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The Italian Vine Missouri is dedicated to serving KC and western MO with differentiated wine, beer, and spirits from both local and worldwide producers.


Hey St. Joe folks! Come beat the heat and join us tonight for a tasting at Smooth Endings...Fine Wine, Spirits and Ci**rs from 5:30-7:30 PM. Hope to see you there! 05/21/2018


Happy Monday, everyone! Join us tonight at Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen for the Forth Vineyards Wine Dinner with Jann Forth! Jann and Gerry Forth founded Forth Vineyards, located in Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley, in the 1990s and are very dear clients of ours. Come out and try some of these truly amazing wines with us tonight!

Click here for additional info on tonight's event: Forth Vineyards Wine Dinner Sunday, April 22, 2018 – Monday, May 21, 2018 6:30pm18:30 Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen (map) FEATURED EVENT: MAY 21stForth Vineyards Wine Dinner with Jann ForthMonday, May 21 2018 6:30 reception, 7:00 dinner75.00 per guest (63.75 for wine club members)Email [email protected]....


While out celebrating restaurant week in KC, come join us for a tasting at Gomer's on 75th/State Line from 1 to 3 this Saturday! You don't want to miss these wines....


Merry Christmas all! Join us tonight at Gomer's in Lee's Summit for a holiday tasting!


Hey Folks! As we celebrate all that we are thankful for, we invite you to join us for a tasting at Plaza Liquor from 4 to 6 this Friday. What a great way to relax after shopping and heading out to dinner!


Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen

One of our favorites!

Thanks for the write up Restaurant Guide of Kansas City & Chris Becicka!


Happy Hump Day, folks! Here's some motivation to get you to the weekend:
Join us on Saturday from 1-3 PM at Lukas Wine & Spirits Superstore KCMO. Nothing like a mid-day wine tasting to add a little pizzazz to your Saturday, so we hope to see you there!


High of 93 today? No problem- Grab yourself a glass of rosé and post up poolside. Rosé is the perfect summertime refreshment and we happen to have some of the best selection you can find! Message us for details on where to find it in KC and have a rockin' Tuesday!


Big night ahead, folks! Join us and several other distributors for a tasting at Royal Liquors KC tonight from 6-8 PM.

Hope to see you all there!


Spring has Sprung! If you are looking for a "go-to" wine for this beautiful weather, try one of our favorite roses: Calcinara Marche Rosato Mun Rose! Very fruitful and full bodied- perfect by itself or even with a bowl from Chipotle (not that we know from experience or anything :) )

Message us for deets on where to find this amazing rose!


No plans tomorrow? No problem! Join us from 6-8 PM at The Drop Bar & Bistro for a tasting! Enjoy a few bites paired specifically to our wines and if that isn't enough to convince you, the company isn't too shabby either 😎 Hope to see you there!


Happy Thursday, y'all!

Join us tonight, from 5-8 PM at Red Door Wine Store. We have the pleasure of having Christophe Chapillon with us, so come on out for some amazing wine and great company! 02/23/2017

This Weekend in Kansas City

Happy Thursday!

It's almost the weekend, y'all. This weekend may not be as nice as last, but here are some cool events happening around KC. Check em' out (and grab yourself some wine, too!) Weekdays are for recovering after a busy weekend. What are you going to do this weekend? Here's our list of the top events happening in Kansas City this weekend. 02/09/2017

Community Post: 24 Products Your Inner Wino Will Absolutely Love

One of each please...

And join us this Saturday at Lukas Liquors Superstore KCMO for a tasting from 1-3 PM! Because wine should be its own section on the food pyramid.


If you are as clumsy when drinking wine as we can be, here are some helpful tips on how to remove those tricky red wine stains!
1. Blot the stain- Don’t rub!
2. Soak the stain in cool water to prevent from setting.
3. Cover the stain with salt, yes, salt.
4. Rinse the stain with hot water.
5. Pour yourself another glass of wine. Maybe white wine this time :)

Good luck, friends!


Hey y'all, we started an Instagram to share more photos and upcoming events, so take a look and make sure to follow us! -- ItalianVine_MO

Happy everyone!


What goes well with Mondays? The Bachelor and wine, of course! Make sure to grab yourself a bottle (or two) before tuning in.

And, if you are newer to drinking wine or not sure how to tell what you like or dislike, try these 5 easy steps: sight, swirl, smell, sip, and savor. Learning how to smell wine is very important because more than 80% of your ability to taste comes from your ability to smell!


This week's goes to blue bird bistro. This local restaurant is all natural and organic, from "kitchen to the bar." Try them out next Wednesday (or any Wednesday for that matter) for their communal dining experience, including a four course meal and wine. Thank you for your partnership, blue bird bistro!

And don't forget to stop by Cellar Rat Wine Merchants tonight from 5-8 PM. Have a wonderful weekend, friends! 01/03/2017

8 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Happy New Year, everyone! If your resolution was to get healthier, check out this link below on how our dear pal wine can help you reach your goal! Promising studies on the health benefits of drinking wine cover such topics as living longer, lowering your risk of heart disease and slowing brain decline.


This week seems to be going slower than normal, but TGIW (Thank God it's Winesday!)

We have a couple of upcoming tastings this week and hope to see you all there:

Tonight: 6-9 PM The Drop Bar & Bistro
Friday: 5:30-8 PM Smooth Endings...Fine Wine, Spirits and Ci**rs

Come have a drink with us! 12/07/2016

Cocktails for Christmas

Looking for a nice cocktail this Holiday season? Check out these awesome beverage recipes.

Also, we'd love to hear from you! If you have a special go-to holiday drink, post it below! It’s time to raise a glass to the holidays! Whether you’re a Champagne lover, prefer white wine or only drink reds, we’ve got you covered with a holiday cocktail for each.


Quite a big week ahead, folks-

Join us for the following tastings (alcohol especially needed for election week!):

Thursday: 6-8:00 Royal Liquors KC
Friday: 5:30-8:00 Smooth Endings...Fine Wine, Spirits and Ci**rs

Hope to see some familiar faces!




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