Wilde Design

Wilde Design


ZooWorld is proud to have been awarded the ZAA Comprehensive Immersion Exhibits 2021Award
For the Wanyama Pori Airstrip Adventure Lion Exhibit!
Thank you Zoological Association of America and Wilde Design
Another awesome exhibit coming to ZooWorld is this mixed species habitat with Asian Small Clawed Otter and Binturong!

We are so excited for this exhibit for several reasons. There will be so much activity going on you won’t know where to focus. Between watching the otters play in there to pool to watching the binturongs hang out in the trees, you will be able to view it all with the multiple viewing areas.

We love Wilde Design’s creative concepts! Keep watching to see more fun things coming to a zoo near you
Next stop is the Asian Primate Exhibit! 🐒

Here you will be immersed in an Asian jungle with primates all around you. Monkeys and apes will be able to swing and run right above your heads in an overhead tunnel system. There will also be plenty of trees and ancient ruins for the primates to climb and explore.

Thanks to Wilde Design you will be able to watch our animals have fun and monkey around!

Stay tuned for more amazing updates
First stop on our Asia adventure is our Tiger Exhibit! 🐅

Here you will be able to see our Tiger in a large beautifully themed exhibit!

There will be a wading pool for our tiger to soak in, right in front of a glass viewing area. And you will also be able to feel the power of a tiger in an interactive tug of war.

Check back throughout the day to see the next great exhibit by Wilde Design
This week is all about the exciting new places ZooWorld is going!

Follow along this week as we go unveil some of our master plan for future renovations.

Today we start with Asia! Thanks to Wilde Design, in this area you will be able to meet new animals and get to know some familiar animals better. In these new interactive and themed exhibits, you will be able to explore ancient temple ruins from unique vantage points as you trek through this Asian experience.

Stay tuned as we take a look at more improvements we have planned for our facility!

Wilde Design
We are excited to announce the Grand Opening of our New WILD Adventure Golf this Saturday, April 10, at 9am. Combining unique design elements taking you on a safari through National Parks around the world featuring endangered species. It will be a mini-golf experience you won’t want to miss! A special thank you to Wilde Design for the awesome WILD design.
Thanks to Wilde Design for this great exhibit! We couldn't love it more!

Lions are in the front yard: mon, weds, Fri, sat

Hyenas have the front yard: Tues, Thursday, sun

Animal Exhibit Design;
Vertical Concrete Artisan;
Zoo Construction

Operating as usual


This campground resort check-in building will have a traditionally inspired interior that will transport you to your greatest African safari. With plans that may include animal sculptures, massive baobab centerpiece, indoor animal exhibits, and all your camping necessities! Stay tuned!

The Wild Camping Resort planning and preparations for construction are full speed ahead!!! Checkout the early rendering of our campground general store and check-in building! Breaking ground this month!

Photos from Wilde Design's post 12/03/2021

And Zoological Association of America 's second exhibit award! Leopards of the Himalayas at Safari North Wildlife Park! Kelly, Cheyenne, Zach, and Kevin Vogel were a fantastic family to work with and made it very easy to create this magnificent space for these amazing animals. Thank you so much for the opportunity, and congratulations on the win!!

Photos from Wilde Design's post 12/03/2021

And here is the hardware! One of the two Zoological Association of America winners was one of the more elaborate and favorite project from 2021. Congratulations to ZooWorld Panama City Beach for winning the Comprehensive Immersion Exhibit award with the Wanyama Pori Airstrip Adventure. And a big thank you to Kayte Hogan for the freedoms to go big with this one and her crew for pitching in!


The results are in for Zoological Association of America 's awards ceremony and..........we swept the field this year! Two awards delivered to two very deserving facilities!! Congratulations to ZooWorld Panama City Beach and Safari North Wildlife Park!

Zoo Animal Enclosures for Lion | Zoo Mesh Supplier-Hengyi 10/27/2021

Zoo Animal Enclosures for Lion | Zoo Mesh Supplier-Hengyi

Also one of the favorites down in Florida.

Zoo Animal Enclosures for Lion | Zoo Mesh Supplier-Hengyi Stainless steel cable mesh zoo animal enclosures for lion double space of the exhibit. Flexible cable mesh fences are used in this lion exhibit enclosure.

Black Steel Mesh Fence for Monkey Cage | Zoo Mesh Supplier-Hengyi 10/27/2021

Black Steel Mesh Fence for Monkey Cage | Zoo Mesh Supplier-Hengyi

Doing some research for another job and found some exhibits I did that incorporated the use of this companies mesh. Fun to run across our work when you didn't even know it was out there!

Black Steel Mesh Fence for Monkey Cage | Zoo Mesh Supplier-Hengyi Black Steel Mesh Fence - Stainless steel black mesh has become more and more popular in America. Factory prices and first-class quality assurance


Love the "best shot in the zoo"

Never gets old # bestshotinthezoo


Another exhibit completed and some more happy animals!


Carve Coat

Getting some finish coat carved up today in Minnesota!


African Penguins

🐧🐧 Thank you to The Wild Animal Park for this amazing opportunity! All the hard work definitely paid off on this one. With nearly 20,000 gallons of fun, the penguins and their visitors seem to really love the new exhibit!! 🐧🐧

Photos from The Wild Animal Park's post 04/23/2021

Another month of work down, I really like how this one came out. It's gonna look great at the opening tomorrow!


Shotcrete Boulders

Things are shaping up on this project today, looking forward to a bunch of happy feet and clients in the near future.


WILD Adventure Golf is Opening at Tiger World!

9 holes of animals and fun made up this project! And just under a month of work! Let us know if some of this wild adventure is needed at your facilities!

Photos from Trinic LLC.'s post 03/24/2021

Spent a couple of days learning some new skills and techniques!


We have some big big plans for our 2021 season!!!This may just look like a big hole in the ground but just wait till you see what it becomes. 🐧 🐧🐧


Nice ambience

The grand opening of this one is going to be very exciting! Stay tuned!

Photos from Wilde Design's post 02/09/2021

Put some color up on these old ruins today.


Looking good Kicheko!!

Have you meet Kicheko?
His name means Laughter and he is the larger of ZooWorld's 2 spotted hyena!

Quillary Clinton (the African crested porcupine) is pretty cool too!

Mobile uploads 12/21/2020

If you are in the area go check out this new interactive exhibit. Glad to see visitors finally getting the chance to encounter all these animals in this unique and exciting space.

ZooWorld's Lion Exhibit Grande Opening Auction 12/14/2020

ZooWorld's Lion Exhibit Grande Opening Auction

Get your chance to release these animals into there awesome new exhibit!

ZooWorld's Lion Exhibit Grande Opening Auction Silent auction 'ZooWorld's Lion Exhibit Grande Opening Auction' hosted online at 32auctions.


Wilde Design on Site

Mayor's presentation went well. Now to get back to the drawing board and finish the plan.


New project opportunities on the horizon! Great facility with endless possibilities!


Here’s a little glimpse into our new exhibit. Have any guesses as to what it is? We’d be ‘lion’ if we said we weren’t excited. Stay tuned for our other exclusive sneak peeks.


Crested Porcupines at ZooWorld

Mixed species exhibit gets a little action with the African Crested Porcupines!


13 panels getting installed. There are going to be great views for animals and visitors alike!


Back at it!


Put an ad in the ZAA Journal (https://zaa.org/journal), check it out!


Animals of the Amazon Exhibit

Animals of the Amazon at the Metro Richmond Zoo was a fun, mixed species exhibit that we worked on through the rainy and winter months.

An indoor, multi leveled space that incorporates a large ground layer for tortoises and agouti, a jungle of vines for traversing sloth, an array of planters to maintain a lush, natural space, and an underwater section for turtles and fish.

Feel free to message us if interested in similar work or to talk about new, exciting concepts!


Otter Cove Now Open

This was a very fun project with a lot of cool features for the otters. Glad to see they are enjoying their new home. Check out the new exhibit at the Metro Richmond Zoo!

Photos from Wilde Design's post 06/12/2020

Got everything covered this past week and started to add some color today!


Florida lunch rain

I guess the low percentage chance of rain wasn't low enough! It's holding on though.

Traditional mud huts going up, Florida trying to take them down!

Wanayama Pori Airstrip Adventure

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Carve Coat
African Penguins
Shotcrete Boulders
Nice ambience
Wilde Design on Site
Crested Porcupines at ZooWorld
Florida lunch rain





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