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Watchmen Security Services

Watchmen Security is full service provider of home and commercial Security Services serving the greater Kansas City area.

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Integrator of the Month: Watchmen Security Services 02/02/2022

Integrator of the Month: Watchmen Security Services

NEWS ALERT!!! Watchmen Security was picked as the integrator of the month by SSI!

Integrator of the Month: Watchmen Security Services Each month SSI highlights one of the security industry’s most progressive integrators that has attended the SSI Summit. This month is Watchmen Security Services.

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Watchmen Security Services was recognized for 3 different awards at the Brivo and Eagle Eye Networks annual summit! 2 Regional and 1 National Award!

Eagle Eye Cloud Video Surveillance System 10/19/2021

Eagle Eye Cloud Video Surveillance System

We are an Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo Certified Partner, the world leader in cloud video surveillance and controlled access systems. They offer an intelligent, modern video surveillance and controlled access system and are known for cybersecurity expertise and innovations. In collaboration with Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo, we provide a true cloud video surveillance and control access system that is accessible from anywhere and at any time on any mobile device.

Eagle Eye Cloud Video Surveillance System Cyber Secure Cloud Video Surveillance System with flexibility in your choice(s) of cameras and locations. Cloud-based video surveillance with Eagle Eye VMS.


We can SAVE you anywhere from 7%-25% on your monthly security budget.🤯💰

Contact us for a free consultation exclusively offered in July to find out more about your security savings.


We come with a guarantee. That guarantee is this ⬇️

We will make managing your security easier than it has EVER been before.

⬆️ Utilizing cutting edge technology and unparalleled customer service we make our client’s lives easier. We want to do the same for you! Schedule an appointment at today! 😊😍🥳

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Stay safe.

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Let’s talk. How can we help you run your business better? How can we help you protect your home?

Reach out!! We would love to help.


If you know someone this could help, tag them below.

We can take over your system and get you on a nicer software and even upgrade the quality of your system without replacing EVERYTHING!


Are you having theft issues or worried about keeping the things and people you love safe? Have you ever wondered if there was a different way then just videoing someone robbing you and hoping the police can use the footage? With cutting edge technology we can stop thieves in their tracks. Want to know more? Reach out to us at 816-744-8900 or you can connect with us at


When you’re tired of ringing the sales bell so much!! Way to go @watchmen_security team for another great day crushing it.

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With today’s technology did you know you can manage your properties from your phone?? 🤩🤔🤯 If you don’t know how it works, don’t sweat. That’s what we are for! Reach out to us today for a free demo.

#propertymanagement #buildingowner #phonecontrol #fromhome #stayhome

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Did you know our owner was on the cover of #esa as a industry young professional? We are proud of our visionary and leader!

Do you know anyone that would be interested in selling or installing security systems? We are looking for hungry, humble and teachable people to add to our fast-moving team!

If you know someone DM us.

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“Change isn’t always easy but change sometimes is just what you need.”

- @lukeingala

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Gotham City to Batman is what KC is to Watchmen. We love our city! We will do whatever it takes to make this city a safer place for our families. We are proud of what this beautiful city has accomplished and what this unstoppable city has in the future. If you love KC comment some hearts below! ❤️❤️🔥🔥😊😊

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Ownership and leadership comes down to getting out there in the grind with your crew! Love WSS technicians and their diligence and excellence.

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Truth! Be an opportunist. Make the most of everyday. #entrepreneur #owner #ownership #leadership

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Contact us for a free security consultation today for your home or business -

Do you have a security vendor horror story? We do. Should we share them? 👻👻👻

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Our roots run deep in KC. Learn something new about us.


Learn about our owner's family heritage. Lucas Ingala

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“You’re essential!” they said. “The world needs your services!” they said. “There is an international pandemic.” they said. “We can do it but we will comply.” we responded. “We will we do our #essential work but not at the sacrifice of international health.” we responded. “We will carry on with our lives but not at the cost of another’s.” we responded.


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Our owner @lukeingala shares why he started Watchmen Security Services. We want to serve you! Contact us at 816-744-8900 or visit our site at

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In our experience there are two types of people in a season like this.

1. People who put their dreams on hold because of the difficult times. They choose to stay in bed the extra two hours. They choose to forfeit their excellence to circumstance.

2. People who focus in on their goals. They keep the daily activities of success cranking every day. They still find people to serve, ways to improve their community and themselves.

In a time like this, we get to decide which person we are going to be. We are proud to say that Watchmen chooses to be a company full of focused winners. #security #leadership #focus #winners #coronavirus #leadershipdevelopment


5 Ways to Stay Secure During Quarantine.


4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Security Provider

1. Product and Technology
2. How Does It Work
3. Customer Service
4. Online Reviews

What do you look for?!?

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What do you look for in a good work environment? What elements make you love going to work everyday? 🤔🥳🤩😍 #community #smb #smallbusiness #security #accesscontrol #camera

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Here are the facts. Technology is TERRIFYING. It is changing everyday and is so hard to keep up with. Finding a tech expert you can trust can feel like an impossible feat because you simply don’t have the knowledge to challenge them. Trust is a beautiful and scary word but a foundational element to building life long relationships with customers and consultants. It is one of the building blocks of our organization and of a healthy economy. So take the risk. Be honest. Be open. People appreciate it and the universe will owe it back to you! ❤️✌🏻⭐️🗣 #honesty #goodbusiness #relationshipgoals #security #technology


Welcome to the Watchmen Security Family Stephen and the Wise Wealth team. If you are looking for financial services they are a great company to talk with.


When you work with a team that is confident in the company’s differentiators you get a team who lives and breathes the company’s culture. We are out to conquer the Midwest one excellent install at a time. #security #thebest #watchmen #alarm #accesscontrol #camerasurveillance #industryleaders #firealarm #yoursecurityourhappiness

Photos from Watchmen Security Services's post 02/19/2020

Photos from Watchmen Security Services's post

Photos from Watchmen Security Services's post 02/18/2020

Our clients can tell that we love our jobs because we serve them with a smile and with a positive attitude. 10/10 of our clients are grateful they didn’t go with the cheapest when our service team picks up the phone.

#servicenotproduct #customerservice #servewithpurpose #security #alarm #cameras #accesscontrol @ Kansas City, Missouri


Are you struggling to manage all the keys to all the buildings you are responsible for? Do you have consistent run ins with tenants getting locked out or losing their keys? It’s time to stop managing property like you’re stuck in the 90s. #burnthekeys #accesscontrol #security #tech #technology


SWAG GIVEAWAY RESULTS!!! Congrats @the_chriswright for winning the giveaway!!

Keep an eye out for more Watchmen Giveaways coming soon.

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Here is how you play:
1. Invite all your friends to like the Watchmen Security page.

2. Comment #done and your name will be entered into the giveaway pot.

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How to eliminate the disbelief and fully own your need for a system.

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Big day for WATCHMEN!! Our very own founder won a Dyson Vacuum! Some call it luck, we call it favor. Way to go @lukeingala #technology #vacuum #dysonvacuum #tech #cleaning

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