The Austin Book Shop

The Austin Book Shop


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Just reply with your street address.
⌡im [THE BookMan]
Walked in to find an out of print book. Ed helped me find said out of print book. (Logical Dilemmas: The Life and Work of Kurt Godel)

Old, rare, and out-of-print books; a Queens staple for more than 60 years! The Austin Book Shop, established in 1954, specializes in old, rare and out-of-print books.

Our inventory of primarily non-fiction books contains many first editions. Our store is located at 104-29 Jamaica Avenue, Richmond Hill, NY. Store hours are Saturday only, 10am to 4pm; or by appointment on other days of the week.

Operating as usual

New tech, old friends boost bookstores 06/25/2021

New tech, old friends boost bookstores

The Queens Chronicle talked to Ray, and to our friends over at Kew and Willow Books, about selling books during COVID-19. Give it a read!

New tech, old friends boost bookstores Bookstores were made for browsing; but even when a pandemic made that impossible, ingenuity and technology kept readers occupied, and bookstores in business.Kew & Willow Books, on Lefferts Boulevard in

The Austin Book Shop updated their business hours. 06/19/2021

The Austin Book Shop updated their business hours.

The Austin Book Shop updated their business hours.

[06/19/21]   We are OPEN to the public again! Starting today (6/19), we will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 10-4. Stop by to say hello and find a great book! 10/20/2020

Bookstores write new chapters during COVID

An article on Queens bookstores during the pandemic, featuring Ray and our friends at Kew & Willow Books, Turn the Page Again, and The Astoria Bookshop. How does one spend only 30 minutes —or less — in a bookstore?In the days of Amazon and COVID-19, store owners in Queens have been faced with that very question.


Thanks to our friends at the Queens Public Library, and to everyone who has ordered books during this time!

Happy #IndependentBookstoreDay to our friends The Astoria Bookshop, Avoid The Day Bookstore & Cafe, The Austin Book Shop, Book Culture, Kew and Willow Books, Turn the Page Again, Topos Bookstore, and all the other great indie bookstores in NYC!

[03/20/20]   Hey Book Bums!

As I'm sure you're all aware, all non-essential services and businesses have been asked to close down to the public; for that matter, Ray's had the store closed this week regardless.

However, our internet and mail-order component will still be operating during this time of shutdown.

Most importantly, Ray, Kathy, and I would like everyone to take great care of themselves. Don't go out unless necessary, limit contact with others (especially those 60+), and treat yourself right. COVID isn't forever, and we'll be here when it's safe to be open again.

Stay well,
Ed and the rest of the Austin Book Shop staff


Boxes and boxes of classic fiction paperbacks have arrived! Fun fact: “John Dos Passos” translates directly to “John Two Passos.”

[11/30/19]   It’s Small Business Saturday! Even if you can’t make it to the bookstore today, take some time to support your local mom-and-pop shop.


Thought the spine said “HAMS” and was left severely disappointed.


Whilst Ed is in Europe, he considers bothering Ray for a new book annex.


Dickens' Fruit Corners

We'll let you know when we get these in stock.

From The Peter Serafinowicz Show - coming to DVD Autumn 2009!


We’re closing at 1:00 today and braving the storms of Coney Island for a Cyclones game. Send requisite prayers to Thor/Zeus. 05/14/2019

Best of the Boro Voting - Best of the Boro

Hey everyone - we know these contests can be dopey sometimes, but we'd appreciate it if you took 30 seconds to throw a vote our way. It probably won't amount to anything, but we'd love to at least place! The Bethpage Best of LI 2016 voting period is open from October 1 - December 15, 2015. Vote Here Now!


The store will be closed today, 5/12, for Mother’s Day. In the meantime,

[05/04/19]   It’s Free Comic Book Day! While we may only have a small collection, take some time to support a great Queens shop like Royal Collectibles or Silver Age Comics.

[04/26/19]   Tomorrow is Independent Bookstore Day!

Ya know, in case you like that sort of thing.


Sorting through old playbills for the good ones is a dull process, but you find the best ads.


When ya readin’ books, grandson, I don’t know when; but we’ll be together then. 02/23/2019

Can’t judge a book store by its cover

We’re featured in this week’s Chronicle, wherein Ray neglects to include his chili recipe. Ray Harley sits by himself most days, reading a book in the back of his store, under the el on Jamaica Avenue at 104th Street. 01/25/2019

Land of westlin’ winds: the best Scottish poetry for Burns Night

Happy Burns Night! James Naughtie’s picks include bashed pillows, sharp stars and sexy spacemen. What are your favourites?


I’m sure the prices haven’t changed in 40 years. Just sure of it.

[10/27/18]   The J isn’t running! The L isn’t running! If you find a kayak, come to the store!


Did we buy new bags? We totes did.
(Credit: Lisa Dininger Harley).


next store project: start a bass-and-horns band with this name


MASSIVE announcement, book bums! Starting this week, we’re permanently expanding our store hours! Swing by and see us sometime!


Happy Bloomsday!


Joey, have you ever seen a book melt?


I don’t like the combination either, but we’ve got to store the bard SOMEWHERE.


🎶 Boy, won’t you give me a shiiiiine 🎶 03/12/2018

Ulysses turns 100 this month, and you should totally read it

You've got three months 'til Bloomsday. You can do it! This month marks the 100th anniversary of the first appearance of James Joyce’s Ulysses, originally serialized in The Little Review between March 1918 and December 1920, and then published in its entirety in February 1922. From the start, it was held in almost religiously high regard, but also as ...


Oh, L’Amour


Rocking some old-school swag while we sift through a hundred+ Jack London reprints.


A goblin skulks about our rarely-seen basement stacks!


Don’t be a bell-end; come buy some new bookends!

[01/20/18]   The store will be closed today (1/20) due to bereavement.



104-29 Jamaica Ave
Richmond Hill, NY

General information

We specialize in the following catalogs: 19th Century Books, American History, American Humor, American Music, American Presidents, American Studies, Anthologies, Art, Baseball, Black Studies, British Studies, Business & Economics, Canadian Studies, Cookbooks, Crime, Foreign Relations of the US, German Studies, Immigration, Irish Studies, Italian Studies, Jewish Studies, Law, Limited Editions, Literature, Media, Military History, Nature, New York, Performing Arts, Playbills, Polish Studies, Rare Books, Reference, Religion, Scandinavians, Science & Technology, Sports, Women's Studies, World History, & World Politics.

Opening Hours

Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday 12pm - 4pm