Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society

Our mission is to preserve our local history and be an educational resource for the community. Mary’s Church at Lost Lake.

The Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society was formed in 2001 by concerned area residents seeking to preserve the old St. The church now houses a local history museum with a wide variety of exhibits, including extensive information on area one-room schools, cheese factory and farming history, military uniforms, many photos, and Randolph Fire Department history. Additional exhibits include a 10’ x


Well now, this looks like we had a snowstorm! ❄️❄️❄️

Location is the corner of Hwy P and Hwy 73.

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 01/26/2023

The Graafsma Ford building was taken down last year. Here’s a photo of Frank, the past owner. I’m sure many folks will remember him. 🚗🚙🛻🚙


Did y‘all go ice skating?! ⛸️⛸️

Article is from January, 1966.



Someone had requested a photo of the bandstand, if you look on the bottom right photo you can see it!

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 01/15/2023

Probably a typical Saturday night in Randolph at Streich’s! This later became Feil’s Supper Club according to the notes with the photos.

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 01/13/2023

Ever wonder about the first settlers of Randolph?

Did you know Randolph was once known as Converseville?

Here is a short interesting story about John Converse, his wife Azubah, and daughter Jessie.

Jessie was quite the artist. Her beautiful cup and saucer that she hand painted is actually on display at the Historical Society! I hope you come out and see our many wonderful historical displays when we re-open again this spring!


Love this Birds Eye View postcard!

Check out all the wide open spaces on the upper left and also the little store that is right next to the alley and current Budh gas station!!


An interesting story!

Ho Chunk Chief "Dandy" 1867
Ho Chunk Chief Dandy was a frequent figure in the early history of Dodge County. He was known to reside from time to time at Fox Lake and on the Horicon Marsh. The following story comes from the archives of the WHS.
A Stranger Comes and Goes
Years later, when he was a fugitive in Wisconsin, Chief Dandy made a profound impression on the first settlers of Dartford, on Green Lake. "One midsummer day in 1842," recalled Richard Dart in the Society's "Proceedings" for 1909, "while we were eating dinner, there was a rap at the door, which we opened. There stood a stalwart, richly-dressed Indian whom we did not know. He had no gun, his only weapon being a long lance whose shaft was decorated with three white eagle feathers, tied on with deer sinew. It was the symbol of his rank, but we did not know this. We shook hands, and he asked whether we could give him some dinner. We welcomed him to our modest feast, as we usually did such callers, and found that he talked English quite as well as we did.

"After eating, he said: 'I'm astonished to find you here. No white man was ever seen here before. I wonder that you are alone. I shouldn't have found you now; only, as I passed up the trail (from Green Bay to Portage) I saw a wagon-track crossing it and coming this way. This excited my curiosity. I followed it, and found your house.' He asked many intelligent questions, and we also questioned him. He said that he would like to have a long talk with us, but must go, for he had to reach Portage that night. We thought it useless for him to try to do so, and vainly urged him to stay. While we saw him to be very intelligent and bright, he had not told us who he was.

'How much shall I pay for my dinner?' he asked. 'Nothing. You are welcome. 'But,' he replied, 'I always pay for my dinner.' We still declined anything, whereupon he took out a fine buckskin pouch, well-filled with shining half-dollars—thirty or so, I should think. Taking one out and playing with it for a few minutes, he then tossed it to my little sister. 'I don't want to be bragging of who I am,' he said on leaving; 'but you have treated me kindly, and it is fair for you to know that I am Dandy, chief of the Winnebago, I thank you!'
Ho Chunk Chief Dandy
Dandy was a frequent visitor to Dodge County WI. Especially the Fox Lake and Horicon Marsh areas.
Below is an interesting story from the archives of the WHS.
A Stranger Comes
"It was the first and last time that we ever saw him. He started back toward the trail, and soon passed out of sight. He was a splendid fellow, and it seems had, at the risk of his life, come back on a secret visit from the reservation at Turkey River, Iowa, to transact business for his tribe at Green Bay."


I’m betting the DeVries family transported many gallons of milk over the years! 🥛🐄

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 01/01/2023

Happy New Year from the Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society!

Please enjoy these New Years babies from times past!

Wish they still had this contest!


A rare look inside of King’s Spa in downtown Randolph! 🍺🥃🍷

Anyone else remember the snake plants in the window? The ones I remember were much larger!!


Merry Christmas from the Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society!

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 12/23/2022

It looks like they had a lot more snow than we did today in this first photo from long, long ago!

I love that little detail along the top of the building on the left! And that it’s still there today. The building on the left is R.B. Thomas Jewelry and L. Earl Thomas Optometrist.

Fun fact- a jewelry case from this jewelry store is being used out at the museum for a display!


A pretty little night scene of Randolph. No cars here yet, still the horse and buggies!


A tradition of holidays past was businesses giving small gifts to their customers. This gift was a picture, with a thermometer from the Randolph Feed Mill!


This is how they did Christmas in the early ‘60’s in Randolph! 🎅🏻🎄


Here’s the front page of The Randolph Advance from 80 years ago!

Basketball games, church services, ration books and a free other interesting news tidbits!


The note with the photo said it is the Blochwitz Women’s Store and the Sasada Men’s Store!

Anyone have an idea where this was located?


60 years ago tomorrow!📓🚌✏️📚🚀

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 11/27/2022

An aerial photo of Lost Lake donated by John Biel. This is on display at the Historical Society.


Happy Thanksgiving from the Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society!

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 11/21/2022

In the first photo an old time scene of a steam engine rolling through Randolph. Fast forward to last Sunday when a steam engine rolled though Randolph (second photo). Photo credit to Wayne Sherwood!


Just want to give a shout out to all the wonderful businesses that donated to last weeks Soup Supper! We served approximately 250 people. Without your support, it wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks for helping preserve local history!

Mark’s Market, Rio
Jung’s Seed Co, Randolph
Smedema Trucking, Fox Lake
Feil’s Supper Club, Randolph
Randolph VFW
Americinn, Beaver Dam
Fred’s Service Center, Randolph
Moe’s Cafe, Randolph
a & b Fitness Concepts, Randolph
YMCA, Beaver Dam
Recheck’s Food Pride, Beaver Dam
Culver’s, Beaver Dam
Leroy Meats and Catering, Fox Lake
Leder’s Pub, Randolph
Griswold Automotive, Beaver Dam
Piggly Wiggly, Randolph
Ultimart Citgo, Randolph
National Exchange Bank, Randolph
T’s Cup and Cream, Randolph
Farmers & Merchants Union Bank, Columbus
Subway, Randolph
Bowl a vard, Madison
Fleet Farm, Beaver Dam
Otter’s Inn, Randolph
Mugshotz Sports Bar, Randolph
Mickelson Feed Co, Fall River
LL Blacksmith, Beaver Dam


Here’s an oldie! This building is shown as a gas station! I believe a gas station was its original use.

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 11/13/2022

Whew! What a great night! So many thanks to everyone who came out tonight to the chili supper! It is so appreciated!

Thanks to all the supporting businesses and to all the wonderful volunteers! This event wouldn’t be possible without your help and support!

Enjoy a few photos from this evening!


Happy Veterans Day from the Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society!

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 11/06/2022

A fun re-creation photo for this rainy, windy Saturday evening! Williams Street was originally called Residence Street. The houses have changed slightly, with the front porches becoming enclosed. The street appears to stop and not continue on to Hwy P at the time the photo was taken.


Interesting, very old photo. The note with it said this business was located where Dutch American Foods is located now and that it was owned by the Chapman family?!

Anyone remember this?

Don’t forget the soup supper coming up on November 12, 4-7 pm! Super yummy homemade food!


Anyone else miss that little, local weekly paper?! It always arrived in the mail on Thursday’s. 😀🗞.

I thought everyone might enjoy the front page from The Advance of 63 years ago!

Please don’t forget our upcoming chili and potato soup supper on Saturday, November 12, 4-7 pm! There is also a HUGE silent auction with approximately 100 baskets to bid on! You can also look around the museum while you are here eating and shopping!


Don’t forget about this event coming up in less than 3 weeks!

Our building (the old St. Mary’s church in Lost Lake) is in need of extensive repairs to the outside of the building!

It is our main fundraiser for the entire year! The silent auction is HUGE, with many wonderful donations from local individuals and businesses!

….. And the food is all HOMEMADE!

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 10/22/2022

As the current Randolph Lady Rockets continue on their tournament journey tonight, enjoy a few pics of the first ever Lady Rockets Volleyball team of 1975! 🏐🏐🏐

Good luck, ladies!


Here’s a cute photo of all the Randolph twins at the time! Not sure of the date, though. I’ve included the note that was with the photo of their names.

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 10/15/2022

Did you know it was fire prevention week?

Thanks to the Randolph Fire Department for keeping us safe all these many years! 🚒🧯👨🏼‍🚒


Everyone loves a re-creation photo, right?!

Bottom is September 2021, top photo-any guesses?

Just a reminder, one month from today, Saturday November 12, 4-7 pm is the Historical Society Chili and Potato Soup Supper! 🍜There is also a huge silent auction! Please see the event tab on our page for more information! The Historical Society building needs extensive repairs on the outside! So, we are hoping for a large turnout! Thanks!


Another grocery store from days gone by!

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 10/06/2022

Check out this very old fire department photo! 🚒

Also, the 2022 Randolph Fire Department is having an awesome Pancake & Waffle Breakfast on Saturday morning!

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 10/02/2022

Last of the homecoming pics to end the week! This one is 1987! Please tag your friends if you recognize them.

Also, the museum is open tomorrow, Sunday October 2, from 1-4 pm! Come and take a look!

Photos from Lost Lake Randolph Historical Society's post 09/30/2022

Tonight we have the 1958 homecoming photos! Things were a little different back then. The game 🚀 was played in the park, the dance was held in the gym at the old school and there was a bon fire! 🔥


It’s homecoming this week in Randolph! Check out this photo from Homecoming 1973 🚀Please tag your friends if you recognize them in the photo!

Watch this space for more homecoming photos this week!


St. Gabriel’s in Randolph many years ago!

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One week from today folks! There’s still time to be a vendor! #lostlakerandolphhistoricalsociety



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