Visionary Championship Wrestling

We are Visionary Championship Wrestling. The new "Vision" of Pro Wrestling! We are an Independent Professional Wrestling company in Richmond Indiana.

We take pride in providing top level entertainment with family friendly events. We like to call ourselves a REAL Pro Wrestling company as other "Companies" around the Richmond area do not provide any actual pro wrestling. ALL of our vCw stars have appropriate ring attire and are FULLY trained in the performance art of Pro Wrestling. Booked from all over the world. Some of our roster have worked in


VCW vs. APW in Promotional Warfare


VCW vs. APW in Promotional Warfare


Find out why vCw has invaded APW!


Our new angels champion Avista Varlowe

Photos from Visionary Championship Wrestling's post 03/19/2022

Our main title. The "Visionary" championship


We received a message from Visionary Championship Wrestling owner Michael Black. Ascend Pro Wrestling: Power Clash ‘22 will now feature a title presentation from VCW to APW. At the closure of VCW, our own commissioner Tim Lutz was the VCW Dragonfly Champion. It is expected that VCW's Heavyweight Champion Anthony Lee “The Lost Cause” will be in attendance, as well.

What does this mean for the future of the APW title picture?

Christmas in a Pinch 2020 reedit (Originally from 2013) 12/12/2021

Christmas in a Pinch 2020 reedit (Originally from 2013)

Christmas in a Pinch 2020 reedit (Originally from 2013) The biggest visual project I have ever done.CHRISTMAS IN A PINCHMy internet "movie" from 2013,Updated, reedited, and re-uploaded.It has not been online for o...


When vCw was in full swing, we attempted the Guinness world record for the largest Battle Royal.
While we tried, we failed.
However The Record Holder Tim Lutz who was on our board started his own company in Ohio called Ascend Pro Wrestling and he made an attempt over this past weekend.
It was a bit stressful and we had to call on a few favors but we got the job done!

All that is left now is the paperwork but per the criteria of Guinness we did everything we were supposed to.

I was very happy to be a part of it.
Go check them out!!!!


Shout-out to all of you involved in wrestling!
If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming video game talk to Valdarix Games !

I do not know how much longer signups are so get on it.
They are looking for workers, referees, even promotions.
I'm not 100% sure but they might be looking for rig announcers, managers, and valets as well.

It doesn't cost anything and they don't own any rights to anything.
You sign up, and give them consent to use you in the game and if they like your submission YOU'RE IN!!

I am already in as Danté "The Black Angel" as well as my company Visionary Championship Wrestling !

Lots of people I know are in as well such as Jake Capone The Madness Of Trip Travis Southern as well as companies such as Lightning Tim Lutz 's company Accend pro wrestling and Emerge pro.

Take your chance at living forever!!!!!


In honor of my favorite holiday most of the reveals for tonight and tomorrow will be Halloween themed! That means masks, facepaint, the occult, the weird, the monstruous and more!

Michael Black


So much talent and so much more to
come. But we need to highlight some promotions!

At Visionary Championship Wrestling is an interesting promotion to play in Indy Pro. Trying to get back into running shows in real life you will take over a blank slate with them in Indy Pro.
Can you take them to the top of the Appalachian
Region and beyond?


Who wants to see the return of vCw??
I've been having some conversations with a few trusted people in the wrestling business and it's closer now than ever.


Happy birthday to our dragonfly champion Tim Lutz!!


Hello Richmond, Indiana !!
Come see your Richmond made hero Danté "theBlackAngel" return home to defend the company that broke him into the wrestling business Rose City Championship Wrestling Richmond Indiana's Own
In a 4 on 4 survivor series style match with the company on the line!!!!
Danté hasn't performed in Richmond in over a full year.
Come see him as well as all the RCCW stars TONIGHT !!
All the info is on the flyer.
The first few will receive a authentic signed photo of a wwe/wcw legend that had previously been there.
Danté as well as others will have signed photos and merch as well.
Come out, bring the kids. We do our best to keep it family friendly!


It was a very successful debut, but it is right back to work this week. We are offering a special beginner’s class on Monday. Message or comment if you want to get started training as a wrestler, referee, or manager at the APW Training school.

Click here to support Rob Kincaid Memorial Fund (Robby King) organized by Dustin Reed 11/20/2018

Click here to support Rob Kincaid Memorial Fund (Robby King) organized by Dustin Reed

Click here to support Rob Kincaid Memorial Fund (Robby King) organized by Dustin Reed Robby King, better know by the stage name Rob Kincaid tragically passed away on 11/17/18. I am raising funds to help assist his family with the final expenses. All proceeds go to the family. We are also having a Wrestling Fundraiser event Thanksgiving night at the WCWO Arena in Indianapolis. Ob...


Hey everyone, Danté "theBlackAngel" has a new band "Konꓘi" ( patience, perseverance, energy)
Hard riffs and positive lyrics.
Go check out the page and like and share if you like it.

Photos from Danté "The Black Angel"'s post 11/17/2018

We all mourn the loss of Rob Kincaid


we might not run events very often but I'm still damn proud of the company that I created! All of the wrestlers always put in one thousand percent of their efforts and while we didn't draw well in Richmond the events themselves were top-notch.


ATTN: Fans and Workers booked.
We regret to inform all our Visionary Championship Wrestling fans that all events scheduled for June 8th and 9th at the "Geek Out" convention have been canceled due to weather conditions.
The convention is a campground setting and our events were to be held outside.
However the forecast for the area has thunderstorms all weekend.
We can not risk damage to our ring or electrical equipment.
We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to catch you next year!


Danté "theBlackAngel" will be the special guest referee for this main event at Icw Pro in Marion indiana on May 5th.
If you're in or close to the area come see the event.


As promised it's time to make our huge announcement!!!

Through our amazing convention connections throughout the years we've been contacted by one of the biggest and most well known conventions in ohio.

We will be hosting THREE FULL EVENTS at the "Woodstock of conventions" GEEK OUT!!

This 3 day outdoor campground will be filled with tons of live music, panels, pro wrestling and all things GEEK!!

It is in collage corner ohio and you will not want to miss this!!

Visionary Championship Wrestling (vCw) will be holding 2 family friendly "pg" events and one adult orientated "R" event.

Plus music by Michael W. Johnson I
And panels by

Get your tickets now!!!

June 8th 9th and 10th

Steve Hannon

If you are a wrestler in the surrounding area and are interested in working these events contact us as we MIGHT have a couple spots open.


We have an incredibly huge announcement coming soon!!! Please like and share the page! When we have 10 more likes than our current number we will make this momentous announcement!


Chaos Pro Wrestling: Loser Leaves Wrestling! Tony Evergreen vs Tim Lutz

Visionary Championship Wrestling @ CHAOS
Special guest referee Danté "theBlackAngel"

Chaos Pro Wrestling: Loser Leaves Wrestling! Tony Evergreen vs Tim Lutz


Newcomer Austin Harness made his presence felt in the Visionary Rumble


Visionary Championship Wrestling


Michael W. Johnson I

I Wil be performing one of my soloman 5,000 acoustic sets at the Old Crow Bar this Friday September 1st at 8pm followed by a night of R rated pro wrestling by Visionary Championship Wrestling and Chaos pro.


Thank you all for coming out to our last event!!
we will be posting our last 3 events soon on our youtube!


Today is the day!

Raddison vs Franchise.

VCW Tag Team Champions No Coast will defend their titles.

Visionary Heavyweight Championship is up for grabs in a match between Ryan Freeman and Anthony Lee.

An attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Most Competitors In A Single Match!
The Visionary Rumble, in which the winner will have claim to a title match of their choosing at a future date.

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Find out why vCw has invaded APW!
Newcomer Austin Harness made his presence felt in the Visionary Rumble
We have arrived in Northwest Ohio Wrestling
A message from Ryan Freeman
AD for vCw July 29th
RubberMaid RAMPAGE!
Visionary Heavyweight Champion Anthony Lee, running Jason Franchise into the monstrous Ryan Freeman.
Short clip from suprise ladder match Danté "theBlackAngel" vs Fred Lee Scott for the Dragonfly Championship
vCw Upcoming Events AD
Packed house ready to see vCw vs N.O.W



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