Harp Barbecue

Harp Barbecue


What kind of tacos tonight?
Tyler!!! Standing in line with my guy who is ready to try the best brisket in KC! He’s also the KC Chiefs 2021 Fan of The Year!
Bang-up Jobs episode 11 is up! This month, Adam sits down with Tyler Harp of Harp Barbecue. Tyler is an incredibly talented master of all things fire and smoke, and he discusses the physical and financial challenges of competing (and succeeding) in the crowded KC BBQ scene.
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Sen and I went to Kansas City, Missouri for a few days last month. He went for the Kansas City Chef vs Los Angeles Chargers game and I went to check out the city and its food (BBQ) 😋

We tried a couple of BBQ places and enjoyed Harp Barbecue the most.

We got Brisket, Sliced Pork Belly, Jerk Chicken & Rice, Watermelon Weiss Pork Belly and some sides. I enjoyed the Brisket and Sliced Pork the most, very soft and melts in your mouth (this is a 4 people portion!)

They only open on Friday and Saturdays. We went about 30 mins before they open to get in the front of the line just to make sure we can try all the BBQ we wanted to!

Once the doors open, they take us to the back of Crane Brewing Company, kind of like a speakeasy? Once we got the food, we walked back out to the front of the Brewery and got some beer to go with our BBQ, perfect Saturday!
Calling all BBQ experts. Agree or disagree? Here are the top 3.

No. 1: Harp Barbecue
No. 2: Chef J BBQ
No. 3: Jones BBQ
Wasn't the website setup for online ordering?
BBQ is family! Great job Harp Barbecue on our first KC Craft BBQ Festival. It was a delight to participate with so many talented chef’s & pit masters. Pushing the boundary of “BBQ” to elite status! It was great to meet everyone who attended the Harp Fest and we can’t wait to do it with you again!
We had the pleasure of attending the Harp BBQ Fest this past Saturday here on The Independence Square! There were 15+ pit masters serving up unique and delicious recipes! Everything was so good, you had to try each stop twice, we had to be rolled out! Thank you Harp Barbecue for putting on an amazing event! If you missed it this year, you won’t want to miss it next year!
It’s on! Harp Barbecue festival! We LOVE doin stuff like this!
Happy Friday!!

We are super excited for our Double Release tonight!

*Lotus Dragon, IPA brewed in Collaboration with our friends at Casual Animal featuring Lotus & Styrian Dragon hops.

*Passionfruit Phaze - Our first Phaze Variant featuring the addition of Passion Fruit and then Dry-Hopped with Vic Secret Hops.

Plus, of course, incredible food from Wilma's Good Food and Harp Barbecue! Be sure to follow them both to stay up to date on specials!

See y'all tonight! Thanks, Everyone!
Harp Barbecue is putting on a BBQ festival with a bunch of awesome BBQ joints on Saturday July 17th. Tickets go on sale THIS WEDNESDAY. See the details and how to buy tickets here:

AWESOME looking food. Can't wait to get back to KC and Crane Brewing Company and try it. Also...kinda off topic, but I was wondering if you know of anyone that makes pimento cheese! Can't remember where it was, but I tasted a test batch in KC yesterday and it was AMAZING (seriously). I.m sure you could do some thing similar, lol!

Currently preorder only Saturdays 10-2:00 at Crane Brewing

Operating as usual


Veganism never was for us 🔥🐂🐖


Doors open at 11:00. Don’t forget dessert. 🔥😎


Blueberry white cheddar links on the board this weekend 🔥🐂


First slices of the day look okay. Doors open at 11:00. 💦


Jalapeño cheddar links on the board this weekend. Tacos at 5:00 full menu tomorrow at 11:00.


Whole briskets available for Saturday preorder through our website. 🔥🐂


Down here on the west side at Alma Mader. It’s a beautiful day to get out! We’ll be here till it’s gone!!


Slicing at 11:00.


Lots of food this weekend and three chances to get it!

Taco night tonight 5:00-7:00
Barbecue Saturday at 11:00 Crane Brewing Company
Barbecue Sunday at 1:00 @ Alma Mader Brewing in the crossroads


Lots of food this weekend and three chances to get it!

Taco night tonight 5:00-7:00
Barbecue Saturday at 11:00 Crane Brewing Company
Barbecue Sunday at 1:00 @ Alma Mader Brewing in the crossroads


This weeks schedule:
Friday night tacos 5:00-sellout @ crane
Barbecue Saturday 11:00-sellout @ crane
Barbecue Sunday 1:00-sellout @ Alma Mader Brewing


Reminder that we are closed this weekend to raise money for a good cause. If you’d like to help raise money for pediatric brain cancer the link will be posted on the comment.


We will be closed this weekend 4/1-4/2 as we are heading to New Orleans to raise money for families of children with pediatric brain cancer! If you would like to donate, the link will be posted in the comments!


Fresh garlic and black pepper links on the board. Service starts at 11:00! 🔥🐂


Smoked chicken verde on the board for taco night at 5:00. Full barbecue menu tomorrow at 11:00. 🔥🐂🐖


Episode three is up! Lots of good stuff in here about what’s currently happening as well as future plans at Crane Brewing Company!


Jalapeño cheddar links on the board today! Full menu at 11:00! 🔥🐂


The weather is miserable, so no taco night tonight. But we will have the goods tomorrow. Pastrami and OG Jalapeño cheddar sausage on the board! 🔥🐂🐖


Got the goods today. Pastrami here until it isn’t. Come see us. 🔥🐂


Here’s a photo to keep your soul warm until you can come and get it Saturday. First come first served only.


Letssss goooo!


Because barbecue road trips are probably more interesting than what you’re currently doing at work. 🔥🐂🐖


Come celebrate the beginning of spring with us! 🌞😎We start slicing at 11:30 today! Plenty of beer and coffee to go around as well.


Taco night tonight at 5:00.

Slight schedule change this week as we will be opening tomorrow at 11:30. Seating will also be limited. Can’t Wait.


Smoked chicken verde on special today. Coffee Shop is already open. Beer and barbecue at 11:00.


Brisket, pork and chicken verde tacos tonight.
Full menu tomorrow at 11:00.


90 minutes to slicing.


Taco night tonight at 5:00
Full menu tomorrow at 11:00


Jalapeño habanero cheddar beef links on the board today. These will go fast. Slicing begins at 11:00.


Y’all sleep on taco night 😴😴

Kansas City Needs a BBQ Renaissance 02/03/2022

Kansas City Needs a BBQ Renaissance

We would argue the renaissance has already begun. What do you think?


Kansas City Needs a BBQ Renaissance Texas has it beat when it comes to beef-based barbecue. But a few upstart pitmasters are hoping to change KC's reputation.


Taco tonight at 5:00.
Full barbecue menu tomorrow at 11:00
Crane Brewing Company


Hi-C Orange lava burst pork belly on the board Saturday!


Chicken verde boudin on the board Saturday!


Taco night every Friday at 5:00
Full barbecue menu every Saturday at 11:00

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Some days it be like that. Burnt end sando from our collaboration at Westport cafe last night. 🔥🧀🐂
Don’t be mad at us if they’re gone when you get here. We cooked as many as we could. #showuplateloseweight



6515 Railroad St,
Raytown, MO

Opening Hours

11am - 2pm

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