Elevating your employees’ experience at work leads to incredible results. Discover how we help organizations optimize and improve the workforce experience with products and technology that empower their people to acknowledge achievements, express appreciation, promote progress and recognize hard work. https://bit.ly/3c0lwns
Since partnering with Centricity for their recognition needs, an international aerospace company has been recognized with three Best Practice Awards of Excellence by Recognition Professionals International. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3Px8eMY
Retirement is a momentous occasion and time for celebration. Discover how we can create a meaningful and affordable retirement program for your organization. https://bit.ly/3At0KGq
Change can start with one “thank you,” one encouragement, or one celebration. Discover how you can show your people you care with an effective employee recognition strategy. https://bit.ly/3QPSQfF
Show your people you care, one celebration at a time. Discover how celebrating work milestones can increase morale and satisfaction, boost team connection, and improve overall organizational health and customer experience. https://bit.ly/3A4NDK4
Your people spend one-third of their life at work. It’s no wonder they crave praise and fulfillment when it comes to their 9 to 5. See how you can use employee recognition to foster purpose and belonging among your employees. https://bit.ly/3QPSQfF
Discover how we helped an international aerospace company decrease cost per recognition by 30% through a cohesive recognition strategy and powerful platform. https://bit.ly/3Px8eMY
Does your company promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace? Discover why it’s important and get 6 tips on how your organization can promote DEI. https://bit.ly/3zZfviA
It’s Labor Day Weekend! 😃

As we celebrate the long weekend and give our employees a break, it’s important to remember to celebrate the success of our people year-round and create an environment where they have a voice, feel valued, are respected, and feel fulfilled. Discover how you can be a people-centric organization that puts people at the center of everything you do. https://www.centricitynow.com/employee-engagement/people-centric-culture/
Does your organization celebrate milestones at work? If not, you should. When implemented properly, celebrating employees’ achievements increases morale and satisfaction, boosts team connection, offers a time for reflection, and can even improve overall organizational health and customer experience. Here’s a look at what work milestones are, how to celebrate them, and what impact they can have on your business: https://bit.ly/3A4NDK4
The current climate is rough across all industries. It’s imperative that companies be proactive in developing creative solutions to combat today’s quandaries. One way to do that is through recognition. At Centricity, we help organizations utilize employee recognition to improve the overall workforce experience which can result in higher productivity and increased trust and engagement among their people. Learn more: https://bit.ly/3QPSQfF
Be an encouragement to your people by providing opportunities for growth and development. In turn, they’ll be more productive and have higher job satisfaction. Here are some tips for professional development programs in the workplace: https://bit.ly/3CgqV4C
Encourage, inspire, and motivate your people to help them feel connected and have a sense of belonging. Here are 25 ways to motivate your team and increase employee engagement: https://bit.ly/3dEiwgS
Want to increase productivity, trust, and engagement in the workplace? Discover how employee recognition can elevate your workforce experience today. https://bit.ly/3QPSQfF
A simple “thank you” can make a world of difference. At Centricity, we’re here to help you encourage and celebrate your people. Discover how you can show your people you care. https://bit.ly/3Cc3NnG
Change starts with one. Be the one. Discover how we can help you show your people you care. https://bit.ly/3c0lwns

Centricity is a brand experience agency that creates meaningful experiences for the people you love


Savor the last few days of summer with these watermelon and ice cream flavored gummies. The perfect gift for any employee, friend, or boss! 🍦🍉


Head back to school with the Hydro flask Carry Out Cooler! Equipped with innovative TempShield™ insulation, your lunch stays at the perfect temperature for hours. Put your logo on one today!


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Looking for a way to easily transport your tunes🎵? The Chyrp is a portable, lightweight wireless speaker equipped with a carry strap for your backpack or your bike.


This weeks spotlight is on Mae. We asked her why she enjoys working at Centricity...

"Centricity is made up of a number of diverse teams that all bring such unique ideas to the table. Working with the marketing team has opened up so many new opportunities for me that I never would've imagined. Although I have not been with Centricity for long, all of my colleagues have been so welcoming. Everyone truly wants me to gain as much experience that I can as their intern. I am so thankful to be surrounded by such savvy and engaged individuals!"


Always loosing your keys, purse, or luggage? The I- Tracker can help with that! This bluetooth tracker, paired with an intuitive app, makes it easy to find everything that matters. Say goodbye to those endless searches for your keys🔑


Earth Friendly Friday🍎♻️
This amazing 3-n-1 tote allows you to transport, wash and then hang dry your fresh produce, all without removing them from the bag! The Bio-Liiv Produce Mesh Tote is the perfect substitute to plastic grocery bags.


No better way to enjoy your morning coffee than outdoors in a flower pot mug! ☕


This weeks spotlight is on Ashley! We asked her why she enjoys working at Centricity...

"No one at Centricity has ever asked me to change who I am and that speaks volumes. I may be outspoken, direct, and incredibly goofy sometimes, but I’ve always been appreciated for who I am and what I bring to the table. The team members at Centricity are some of the most kind and helpful people I’ve ever met. Not only are they great teammates, but I also consider them friends. If you got all of us in one room, it would blow some people away how much talent and creativity is there."


Planners: keeping everything in order one task at a time! Grab yourself a one-of-a-kind planner for and unlock a new level of productivity. PlannerDay


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Make your summer extra refreshing with this Cooler Backpack❄️. It is fully insulated and ready to take your favorite beverages or snacks wherever you and your buds go.


This weeks spotlight is on Amy! We asked her why she enjoys working at Centricity...

"I get the opportunity to add some pretty amazingly talented people to our team and then have the honor to see them flourish at Centricity, personally and professionally! You have a chance to write your own story here at Centricity, and I’m proof of it!"


Mix it up! The Jack Pack includes everything you need to host and toast🥂🥃. Includes - Jack Rudy Classic Tonic Syrup, Jacky Rudy Grenadine, Jack Rudy Aromatic Bitters, and a personalized two-sided stainless jigger.


📸 Our work in action🌲🔆
We're thrilled to see these incredible outdoor blankets being put to use! They make on the go adventures easy with their compact style. Glad you like them as much as we do CGI!


Earth-Friendly Friday💧
Stay hydrated with the H2go Echo. Help minimize pollution and make the switch to a reusable water bottle. The Echo is a stainless steel with copper vacuum insulation and a sustainable bamboo lid. Drink up!


📍In the office
Our Brand Services team dressed in their favorite sports team gear yesterday! ⚾🏈🏒


Prioritize your wellness 🌄
Aromatherapy improves sleep quality and can reduce stress and anxiety. The Bamboo Aromatic Oil Diffuser is quiet and heat free, plus it looks pleasant in any space. Share how you de-stress in the comments below!


Your pets deserve the best🐶! The Collapsible Silicon Pet Bowl is perfect for owners on the go. The durable silicone material can be used over and over again. And when you’re done, simply collapse the sides for easy fold-away storage that fits in any bag or pocket.


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These stainless steel expandable straws come with a brush to make cleaning easy. Collapse them down to fit in the on-the-go case and save the ocean on sip at a time🌊🐢


This weeks spotlight is on Madison! We asked her why she enjoys working at Centricity...

"I love working for Centricity because of the team environment, creative mindsets, and the passion for the clients. Everyone is so uplifting, willing to help or give advice, and everyone is so collaborative. My team has become my friends. We tackle custom projects that allow us to leverage our creativity and teamwork. It allows us to use each other's experience and perspectives to be as efficient and customer-focused as possible. My team has made my experience at Centricity delightful and purpose-driven. Excited to see what we continue to do!"


A puffy jacket for your computer? Yes please! Keeping things simple, this puffy laptop sleeve adds extra protection for your computer while giving it a little extra style.


Happy Friday!🌷
The Coco Woven Linen Tote is made from all biodegradable materials, such as linen. With it's waterproof interior, the tote is great for many uses like shopping, travel, picnics, or a trip to the gym or beach.


Graze your way to total deliciousness with this assemblage of artisanal treats ready to be sliced and served. The Charcuterie Kit includes a customizable box, custom bamboo board, and an assortment of goodies.


This weeks spotlight is on Rachel! We asked her why she enjoys working at Centricity...

"I love the community Centricity builds through recognition and appreciation. I've always loved jobs that go the extra mile to show you are valued and I feel so appreciated. I feel like my opinion matters and everyone has a voice here! It makes me want to continue to challenge myself and grow not only professionally but also as a person. Centricity is such a welcoming group of hardworking individuals , and you can tell customer service is our top priority from all of our happy clients. I cannot wait to continue to grow my career here at Centricity!"


Charge in style with the Auden Bamboo Wireless Bamboo Mouse Pad. Made from natural bamboo, a renewable material🎍. This sleek, yet functional design will look great in any office or home.


Earth-Friendly Friday 🌱
Look on the bright side! Modern Sprouts "Bright Side Seed Balls" include 5 seed balls (oregano, chive, mint, rosemary, thyme) compromised of non-GMO seeds, clay, and castings. Simply plant, water, and grow!


Inclusion is not a fad - it's here to stay! 👍
{Source: Achievers Workforce Institute Engagement and Retention Report}
Connect with us today and learn more about how we can keep your employees happy/engaged!


Game on... Pickle-ball is the game of the summer! This portable Pickle-ball set includes the bare essentials for America's fastest growing sport with 2 wood paddles and 2 balls and a transportable bag.


Happy Friday!🌱
Help sustain our planet with the Out of the Woods Hedgehog Lunch Bag. This take on the classic brown bag contains extra-thick insulated lining that keeps food fresh longer – for your commute to the office or to the park!


Product Spotlight⚡
Your desire for Squire starts here! Take notes, sketch out new ideas, brainstorm with mind maps- the opportunities are endless. Baronfig's pen, the Squire, makes ideas turn into reality.


"Organizations must ask employees how they want to work and offer different options to align with those preferences. In fact, voice-of-employee initiatives are retention drivers in general"
{Source: Achievers Workforce Institute Engagement and Retention Report}
Connect with us today and learn more about how we can keep your employees happy/engaged!


Check out Chargecuterie! This sleek bamboo charging stand has a built-in wireless charger for phones and AirPods. The stand includes a smart watch charging spot and is a stylish tech gift for any home!


Earth-Friendly Fridays 🌎
HIP gives “waste” a second life by creating sustainably sourced lifestyle products out of already existing waste, instead of producing new plastic from fossil fuels. Check out their Suga bottles, made from sugarcane stalks!

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The working world is changing - things like recognition, flexibility, wellbeing, and seeing action taken on employees feedback are becoming increasingly important 📈
We have a platform that can help with all the above! Connect with us today to learn more!


This month we celebrate 40 YEARS in business! We are so incredibly proud of what we have built over the last 4 decades and can't wait to get even stronger in the coming years!


HAPPY MERCH MONDAY! Keep it chill this summer with the Joe Joe. This 12 oz double wall, vacuum insulated, stainless steel drink holder can double as a cup or a koozie. Cheers!


Earth-Friendly Fridays 🌎
Turn fire into electricity with BioLite's award-winning stove. Patented combustion technology creates a vortex of smokeless flames for a portable campfire that can cook your meals and charge your gear, all at the same time 🔥Products like this make us love partnering with PCNA!

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Change can start with one “thank you,” one encouragement, or one celebration. Discover how you can show your people you ...
Change starts with one. Be the one. Discover how we can help you show your people you care. https://bit.ly/3c0lwns #Work...
A survey from the American Psychological Association found that feeling valued at work was linked to better physical and...
How do you delight your people? Give them a positive workforce experience they’ll never forget. Learn more: https://bit....
Your employees may not remember everything you say to them, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. No matter your ...
At Centricity, we’re dedicated to creating unique, impactful experiences that will delight both your employees and custo...
Your people may not remember everything you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. Discover how we can help ...



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