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Looking for the perfect date night outfit? Check out these new arrivals!

Blue Floral will be heading to Frosted Farmhouse

Cream Mini Dress can be found at the_midwest_rustic_collective / The Midwest Rustic
💕 All week long, we’ll be sharing ideas for spoiling mom (or yourself) this weekend! 💕

This adorable Boho Baby Milestone set from The Midwest Rustic would be a great gift for the mom-to-be or first time mom in your life! 👶 The shop also has a ton of cute things that any mom would love.
I'm going to keep manifesting this warm weather by sharing our ready made summer outfits!

These are all available at The Midwest Rustic today!
I don't know about y'all, but my patience is running out with this gloomy weather.

I have had these shorts tagged and ready to go out for a few weeks, its just been too cold! Next week I see temps in the 70's and i'm tired of waiting so you can find these babies soon at The Midwest Rustic
It’s Finally Friday - and we are still going strong!

I get a lot of compliments on my own rude keychain, so I figured it was time to bring these babes into the mix.

Pick up yours at The Midwest Rustic!
A few new signs up at The Midwest Rustic 🥰 Which one is your favorite?!

Have you visited one of our FOUR locations recently?

Stop by and check out the different inventory at each:

Frosted Farmhouse

VIntage Bliss Decor

608 Vintage

The Midwest Rustic
New Arrivals heading to The Midwest Rustic!
Small Spring signs available at The Midwest Rustic ! Check out the updated store 💐💐

Congrats Brianna Zahn, owner of The Midwest Rustic, on your one year anniversary of the amazing downtown storefront! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such talent! Checkout my new space in this breathtakingly beautiful store! 😍❤️
I am out of the nook! Be sure to check out The Midwest Rustic tomorrow on the 1 year anniversary of the store! It has been an honor to be a part of such an amazing place 🥰

A simple spring arrangement using some faux rosemary sprigs from JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores I purchased last year and a few light pink faux puffball flowers from the Target Dollar Spot. Arranged in a beautiful wood vase we offer that you can find at The Langley Co., The Midwest Rustic, and Freeport Art Museum.

Vase is larger than it appears in the photo and measures 8.5” tall x 7.5” wide. The grain and stain color varies on each vase, making them completely unique. ❤️

Where we combine our love for nature with interior design, and we empower women and speak our minds. Hello Friends!

We are a small shop in northern Illinois that specializes in making wooden rustic signs and other little things that are affordable. We put a lot of work and love into what we do. Our focus is to provide a quality product that is affordable!

Photos from Pineslap's post 09/26/2023

They are up and live!
Head to the website and check it out!
The concrete skulls and tea lights have been added too!


Tonight @ 7pm CST, Halloween pieces will be up!!
All will be easy buys!
5 different signs and a garland. Expect another larger and more ornate piece later this week that will be a one and done piece!


Getting ready for spooky season here!
Best thing about Halloween is that you don’t need to dust off any decorations since it’s added spice. Right? 🫣
Stay tuned, as I will be releasing all Halloween decor today!
Peek the spiderweb garland 👀

Photos from Pineslap's post 09/25/2023

This is the second piece to be sent to California!
5x2’ barn quilt style mosaic!
Every piece is beveled by hand to give a slightly more dimensional look.
Navy blue, white, gray and wood tones.

Photos from Pineslap's post 09/23/2023

This is a set of mosaics that was completely custom designed and handcrafted for a customer out in California!
Each piece measures 5x3.5x3.5’
Mix of wood tones, blacks, grays and hints of whites.
Definitely my biggest order to date that is shipping across country.
Big thanks to for referring to me!
Have a custom piece that you want done?? Send me a DM!


Another custom out the door….


Getting ready to drop this big boy off to it’s forever home downtown!


I know I’ve been MIA lately, but that’s only because big things are happening behind the scenes, promise.
So due to my lack of pretense on social media, I will be doing a GIVEAWAY as well as have a sale on my website!
So first off for the GIVEAWAY!
1. Share this Post!
2. Follow these creators:

3. Tag 3 friends below and then comment done!
I will draw a name Monday for the winner!
All Last Chance items are 15% off! ($25 min)
The mirror from GTC is $30 off!
All Zion NP are 15% off too!! ($45 min)
All automatic discounts, so no worry about a code.
Happy Shopping!!

Photos from Pineslap's post 09/07/2023

I don’t usually post other artists or woodworkers work on my page, but LOOK at this!
My good friend Cam at M Knot Custom Woodworking & Design makes these gorgeous cutting boards. And this one just happens to be a brisket board with a deep juice groove! Made from Walnut and a custom logo in the center.
Head over to his page to give him a follow. Some collaborations are coming in the near future…think hardwood furniture and art in one. 😉


Check out that bushy moss 🫠
Love me some texture.


A still of the Icelandic inspired mosaic!
Moss has always been a favorite medium of mine to use, and this was the perfect piece to use it and bring it alive.
The moss is preserved so it will not brown and does not need maintenance!
Want a piece inspired by your favorite place? Send me a DM!


Finished up this piece this last week for a customer. All wood is from their old wooden play set in their backyard.
All cedar.
Big thanks to for allowing me in their beautiful wood shop to use their pretty toys.
If you’re looking for absolutely gorgeous cutting boards, check out his page!


Just daydreaming about that Zion collection…
Head to the website to purchase a piece before they’re gone!
Stay tuned for the Sequoia NP drop this Friday!!!

Photos from Pineslap's post 07/29/2023

Back to school teacher gifts as well as the first/last day signs are now available!!
Head to the website to place your order now to get in time for first day!


Whew! This was a fun release to make!
I incorporated several different types of art and stayed with smaller pieces.
If anyone would like a large piece inspired by the Zion NP, please don’t hesitate to reach out!
We have mosaics, topographical maps, geometric art and even wood magnets available!
Check it out here on the homepage of my website!

Photos from Pineslap's post 07/20/2023

Annnnd here are the #6-10 for the Zion NPC!
These will be listed separately with the ability to order multiples if wanted!

Photos from Pineslap's post 07/20/2023

Here is #5 of the Zion NPC!
Roughly 10x18”
Made with reclaimed wood and accent colors.


Check out these wooden token magnets!
I will be making one for each collection that’s being released!
They are 2in in diameter!
Can’t wait for tomorrow!
I have some exciting stuff to show you!
The release is at 12pm CST on the website.


Here is #4 of the Zion NP Collection!
Honestly, not sure how I feel about it 😂
But it is, what it is.
Stay tuned for more!

Photos from Pineslap's post 07/18/2023

🌲It’s giving….Arizona Tea🌲
The third piece for the Zion NP Collection!
Roughly 10x12”
Made with reclaimed wood and accent colors.
This will be available Friday for the release!

Photos from Pineslap's post 07/18/2023

🌲 Here are the first TWO pieces for the Zion Collection!
They are topographical maps of Zion National Park. I will be offering two of each on release day, with the option to order as well!
The white one is 12x18” and the terra-cotta one is 9x12”.
They both have textured backgrounds, with an engraved topographical map and a wooden plaque mounted on a leather placeholder.
The pictures really don’t do a justice.
Stay tuned for more!


Something I geek out over, everytime.
This is why I LOVE working with reclaimed wood. The aging process makes for a beautiful hue when you apply a clear coat of cutting board oil to it.
You can see the bottom is without oil, and the top, is with oil.
No stains. No chemicals.


It looks even better in its new home!
I’m just gonna sit here and stare at it for a bit will some pieces dry for the Zion NP collection. 👀

Photos from Pineslap's post 07/15/2023

This piece was challenging in more ways than one. Time consuming, complex and stressful up until the last 10 mins.
Try and spot the mistake that I ended up fixing 10 mins before it was picked up. 😂
If you love this as much as I do, place an order online under custom mosaic!
Here’s the link!


I wanted to hop on here quick to touch on a few topics that many of you missed in the videos posted earlier because well, the algorithm ✨sucks✨. (That is a hell of a run-on sentence.)
1. National Park Collections: I’m thinking of supplementing the collections with smaller items, such as stickers, hats, posters, candles, t-shirts or mugs….how do you feel about that? Of course all of these items will pertain to that specific NP or NPs in general.
Let me know your thoughts below because it would have to be something I order ahead and I don’t want to do it if it’s if no interest.
2. Brick & Mortar Inventory: Almost a year ago, I closed my storefront down from when I was “The Midwest Rustic”. When I closed, I was left with a TON of inventory. (Home decor, accessories, books, and more)
I have listed a majority of everything on the website, on the homepage at the bottom. These items are “one-offs”, I will not be reordering any of the post items. I am also selling everything at wholesale cost, so I’m just trying to make back what I paid. So please go shop that, and help ya girl out.
The link to the website is in my bio, up above.
3. All remaining mosaics have prices slashed on the website. Those prices won’t stay forever, so get them at that price, while you can.
4. Also, stay tuned for a big announcement that’s big for Pineslap.
You all rock my socks. 🖤
Once again, I thank you for your support, like, follow and purchase. It means more than you know.
Let’s get to it and get slapped, pineslapped ~Bri.


🌲🌲Let’s talk National Park Collections, huge discounts and more!!

Let me know your thoughts and what you would like to see!


This piece is pretty therapeutic.
Almost done with it.
Also, since the algorithm is being weird, wanted to let y’all know…I slashed prices on the pieces on the website!
Go check it out so ya girl can pay her bills 😂
Stay tuned for a video of me gabbing tomorrow about the national parks collections too. 🫡


Did you know we do custom work too?
I’m currently working on a custom piece that will be done the end of this week. Customer requested dark green, burnt orange and cream colors with various brown wood tones.
And every piece is one of a kind when ordering custom!
Send me a DM if you’re interested in having you’re very own bespoke art! It’s perfect for above the bed, fireplace or really any bare spot on your wall!


The remainder of this years National Park release dates!!!
Make sure to bookmark and save this post.
If you don’t see your favorite park listed, send me a DM and we can make something work!


Zion National Park is the next collection to be released!!
The release date will be 7/21/23 @ 12pm on the website.
I am giving myself 2 weeks moving forward for each collection. I want to make sure we have enough of a variety of sizes and price points for everyone.
If you have any requests for items you would like made for any collection, please feel free to send your suggestions! Such as, coat racks, mirrors, accent tables or benches!
I will also be posting here shortly a calendar for future NP collections so you can plan ahead!
Thank you again for all of your support and encouragement.

Photos from Pineslap's post 07/08/2023

I’m taking a poll on the next National Park collection!!
Zion, Sequoia, Olympic and Yosemite!
Take the pill in the story or comment below which one you think I should do next!
Also comment if you think, I should do smaller pieces that are economically friendly or include functional pieces to the collection!


Today ONLY, the Grand Teton Collection is 20% OFF!!
It’s an automatic discount at checkout!
Happy shopping!

Photos from Pineslap's post 07/01/2023

And guess what???
The Grand Teton Collection is LIVE!!
You’ll notice, there are only 6, because I chose to do bigger pieces and ya girl didn’t want to be stressed on her birthday.
Automatic 15% off at checkout for my birthday!
So head to the link and get it while you can!

Photos from Pineslap's post 07/01/2023

The 4th piece of the GTC!!
Made with reclaimed wood and walnut.
Measures approximately 18x16”
Stay tuned for more!
The release is tonight at 4pm CST!


Here is the 3rd piece for the GTC!
This one was a little more time intensive.
Made with reclaimed wood and walnut with walnut frame.


Sneak peek of the third GTC piece!
This one is taking a little bit longer than expected…but that also is due to the lack of sleep from last night.
Does anyone else’s dog pass juicy farts? My girl was doing it every 20 mins. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep more than 3 hours. 😂
This one will be done by the end of the day, so stay tuned for the post!


Quick mandatory ice cream break with the crew at
Making these pieces for the Grand Teton Collection is really making me excited about taking the kids on a small road trip to a NP!
Tips on road-tripping with 3 kids as a single parent? 😂😩

Photos from Pineslap's post 06/28/2023

Here is GTC #2!
Hand shaped mdf, primed, and hand painted.
Available Saturday @ 4pm CST

Photos from Pineslap's post 06/28/2023

JUUUST because I can. 🖤
I usually stick to pretty neutral colors as an artist, but this is really fun.
I can’t wait to show you the next pieces today!
It will be completely unexpected.

Photos from Pineslap's post 06/05/2023

These will be packed up and shipped today!
Head to the link and get yourself a piece! I only have a few left!
Moving forward, I will be releasing pieces as I make them and may thrown in a raffle here and there.
Have a happy Monday friends!

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When you use Walrus Oil to make that grain pop. 😛
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Impending Closure Date for our Storefront.
Store Closing Coming Soon
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