Butitta Auto - Rockford on Main St.

Butitta Auto - Rockford on Main St.

Butitta Auto has been proudly serving Rockford since 1969.

Our team of certified technicians, led by Service Manager Neil Brown, would be happy to handle your complete auto care needs.


Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰ As 2024 begins, we're excited to continue building strong connections with our customers and communities. There's no greater value to us than your trust.

Here's to a year filled with smooth rides, joyful moments, and exceptional auto care! πŸ₯³πŸ”§


Safety Friday! πŸš—βœ¨ This New Year's weekend, let's ring in 2024 with joy and responsibility.

If you're going out on the town, remember to designate a driver or use a ride-sharing service like Uber to ensure your whole party gets home safely!


πŸš— According to a 2020 survey by Cadillac, 66% of Americans know how to drive a stick shift. Surprising, right? Even though only 13% of the models for sale offer a manual transmission these days.

Traditionally, manuals are less expensive and cheaper to repair, but are becoming more popular with luxury car drivers. On the flip side, automatics are simpler for beginners and have evolved with better gas mileage.

What's your preference? Drop a comment below and let us know! βš™οΈπŸ”§


πŸŽ„ Wishing our community a season filled with warmth, joy, and the magic of the holidays!

Please be advised that our elves... uh, team, will be taking a short break to celebrate Christmas on Monday, Dec 25th. We'll be back in action on Tuesday, Dec 26th, ready to assist you with all your auto needs.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey! πŸŽπŸ”§


β˜•οΈπŸš— Did you know that in March 2010, a 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco, nicknamed the 'Car-puccino' by Guinness, set a record by traveling 209 miles solely on coffee grounds?

This quirky experiment proved that coffee's natural carbon content can power a car, although it's not the most cost-effective way to hit the road. Each mile takes 56 espressos!

While we won’t be seeing coffee-powered cars on the road anytime soon, this experiment showcases the fascinating possibilities of alternative fuels. Imagine if your morning coffee could power your commute!


Fun Fact Friday! Did you know that GM never released the 1983 model year of the Chevrolet Corvette? πŸš—πŸ˜²

Since its inception, it was the only year without this iconic car. The only surviving prototype now sits in the National Corvette Museum.

The following year, the 1984 Corvette had to surpass its predecessor and meet stricter emissions and safety standards!


Don't let car troubles crash your holiday plans! πŸš— 🎁

Whether you're heading out of town for a family gathering or just navigating the local holiday hustle, our team is here to ensure your vehicle doesn’t slow you down.

Let’s keep this season as stress-free as possible. Schedule your pre-holiday inspection today!


Instead of our usual Fun Fact Friday, let's do a Fun Question Friday! πŸ˜€

🎀 Tell us, what's your go-to car karaoke song? Now that it's December, are you switching gears to belt out some festive Christmas tunes? πŸš— πŸŽ„ Share your favorite jams and let's get into the holiday spirit together!

Photos from Butitta Auto - Rockford on Main St.'s post 11/30/2023

πŸš—β›„οΈ Our wheels were spinning with joy at Rockford's Stroll on State last weekend!

A huge shoutout to our incredible teammates who poured their creativity into building and decorating our festive float, and to those who proudly walked alongside it in the parade! πŸ› οΈπŸŽ„

GreatWater 360 Auto Care is grateful to be part of the Rockford community, and we can't wait to roll into the holiday spirit again next year! πŸ’™


πŸ¦ƒ Happy Thanksgiving! Today and every day, we’re incredibly grateful for our customers and our community.

With that said, we’d like to wish you a safe, relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends. Hope you eat yummy food, laugh a lot, and get to take a nap on the couch 😊

Just a quick reminder – our shop is closed today. We’ll see you again tomorrow!


Have you ever heard of Irvin Gordon? Irvin holds the Guinness World Record for Highest Vehicle Mileage with 3,039,122 miles on his 1966 Volvo 1800S (inducted on May 1, 2014). His car hit this incredible milestone with the original engine intact, and only two engine rebuilds since it came out of the factory! πŸ’ͺ πŸš—

Some simple advice from Irv to keep your vehicle running forever: follow the service maintenance schedule, fix broken parts quickly, always use your turn signal, and don’t let anyone else drive your car.

Photos from Butitta Auto - Rockford on Main St.'s post 11/15/2023

πŸš— Another successful "Greens Day" in the books! 🌲 We're thrilled to partner with the Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau to gear up for the 2023 Stroll on State.

It's truly rewarding to be part of a company that values being others-centered and always looks at the bigger picture. 🌍 Thanks to everyone who joined us in making a positive impact on our community!


It's a Thanksgiving feast of savings! Get $25 off every $100 spent, up to $150 discount. Hurry because we’re stuffing the savings into one week only. πŸ¦ƒ πŸ₯§ Call to schedule your appointment today!
*Promotion excludes tires, cannot be combined with other offers


Fun Fact Friday!! πŸš—πŸ›£οΈ In 1911, Edward N. Hines, revolutionized road safety by inventing the highway centerline. Edward was a member of the Wayne County (MI) Road Commission and his invention is celebrated as the most pivotal traffic safety device in the history of auto transportation!


This Veterans Day weekend, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the courageous men and women who have dedicated their lives to safeguarding our freedom.

And a heartfelt thank you to our veteran teammates for their unwavering service! You are cherished members of our GreatWater family, and we're deeply honored to stand alongside you.

As a token of our appreciation, we offer all veterans, active military members, and first responders a 10% discount on any auto repair service on every visit, not just this weekend. Because your bravery deserves to be celebrated every day.


🍁November Exclusive Valvoline Promotion! Get ready for the colder months ahead with a rebate of up to $40 on your next oil change and/or fluid service. Plus, this deal can be combined with our other promos, so you save even more! Call us today for details and keep your ride running smoothly all chilly season long! πŸš—πŸ’¨


πŸŽƒ Happy Halloween! Wishing all our valued customers and friends a spooktacular day filled with treats and safe adventures. Remember to drive with caution, and if your vehicle needs a little extra BOOst, we're here to help! πŸ‘»


πŸš— Fun Fact Friday! Did you know that the Toyota Corolla holds the title of the best-selling car of all time, with over 50 million sold worldwide? πŸŒŽπŸ† Its popularity isn't a coincidence – the Corolla is loved for being budget-friendly, incredibly reliable, offering excellent gas mileage, and packing top-notch safety features. If you're looking for a trustworthy ride that's stood the test of time, the Corolla is a go-to choice!


πŸš— It's Fun Fact Friday! Did you know that on average, people spend up to 99 days of their life stuck in a traffic jam? That's over three months! 😲 Let's make sure your car is running smoothly so you can make the most of your precious time on the road. Swing by our shop for top-notch service that keeps you moving! πŸ› οΈ


Fall proof your ride with savings up to $60 on fluid maintenance services! 🍁 πŸš™

Choose from the following services:
+ Brake fluid service
+ Power steering service
+ Coolant flush service
+ Differential fluid service
+ Transmission service
+ Deluxe fuel injection system service
+ Oil change service

Give us a call to schedule your appointment!


πŸ”§ Dive into our latest blog post, "How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle's Transmission!" Packed with expert tips and practical advice, it's a must-read for every car owner looking to maximize their vehicle's performance. Don't miss out - click the link and empower your ride today! https://www.greatwater360autocare.com/news/how-to-extend-the-life-of-your-vehicles-transmission πŸš—πŸ’ͺ


Ready to advance your career? We’re always looking for folks who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Let us be worth your time. πŸ’ͺ πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§

A few of the many perks to working with us include:
> Monday-Friday Work Week – No Weekends!
> Family-First Culture - High Value Placed on Work/Life Balance
> Industry-Leading Pay Plans
> 401K with Generous Company Match
Are you or someone you know looking for a fresh start? Contact us at 616-328-6288 or our career page https://greatwater360autocare.com/careers/ to see a full list of benefits!


On one of the darkest days in American history, we witnessed some of the most courageous acts ever performed by individuals. We will forever pay tribute to the heroes and remember the lives tragically lost on 9/11.


It’s Fun Fact Friday! 😁 Did you ever stop to wonder just how intricate modern cars are? Here's a mind-boggling tidbit for you: the average automobile is loaded with over 100 miles of code running within its internal computer systems! Yes, you read that correctly. Your vehicle is practically a rolling computer, with a web of code so extensive that it could stretch for over 100 miles. Who would have thought that your trusty car required that much programming magic under the hood? πŸš—


Happy Labor Day! Today we celebrate the hard work, dedication, and contributions of workers like you that keep our society moving forward. Whether you're in an office, on a construction site, in a hospital, or any other field, your efforts make a significant impact on our communities. Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend!


How can you tell if your brakes are bad? πŸ›‘ 🚘 Knowing when it's time to get your brakes serviced is crucial for both your safety and the safety of others. Read more about brake health here: https://greatwater360autocare.com/news/5-signs-its-time-to-get-your-brakes-serviced/


Fun Fact Friday!! πŸ”§ πŸŽ‰ The exact number of parts in a car varies, but on average there are over 30,000 unique parts in your vehicle. It’s a miracle that cars don’t break down more often!

If this sounds like a lot, a Boeing 747 has over 6 million individual parts. That makes 30,000 seem relatively simple all of a sudden! Next time you’re frustrated with car issues or are stuck paying for repairs, just remember how many parts go into even the simplest of vehicles.


Fall is coming! 🍁 πŸ‚ Whether that means sending your kids off to school, heading to college, or gearing up for a color tour when the leaves change, we want to get you there safely. No one has time to waste on the side of the road due to a flat tire or bad brakes. Schedule an appointment TODAY to make sure your vehicle is ready for fall!


Believe it or not, the unsung heroes of your vehicle are the brakes, tirelessly working to keep you out of harm's way. Did you know that brake pads might need to be checked as soon as every 10-20K miles depending on driving style? When was the last time you had yours looked at? πŸ”§πŸš— Schedule a brake inspection today to make sure you and everyone around you are safe.


We’re proud to offer an Industry Best 3 Year/36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty! That’s big news! It means there’s a good chance your repairs are covered, and you save money! πŸ˜€ πŸ‘ Ask your Service Manager for more details.


What day is it? The perfect day for a Mean Girls meme.

Happy !


On this day in 1908, the Ford Model T was released. Generally considered the first affordable automobile, the Model T made car travel available to middle-class Americans and we haven’t looked back since!


Spooky season is coming…

Butitta Auto Butitta Auto is a collection of automotive repair shops with 10 locations in IL and WI.


A car maintenance schedule is the key to keeping your car running in tip-top shape! Read on for 12 necessary car maintenance tips and why you should care https://www.thedrive.com/maintenance-repair/36790/car-maintenance.


A solid possibility, but the experts at Butitta Brothers might have a better answer. With our Ask A Tech feature, you can conveniently leave a vehicle-related question for our staff members and get an answer as soon as possible! Try it out at butitta.com/ask-a-tech.

Butitta Auto Butitta Auto is a collection of automotive repair shops with 10 locations in IL and WI.


Did you know… about half an ounce of fuel is needed to start a car. Weird, because it takes us at least three cups of coffee to get going, four on a Monday.


I mean… seems close enough to us…

Butitta Auto Butitta Auto is a collection of automotive repair shops with 10 locations in IL and WI.


ARRGH, do ye know what day it be? Talk Like a Pirate Day, a.k.a. a day to annoy all your co-workers 😁


Happy National Tattoo Story Day, tell us the story behind your tattoo in the comments!

Butitta Auto Butitta Auto is a collection of automotive repair shops with 10 locations in IL and WI.

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Instead of our usual Fun Fact Friday, let's do a Fun Question Friday! πŸ˜€ 🎀 Tell us, what's your go-to car karaoke song? N...
It's a Thanksgiving feast of savings! Get $25 off every $100 spent, up to $150 discount. Hurry because we’re stuffing th...
🍁November Exclusive Valvoline Promotion! Get ready for the colder months ahead with a rebate of up to $40 on your next o...
Believe it or not, the unsung heroes of your vehicle are the brakes, tirelessly working to keep you out of harm's way. D...
Earth Day is here and giving us another reason to go green! Take time this spring cleaning season to recycle old papers ...
April showers! Stay ahead of the weather by getting your wipers replaced today. Average life expectancy for wipers is 6-...



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