Transit Van Shuttle Rockford, IL., Airport shuttles, group transportation, Casino's, Sporting events, non-emergency medical We are "Transportation by reservation."

NEW SERVICE! Transit Van Shuttle now offers Non-Emergency Medical Services. Clients requiring wheel chair service please call us at 815-615-9785 or call Walter at 815-978-6188


NEW SERVICE! Transit Van Shuttle now offers Non-Emergency Medical Services. Clients requiring wheel chair service please call us at 815-615-9785 or call Walter at 815-978-6188


TVS Rockford has had a face-lift and is doing very well.


Transit Van Shuttle will begin running daily scheduled services from Rockford to O'Hare, Midway, and Chicago's Amtrak Union Station 07/19/2014

Northern Illinois Wine Trail

I always thought that Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin was corn and veggies, the grapes are growing, and the Wine Country is Booming!, go visit the grapes, we'll take you there!!!


"We'll take you there."

Some more beautiful pictures showcasing Dry Creek Estate! Thank you Peer Canvas! 06/24/2014

The new Dry Creek Estate to open in July in South Beloit

Wines in IL, WI., Transit Van Shuttle Rockford, IL. "We'll Take You There!" If all you know about wine is that you prefer red to white or vice versa, let’s venture a bit into enology — the science of wine and


815-615-9785 Shuttle Services to Chicago-land. 7 Days a week, 7 Times a day. Coming soon... "We are Driven, how about you?"


Transit Van Shuttle is pleased to announce we will be running daily scheduled routes from Rockford Holiday Inn East State St. to O'Hare, Midway, and Union Station starting in late July early August, up to 6 times daily.


Diverted flights from Chicago landing at Rockford airport is becoming a regular event of late, our phones ringing off the hook. There's gotta be a better way to deal with these events. Typically we know when the weather is going to produce these storm events, I saw it on the weather maps yesterday evening. Perhaps I should have put our people on standby... Instead of waiting for the 911 calls from angry passengers stuck in Rockford.


Working on Franchise operations for a National Launch of our Brand, we have operators lining up to become a part of some that will sweep the country...


Ok, so today California is on fire 70 mile an hour winds, dry brush on the mountains, ya recipe is just right. Currently 6 fires burning San Diego and Riverside County. Oh by the way it's 100 plus degrees. Lovely!!!


What a day in Rockford, planes diverted due to storms and grounded! 200 plus passengers stranded at Chicago/Rockford International, it's a feeding frenzy getting them to O'Hare International, and to the local Hotels in Rockford... We take it where we find it!


Entering discussions with hotel chain in Rockford to pickup passenger routes for a group of hotels in in the Region on a daily scheduled basis, serving the State Line Markets. Stay tuned! 04/20/2014

Transit Van Shuttle: Non-Stop Airport Transportation Service

Just recently discovered Northern IL "WINE COUNTRY." We will began contacting them this spring to setup transportation services, and marketing the tasting rooms, and here I thought IL just produced CORN... Silly me! =D We will be posting the location in the next update, stay tuned and get your groups together for Wine Country shuttles. Our mission is to exceed our customer's expectations by being the safest, most reliable, cost effective provider of quality transportation services in the markets we serve across the USA.


Greg Schackleford, Beverly Stocks, Washington DC


I guess I shouldn't complain, but we get calls from passengers at the Rockford Airport needing rides to Chicago, after having arrived and realized they have flown into Rockford by mistake. Another 4 passengers last night. Most appear to be foreigner's, but not all.

This seems to happen because people are looking for cheaper flights into Chicago and don't realize that Chicago/Rockford International is "NOT" in Chicago.

Clearly we do accommodate them. But I personally feel this needs to be corrected, by the powers that be... In the meantime we will continue to service them. Cheers all!


The numbers continue to rise in our Northern Il, Southern WI market we have driving positions for part time seniors female/male with flexible availability, in box us. Looking for drivers in Rockford, Belvidere, Huntley, Elgin, West Dundee. Must be mature clean DMV. Thanks


Good news we will be adding an additional 14 passenger vehicle to the Rockford Region just as soon as the weather breaks (snow stops). Additionally we will be opening our office in town at the Millennium Center in Rockford in May.


Come on spring, we are weary of winter. It's time for a change! =D


Transit Van Shuttle Rockford, IL. Continues it's march to become a very profitable operation, sales in the State Line market area are showing signs of exponential growth. "Door-to-Door" nonstop service. Why take a bus, when you can take us?


The snow just keeps on coming, next up the flooding as the temps rise this week, forecasts are calling for a snow melt of 18' inches or more... 02/15/2014

Transit Van Shuttle: Non-Stop Airport Transportation Service

Solid sales month in January, and off to a great start in Feb. new clients, new corporate clients. Transit Van Rockford continues it march onto a banner year in the Rockford State Line area. Our mission is to exceed our customer's expectations by being the safest, most reliable, cost effective provider of quality transportation services in the markets we serve across the USA. 02/08/2014

Transit Van Shuttle: Non-Stop Airport Transportation Service

More and more Rockford residents are figuring out that door-to-door service is a far better choice than trying to dig their car out of the snow, or finding a dead battery on their return from their warm weather vacation... We thank you for your business!!! Our mission is to exceed our customer's expectations by being the safest, most reliable, cost effective provider of quality transportation services in the markets we serve across the USA. 02/03/2014

The world's first dog-sled taxi service just launched in Norway

Worlds second dog-sled shuttle service Chicago Rockford International Airport Forget stretch limos. In Norway, the fanciest way to get from the airport to a hotel is a ride on the dog-sled taxi.


Cabbie abuse of passengers arriving at Rockford Airport. 2 people arriving without transportation charged $220.00 plus tip to go to Chicago O'Hare is outrageous! We do the same trip for $119.00. "Buyer beware." When clients found out and challenged the price the cabby refused to refund them... Incredible!!!


Weather in Rockford Region continues to to be nasty, cold, rain, black ice, be careful out there, and be safe!


This afternoon I went to a Rockford college looking for people who might want to work. Came away with so hope... Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places here. So I will ask those of you that live here if you know someone who is looking for part-time work, has a clean history, no criminal background, is responsible, mature, male/female, please send them our way. The shuttle drivers average anywhere from $15.00 to $20.00 per hour, inbox me.


DOOR-TO-DOOR SERVICES, leave your car in the garage this winter. "BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!


More hotels coming on board and discovering that their clients do not want to take the cattle car bus, when they are traveling to the airports. Business travelers much prefer private transportation while visiting the Rockford Region. Residents who have used our services enjoy the fact that door-to-door service is available, and the car stays at home in the garage!!! 11/15/2013

Transit Van Shuttle - Welcome to Transit Van Shuttle

New content on our website. Clients can now book directly into the airports that we serve by clicking on the locations button which shows the cities they are traveling to and from. Additionally they can book round trip on one transaction and pay for their transportation online. Check it out. 11/10/2013

Transit Van Shuttle - Welcome to Transit Van Shuttle

Why drive your car to a bus stop, drag your bags across the lot, sit in a cold waiting room for the bus to arrive... Return to that lot, and repeat the process, to a car covered with ice and snow.

Transit Van Shuttle will come to your home, load your bags, drive you privately, directly to the airport, and return you to your front door.

Did I forget to mention, leave your car at home??? The only PRIVATE, non-stop direct shuttle, serving the entire Rockford Region


Our market area includes a 10 county area around Rockford that we serve including southern Wisconsin to Milwaukee. The great new's is that we are hearing from all of them!!!


New Corporate clients, Greenlee-Textron likes Transit Van Shuttle Rockford, and we like them too! Building the biz in the Rockford Region.


Looking for Drivers part time on-call for Transit Van Shuttle Rockford, IL. seniors, male/female, must have clean driving record, cell phone, computer. email [email protected] 10/27/2013

Transit Van Shuttle - Welcome to Transit Van Shuttle

We are working on opening North LA County, Ventura, County, the Encino, San Fernando Valley, west to Thousand Oaks, out to Santa Barbara. To the East Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena. We are in process and should be fully operational end of 1st Quarter 2014.




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