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Founded in 1965, Burton & Simkin provides legal services throughout east-central Indiana, with conce

Burton & Simkin Attorneys at Law in Richmond, IN has multiple lawyers on staff to be able to service a variety of legal challenges. We specialize in Wills & Estate Planning, Estates & Probate Proceedings, Business, Real Estate, Divorce & Family Law, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice. Please contact us today for a free initial consultation on a personal inj


An “ancillary relief” is a beyond-a-judgment for divorce action taken by a neutral help party which can help divorcing couples resolve financial issues. Alimony, debt responsibility, child support, and property division are examples of ancillary relief.


As you may know, stalking is a crime. Now we have something called "cyber stalking." This is the act of threatening, harassing, or annoying someone through e-mail messages, instant messaging, and forum posting. Making the recipient fear something or threaten harm can be an illegal act.


There are two basic ways that divorce property division is handled: community property and equitable distribution. This essentially depends on the laws of your particular state.


When hiring a divorce attorney, search for one with extensive experience in dealing with the divorce laws for your state. These tend to vary drastically, so it is important to find an attorney who is familiar with the specific laws for your state.


If you are buying a high-value property, it is essential that you retain a real estate attorney. The purchase of a property valued at $2 million or more can be complex, and the process filled with pitfalls that a lawyer can help you navigate successfully.


When you have a charity that means quite a bit more to you than it does to your family, you may wonder if they’ll continue your donations after your death. Remember, we’re always able to add financial provisions for charitable organizations into your estate plan.


Do you have potential heirs who are young, such as children or grandchildren? Instead of leaving a lump sum of cash or significant property to a minor, an estate planning expert can help you set up a trust. You can name a trustee and place conditions so that the beneficiary doesn’t get the property or cash all at once.


Are you considering expanding your business to the global market? If that's the case, a small business attorney can help by making sure your local patents and trademarks are also filed in the countries where you plan to do business.


While small claims court is an excellent venue for resolving claims, you should seek an attorney’s advice before filing a claim or an answer, just to make sure you are doing it correctly. In addition, there are restrictions and limits as to what can be taken up in small claims court.


What types of adoptions can be performed without the assistance of an adoption agency? An independent adoption, a relative adoption, an identified adoption and in some cases an international adoption. When performed legally, these types of adoptions are just as binding as agency adoptions.


Some of the most common grounds for annulment throughout include lack of consent or dishonesty. For example, if one or both spouses were drunk when the marriage took place that can qualify as lack of consent.


There are two types of trusts. A revocable trust can be changed at any time during the lifetime of the donor. An irrevocable trust cannot be modified or changed, and often offers significant tax advantages. Ask your estate planning attorney which is best for your personal situation.


Clarence Darrow, the famous American attorney, was known for his pithy insights about the role of law in civil society. One of his best-known comments is this: “Laws should be like clothes. They should be made to fit the people they serve.”


Sometimes in divorce proceedings, a default judgment is the result. This happens when either party (usually the defendant) refuses to respond to a Verified Complaint. This can also mean that that party chose not to acknowledge a summons within a certain period of time.


Legal documents vary from state to state, so beware of purchasing legal templates. Doing it yourself can have serious legal ramifications down the line. This isn't the place to cut corners, as the consequences can be dire and expensive.


You should always be mindful of the impression you make on the people involved in your divorce. Family law can be rather subjective, and much of it is based on the opinions others might form of you.


There are a variety of different reasons why a business might have to be dissolved, including disagreements between owners, retirements, or the business fails. If the process turns to litigation, a civil attorney can be vital to making sure you come through it okay.


If you have a special needs child in school, they are entitled to the same rights as every other citizen. If your child is not getting the services he or she should be receiving, visit us for legal assistance.


Have you ever heard of the Bow Street Runners? The Bow Street Runners were London’s first official police force, established in 1749. Their office was located at No. 4 Bow Street, and civilians soon nicknamed them the Bow Street Runners.


If you are between 40 and 59 years old, you are most likely to have filed a malpractice case, according to national statistics. Nearly 36 percent of all malpractice cases involve patients between 40 and 59 years old.


Buying a house while you're out of town can add additional complications and conditions to a sale. So can buying a bank-owned or short sale property. A real estate attorney can be your representative to help make sure everything goes in your best interest.


Did you know that the burden of proof is lower in civil cases than it is in criminal court? Thus, it is not an uncommon occurrence for a defendant to be acquitted in criminal court but then found liable for damages in a civil suit.


Having an estate lawyer help you with your estate planning means that you can be sure that all of your family members are taken care of when you are gone. He or she can help you to assign a corporate trustee whose job it is to administer all aspects of your trust rather than forcing a grieving family member to assume all financial responsibilities.


Medical malpractice is devastating to both your physical and mental health. Your medical malpractice attorney will review your injuries and losses and will provide you with a realistic plan of action that can enable you to receive compensation and help you to return to your life.


If you already have a business name and just want to incorporate it, you may use your existing business name and then add an LLC to the end of it. If you don’t already have a chosen name, come up with several variations in case one of them is already in use by another company.


Not only is your medical malpractice attorney well informed about the nuances associated with various medical devices and medications, but medical malpractice attorneys are also very familiar with the specific state laws relevant to each client’s unique case and set of circumstances.


Be wary of using contracts and other materials found on the Internet. Just like downloading music for free is illegal, taking contracts and other legal materials to use for your small business also presents legal problems. Use your small business attorney to draft documents for you.


In virtually all cases, it's worthwhile to bring us aboard to ensure you are fully compensated. Do you know how to present claims for lost wages and pain and suffering? Generally speaking, you only have one chance to receive a fair settlement in a personal injury case.


So what exactly is a “fault” divorce? This is a type of divorce where the filing party cites a specific reason why their spouse is at fault for the failure of the marriage. Common grounds for a fault divorce include cruelty, adultery, desertion, and confinement in prison for a prolonged period of time.


You need to understand everything that is in the contracts you are signing at closing. While most buyers and sellers are honest and are acting in good faith, it is important to make sure the contract is worded properly, and that everything you expect to be in the contract is there.


Are there ever times when you wish you could toss your current corporate tenants out of your building and bring in someone else? Since evictions can be tricky in all circumstances, it’s smart to bring in a real estate attorney before you do anything.


After a personal injury, it's not uncommon for the insurer representing the person responsible for your injuries to want to interview you regarding the accident either in person or on the phone. You don't have to agree to this interview. In some cases, any misstatement you make may be used against you.


Were you the victim of a civil injustice that affected more than just you? While it can add a layer of difficulty to the case, it is possible to be joint plaintiffs with other people who were wronged in a particular situation.


Have you ever heard of a living will? This document (also known as an advanced healthcare directive or medical directive) lays down which medical treatments you want to receive in the event that you aren't able to make these decisions for yourself. It can also name a person you authorize to make those decisions for you if needed.


It’s important to remember that hiring an attorney won’t guarantee your victory in court. Instead, it’s our job to help you mount the best possible defense to ensure you receive a fair trial.



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