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I'm a mostly-freelance model and actor with dance and vocal training. I work in many genres. If you'


Just got home from a great day of workshops! Looking forward to seeing some photos soon!


Now that I'm back to the US, I've started shooting again! For a little while, I'm doing some trade to bring my portfolio up to date after the long hiatus, but I've had two shoots this week (including a fantastic one with Huy Doan this afternoon, from which some images are already done!) and I'm very excited to be doing my first workshop shoot back in the states tomorrow! The shot I'm posting here is one from this afternoon. You can see more of his work at


I had a great time yesterday performing at the award ceremony of the Ring Taihu Lake International Road Cycling Race as Ling Meimei! Did anybody catch the broadcast?


The performance was wonderful and probably the closest to being a Disney Princess I ever want to come! Small children came flying once I put on my costume, screaming (in Mandarin, of course): "It's Lin Meimei! It's Lin MeiMei! Lin MeiMei is coming down the hall! She's here! She's going to her dressing room!" I made lots of wonderful new friends in the process, too! :D


Tomorrow is our technical rehearsal for Jiangsu's Got Foreign Talent! Our piece has come a long way since we started working on it a month ago, but I'm still a bit nervous performing such a popular piece in such a difficult dialect! Wish us luck!


I've now met my duet partner, and we've met our teacher! She doesn't speak English, which is quite a challenge, but she's brilliant and has been helping us a great deal even with a language barrier. We're also learning the shouju (opera sign!) for our piece, which is particularly exciting for me!


Any fans in China? If so, watch for me this season on Jiangsu's Got Talent, where I'll be performing a piece from a traditional Nanjing opera with a duet partner I haven't yet met! Everything is so fast-paced and exciting here!


Hi, everybody! This is my first message from China! I'm still settling in to school, but it looks like I will get to do some performing here after all! There's an upcoming expat talent show my roommate's encouraging me to participate in, so I might sing a Chinese song! I'm going to try to get some of my classmates to go, too! My classes have mostly been keeping me very busy, but I'll try to keep sending posts back!


Advance warning! I'm heading to China next Wednesday for a nine month study abroad program. Because of that, this page will be going inactive fairly soon, but I will miss you all, and I will be back next May!


I gave this month's World Wise Woman interview for 72M Magazine! It's distributed as a free e-zine, so you can see it here (pp 48-49): I'm very excited about and grateful to them for this opportunity!


Well, after the painting in Bloomington was finished, I ended up going to Chicago last Saturday, where I worked with a painter, a mangaka, and a photographer! It was an exciting week, but I ended up getting sick, so this week has mostly been downtime. Hoping to be up and booking again soon!


The painting I'm in Bloomington for is gorgeous so far! It also looks like I'll have Monday free, if anybody'd like to schedule anything else short-notice!


Ready to head out to Bloomington tomorrow, but still taking bookings!


Well, the delay between postings represents me having moved and set up some great bookings in Urbana, Illinois, where I am now! I've gotten to work with SoBelle Images a few times and Thad Ligon once, and I'm thrilled with the results! I'll also be heading up to Chicago for a day soon, and Bloomington, IN from June 20-26. If you'd like to set up a booking in any of these places, shoot me an email through my website or leave a comment with your preferred form of contact right here! Thanks!


My summer bookings are picking up! I'm primarily based in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois for the summer, but will travel where it's covered by advance bookings! Send me a message here, on LinkedIn, on MM, or on any of my other networking site profiles to set something up! Thanks! 04/12/2012

Marketa Fei

Even sooner than expected, my website is now done! I present to you... ! Many thanks to Lead Model Marketing for doing such a wonderful job so quickly! Check it out!


I saw a draft of my website last night, and it should be done in a few days! It's looking great so far! I hope you all like it as much as I do!


Earlham College Presents: The Skin of Our Teeth

Check out the Trailer for our production of The Skin of Our Teeth! Can you find me?

Earlham College Theatre Arts Department Presents: The Skin of Our Teeth


It's tech week, and we're starting to wind up rehearsals for The Skin of Our Teeth tonight! Come see me as Miss T. Muse and Showgirl #2 at Earlham College's Wilkinson Theatre this weekend or next! One free ticket with Earlham ID (Student, Faculty, or Staff at Earlham College or ESR). Other students $5, and $8 for adults.


Last night, I was promoted to Manager of the LinkedIn Group Actor's Network, which has nearly 7,000 members and counting! Many thanks to Marco Martinez for his continued faith and support! I'm looking forward to co-managing! 03/27/2012

Marketa Fei - Actress and Model

My interview with was posted today! Check it out! Find more photos like this on [ViewReels] Marketa Fei - Actress and Model Give us a brief bio of yourself: Well, I work as a model, actor, and dramaturg,…


Very excited for the new headshots I'm having done this weekend! My first acting-only headshot, in fact!


Had a great time in Pittsburgh shooting with some old friends and some new collaborators! I love watching results roll in!


New fanpage format! How do you all like it?


Fanpages can get messages now! Who's going to send my first?


Posting my travel notice for Pittsburgh next weekend! If you're not on modelmayhem and would like to book, just let me know here! I'll email or otherwise communicate with anybody who wants to set something up March 10-15 (possibly also the 16-18, but that's not definite yet). Thanks!


Another dramaturgical article was published in the newspaper today, and I've submitted my abstract for a paper on the use of fused references to create the alternate realities in The Skin of Our Teeth for an interdisciplinary undergraduate research conference! 03/02/2012

Marketa Fei (@Scigirl543) on Twitter

Are you following my Twitter account? It gets more regular updates than the page, because it has more viewers. You could become one of them at!/Scigirl543 Sign up for Twitter to follow Marketa Fei (). Random Shiny Girlgeek Studying Linguistics and Theatre In a Tree. I work as a model, too! (Avatar by Jeff Souza and background by Gary Grubbs)



Crossposting from my google+ because you seem to be mostly-different groups of people:

Question! I've just joined a very cool new site called ExstreamLive (link at the end), and they're cool because they allow performers to set up livestreams through the site! I'm thinking of doing some sort of regular (or regularish) stream, and I was wondering who'd be interested in watching such a thing, what times of day/week would be best for you, and what kind of thing you'd like to see? It's mostly geared towards musical artists who want to give impromptu concerts, and I could do a monologue (or a series) or some character work or a Q&A or...anything, really! So, now it's up to you! Answer my questions and you could get your wish! Exposure, Live streaming, Entertainment, Social Networking and Events!


Today seems like a "responding to lots of castings" day...I'll start with StarNow, since I have some fresh positive feedback there!


Annnd this afternoon I wrapped my recording for the next episode of Radiosonic Productions' Dr. Who Fan Podcast! Wooo!


I just replaced nearly-every photo in my ModelMayhem with shots from my work with Image Analogy last weekend! It is now back to the level of currency I like to keep (and usually do keep when there's no pesky classes taking up all of my time)! I updated my agency shots some, too!


Got an audition time yesterday for the feature film The Glass Circle! I love when Skype lets collaboration or auditions happen from afar! 01/29/2012

TalentSoup Webcomp | Marketa F

I now have a TalentSoup Profile, too! Marketa's Webcomp Portfolio powered by TalentSoup.


Eeek! My voice is dead, due to some sort of illness. Hopefully it comes back soon! Recording for Radiosonic Workshop's Doctor Who fanseries is this week!




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