front strip on the windshield. Looks like the batmobile now!


5% on the rear half and 35% on the front two windows on a Chevy Cruze. Looks really good in the Sun!


Here we have 5% tint on top of the factory tint on the back half of a Tahoe. Looks like solid black from the outside!
Thanks to a repeat customer.


5% limo tint on the back three windows on a Ford F150. Much better than the light factory tint


SunTek Window Films

Thank you, Suntek, for providing quality, American-made window film at a reasonable price!

Hyper Glass is the 1st SunTek and US-Cool premium authorized dealer to sell SunTek window films.

suntekfilms.com 03/02/2015

SunTek Automotive Window Film and Window Tint: Professionally Installed Automotive Window Film,...

Here at Hammerhead Tint we use only American-made window films by SunTek
There are three shades in stock at all times, 35% legal tint. 20% factory-style and 5% limo tint.


suntekfilms.com SunTek Automotive Window Film and Window Tint: Professionally Installed Automotive Window Film, CXP Window Tint, Carbon Window Tint, InfinityOP Window Tint, HP Window Tint, High Performance Window Film, Standard Window Film, New Leader in Automotive Window Films


Little 2 door Ford Focus with 5% on the back and 35% on the front doors. Looks like a different car now


Here are some great shots of a cool Mitsubishi Eclipse done with 35% - totally legal and still looks fantastic!


Fantastic shot of a Toyota Camry that was done with 20% tint last summer. Remarkable window tint for a remarkable girl


Installed a remote start and a nice Kentwood Bluetooth radio in a Honda Accord today. The customer was extremely pleased with the work!


Very nice Volkswagen Passat with 20% on the rear and 35% on the front doors. Also a banner on the windshield


The customer who had the RamVan brought his truck back the same night to have the front two windows done with 35% !


Did 20% on the side and rear windows of the old RamVan and a lighter 35% on the front doors.


Just finished up a remote start on a 2011 Infiniti GX37 push button start. Work great from across his parking lot which is what he wanted!


20% on all the windows and a front strip on the windshield really sets the car off!
Done for a friend on his 2008 Scion TC


35% on the front two and 20% on all the rear windows of a 2001 Grand Prix. This car was for a repeat customer


Tinted the side access window on this customers new truck topper so that people walking by can't see the equipment he has inside the compartment.


Funny Pictures



20% all the way around on a Pontiac Grand Prix for another very happy customer


Stunning Cadillac with 20% on the sides and back window


Got the new cards in and they look great! Call or text or message here for rates on tint and installs.


Did another car with 20% all the way around for a friend who bought the car the same day he had the tint done. 2011 Honda Accord


20% on all the windows of a little Nissan Sentra


Hammerhead Tint's cover photo


Just placed an order for business cards on Vistaprint! They should be here in the first week of September.


Grand Prix with 20% on all four doors and the back glass


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