Williams Palletables

Williams Palletables is located at Tallul ah Rd, Robbinsville, NC, USA. It provid es beautiful recycled pallet furniture. Available to ma ke anything!

Operating as usual


The newest table we made final ly made it home and it loo ks great!


Very happy with how this turn ed out and we can't wait to deliv er it.


Building another conference table, I ma de a custom inlay of the company 's logo in the center, hoping to fini sh it today and excited to s ee how it turns out!


One of our favorite pieces in i ts beautiful home!


It's coming along!


Beautiful table in the process! Ma de out of Wormy Oak! Post mo re pictures later on.


Some more pictures of the furnitu re cart coffee table


Some of our new additions th is week :) refurbished furniture cart coff ee table with custom wood burning, a nd a solid pine dining table.


Got to build another beautiful chevr on top pallet table!


Don't know what to get someo ne for Christmas or don't know wh at to ask for? Our new favori te piece would be the perfect gi ft! So happy on how it turn ed out and glad the new owne rs love it!


So excited and anxious to po st a picture in a bit of wh at we think is our new favori te piece!


Here's some updated pictures of t he conference table we built after we swapp ed the legs


Our recently built table looks so go od in its new owners house!


Well looks like we're going to ha ve some time opening up this we ek, if you want something built f or Christmas nows the time :) a nd remember we now take credit car ds or paypal and can ship to anywhe re in the US :)


We built another chevron table th is weekend. These are by far my favori te things to build.


Well this chest is heading a ll the way to Kent, Washington Frid ay :) pretty neat to think th at someone on the other side of t he US will have something I bui lt!


2 foot by 4 foot a nd 18 inches deep chest!


Enjoying reaching 500 likes recently by worki ng on this beautiful piece for o ur Etsy customer!


We just got our first Et sy order and we couldn't be mo re excited about it!


We're so glad that the ca ke box we made for Mr & M rs Carpenter fit in prefect for the ir wedding! Congratulations to you two!


Conference table is almost done, putti ng the finish on now. The le gs are just setting there for sh ow at the moment. All the wir es for the receptacles will be hidd en in the center pedestal as we ll :)


Well the top is trimmed o ut and the legs are built (n ot pictured) time to call it a nig ht


Just put the skirt around t he conference table, the holes in t he skirt are for outlets.


Palletwood isn't the only thing we wo rk with!! Solid cherry conference table, updat es to come.


Beautiful pallet table made recently! Gl ad Mrs. Donna liked her new dini ng room table!


Items made for a good frien ds wedding! Podium and a box f or the cake to sit on.


We'd like to give a b ig congratulations to Todd Dooley for winni ng our free pallet coffee table!!


Business cards!


We have some time opening up in t he next few weeks for more projec ts, any suggestions or things y'all wou ld like to see?


Done with another coffee table! :) The se are $230 and have a 4" de ep storage area


Vlog is in progress!


When paying for orders we n ow can accept credit cards!!


Contest to win a FREE Willia ms Palletables Coffee Table!!! Must LIKE a nd SHARE our page, and get othe rs to like our page. When someo ne new likes the page they mu st message us your name. On Thursd ay September 18th we will count h ow many votes each individual has gott en, and declare a winner!!


We now have an Etsy! Etsy.com/shop/WilliamsPalletables


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Tallulah Rd
Robbinsville, NC

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