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Seal's Caulking is joint sealant/waterproofing company. Our job is to protect your building/home fro


Seal's Caulking wasn't always here on NW 5th, in fact the owner, Daniel, worked for years out of his own pole barn until last year, he decided it was time to relocate due to the growing business he had built. Thats when the old McFarlands building began it's tranformation into Seal's Caulking. The wonderful thing about small businesses, is that you can guarantee the owners heart and soul is always invested in it! With long hours of remodeling the space, and completely transforming the ran down building, all while working full time jobs, and family life, Daniel and Amanda Seal have done just that, put their hearts & souls into it! Every detail of it was brought to life by the owners visions on what they wanted the space to become.
With the help of some amazing local businesses Seal's Caulking was brought to life! Thanks to, Tony Foust who made the purchasing experience smooth, All-Phase Electric, Ryan Stover for all the drywall work, Catrons Glass for our new windows and doors, John Wesley Roberts at Toxic Designs Window Tinting, Perseponko Painting LLC for our interior & exterior paint, and JD Mechanical for various services! We are so thankful to have had so many amazing businesses involved in this transformation!

In some of the photos we have shared you'll see hallways lined with old barn wood that Amanda purchased to refurbish for her rustic yet modern vision, as well as metal that was covering the ran down air conditioning units. The floors were then torn up and Seal's Caulking exposed the concrete aggregate and sealed it for a beautiful finish. The old cooler doors from the previous McFarlands building have been repainted and behind them is our warehouse area. In our confrence room you will notice a couple of vintage desks that were left here from the old office spaces that Amanda painted and revamped.
A little old mixed with a little new and this space has been brought back to life!
We will post some tansformation pictures soon so stay tuned for that!


Another job Seal's Caulking is working on in Indianapolis at Tru by Hilton! We will be caulking EIFS joints, EIFS to concrete, EIFS to metal and more.
This project has come along so well, we cant wait to see it all finished up!


Hold your heads high Hagerstown. You kids still did an amazing job!


Photos from Seal's Caulking Inc.'s post 08/23/2022

Seal's Caulking working hard at our local fair grounds, for the updated Tom R***r building as well as the Kuhlman Center. We cant wait to see the building completed!


Here at Seal's Caulking we believe in community, we believe in the power of prayer and we believe in blue! Our hearts are heavy for Seara Burton, her entire family, her fiance, and her fellow officers, first responders and the city of Richmond. We are praying hard for light in this darkness.


Multi-Family apartments in Lafayette, Indiana we are currently doing the exterior & interior caulking for! We love checking up on job sites and seeing everything from the blueprints coming to life! Excited to see the final result of this building, so glad we could be a part of it!


Another completed caulking job by Seal's Caulking for Drury Inn & Suites in Carmel Indiana!



Where we believe in growth, teamwork, and pushing everyday to be the best business we can be! We strive to create a work enviroment that reflects these values. Seal's Caulking has evolved so much in the last 5 years and we cannot wait to see our growth continue year by year!


Prepping your concrete properly is the most important part of making sure your floors have the best possible finish.

Call Seal's Caulking today for a FREE estimate! 765-939-4821


Here are just a FEW reasons that you should consider sealing your pavers! Whether its your sidewalks, patio, or driveway, your pavers can look brand new and last for years with sealing!

Call Seal's Caulking today for more information and a FREE estimate: 765-939-4821

Photos from Seal's Caulking Inc.'s post 06/01/2022


This garage flooring needed some love, so Seal's Caulking got to work, grinding, prepping and doing a flake coating, which will hold up in heavy traffic and is oild, grease and stain resistant!

Photos from Seal's Caulking Inc.'s post 05/26/2022

Seal's Caulking working hard on a local Centerville School.
We are so thankful to be able to help keep our local businesses, and school buildings weather tight!
If you are a local business, and your building needs some caulking, weatherproofing, concrete polishing, masonry restoration, joint sealants, thermal & moisture protection, or power washing, we are the small business for you! Give us a call today for a FREE estimate, 765-939-4821


Seal's Caulking is extending their 15% off concrete flooring until after Memorial Day! Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE 765-939-4821

Let us transform your patio, sidewalks, garages, pole barns, and more!


Pole Barn before, afters, and during the process! So much satisfaction watching the floors go from dull to a beautiful shine!
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Let Seal's Caulking help you check off some things on your Summer List! Call us today to have us seal your paver patio, sidewalks, pool decks, or transform your concrete patios, sidewalks, and pool decks into something you love! Give us a call at 765-939-4821 today for a free estimate!


WOW!!! This transformation really shows you what a difference a polish makes on concrete! These floors were worn down, dull, and unprotected. Now the floors are protected against oil, grease, stains, mold, mildew, heavy foot traffic and they look stunning! These floors will give our cutomer long-term durability and easy maintenance.

Call TODAY to get a free estimate and 15% off your concrete floors!


Photos from Seal's Caulking Inc.'s post 05/02/2022

A little look into the process of polishing this large pole barn. Seal's Caulking is taking this drab, stained, dull concrete and making it fresh and new. We are using products that will be scratch, stain, mildew, grease, oil and water resistant. This will provide protection, longevity and durablility to the pole barn floors even in a heavy traffic area.

These photos are during the polishing process as well as during the densifier application.

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Now that we've gotten a small taste of sweet summer this weekend it's time to start doing all the outdoor projects! Here at Seal's Caulking we know you're busy landscaping, mowing, trimming trees, so let us get your patios, pool decks, and sidewalks ready for summer swimming, and hangouts! We are still offering 15% off any polishing, sealers, or epoxy for concrete & pavers!

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Check out our list of services we provide here at Seal's Caulking!
We specialize not only in caulking but also in concrete finshing, paver sealing, waterproofing your home or business, pressure washing and more!

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[email protected]


Looking to seal your pavers? Whether its your driveway, patio, sidewalks, or pool deck, there are a few things you should know about sealing your stone!

Why seal your pavers?...

* Prevents fading, keeping your color vibrant
* Reduces moss
* Prevents loss of sand in joints
* Easier to clean & maintain
* Prevents grass & w**d growth
* Long lasting value & appeal
* Repels oil, grease & stains
* Protection from salt damage
* Prevents pavers from shifting & moving
* Resists effects of harsh weather
* Reduces wear & deterioration

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Here at Seal's Caulking we offer FREE ESTIMATES!
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*Barn floors
*Pole Barns
*Pool Decks
*Indoor spaces
*& MORE...

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Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


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Reasons to call Seal's Caulking to transform your concrete floors:

1. Durability- polished concrete floors are extremely resilient and able to withstand heavy foot traffic areas as well as equipment

2. Easy Maintenance- Dust mop or room sweep reegularly, and damp mop occasionally

3. No VOC- Concrete floors do not contain harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) like hardwood floors, vinyl carpets and synthetic carpets

4. Slip Resistant- Any concrete floors can be slippery especially in moist enviroments or in areas that tend to get wet, but when sealed properly with non-slip epoxy coating youre able to prevent slips and falls

5. Sanitary- Coatings can provide waterproof barriers that seal the concrete and prevent contaminants from actually getting to the concrete. Some coatings can also provide anti-microbial protection.

These are only a few reasons why concrete finishing is so beneficial, whether its your patio, pool area, garage, or indoor rooms, polishing your concrete is the best way to go!

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Photos from Seal's Caulking Inc.'s post 03/23/2022

We appreciate being able to be a part of the community by working at job sites here locally just as much as our out of state jobs! Our Caulking business has grown so much in the last 5 years and to say we feel blessed is an understatement!

Thankful for everyone who has been a part of our journey and growth!

And don't forget to call and schedule your FREE ESTIMATE for CONCRETE FLOOR POLISHING & EPOXY! Let's continue to grow together!

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Almost 4 years ago! Crazy to think we have just continued growing and traveling for commercial jobs! Such a great feeling and can't wait to see what the future holds for Seal's Caulking & our Concrete floor polishing.

A few photos of another Drury Inn cut out and recaulk Findlay OH. After this project is done were NC bound for another one!

Photos from Seal's Caulking Inc.'s post 03/18/2022

Let Seal's Caulking transform your outdoor areas! From patios, sidewalks, pool decks and hot tub areas we have you covered! We offer slip-resistant finishes which are a great feature along with being aesthetically pleasing.

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Transform your concrete floors today! Call Seal's Caulking for a FREE estimate, and to take advantage of our 15% off spring sale! Offer ends May 25th,2022


Photos from Seal's Caulking Inc.'s post 03/15/2022


Seal's Caulking is offering a 15% discount on ANY concrete polishing, or epoxy floor coating services UNTIL 5/25/2022!

This deal is great for pole barns, garages, pool decks, basements, patios, and more!

**Pricing is based on square footage and varies on product type and concrete condition. This discount cannot be combined with any other offer.



Want to spruce up you garage, barn, basement, pool deck, or your concrete floors? Want to give it that WOW factor? Epoxy or polished concrete floors will do just that! Call Seal's Caulking at 765-939-4821

Photos from Seal's Caulking Inc.'s post 03/12/2022

Another job in KY that our crew is working hard on!
This warehouse is a huge project that we are proud to be a part of.
For all your commercial caulking jobs contact us today.

Weather Tight, Done Right!

Photos from Seal's Caulking Inc.'s post 03/11/2022

One of our current jobs is an Amazon Warehouse located in Shepherdsville, KY

Watching a building come together from the ground up and knowing you are a part of it, is such a good feeling! We are working hard caulking precast to precast panels, and cant wait to see the bulding finished!

Now it's easier to call Seal's Caulking Inc. 03/08/2022

Now it's easier to call Seal's Caulking Inc.

Now it's easier to call Seal's Caulking Inc.


Why epoxy your concrete floors?

Epoxy flooring provides you with longterm protection against moisture, stains, cracks, and more! In the long run, by finishing your concrete flooring you save money by cutting the cost of needing to clean carpets, or grout! Aside from the fact that they can endure heavy foot traffic, and wont harbor mold, mildew, allergens, or dust mites, they look aesthetically pleasing!

*For a FREE estimate please call us at 765-939-4821


Seal's Caulking Inc.

Seal's Caulking is NOW OFFERING Epoxy/Concrete Floor coating!

Have you been interested in upgrading your garage, basement, pole barn or patio flooring? Have you thought about taking your concrete floors to the next level?
With epoxy flooring we can transform your dull, drab concrete floors into the space you've always wanted! We have the ability to customize the finish bringing new life to the space!
Not only will the floors look good, but they also provide with a more durable floor for years to come! Finishing your concrete floors means, mor durability, resisting moisture, chipping and scratching.

Contact us TODAY for quotes, pricing, and to see if your concrete needs an upgrade!
(765) 939-4821

Seal's Caulking Inc. Seal's Caulking is joint sealant/waterproofing company. Our job is to protect your building/home from the harsh elements of the world.


Up to a $500 sign on bonus for the right applicant!!!! Come learn a new high paying trade!! $15-$30 PH pay based on experience level. Weekly pay, full benefits, full insurance, 1 week paid vacation, paid holidays, and lots of room for advancement!!! Call us at (765) 939-4821




The man himself! Installing joint fillers at a warehouse in Indianapolis. Mm80


Few pictures from our current project. Drury Inn and Suites Hotel, Knoxville Tennessee. Were doing all exterior joint sealants.


Few pics of our Charlotte NC Drury Inn project. Cutting out and replacing sealants. 98* can't slow us down!


Charlotte NC Drury Inn, cut out and recaulk


Walmart Distribution Center
Grove City, OH
25000 LF saw Cuts
Pecora 301 NS


A few photos of another Drury Inn cut out and recaulk Findlay OH. After this project is done were NC bound for another one!


Everyone is firestop certified thanks to Hilti!

Photos from Seal's Caulking Inc.'s post 03/01/2019

Another Drury Inn headed our way in Findlay, OH. Cut out and recaulk


We started our biggest project to date at SMC distribution center in Noblesville, IN . We continue to grow each year and expand as a business. Stay tuned!


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Seal's Caulking wasn't always here on NW 5th, in fact the owner, Daniel, worked for years out of his own pole barn until...
WELCOME to SEAL'S CAULKINGWhere we believe in growth, teamwork, and pushing everyday to be the best business we can be! ...


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