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Commercial and residential cleaning services that go above the others and beyond your expectations. We provide cleaning services like carpet cleaning, wind

Commercial cleaning and residential cleaning services that go above the others and beyond your expectations. We are a Kansas City cleaning company working for a variety businesses, large and small, including: hospitals, retail office buildings, restaurants, and more. We provide cleaning services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, office cleaning and we also sell cleaning products that we use and trust.

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Cleaning windows, glass 101: The best practice to clean windows (glass) streak free; 1. Using newspaper is a great way to prevent streaks!
2. Always clean glass windows when the sun is gone down, or you will experience really bad streaking.

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6 Reasons Why a Clean Workplace Means a Safe Workplace
A clean workplace means more than just having a sparkling, fresh building. A clean workplace also ensures the safety and health of employees and visitors. In 2012 alone, nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employers. Workplace injuries can be prevented by taking action to ensure a clean, safe work environment.
Here are six reasons why a clean workplace also means a safe workplace:
Clean, dry floors to prevent slips and falls.
Maintaining clean, dry floors is essential for the prevention of slips and falls in the workplace. Different categories of floor cleaners serve different purposes. For example, alkaline cleaners are good for cleaning restaurant floors while acidic cleaners remove rust, scale, and oxides from floors. However, some products may contain chemicals that can be detrimental to your flooring, so be sure to talk with a cleaning professional about what is best for your facility. In addition, keep your floors dry by using absorbent materials, such as floor mats, in functional locations to remove moisture and soil from the bottom of shoes.
Disinfectants prevent the spread of germs and illness, including the flu.
Germs can easily spread throughout a workplace, particularly during flu season—but disinfecting surfaces and objects with EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants can stop germs in their tracks. Check out our blog post for more ways your facility can beat the flu season.
Proper air filtration lowers employee exposure to hazardous substances.
You may not see them, but dusts and vapors are hazardous substances that can create an unsafe environment for employees. Building ventilation is one important factor in reducing airborne transmission of respiratory infections and maintaining the health and productivity of workers. Regularly cleaning or replacing HVAC system filters prevents them from becoming saturated, which could lead to potential microbial growth and odor concerns. Vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filters may also capture fine particles. Maintaining humidity around 30 to 50 percent through the use of a dehumidifier is also important in eliminating air pollutants and promoting clean air in the workplace.
Clean light fixtures improve lighting efficiency.
Dirty light fixtures can reduce essential light levels, making it difficult and unsafe for employees to complete their daily tasks. Clean light fixtures significantly improve lighting efficiency in the workplace. Well-lit stairways and aisles are also important in preventing accidents and maintaining a safe work environment.
Green cleaning products are safer for both your employees and the environment.
Not all cleaning products are the same, and some are held to a higher standard than others. Products with third-party certifications, such as Green Seal or GREENGUARD, must meet specific standards and guidelines, which ensures they’re safer for both people and the environment. Also make sure you maintain and review Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for proper handling and storage of the products used in your facility.
Proper disposal of waste and recyclable materials keeps work areas clutter-free.
Allowing trash to pile up not only produces clutter, but it also presents a breeding ground for pests that pose a threat to your work environment. Placing “no-touch” wastebaskets in key locations throughout your facility ensures materials are disposed of and reduces the spread of germs. Recycling materials using clearly labeled waste receptacles also makes for a more sustainable environment.
Providing a safe and clean environment for your employees and visitors doesn’t have to be a challenge you face alone. To learn how we can help improve the cleanliness and safety of your workplace...


Cleaning the environment reduces pollution, protects unique ecosystems, prevents the extinction of endangered species and conserves resources, such as water, land and air. A clean environment ensures the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems upon which human life and all other life on Earth depends.


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Waxed floors in businesses do three things. First, they protect the tiles from heavy foot traffic, dragging of carts/machinery and other items. Second, a waxed floor is attractive to customers and will enhance the overall appearance of your store front, office building, place of business. Third, a waxed floor is safer than bare tile. Contrary to popular belief. Yes, there is still some chances of it being slippery but not as much.

To maintain a wax or finished floor there are some basic guidlines to follow. Use cold water with a waxed floor. Most people will want to use hot water. Hot water will break the dirt up better and clean it right? It will also damage the finish and could strip up the wax.

Use a neutral floor cleaner. Cleaners are based on a ph level. Acidic or Alkaline. So, on a scale from 0-14 a neutral floor ph would obviously be 7 which is ideal for a waxed floor.

Keep your waxed floor clean. Dust mop regularly. Mop regularly. For bigger areas and businesses you may consider investing in an autoscrubber floor machine which will decrease your time and work load.

You will want to add finish every now and then a good rule is when it starts to get dull looking or regular traffic once a month. Strip your finish off the floor with a good floor stripper about every 6 months. Be sure there is no finish or stripper left on the floor and that the floor is completely dry before appying new finish. 3 to 6 coats are ideal. Use only a rayon finish head. A rayon finish head releases the finish as to where a cotton mop style head is for mopping spills or cleaning a floor. Most finishes are made with the sealer in them. It use to be where you would have to put down 2 coats of sealer and then your finish. But with the improvement of floor technology you can now skip that step.

Make sure that you have area rugs in front of all your door entrances. The first 3 to 5 steps are the most crucial steps for people dragging in dirt and debris from outside. Which will be harder on your nice waxed floors. Vacuum off or shake out those rugs at least once daily.

If you feel this is too much work and a waste of your time to bother with there are always some reputable floor care specialist that can free you of this for a reasonable fee each month. Keep in mind however if you so choose to go this route there are usually extra costs in stripping floors and recoating them.


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