Dr. Kim Danoff Veterinary Relief Services

Dr. Kim Danoff Veterinary Relief Services

Veterinary Relief Services in Northern Virginia and neighboring counties; and Florida. Dogs, cats,

The Ethical Journey of a Veterinary Professional and Animal Advocate 12/14/2022

The Ethical Journey of a Veterinary Professional and Animal Advocate

The Ethical Journey of a Veterinary Professional and Animal Advocate Recording of our Zoom call on November 20th at 5pm Pacific. We have monthly calls with veterinarians, vet students, animal advocates, and supporters of our w...

Dr. Kim Danoff Veterinary Relief Services updated their phone number. 03/13/2018

Dr. Kim Danoff Veterinary Relief Services updated their phone number.

Dr. Kim Danoff Veterinary Relief Services updated their phone number.

Dr. Kim Danoff Veterinary Relief Services updated their business hours. 03/13/2018

Dr. Kim Danoff Veterinary Relief Services updated their business hours.

Dr. Kim Danoff Veterinary Relief Services updated their business hours.


Concerned about mosquitoes (and west nile virus)...put in a few bat houses on your property. One bat eats 1000 mosquitoes per hour! When I move into my house...I'll be putting some in.


Just bought a new more powerful dremel to file your pets' nails with! Great for all dogs especially those w black toe nails. No pain. No bleeding. Used it on my birds-so much better than my old cordless ones!


This morning I just switched my macaws water bowl from a plastic one to stainless. Most plastics contain BPA which is toxic. If you have you pet eating or drinking out of plastic bowls, I recommend switching to stainless.


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Just bought fresh organic dandelion for my kids. It's a great liver detoxifier and can be used in dogs, cats, and birds. A friends parakeets are dandelion fanatics! It's soooo cute! Do your pets like dandelion? Animal essentials online sells a tincture for those kids that don't like eating fresh greens.


Help Mr. Magoo gain his sight again!


Rabies Clinic-April 14, 2012 I will be volunteering at middleburg humane foundation from 12-3pm vaccinating dogs and cats.


Almost all loaded.


Debbie, Me, Michelle




Getting ready to load in car!


Blue crowned conure


Cherry head conure


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Bonded nandays


Bonded nandays


Plucked ringneck


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What a wonderful day. Met 2 wonderful women that drove up to Virginia to pick up 10 terrified birds, most of which were wild caught. I met them at a dog/cat shelter 2 1/2 hours from NOVA. We drew blood, collected cloacal swabs, trimmed toe nails, and removed a tight wild caught band. They were all very frightened.

One conure's mate had to be euthanized on admission several months ago bc of poor health. When this bird was moved to a cage today that was next to another solo bird of a different species (a ringneck) they immediately got as close to each other as possible considering there were bars separating them. Perhaps this will be a bonded odd couple down the road. I hope they will be given the chance to explore that possibility. This ringneck was possibly the most terrified bird I have ever encountered. Will post a video later of us examining her. But her behavior was the same in the cage when we approached it. Thank goodness this bird is on her way to a sanctuary. She does not belong in a home. It would only result in a life of terror.

All of these birds are heading to Florida to live out their lives in a sanctuary. All birds deserve this, but especially wild caughts that know what it's like to be free, and then have it taken away from them. I'm so grateful to all of the people that dedicate their lives to caring for birds in sanctuary. It's a tough job that noone could understand until you live it yourself.

I pray their infectious disease tests come back normal, as that is the first obstacle, and then the gradual introduction into a flighted situation. I suspect some of them may fear open spaces initially, but I'm Confident it will be overcome.

And thank you to regional animal shelter for choosing sanctuary for these birds and caring for them for the past few months. The shelter was gorgeous! I was very impressed.

Let's wish them a safe journey to Florida where they will soon experience the sun, the moon, the rain, fresh air, long overdue baths, flight, and the companionship and security of a flock. I cannot wait to see videos! Good luck little munchkins. I feel blessed by today's wonderful experience. And thank you Debbie and michelle. We were a great team:-)

Timeline Photos 02/13/2012

Timeline Photos


Heading to an animal shelter in morning to evaluate (exams and bloodwork) on 10 wild caught birds confiscated from a hoarder. Just made them goodie bags for the road. Then they start their trip to a sanctuary in Florida where they will live in a 1000 sq foot flight cage. Yeah for birds of paradise sanctuary for giving these wild caught birds the opportunity to live in a flock setting and not have to live in small cages for the remainder of their lives. Sad humans removed them from the rainforest:-(





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