JoJo's Cheesecakes

I'll make you a cheesecake of any flavor your heart desires.


It's November- The holidays are just around the corner!
Maybe you're thinking of replacing the store bought pumpkin pie for a homemade pumpkin spice latte cheesecake. Everyone will be greatful for the upgrade! ;) Place your order now.


Here's a great Halloween idea!

Bring me all, or at least some, of your favorite candy and I'll make it in into a cheesecake for the price of a basic cheesecake!

Comment your favorite candy below:


Did somebody say Cookie Dough Cheesecake?


Looking for a snickerdoodle cheesecake? Topped with cinnamon whipped cream? Yummy!

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Hey all! Summer is here. Father's day is next weekend. There is always a good reason for cheesecake. I made this creation last month and I have to share it with you all!
Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake 🥰😍 Look at all that ooey gooey cinnamon filling.
Message me!


March is here and I am looking ahead to spring. Bring bright, flavorful goodness into your life with one (or more😉) of these sweet treats.


Last chance to score a mini cheesecake at discounted rates! Promotion expires Feburary 28th.
Popular flavors this month include:
Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate Raspberry
Samoa (Caramel Delight)

Get creative and let me know what you want to try!


For the month of Feburary, these mini cakes start at only $5! Get in an order while you can!

Sometimes, you just need a *little* treat.
Can't decide on a topping? He wants one kind, but she wants another? Doesn't matter the reason. Mini cheesecakes are the way to go.


Sometimes, you just need a *little* treat.
Can't decide on a topping? He wants one kind, but she wants another? Doesn't matter the reason. Mini cheesecakes are the way to go.


The Holidays are right around the corner, which means its time for you to order a cheesecake to bring to the family dinner.
Are you sad that they never have any leftovers? Buy a 9" cheesecake for $30 and get a 6" for just $10.

*Includes your choice of fruit or chocolate. Size upgrades and/or extra toppings may available.

Message me for more details.

>Pictured below: Triple Berry Cheesecake


An oreo cheesecake is never the wrong answer.

Message me! 🥰


With everything that is happening, staying at home, and avoiding the grocery store, I haven't made many cheesecakes.
Remember me when this is all over and you need a treat! But for now, STAY AT HOME! 🥰

Just what we needed this weekend! A delicious chocolate cheesecake! A big hit with the kids too!


I forgot to add eggs to one of my cakes... so now I can officially say I can make a egg free cheesecake that tastes AMAZING. Gluten free next??


I have some time this week to make you something special for your someone special. ❤

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Remember to spread the love by sharing with those you love. Something like a white chocolate oreo cheesecake should do the trick.


A special creation for a wonderful customer.
Banana and Caramel, what a tasty combination.
With Valentines day coming up I just want to remind everyone that I will make any flavor you ask for.
Frosted animal cookie? You got it!
Red velvet? Absolutely!
Chocolate cover strawberry? No problem!

Message me today.


With Valentine's day only 2 weeks away, consider treating your sweetheart to a sweet treat like this strawberry cheesecake.


Thank you everyone who liked, shared, and commented on my post. Your engagement on my page helps me spread the word about my yummy cheesecakes.

Rebecca Mundell is our winner from our Strawberry vs. Cherry cheesecake contest!

Don't forget, you don't have to win one to get one! Sizes range from 3" - 10". Message me if your interested in a chocolate covered strawberry, or any other flavor your heart desires, cheesecake today.

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Tonight I will close the comments and announce the winner tomorrow. Comment on the orginal post for your chance to win.

Photos from JoJo's Cheesecakes's post 01/08/2020

Strawberry🍓 versus Cherry🍒

Comment which one you prefer!
Like and Share!
Comment on this post for a chance to win one for your home.

One lucky winner will win a 6" strawberry or cherry cheesecake. It can be a chocolate cheesecake. 😉
Comments will close on Friday. Tag your friends so they share their free cake with you. 😏

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Valentines Day is still a ways away, but that doesn't mean you can't buy your sweetheart a sweet treat today! This triple decker red velvet cheesecake will be in your lover's dreams.
Order one today!


I made quite the special treat for my family for Christmas.
Unfortunately, you can't order one of these yet, but you can order a chocolate covered strawberry cheesecake. 😏


When you make too much ganache just pour it all on anyway! Having so much fun making all these cheesecakes for Christmas. I have time for some New Year's cakes and all of January! Let me know what you need.


Boy oh boy am I busy as a bumblee bee this week.
I dont have time to make any more for Christmas, but if you need something for your New Years party, then I'm your baker!
Message me if you are interested in any flavor cheesecake your heart desires. Sizes range from 3"-10"


Wrapped up my first gift! Unfortunately for me, I'm too busy making cheesecakes to remember to go shopping. Comment below if you have finished your shopping or, like me, have only just started.

Anyone in need of a cheesecake this weekend? I have time to make 2! You could pick it up now and freeze for Christmas. The weekend before Christmas is nearly full. Save time and worry less; get your cake now.


Strawberry cheesecake anyone?
Typically, I will put a jam or preserve as a fruit topping, but I will gladly make a fresh decoration as well.

PSA: I bought 3 new 4" pans. That means I can make a personal sized cheesecake for you! Or, if you are feeling fun, you can get 3 separate flavors.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family. I am thankful for all the support I have received in the past few weeks. It means so much to hear everyone's kind words.

Please remember to place your Christmas orders ASAP. I have some space available the weekdays before Christmas. The weekend is just about full.

📸: Orange Chocolate Cheesecake *also can be made as a chocolate cheesecake


Do you wish this photo was edible? I made a German Chocolate cheesecake upon a special request. Just look at all that chocolate!

I am almost entirely booked for pick ups close to Christmas. If you dont want to freeze it, you'll need to contact me ASAP. Otherwise, make some room in your freezer and pick it up now. Boxes are sized 10x10x4.
I am going to order some 6" boxes soon to accommodate those interested in a smaller cheesecake.


I am ready for Christmas! Are you?
Save yourself some time this Christmas season with a homemade cheesecake from yours truly.

In December, I will be offering this white chocolate peppermint cheesecake for delivery or pick up. Message me now to guarantee your Christmas cheesecake.

Cheesecakes available in December:
New York Style (with your choice of fruit)
White Chocolate Raspberry
White Chocolate Peppermint
Pumpkin Pie
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Snicker Doodle Dulce de Leche (with or w/o snickerdoodle cookies)
Orange Chocolate
Orange Chocolate *Chocolate*
*Special orders upon request

All cakes can be made as a 6" (6-8 slices), 9" (8-12), or 10" (12-16).


Would you look at this gorgeous cheesecake?
I will be including this delicious cheesecake as one of my regulars that I will be offering.


This weekend is my last order until next weekend, which means I have plenty of time to bake you a cheesecake for Thankgiving! I am dying to make a pumpkin pie cheesecake if someone wants one of those. I can take a few orders for pick up or delivery on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

📸: A year ago I attempted a layered pumpkin pie cheesecake, and while a bit liquidy, the taste was amazing. I'm looking to do something a little different this year if anyone is interested.


I will be releasing a Christmas list very soon of cheesecakes you can order from in December. If you want a speciality cheesecake, you will need to place your order as soon as possible.
In the next few months I am going to start offering certain cheesecakes for a discounted rate, and special requests will cost extra.
Here is one that I will be offering always: White Chocolate Raspberry


Cheesecakes will last up to 5 days in the refrigerator or up to 3 months in the freezer. If you do freeze it, I would reccomend pulling it out the night before you plan to serve it and refrigerate it to thaw.
This means you can order your Christmas or Thansgiving Cheesecake now and you won't have to worry about it later. 😉


FAQ: "What kind of cheesecake do you make?"
Currently, I am making 9' cheesecakes which yield about 12 slices.
The flavors I can make are absolutely endless. How I would put it is: "I can make any flavor your heart desires."
To give you some ideas, here are some of my favorites:
- White Chocolate Raspberry
- Dulce De Leche
- New York Style
- Birthday Cake Oreo
- Marble (Vanilla/Chocolate)
- Pumpkin Pie
- Frosted Animal Cookie
- and MORE.

If you saw something online and you want it, I'll find a way to make it.
I am currently researching gluten free and dairy free cheesecake options.
All of my cheesecakes are tree nut and peanut free. (Unless you want a peanut butter or reese's cheesecake, then of course I will make it for you.)


Hey friends!
I created this page so that if you have ever had my cheesecake you have a place you can publically leave a review. This will help me to create a real business out of this passion that I have.
Currently, I am in the works of looking for a kitchen space to rent or operate out of, or a bakery looking to hire someone to bake cheesecakes. If you have any ideas please send them my way.
Also, feel free to message me here or personally if you would like me to make you a cheesecake.




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