ArtInsights Gallery of Film and Contemporary Art

ArtInsights Gallery of Film and Contemporary Art


Being something of an artist myself, I love seeing the beautiful displays here! I can’t imagine how long it must’ve taken to draw and paint all these gorgeous works of art and you all have my upmost respect. I noticed that this group dabbled in both art and film and seeing as how they can be unanimous, I wanted to recommend a film I recently discovered called “Ruby in Paradise”. It is a film originally released in 1993 but is being re-released in HD for modern audiences on varying streaming services like Amazon on February 16th! It stars Ashley Judd from the Divergent series in her first ever role and the color palette of this film and aesthetic are some that I felt would coincide beautifully with your collage! It received amazing reviews from its initial release, and I wanted to recommend it and the short trailer for anyone interested!
IFFR director, Vanja Kaluđerčić, discusses how to ensure the arts flourish in global culture.
Read what film critic Leslie Combemale, from ArtInsights Gallery of Film and Contemporary Art has written about The Passion of Joan of Arc - Voices of Light See it on 11/23 - Tickets:

Gallery: Youtube channel: subscribe! (

We love animation, film, and contemporary art, and we specialize in proprietary projects with contemporary artists, and original and limited edition OFFICIAL art from all the major film studios--we have exclusive art from Star Wars, Harry Potter, and all the Disney features. We also interview artists and filmmakers about their art and craft and their careers, to both inspire and promote those who

Photos from ArtInsights Gallery of Film and Contemporary Art's post 06/24/2023

There's a great new release from Disney Fine Art -- you can find them all on our site:


Check out the wonderful art of the Stardust Collection by Denyse Klette, Disney Fine Art's first Canadian artist! You can find them all HERE:

and you can read our new blog about the artist, which includes an exclusive interview, HERE:


Loved our recent exclusive interview with Disney Fine Art's about her career, inspiration, and her new collection of graphite images capturing villains we love! Check it out HERE:

ArtInsights Film Art Gallery - Originial and Limited Edition Art 07/18/2022

ArtInsights Film Art Gallery - Originial and Limited Edition Art

We are off to SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) tomorrow to conduct 3 panels, one with Floyd Norman, Jane Baer, and Jerry Beck on Thursday, Jane Baer’s Spotlight panel on Friday, and the 7th annual Women Rocking Hollywood panel on Saturday!

While we are in SD, the gallery will be closed from the 19th to the 26th, and we will reopen on July 27th. You can shop and always reach us via our website

Our panels will be posted online a week after we return. Best to all our clients and friends, and hope to see some of you in San Diego!

ArtInsights Film Art Gallery - Originial and Limited Edition Art Art Insights - 20+ years experience in helping collectors build collections of film and animation art, created by storied, credentialed artists from the film industry

Photos from ArtInsights Gallery of Film and Contemporary Art's post 07/06/2022

Announcing the wonderful new limited editions releasing at San Diego Comic-Con 2022! You can pre-order them now on our Alex Ross page. Link in the comments!

40th Anniversary of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: John Alvin E.T Movie Poster 06/11/2022

40th Anniversary of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: John Alvin E.T Movie Poster

Happy 40th Anniversary E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial! E.T. poster artist John Alvin was the first to get movie lovers excited for this Steven Spielberg classic. He said he aimed, in his art, to create "the promise of a great experience". That promise helped build E.T into the beloved box office bonanza it became.

We wrote about the making of the E.T. poster and John's process on our new ArtInsights blog:
(fans of ET and great movie art, please share this post!)

40th Anniversary of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: John Alvin E.T Movie Poster John Alvin created the iconic movie poster for E.T the Extra-Terrestrial. On the 40th anniversary of the film's release, we look at his work.


The ArtInsights back wall is looking GOOD!


Wishing all our friends and clients a safe & ! Our hours are: CLOSED through December 28th, OPEN the 29th & 30th: 10am-5pm
OPEN the 31st: 10am to 2pm CLOSED January 1st - 3rd
OPEN w/regular hours Tuesday January 4th.


Happy Holidays from ArtInsights! Our holiday hours are: CLOSED through the 28th, OPEN the 29th and 30th 10am-5pm, OPEN the 31st 10am-2pm, CLOSED Jan 1st through 3rd, REOPENING Jan 4th with regular hours.

Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve and hope to find you lots of great art in 2022!


Attention Disney holiday lovers! We have two brand new, never used RARE sold out Disney Traditions Jim Shore holiday ornaments sets for sale. One each only available of these:
-9 piece Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
-5 piece Cinderella
Each are $250. Contact the gallery to snap them up! (More pics in the comments)

Artinsights at gmail or 703-478-0778.
Happy holidays!


Some John Alvin art news:

Heritage Auctions and Dan Herman of Hermes Press Named in Lawsuit Filed by Andrea Alvin, Administrator of the John Alvin Art Estate

Dallas, TX (November 10, 2021) - Andrea Alvin of the John Alvin Art Estate has filed a lawsuit against Heritage Auctions and Dan Herman of the American comic and art book publishing company Hermes Press seeking the return of an original painting created for the production of the 1982 film Blade Runner. The plaintiffs allege the art was illegally removed by an undetermined employee at Warner Brothers and sold without permission, authority, or approval from John Alvin, the rightful owner, to illustration art dealer Mitch Itkowitz, who then sold it to Dan Herman. Mr. Herman then consigned it for sale to Heritage Auctions. Plaintiff Andrea Alvin further asserts that without the confirmation of the Alvin Estate of legal sale or transfer, there is no official provenance, and none of these parties should have continued with the sale of the art.

In the lawsuit, it is explained that Warner Brothers was supposed to return all artwork to Intralink, the company that had hired John Alvin for the campaign, and Intralink in turn was to return all art to John Alvin. According to Ms. Alvin, Warner Brothers did not return the Blade Runner art after repeated requests to do so, and indeed said they could not find it. Ms. Alvin says she and her husband had been searching for Blade Runner art ever since. In a statement issued by the Alvin Estate, Ms. Alvin said, “We’ve been looking for this artwork for years. When I looked at Heritage Auction, I saw it was originally obtained from a WB employee. I knew then that there was no Warner Bros. employee that had the right to sell it, because it should have been returned to John in 1982 when he did it. John is not with us anymore, and it’s so important to the family that this art, which is such a major milestone in John’s career and so important to his legacy, be back where it belongs, in his estate. We also want this practice to stop, not just in John’s name, but in the name of all the artists and creatives out there who seem to have to fight just to get what is rightfully theirs.”

The art has been pulled from an upcoming Heritage auction. Heritage has agreed to keep custody of the art until the resolution of the lawsuit. Andrea Alvin and the Alvin Estate seek return of the art, payment of legal fees, and $100,000 in damages from the defendants.

You can read the attached petition. The original lawsuit was filed in Texas state court. Herman last week moved the case to the federal court located in Dallas. For questions regarding the lawsuit, contact Ariadne Mo***re, Mo***re Law LLC, at 845-218-8080 or Patrick Yarborough, Ahmad Zavitsanos Anaipakos Messing and Alavi at 713-655-1101.


“Creating the promise of a great experience” is how John Alvin described his career as the preeminent designer and illustrator of cinema art in the entertainment industry. In a business where you are only as good as your last job, Alvin was prolific. He designed and illustrated some of the world’s most widely recognizable movie art.

Of the more than 200 film campaigns he created, ‘E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial’ was one of the most satisfying to Alvin, and appropriately so, as the movie is one of the most successful in cinema history. In addition to receiving the Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards’ grand prize, Alvin’s E.T. was the only movie art ever to be honored with the Saturn Award from The Academy of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Films. An image from his campaign for E.T. sold at auction for the record price of nearly $400,000, and other of his full color originals have sold privately for upwards of a million dollars.

He is also responsible for the key art for Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, an iconic poster that represents a film named by many as the best sci fi film of all time, including in Empire Magazine, and by a Guardian poll of scientists. Alvin produced many special works for Lucasfilm Ltd.’s Star Wars phenomenon. Additionally, The Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., exhibited Alvin’s ‘The Phantom of the Paradise’ as one of the best posters of the 20th Century.

The ability to infuse art with feeling was one reason Disney wanted Alvin for The Lion King and the “adult campaigns” for many Disney animated classics. “His work inspires us,” said the Disney marketing execs. “Alvin brought emotion into his artwork that can only be captured in an illustration. We call it ‘Alvin-izing’.” The artist acquired a full array of artist’s skills and techniques as a student of the distinguished Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Soon thereafter, in 1974, he got his chance to put his love of entertainment art and his artist training to work by creating the campaign art for Mel Brook’s ‘Blazing Saddles’. Alvin passed away at the top of his game, and too young, but left behind an increasing number of admirers and collectors who look back on his substantial body of work and celebrate the many indelible classics of cinema art he created in his lifetime.

For inquiries regarding John Alvin’s work, contact:
Leslie Combemale
ArtInsights Gallery of Film and Contemporary Art
11921 Freedom Drive
Reston VA 20190

Snoopy World War 1 Flying Ace on Sopwith Camel Original Production Cel 10/23/2021

Snoopy World War 1 Flying Ace on Sopwith Camel Original Production Cel

Hello, Peanuts fans! Here is a wonderful cel of Snoopy as the World War 1 Flying Ace from the late 60s/early 70s. A one of a kind production cel. Snap it up if you're a fan, because this is very rare!

Snoopy World War 1 Flying Ace on Sopwith Camel Original Production Cel This Snoopy World War 1 Flying Ace on his Sopwith Camel is a rare original production cel and destined for the ultimate Snoopy fan!

All about Snow White: From the Brothers Grimm to Disney Live Action - Artinsights Film Art Gallery 06/27/2021

All about Snow White: From the Brothers Grimm to Disney Live Action - Artinsights Film Art Gallery

Some things you may not know about Snow White, like the differences between the Grimm and 1937 Disney version, and how Cab Calloway is connected to the tale, on our new gallery blog:

All about Snow White: From the Brothers Grimm to Disney Live Action - Artinsights Film Art Gallery Disney's Snow White live action movie has their princess! We look at the upcoming film, talk about Snow White through history and show art!


We have this gorgeous framed international poster for Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s 40 1/2 x 56 inches and $1295. If interested, email us: artinsights at gmail dot com.

We don’t want to ship this big, dramatic celebration of the Pumpkin King, so DC area folks only!


Looking for the perfect art for Father’s Day? You can find lots of choices in our special collection, from Marvel to Disney to Star Wars and more!

You can check out all the options and buy online, or stop by! Our hours this weekend are 10-5 on Friday and Saturday, but we’ll be closed on Sunday for a special event, so don’t wait!

How to Draw Snoopy Happy Dance with Peanuts Animator Larry Leichliter 05/05/2021

How to Draw Snoopy Happy Dance with Peanuts Animator Larry Leichliter

So you want to draw Snoopy doing the happy dance? Of course you do. The mere brushstrokes will bring you joy. Good thing Larry Leichliter made a video for us as part of our It's Magic, Charlie Brown Peanuts art event! If you use him as a guide and draw Snoopy, post it here! We'd love to see it. :)

How to Draw Snoopy Happy Dance with Peanuts Animator Larry Leichliter Animator and Emmy-Award winning director Larry Leichliter shows you how to draw Snoopy doing the happy dance, and does so from the perspective of an artist w...

dedicated-signed-drawings-for-peanuts-art-purchases-through-may-12th 04/30/2021


Now through May 12th, you get a dedicated and signed drawing with a purchase of Peanuts art during our It's Magic, Charlie Brown anniversary show. Do you want a Snoopy and Woodstock happy dance, Charlie Brown and Snoopy together, or Lucy with Snoopy giving her a big dog smooch? Check out all the art available with the link in the comments.

dedicated-signed-drawings-for-peanuts-art-purchases-through-may-12th With a purchase of Peanuts art from ArtInsights between now and May 12th, you get an original, dedicated Peanuts drawing.


Our show starts today, the 40th anniversary of the premiere of It's Magic Charlie Brown, (April 28th, 1981)

Check out all the info about this virtual show, which will include an interview we are conducting today with animator and Emmy winning director Larry Leichliter we'll post ASAP, some rare and wonderful art, a free hand-dedicated drawing for those who buy during our show, and a cool 'how to draw Snoopy doing the happy dance' tutorial we'll post soon as well.

The new limited edition will go live on our website at 7pm tonight.

Check it out and check out all the great vintage art!

A Walt Disney Winter: Top Ten Snow Scenes in Disney Animated Features - 02/20/2021

A Walt Disney Winter: Top Ten Snow Scenes in Disney Animated Features -

Our latest blog lists the top 10 snow scenes in Disney animated features. How many can you name before checking it out?

A Walt Disney Winter: Top Ten Snow Scenes in Disney Animated Features - Baby, it's cold outside. That means it's time to consider snow and Disney. Here are the top ten snow scenes in Disney animated features.

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