Tesla 1 Way

Tesla1way is the Clean Air Rideshare. Just like Uber&Lyft without the pollution or oil dependency Co Oh and in a Tesla!

Clean Air Transportation in Tesla Vehicles for less than a Taxi. Quality Cars and Friendly Drivers all without polluting the Air.

cleanairrideshare.com 03/27/2019

Airport Transportation, Tesla Limo, Airport Shuttle, Tesla Wine Tours

cleanairrideshare.com Tesla Wine Tours, Airport Transportation, Airport Shuttle, Airport Limo, Weddings, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Party, Concerts, Special Events


Clean Air Ride Share

Tesla 1 Way is now Clean Air Ride Share. Find experienced drivers, quality emission free vehicles and schedule your ride in advance with professional companies! #

Your ride has just been made simple with the new CARS app. Download it now, to book a ride with us, or many other professional transportation companies that use emission free vehicles!


1 Way Tesla

Really? Really? It's not that much more to have a professional service pick you up! Support your local small business!

dallasnews.com 04/23/2018

Uber driver arrested after police say he molested woman outside Hutchins gas station

How much do you really save over a licensed transportation company? Is it really worth the risk?

dallasnews.com Authorities in Hutchins are looking for an Uber driver accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger this week.Hutchins police obtained an...

cleanairrideshare.com 03/15/2018

2016 Model X 90D for sale (as seen on “LIKE TESLA”) - Clean Air Ride Share

Clean Air Ride Share just added this new Model X. What a great deal, check it out!! Remember our affiliate C.A.R.S. is the only place you can Experience a Tesla with Chauffeured get a ride service, Try by renting a Tesla then Buy a Tesla, it is the only one stop Tesla Experience!

cleanairrideshare.com This car has been babied since day one, full body paint protection (by one of the top detailers in the country and of course documented on the youtube channel).Rarely charged over 80%, rarely Supercharged, non smoker, no pets, tires are relatively new (About 60% tread life left on three and 90% trea...


Clean Air Ride Share

Looking to own a Tesla? Well now you can, our affiliate CARS has one for only $67,000. Includes free charging for life and 8 year unlimited mile warranty on Batter and motor. Truly Amazing! Please check out the link below or go to www.CleanAirRideShare.com the one stop for EV Chauffeured Services, EV Rentals and EV Cars for Sale

CARS is proud to announce we have another beautiful Model S for Sale. The beautiful Blue Model S 90D comes with all wheel drive Grey Leather Seats and a 8 year Unlimited mile Warranty for the battery and Motor. For more info click on the link or go to www.CleanAirRideShare.com your one stop for EV Chauffeured Transportation Services, EV Rentals and EV Cars for Sale!


Clean Air Ride Share

Looking for a Tesla? Check out this one just listed at www.CleanAirRideShare.com Its a great deal get it while you have a chance!

Clean Air Ride Share is proud to announce we have another Car for Sale! if you care about the environment and want to save money on Gas, oil changes, tune ups and brakes, check out this beautiful 2015 All wheel, all electric Tesla S 70 D for only $64,995. with only 24,000 miles


New console for Tesla now lets you watch movie on tablet, charge phone. extra storage and hold cups and water.


Clean Air Ride Share

Air quality is getting worse around the world! The more vehicles the more smog, you can now ride your part at www.CleanAirRideShare.com And don't forget to download the Tesla1Way app today for your Free Ride Credit. Don't forget you must download before launch or you will lose your Free Ride Credit! When getting a ride, renting a car or buying a car, make a conscious decision get a vehicle that doesn't pollute the air and uses emission free vehicles.

Air quality is getting worse around the world! The more vehicles the more smog, you can now ride your part at www.CleanAirRideShare.com When getting a ride, renting a car or buying a car, make a conscious decision get a vehicle that doesn't pollute the air and uses emission free vehicles.


Traveling on Sunday but don't want to miss the game? NFL Sunday Ticket now available in select cars!


1 Way Tesla

Got Luggage? Maybe a companion that like's to think they're moving and not going on vacation? Well worry, no more! 1 Way Tesla can fit 3 Large and 3 small along with a back pack! Oh, and no extra charge for luggage.


1 Way Tesla

Has anyone seen 1 Way Tesla's P85? If so notify us immediately. After the chauffeur took this picture of Magic Mike from Merovingian's Magic Shop in Witchita KS. at Murphy's Magic Supplies in Rancho Cordova, he turned around and the car was no longer there. Anyone who see's the car will be given a $25 ride credit. Thanks for your help.

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MX Transportation

Visiting LA? Try MX Transportation with a variety of High End vehicles to get you where you want to go and Tesla vehicles to get you there in style without polluting the air! Please visit www.mxtransportation.com for more info



Yes its OK to bring mans best friend. Just make sure he/she is in the appropriate carrier.


1 Way Tesla

You now have a choice. Clean Air Ride Share or Not?

You now have a choice. Clean Air Transportation or Not?


1 Way Tesla

Some people know how to enjoy Prom, Senior Ball without polluting the air! Be prepared Graduation coming soon!


School night out!


Can anyone say Prom? Pictures courtesy affiliate 1 Way Tesla in Sacramento.


City to City Travel in Semi-Autonomous Electric Vehicles

Tesla 1 Way's Clean Air Ride Share affiliate of the week is Tesloop. Need to get to Las Vegas or Palm Springs from LA or OC and back? Try Tesloop, they are affordable, fast and fun! On top of it all, they will get you there without polluting the air. For more info go to www.tesloop.com and ride your way to a cleaner brighter future!

tesloop.com City to City Travel in Semi-Autonomous Electric Vehicles

teslanapawinetours.com 04/08/2017

TeslaTours - Napa Wine Tours - Premier Wine Tours

Anxious to Ride in a Tesla? Download the App and register today to receive a free ride. All registered before launch will receive a FREE ride credit. In the meantime check out our Clean Air Ride Share company of the week. T3 Tesla Tours in Napa, CA offers some great Clean Air Wine Tours! http://www.teslanapawinetours.com/

teslanapawinetours.com TeslaTours is an experienced Wine Tours and Transportation service provider in Napa Valley, California.



youtube.com 03/10/2017

TESLA1WAY Clean Air Ride Share

youtube.com Don't get caught up in those cheap ride share apps. Know what your gonna get with Tesla1Way! Quality Cars, Drivers and Standards! Ride your part with the Cle...

1waytesla.com 03/10/2017



1waytesla.com 1WayTesla is the First Clean Air Transportation service in Sacramento, offering Executive Black Car service using Tesla vehicles. We offer flat rates to Sacramento Airport, San Jose Airport and San Francisco Airport. We also provide Hourly Rates, Wine Tours, Private Charters, and Special Event servi...

youtube.com 03/09/2017

13 Year-Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free Energy Device for Under $15

Free Electricity Coming Soon?

youtube.com Inspired by the works of Nikola Tesla, a 13-year-old kid has again proven that useable electricity can be harvested from the atmosphere all around us. Learn ...


Our affiliate 1wayTesla is proud to be sponsoring Sacramento Fashion Week! You can have 20% off your first ride tonight! Have fun and let us give you a clean and elegant ride. Check out our website www.1waytesla.com and download our app at www.tesla1way.com

linkedin.com 02/16/2017

Lessons in Creativity and Innovation from the Mad Scientist Named Tesla

linkedin.com He went bankrupt, worked as a ditch digger, suffered a nervous breakdown - and in later years, became insane, claiming he was in contact with aliens

greencarreports.com 02/05/2017

Even top German minister for environment prefers Tesla

Tesla now Preferred all around the World!

greencarreports.com Government officials in Germany seeking to express national pride in their choice of vehicle have no shortage of options. The established German luxury brands offer many models that frequently serve in the capacity of official vehicle for an elected official. Indeed, given Germany's considerable...

lctmag.com 01/24/2017

Tesla Model S: The First Driverless Armored Vehicle?

Coming Soon? Even safer Ride?

lctmag.com The electric vehicle company is looking to break records in safety and autonomous driving capabilities.


January 14, 2017


Khary Payton Khary Payton might be walking dead on TV but in real life he's living large with his friends riding in Tesla1way vehicles, The Ultimate in Clean Air RideShare. Victoria Atkin www.victoriaatkin.com Paul Amos The Walking Dead


Happy New Year to You! may every day of the new year glow with god cheer, health and happiness for you and your family!


The future is just around the corner


Tesla 1 Way


Wishing you a great holiday season with peace and happiness following you throughout the coming new year our profound gratitude for your trust in our service. Happy Holidays!

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The future is just around the corner



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