Messner Bee Farm

Messner Bee Farm


Saturdays are for farmers markets! Messner Bee Farm has the perfect bag to carry all of your fresh finds!

Participate in this online auction and in the in-person fundraiser on May 27, 2022 at 7pm at 3634 Main Street. The Silent Auction will close on Sunday, May 29th at 11:55pm. If you can't attend the fundraiser, you can still make a donation to my campaign through Cashapp $StacyLakeMO.

The Link to the Silent Auction is here:

I want to offer my sincerest thanks to all the local small businesses that participated in this Silent Auction which includes the following:
Aleuro Bakery, Archival Designs, C.L. Fails, Christine Taylor-Butler, Crane Brewing Company, Darkmoon Comics, Escape Room Kansas City, The Blakk Co., Handcrafted Heartland, Isabel’s Creations, Matthew Made Art, Messner Bee Farm, Olivia Hill Writes, Material Opulence, George Rousis, Pacific Plains Dental, Scrape the Plate Catering, SHOP LOCAL KC, Sister Anne's - Records and Coffee, Solar Nails Westport, Sweetwists Loctician Services, Tivona Naturals, Unruh Furniture, WyCo Vintage, You Say Tomato
Meet your BLVDIA Makers! πŸ›

After Another
EB and Co.
Messner Bee Farm

Pick up your grand sundries and souvenirs from these marvelous makers and a few dozen more all weekend long at Boulevardia!

April showers bring May flowers and with that comes honey! We stock our shelves with our favorite local honey from Messner Bee Farm made by real local bees.

Order now at
Bee earrings, by Messner Bee Farm, $17.28 (price includes tax)
Material- Brass
Size = approximately 1" wide x .75" high
Missouri Made Candles by Messner Bee Farm available for purchase at the Missouri State Museum's gift shop inside the capitol.

Rock Island Trail, 4 oz.
Honeysuckle Vanilla Bean, 4 oz.
Telling The Bees, 4 oz.
Lavender Fields, 4 oz.

$13.50 each (tax included)
Missouri Made Lip Balm by Messner Bee Farm available for purchase at the Missouri State Museum's gift shop inside the State Capitol.

.15 oz
$5.40 (tax included).
Missouri Made packet of "Bee Garden Wildflower Seeds" by Messner Bee Farm currently available for purchase from the Missouri State Museum's gift shop inside the state capitol.
The Raytown Farmers Market returns May 19 with more vendors and hopefully better weather. Vendors include: Messner Bee Farm, @glassheartartllc, @cranebrewing , @petwants, Mid-Continent Public Library - Raytown Branch, City Roots Nursery, New Roots for Refugees, @sweetsgestures, Gnarly Hussle, Precious Petals and Pepper Berries Urban Farm, M& J Farm, Stoked Chameleon and @misterdipzcst
Hope to see you there!!
Happy Earth Day! Help Mother Earth by saving the bees! Messner Bee Farm has a variety of products made by bees and some of the proceeds go to support local pollinators!
Missouri Made packet of "Bee Garden Wildflower Seeds" by Messner Bee Farm available for purchase at the Missouri State Museum gift shop inside the State Capitol. $5.40 (tax included)
Messner Bees are working overtime to bring you the best raw LOCAL honey in the area. Stop in and check out our selection. The bees will thank you!

Messner Bee Farm

Rachael and Erik, an artist and an engineer collaborate on their urban farm. They keep bees, and hand make beeswax products, artisan creamed honey and sell yummy local raw honey (the bees make that!)

Operating as usual


We've finished our new stickers honoring state flowers and insects!

Missouri State Flower: HAWTHORN
Missouri State Insect: HONEYBEE

Kansas State Flower: SUNFLOWER
Kansas State Insect: HONEYBEE

Yes, the honeybee is the State insect of both states! Fun!

Find them online and at @madeinkc_ Plaza and Lee's Summit later this week.


What do we do to celebrate the launch of our new Hot Honey? Make Chicken and Waffles of course! Salty, sweet and spicy, yum!!

Photos from Messner Bee Farm's post 05/26/2022

Hot Honey is finally here! We've been perfecting our recipe behind the scenes and its ready for ya!

Infused with cayenne peppers, this sweet honey heat is sure to add an addictive zangy sting to our favorite foods!

It is perfect on pizza, bbq, buttered biscuits, grilled veggies, salmon, chicken & waffles, cheeseboards, brats and more.

You can find it online now (limited quantities for our first run) and at @madeinkc Plaza and Lee's Summit next week!


Happy World Bee Day!

Photos from Messner Bee Farm's post 05/19/2022

We're all set up at the @cityofraytownofficial Farmers Market! Marie will be there till 7pm tonight; stop by our tent and say hi and grab some local raw honey! The Farmers Market is located beside the Raytown Public Library.


Sale! Pool season is around the corner, stock up on our tropical lip balms! πŸπŸ–πŸŒŠπŸŒ΄πŸΉπŸ¦©Our tropical 4 packs and individual balms are all 30% off May 18th and 19th! Woohoo!

Online only:, no coupon code needed! Just follow the link, then click "On Sale" on the left side under items.


Black locust trees are blooming in kc! Bees love the fragrent nectar and make yummy light colored floral tasting honey with it. Yum!


Do you see the large cells in the top right corner that the bees are tending to? Those are queen cells. πŸ‘‘πŸ

Any young female larva can be turned into a queen bee by feeding her a diet rich in royal jelly. The bees will create several new queens at a time. The first to hatch will kill her younger royal sisters and become the new queen bee.

When a colony decides to swarm, they'll create several of these queen cells. Once they're ready, the old queen will leave the hive with many of the older workers. They will then relocate to a new home and form a new colony, and the new queen will become the queen of the "parent" colony.


Teacher Appreciation week is May 2nd-5th. Let your teachers know they are the best!

We've made a special gift for them - a locally made beeswax and honey lip balm (you choose from 15 flavors) in a gift bag and a card saying "To the best teacher: Thank you For Bee-ing You!"

We can mail these to you or send them directly to the school - leave a note with your teacher's name, school address and the name of the gift giver at check-out!

**If you are local and can do pickup at the Bee Farm, use the coupon code PICKUP and we will arrange for pick up at the Bee Farm asap!**

Visit to order

Photos from Messner Bee Farm's post 04/21/2022

We'll be at the Raytown Farmer's market tonight with Beeatrix the trolley! Can't wait!

Local bee farmers offer tips on helping bees thrive in Kansas City 04/21/2022

Local bee farmers offer tips on helping bees thrive in Kansas City

Thank you Taylor Hemness KSHB and KSHB 41 for visiting and sharing information about bees and the environment!

Local bee farmers offer tips on helping bees thrive in Kansas City If there's a bee buzzing around your head, you're almost certain to notice. But have you given any thought to the millions of bees out there right now? Maybe you should.


🌎🐝🌳 Earth Day Giveaway! 🌎🐝🌸
🌟 WINNER @lisagrowsthings 🌟
We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the trees, bees, and seas! We want to celebrate Earth Day all week long by doing a giveaway!

βœ”οΈ Must like this post
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βœ”οΈ Tag a friend to share the fun!
🌟 Bonus point for additional tags
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Items you win!
1. May all your weeds be wildflowers mug
2. 4oz. Raw Honey
3. Recycled bee ornament
4. Packet of wildflower bee seeds
5. Pollinator Friendly Garden sign (side note: we will be selling on the trolley during future shows!)
6. Lemongrass Mint Lip Balm

Winner will be announced Friday by noon! Items can be shipped so everyone gets to participate 🐝

Instagram has no affiliation with this giveaway.
🎢 Little April Showers from Bambi

Photos from Messner Bee Farm's post 04/16/2022

Get ready! The great Easter Egg Hunt has begun!

Egg #1: The orange egg. The first two pics are your clues!

Egg #2: The yellow egg. The second two pics are your clues!

Be the first to find them and use the secret password "HONEYCOMB" and the egg is yours!! We'd love it if you'd share a pic and tag us if you are the winner!

Want to find more eggs? Local makers are hiding them all over town, right now! See more here:

Photos from Messner Bee Farm's post 04/16/2022


We are participating in a local maker Easter Egg Hunt today. Check our Facebook and/or Instagram at 11am(ish) for clues! We'll be hiding two BIG eggs.

Want to find even more eggs? Check out the FB event to see where other makers are hiding them:


This is what beeswax comb looks like when it's in the process of being built by the bees! The bees will continue to build it out until the entire rectangular wooden frame is filled out. This comb is empty right now, but when the bees are ready to use it it will be filled with many possible things: nectar/honey, pollen/bee bread, eggs/larva of baby bees. Neat!



Do you see the little white and yellow dots on the back of the bees legs? That's pollen!

After the pollen arrives at the hive it is made into 'bee bread' by mixing it with honey/nectar and salivary enzymes. Bee bread is stored in beeswax cells until it is needed. It is a great source of protien for developing bees and helps build a stong immune system!

Remember to let your dandilions grow for another few weeks. The bees need that pollen! Dandilions are one if the first pollen sources for bees in the midwest in the spring.


New product alert: Organic Farm Fresh Bee Farts! Launching April 1st 2022. Sweet, aromatic and flavorful - perfect addition to your favorite dish. Get yours now!

Wait, there's more! The first 100 orders get bonus LIVE farting bees!


Spring is here, and we're finally able to get in and see how the bees are doing! The queen is preparing for spring by laying lots of eggs, ensuring a robust workforce when everything blooms.

Top left: stored honey
Top right: brood (baby bees)

Photos from Messner Bee Farm's post 03/18/2022

More parade pics!

Photos from Messner Bee Farm's post 03/18/2022

We had a total blast yesterday, walking and riding in our first @kcirishparade! We loved seeing all your faces, and we are already looking forward to doing it again next year. πŸ’›πŸπŸ€πŸšŽπŸŽ‰


We are busy bees getting ready for the @kcirishparade! Come see us this Thursday!!

Song: Partition by Beyonce

Photos from Messner Bee Farm's post 03/04/2022

πŸš¨πŸ“£β­οΈWe are so proud to present our 2021 grant winner: @kcfarmschool_gibbsroad πŸš¨πŸ“£πŸŒŸ

Our goal is to contribute to pollinator support projects and education! They will be using the award for upcoming Ag Explorers programs with an estimated annual reach of 80 youth aged children, Jr. Growers with an estimated reach of 100 children ages 9-14, and the addition of field trips. They plan to educate an intended audience of 240 youth per year with newly developed bee lesson plans and new equipment!! πŸ’›πŸ

If you are interested in filling out a grant application please visit our website
Our next grant will be awarded February 2023!


On a warm day, when nothing is in bloom, the girls get pretty excited about a surprise sweet treat!

Photos from Messner Bee Farm's post 03/01/2022

73 degrees in KC today! It's a perfect day to paint some hives!


We are looking for someone with great fine motor skills, a steady hand and an eye for detail to help us make our beeswax products like lip balm, lip tint, candles and more! This job is for 25-35hrs a week and the days/times are flexible.

Please send your resume to [email protected], we'll send a complete job description and details to qualified applicants. In your email we'd also love to know if you have any experience hand making and/or doing repetitive tasks, even if it's not work related (perhaps you're an awesome knitter or build bird houses!)

If you have any specific questions about the job include that in your email, we are happy to answer them!


Beeatrix's original home is Georgia. This is her first snowy winter! I think white suits her...


SALE! 20% off everything online, today only! Use coupon code 'SNOWDAY'

What do the bees do on a snow day? The same thing humans do. They stay home and snuggle. Inside the hive, they snuggle so close that they form a ball. Then, they vibrate their flight muscles, which generates heat. The center of the ball can reach up to 95 degrees. Neat!

Photos from Messner Bee Farm's post 01/18/2022

SALE!! All individual Hand Salves and Lotions are 30% off with coupon code 'NOMOREDRYSKIN'

Milk and Honey Lotion: We think our lotion is the bee’s knees! It is a light, yet creamy rich moisturizer. Featuring soothing aloe, hydrating coconut oil and sweet almond oil, along with nourishing honey, vitamin E and neem oil! This natural formula absorbs deeply, leaving skin feeling soft, healthy, and rejuvenated. Massage generously into hands and body. Perfect for daily dry skin maintenance over the winter.

Royal Jelly Salve: Try our salve for extra dry problem areas! Made with local beeswax, royal jelly, moisturizing oils and butters. It's perfect for extra dry areas of your body like cuticles, elbows and feet - but can be used anywhere! Our favorite way to use it is to lather it on feet before bed and put on socks, when you wake up in the morning your feet will be oh-so-soft!

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Extracting honey is one of our favorite tasks! The smell of sweet honey is thick in the air, everything is sticky and we...
Buzz buzz!
Good morning ladies! Did you know the life expectancy of a worker bee (all female) changes depending on the time of year...




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