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Timeline photos 08/08/2023

For those morning commuters that leave the house before 7am, what 4 steps do you take to get up and go?


What’s keeping you on the go?


Our next adventure on Across the Road with Conoco® is Herkimer. He’s a massive replica statue of the West Indian Hercules beetle, and Colorado Springs is his throne. One might ask, “Why would anyone build a beetle that big?” The answer is simple, so folks like you and I could get out of our cars and stand in awe at its magnificent, powerful, unadulterated glory. But that’s just our opinion.


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Ever get that weird feeling that someone’s watching you? Well, now you know how aliens feel in Saguache County, Colorado. For over 20 years, they've been under intense observation from tourists at the UFO Watchtower. Across the Road with Conoco® is stopping by to see if the hype is real. Choose go and come to your own conclusions.


Happy Summer Solstice! Bask in the longest day of the year the way you were meant to -- beachside. There's still plenty of time to get out there!

Timeline photos 06/09/2023

We don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you’ve ever given your car a nickname, yelled at it or taken it on a road trip, you two are best friends. And BFFs give each other friendship bracelets on National Best Friends day. Be a pal and give your car one.


We’re sitting on some big information. But if we tell you about it, you have to promise not to laugh. Conoco has discovered where Paul Bunyan’s frying pan is located. That’s right, our next journey on Across the Road with Conoco® is Libby, Montana — home to a mythical skillet. It can cook 75 dozen eggs at one time. That’s enough to feed a whole Paul Bunyan. Choose go and relish it for yourself.

Photos from Conoco's post 06/01/2023

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Cancel your plans and pack your bags. You’re headed across the road with Conoco. Come along as we show you places off the beaten path. Places where UFOs roam and mighty creatures sit on thrones. If that sounds like fun, buckle up. We’ll be making our first stop soon.

Timeline photos 05/15/2023

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Tell me you’re a traveler without telling me you’re a traveler.


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Ever just zoom out and look at all the places you’ve been?


You never thought you’d own a tricked-out trail wagon miniature. But there it was, just casually sitting in the window of that sleepy gift shop in Montana. Sorry, friend. You just fell victim to a superfluous souvenir.


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Some people collect seashells on vacation. But that’s beneath you. You prefer mementos with meaning and character. Like the cowboy hat gear-shifter k**b you found at that truck stop in Colorado. It was an exact replica of the one you were wearing, so you knew it was meant to be. That, my friend, is the definition of a superfluous souvenir.


Ah, the luck of the interstate! We picked some special four wheel clovers for all our goers on St. Patrick's Day. 🍀


Hypgotizers are not your average car rims. If you stare at them for too long, you may get the sudden urge to GO places. Places very far from where you are right now. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Fill up at Conoco and you’ll feel like the main character on the road.


As the McDreamy of gas stations, this Valentine's Day we want you to “Pick go, choose go, love go.”


Where would you wanna go with mini Giorgio? Let us know in the comments.


It’s nice to have a little company when you’re on the go. Even if they’re literally little.


Choosing go is easy when you have a car companion this cute.


Ask yourself, why walk when you could Wheely?


If you can drink soup, does that make it a beverage? Let us know your favorite cup holder fill up in the comments.


Gertrude the Goer loves going to Uncle Gideon’s Tomato, Potato, and Galileo Farm. Would you buy their organic tomatoes 🍅 and potatoes 🥔 ?


When you choose go, it doesn't matter what obstacles lie in your way. Even if one of those obstacles is a bowling ball attached to a string.


The next time someone beeps you on the road, return the favor with a funky beep of your own.


Goers like to go where the road takes them, especially when that road leads to fresh delicious produce and unlimited discoveries about outer space. 🌌


The secrets out, Broncos fans can win weekly prizes all season long. A signed jersey one week or game tickets the next, the possibilities are endless. Check the link for details.


As once said, “A paved road may reach a dead end, but the roads of the mind are infinite... and way less bumpy.”


Say “howdy” to Gertrude the Goer! She’s a thrill-seeking farm gal with a big, nerdy heart and a green scaly thumb. Even though she’s always on the move, she finds time to study astronomy 🔭 and astrology ✨ (she’s a Libra ♎, obviously) and wins blue-ribbon prizes for her 🍅 +🥔 in between riding rides at the Goer’s County Fair. Her head, and her vehicle, might be in the clouds sometimes, but her hands are always on the wheel. Check back to see where else Gertrude goes.


Waiting for a sign? Get a FREE COFFEE at Conoco the day after the Broncos play. Then scan the QR code on the back of your coffee cup for a chance to meet Broncos kicker Brandon McManus and win weekly prizes. Link here:


The weather outside is frightful, but a drive inside the Conoco Snowglobe is so delightful.


However you fit in, we celebrate you. Sort of.


You heard it from Broncos kicker Brandon McManus himself— the two of you were meant to meet. Visit the link to get started.


Whether it’s trains, planes, automobiles, or in trendy shoe-like vehicles, a Goer always finds a way to get to where they’re going. What’s your favorite way to go?


No pressure, but Brandon McManus really wants to meet you. Visit for a chance to see him in person.

Timeline photos 11/18/2022

For the Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to imagine what it would be like to feast our eyes on a cornucopia made entirely of car parts. It’s a sight that would get people talking and going.

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