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Ron Itnyre is running for Indiana State Senate District 27. Visit to learn more!


One thing I learned during the campaign, Democratic messaging is not getting out to the rural parts of the state. Fox News messaging, however is. We need to get the message out year round not just during the campaign season. (For instance, if it were not for Democrats passing the Inflation Reduction Act, it would take a lot longer for broadband to reach rural Indiana.) ( I find it interesting that state Republicans are patting themselves on the back for getting rural broadband out using federal dollars when national Republicans voted against the bill. Ah politics.) One way to get the word out is to support your county Democratic party and the state Democratic party.


Indiana ranks poorly in fundamental areas directly relating to Hoosiers' well-being and is 48 in the nation when it comes to quality of life.

We can do better for Hoosiers.

Next session, our caucus will be introducing legislation to improve K-12 funding, increase wages for working Hoosiers and provide support in areas like childcare, hospital spending and educational opportunities. Indiana can do better than ranking in the bottom half of the country in crucial metrics that matter to Hoosier families.

Brad Barrett | State of Indiana House of Representatives 12/10/2022

Brad Barrett | State of Indiana House of Representatives

The second bit of information I would like to share is that of those who voted in Wayne County, 54.4% voted straight-ticket (It was 60/40 Republican/Democrat). (If you oppose straight-ticket voting, fill out Rep Barrett's survey.) As I was campaigning this fall, I met with people across the political spectrum who said they were going to vote for me. I had upset Republican women requesting signs to show their displeasure with the voting record of my opponent. Party was less important to them than where I stood on issues important to them. Apparently, in Wayne County, they were the minority. If you agree that straight-ticket voting is a lazy way to vote, I suggest you complete State Representative Barrett's Legislative survey on his House website and let him know. His first question is about straight-ticket voting. You might also let him know the state should be "investing" in our future not "saving" for some unknown goal. The website is .

Brad Barrett | State of Indiana House of Representatives The Indiana House Republican Caucus is the majority caucus of the Indiana House of Representatives & has 71 legislators, led by House Speaker Todd Huston.


Being someone who likes looking at data, I have finally reviewed a bit of it from the election. Wayne County voting rate was 47%. Sounds typical, unfortunately. What this means is that almost 19,000 people in Wayne County, who could have voted, chose to not vote!! This does not include those who are eligible to vote but are not registered. We need to change the culture of apathy around voting. It is a civic right in the United States that individuals in authoritarian countries (Russia, China, Iran...) would love to have.


Thank you so much for all your support.


Happy Election Day!🗓

Today is one of the most important days we have as Americans, so make sure to utilize your rights and vote TODAY!!

And make sure to include democrat, Ronald Itnyre, on your ballot!

A vote for Dr. Ron is a vote for educational freedom, women’s safety, LGBTQ+ rights, environmental action, a productive economy and an Indiana that we are proud to call home!🇺🇸

For any more information about Dr. Ron and his platforms visit his website:


The 2022 Midterm elections are TOMORROW🗓

That means that tomorrow is your last opportunity to voice your opinion and elect leaders who represent YOU and your beliefs.

If Dr. Ron is that person, make sure to head out to the polls between 6am-6pm and vote Democrat Ronald Itnyre for IN State Senator in District 27!🇺🇸


We are in the final 2 DAYS until the election!!🗓

If you are in Franklin or Union counties check:
…for specific voting locations!

Exercise your right this November and remember a vote for Dr. Ron is a vote for safe women’s health care!

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Here we have information about voting sites for Henry County which includes New Castle, Mooreland, Middletown, and other towns!

Dr. Ron will represent all of this district, and remember a vote for Ron is a vote for LGBTQ+ rights!

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Today was an important day to honor our veterans as my team participated in the Richmond Veterans' Parade. We honored veterans Bill Engle, Tom Glen, Marty Hancock, Neill Kiley, and Mike Manning who walked or drove our trucks. And I was overjoyed with the 30 supporters from "Team Ron" who came to walk in our last parade of the campaign season. Thank you, all!

:: Indiana Voters :: 11/05/2022

:: Indiana Voters ::

Have you made a plan to vote? ☑️ Don't wait! Find your polling place and times here:

Tip for TODAY: The Wayne County 4h Fairgrounds Kuhlman Center, Richmond In is open from 10am until 3pm, the Wayne County Clerk's Office is open from 9am until 4pm, and Ivy Tech Community College (New Castle- 3325 S. Memorial Drive) is open 9am until 3pm.

:: Indiana Voters :: I just registered to vote using Indiana's Voter Portal. Update voting registration, see who's on the ballot, get election results, and so much more.

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Countdown to the Election!🗓

We are ALMOST to Election Day, so vote before or on November 8th!

The locations for Wayne County, IN are available in this post.

And remember, a vote for Dr. Ron Itnyre is a vote for education, the environment, and the economy!🇺🇸

Photos from Itnyre for Indiana's post 11/04/2022

Countdown to the Election!🗓

We are ALMOST to Election Day, so vote before or on November 8th!

The locations for Wayne County, IN are available in this post.

And remember, a vote for Dr. Ron Itnyre is a vote for education, the environment, and the economy!🇺🇸

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“We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It's easy to say 'It's not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.' Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.” -Fred Rogers

We KNOW the need. It's time to RESPOND. Together, we can make Indiana the best place to raise kids!


Thank you to Marc Price, teacher at RHS, for the testimonial; Brenda Smith, Forever Yours Photo and Floral, for taking these pictures at the Teachers' Meet & Greet in August; The Point & Kicks 96 for allowing us to air their radio commercials on our page; and Alison Zajdel for putting it all together into this video! (& for doing an awesome job with my entire Facebook posts this whole campaign!)

Teachers, please share--and please vote!


I was surprised to find out that my opponent has resorted to negative ads. I felt we had both done a good job of running clean campaigns focused on the issues important to Hoosiers.

I do support national policies like the Inflation Reduction Act that will help everyday Hoosiers by lowering prescription drug costs and supporting the development of green energy production here in the United States, thus reducing our dependence on foreign oil. I welcome hearing Republicans’ ideas for addressing inflation, especially at the state level.

I do oppose regulations--those that keep teachers from doing their jobs and deny women the most fundamental right of bodily autonomy.

I do believe in balancing the budget—but not doing so on the backs of teachers, universities, and state-employees.

My focus will be on legislation that the state of Indiana can do to invest in its future--its teachers, its environment, its children.

It takes movement not mudslinging, facts not fear-mongering, to make things better for Hoosiers. If you believe this also, please vote for me on November 8th.


Thank you, Bob Hunter! We appreciate you!

Photos from ZeNai for Indiana's post 11/01/2022

Photos from ZeNai for Indiana's post


Preparing for climate change doesn't have to be scary! 🎃

Today, I'd like to celebrate the City of Richmond's Climate Action Plan which was passed UNANIMOUSLY by both the Plan Commission and the Richmond Common Council. This plan, which does not contain mandates, will help the city become more resilient in the face of a changing climate and will work to reduce emissions (which, in turn, reduces pollutants making our air cleaner for Hoosiers!). Thank you to Richmond and other communities across this great state for taking action, AND thank you to the Environmental Resilience Institute at Indiana University being a tremendous resource!


Stop by Roscoes Coffee Bar & Taproom until 1:30 for our pop up meet and greet! Cinde Wirth for Indiana ZeNai Brooks for Indiana State Auditor Itnyre for Indiana Washington for House District 56


Henry is an awesome kid. Thanks for your kind words!

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I may be a dog person, but I have loved the 6 cats we have had over the years—Graycie & Gabriel, currently. I probably have kept several alive at times because I don’t mind handling an intravenous needle! So here is a shout-out to NATIONAL CAT DAY (Oct 29) and all the animal-care organizations across our community and state. Keep supporting them and keep adopting those cute cats 😺 and dogs! 🐶

275: Candidate Series - State Legislative Night 10/28/2022

275: Candidate Series - State Legislative Night

275: Candidate Series - State Legislative Night Episode 275 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out! We roll on with another edition of the candidate series! Thanks to Big Bounce, Weiland's Flowers, and The Slic…

Photos from Itnyre for Indiana's post 10/28/2022

This endorsement means a great deal to me because I am an ally and will do everything I can to support LGBTQ+ rights in our State.

If this is an important issue to you, make sure you vote for Ron Itnyre for State Senate!


Thank you for your support, Alison!

Photos from Indiana Stonewall Democrats's post 10/27/2022

Photos from Indiana Stonewall Democrats's post

Photos from Itnyre for Indiana's post 10/27/2022

A vote for is a vote for teachers!

I love teaching at the university and have spent years working with students to ensure they are prepared for careers in biology (and beyond!). I sympathize with my public-school counterparts; I know many hold the same love for the classroom but are discouraged by the education climate in Indiana right now. Unfortunately, Indiana is underpaying teachers and facing massive teacher shortages--we are losing them to our neighboring states! I've spent the last year listening to teachers and am ready to bring their ideas and concerns to the Statehouse.

I was inspired to run for Senate because of my passion for education. Won't you join me?


Thanks for doing your homework before you hit the polls! (double-click on the chart to see all 5 issues we cover)


We've been calling these my "Three Es": Education🎓, Economy💵, and Environment🌳. In my opinion, they are all related AND they all relate to the health of Hoosiers! I'm deeply passionate about all three and will work hard to ensure they are priorities when serving District 27.

Early voting is happening NOW! Visit to find polling locations, times, and even who is on your ballot. Thanks for exercising your right to vote!

Photos from Itnyre for Indiana's post 10/23/2022

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! Now back to some serious topics and platforms of my campaign. I don’t want it forgotten that I care deeply about the environment of our state and our world. If elected, I would work hard to bring back net metering to Indiana to support home solar panels, prepare Indiana’s infrastructure for federal dollars from the Inflation Reduction Act to help us cut our carbon emissions, and so much more. One bill I would like to sponsor is a can-and-bottle deposit-refund which Michigan and other states have been using for decades to cut trash on their streets and reuse resources, simply by having the deposit incentive—Everyone picks up cans and bottles in these states just for the money! Indiana needs a bill like this!

Photos from Itnyre for Indiana's post 10/21/2022

A Happy Birthday to Ron, TODAY, October 21st! Leave him a message below, if you like! If you didn’t know, Ron is a huge Star Wars fan! As you see by these pictures, most birthdays have been Star Wars parties :-) So tonight we will be watching Star Wars: A New Hope. And we think Ron is OUR New Hope for Indiana 2022!!

IN Focus Candidate Forum 10/20/2022

IN Focus Candidate Forum

This week, we are focusing on some of my top priorities. Today's topic: women's reproductive rights. At minute 33, you'll hear discussion about SEA 1 and a women's right to choose. As a reminder, Sen. Raatz's vote would have forced victims of r**e and in**st to carry a pregnancy to term. On the other hand, I will work tirelessly to overturn this dangerous bill and give reproductive rights back to Hoosier women.

IN Focus Candidate Forum Candidates for Indiana Senate District 27, Jeff Raatz and Ron Itnyre answer questions from viewers and moderator, Dr. Mengie Parker.


This week, we're talking about issues that are both important to me and important to the Hoosiers with whom I have spoken. In today's video clip, Annetta (my daughter) and I are discussing the scariest moment I've experienced as a parent- the shooting at Dennis Intermediate School. We MUST do better and get serious about gun legislation in Indiana.

According to the Pew Research Center, "Majorities in both partisan coalitions favor two policies that would restrict gun access: preventing those with mental illnesses from purchasing guns (85% of Republicans and 90% of Democrats support this) and subjecting private gun sales and gun show sales to background checks (70% of Republicans, 92% of Democrats). Majorities in both parties also oppose allowing people to carry concealed fi****ms without a permit." I fully support these efforts to reduce gun-related violence.

There have been 532 mass shootings so far this year. Our hearts are with the Raleigh, North Carolina community in the wake of the recent shooting and with all victims of senseless violence.


When I say I love tractors, I mean I LOVE TRACTORS! I grew up on a farm, worked on farms in high school, got a PhD in Crop Sciences from the University of Illinois, and worked in the seed corn industry for years. (I'm in my ELEMENT in this video!)

I know how important farming is to our economy, our families, and our environment, and I'm eager to work with farmers to achieve the best possible outcomes for Hoosiers.

Itnyre: Respect teachers as experts in their field 10/17/2022

Itnyre: Respect teachers as experts in their field

This week, we are focusing on issues that matter to Hoosiers and that are my top priorities. First on my list: EDUCATION 🎓. Please READ and SHARE my rebuttal to my opponent's articles on education:

Here's a glimpse...
"A mere two weeks before the start of classes, there were 2,500 teacher openings statewide. Teachers are retiring early, leaving the state, or leaving the profession. Now Indiana is resorting to issuing Emergency Permits, allowing non-licensed people to teach. I hear legislators say they are “nibbling around the edges” of the teacher shortage issue. Yet this is a crisis of gigantic proportion, and we need more than nibbling: we need a huge bite."

Here's the whole article:

PLEASE make a plan to vote. We need new leadership in Indiana!

Itnyre: Respect teachers as experts in their field

Photos from Itnyre for Indiana's post 10/15/2022

From Alisa Clapp-Itnyre: Happy Sweetest Day! 🥰

“Ron is the love of my life, and I am so proud to be his wife. We met at church and married in 1996. We have been partners in almost everything we have ever done, from raising a daughter, to organizing student trips and sustainability projects at the university where we both teach. We have also acted on stage together at the local theatre many times! Ron is so supportive of me and the various women in his life, and respects our knowledge and our determination to make our own decisions.

I love Ron for the warmth and kindness he shares with everyone—and he make me laugh a lot too 😊.

You will love having him represent YOU at the Statehouse—but you need to vote to make that happen. Go to to make a plan to vote.”


These endorsements are incredibly important to me because they represent workers, teachers, those working for smart gun control laws, scientists, women's rights advocates, and those fighting for equal treatment under the law. I deeply care about these issues and look forward to working for a better tomorrow in the State Senate.

Join me by donating to my campaign in these last few weeks! Every dollar gets us one step closer to the statehouse.
NASW Indiana Chapter 314 Action Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates East A F T Indiana Indiana Federation of Democratic Women Indiana Stonewall Democrats Indiana NOW PAC Moms Demand Action - IN AFSCME Indiana Kentucky Council 962



218 S. 17th Street
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