Gomer's Trucking

Gomer's Trucking


Happy Birthday Gomer :)

Locally owned business that has be en owned and operated by Bruce Gom er Taylor for the last 30+ yea rs

Operating as usual


Thank you to all that ha ve made Gomer’s Trucking a successful enterpri se for 42 years! It is n ow time to start a new chapt er in our life as we ent er retirement.


2021 Cortland, NY Brockway show is a wr ap. Finally brought back the brockway tract or that had been sitting proud in t he museum for the past few yea rs. Looks like it’s back to t he wheels turning on the Pete unt il the 2022 show!


Rolling south for a weekend of AT HS fun!


Pretty momentous day yesterday, the covet ed MILLION MILE MARK!

Photos from Gomer's Trucking's post 11/04/2019

Worked that old husky dog tru ck this weekend hauling berries!


Getting ready for Cortland, NY a nd came across this vintage shirt.


Happy 4th of July, we participat ed in the annual Middleboro Parade th is morning. Wishing everyone a safe a nd enjoyable day!


The life of a night truck er!
*PSA be safe in these wo rk zones when you’re driving by*


You need it “wheel haul that !” This ole girl delivered 500t to t he barge, who says you can’t tea ch an old dog new tricks?!?!

Photos from Brockway Truck Preservation Association 's post 12/30/2017

Just a little story on o ne of our fleet.


Proud of the boy, check o ut the page- like it- watch t he videos- and follow his upcoming seas on!

On Saturday I was taken by surpri se when I was given the "pushr od of promise" award at KSCC awar ds banquet. I was (still am) ecstat ic to hear my name and s ee my car on that trophy!! Th is season was certainly one I'll nev er forget...

After ending last season early wi th my wreck at Burke 1 it w as a long winter of rebuilding to co me back for this season. The fir st time the car came off Ja ck stands was the Thursday night befo re Ascutney 1, and it sat on t he frame rails in the rear. Wi th a few spare sets of han ds in the garage that night we fab 'd and welded new mount points f or the rear suspension in quick fashi on. Upon first dump of the clut ch at ascutney it was apparent we h ad gotten the geometry wrong in o ur haste - the car was whe el hopping like a SOB. We to ok care of this problem for t he next event and I started t he process of regaining confidence in a c ar that had stepped out on me at 80+ last season. At each hill th is year I set a new person al best time and by the e nd of ascutney 2 I felt comfortab le and confident in the car aga in. With my only DNF this ye ar coming from ignition issues at Oke mo it's the first season I've h ad without having an off. The continuo us improvement of both car and driv er over the years has made a significa nt difference.

Thank you to everyone who h ad a hand in this year's succe ss it means the world to me! From my father, my mother, sist er, nephew, family friend, Blanchard and a ll of my NEHA & WPG fami ly I'm lucky to have each of you rs support. Thanks to the guys ov er at BRE for their support in t he form of new to me par ts.

Last and most importantly thank y ou to the volunteer workers that ma ke what we do possible!!


Gearing up the fleet for Cortla nd, NY brockway show next week.

Timeline photos 06/06/2017

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 03/16/2017

New business cards for Gomer's Trucki ng, see Gomer for yours!

Photos from Gomer's Trucking's post 10/17/2016

More pictures from last weeks harve st of berries with the

Photos from Gomer's Trucking's post 10/11/2016

Working the 71 brockway picking bo gs in Rochester today!

Timeline photos 08/14/2016

Successful weekend in cortland New Yo rk.

Photos from Gomer's Trucking's post 08/28/2015

We missed this week b ut here are a couple older pictur es from the Rochester country fair 6 yea rs ago.

Mobile uploads 08/13/2015

Some of our antique fleet fr om the courtland New York brockway sh ow 2015


It's spring and we're excited f or what that means for us!




376 Mendell Rd
Rochester, MA

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