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1 Way Tesla provides quality transportation throughout the greater Sacramento area. With quality emission free Tesla vehicles and quality drivers!

Clean Air Transportation in Tesla Vehicles for less than a Taxi. Quality Cars and Friendly Drivers all without polluting the Air. Oh and in a Tesla!

usatoday.com 11/04/2019

Back-seat passengers in Uber, Lyft, ride-hailing vehicles face germs, safety risks

Concerned about Germs? Fear not with 1 Way Tesla. 1 Way now uses the top of line air filtration system to eliminate and destroy bacteria, molds and germs in the air and on the surface of all reachable ares in our vehicles, to insure your safety and comfort while traveling.

usatoday.com Rising awareness about the dangers of sitting in the back seat could give you pause the next time your Uber or Lyft rolls up to the curb.

today.com 09/02/2019

Uber driver accused of trying to kidnap 15-year-old girl

today.com Investigators say Sean Williams, a 32-year-old Uber driver, tried to kidnap a 15-year-old girl after picking her up from a birthday party in Long Island last month. Williams now faces charges after the teen managed to escape and call police. NBC’s Morgan Radford reports for TODAY.

search.google.com 07/18/2019

1 Way Tesla on Google

Weekday Wine Tour Special! SAVE 30% Now! Enjoy the comfort and luxury of our Mercedez Luxury Sprinter while you take in the sites and sip wine! Available for

search.google.com Enjoy the luxury of our Mercedes ExecuVan or Mercedes LuxLimo and receive 30% of our normal rate. Call 916-672-1929 Now

abc11.com 05/16/2019

Rideshare cars 35,000 times more germy than a toilet seat, study finds

Well I guess you can pay a $1 a mile to ride on a toilet seat? Or you can hire a professional transportation company to get you where you need to go in comfort, style and Clean!

abc11.com The next time you hail a rideshare car, you might want to grab some hand sanitizer.

globalnews.ca 04/16/2019

Uber driver drops customer off at airport, then returns to rider’s home to rob it | Watch News Videos Online


globalnews.ca Watch Uber driver drops customer off at airport, then returns to rider’s home to rob it Video Online, on GlobalNews.ca

cleantechnica.com 04/13/2019

New Zero Emission Limo Service Offers a Safer, Greener Ride

cleantechnica.com CARS app takes on ride share giants in California with environmentally-friendly, luxury ride service

nbcbayarea.com 04/08/2019

Calls to Protect Rideshare Users From Fraudulent Drivers

Do you know who your getting in the car with??

nbcbayarea.com A state lawmaker is demanding answers from the California Public Utilities Commission after the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit exposed a scheme that allows unlicensed drivers and even criminals to pick...

nbcbayarea.com 02/18/2019

Authorities Struggle to Catch Fraudulent Uber, Lyft Drivers

nbcbayarea.com An NBC Bay Area investigation has exposed that drivers continue to create accounts with stolen information and rent them out to anyone willing to pay. It started with a Lyft account and recently NBC Bay Area was...


Please welcome 1 Way Tesla”s newest vehicle. Fits up to 6 passengers and doesn’t pollute the air!


Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Oppelstrup!

iol.co.za 11/05/2018

Suspected Uber driver nabbed in high speed chase with police | Independent on Saturday

Will it ever end?

iol.co.za Police said the suspect - who was wanted for murder - tried to flee the scene on foot but a police dog caught up with him.

sacbee.com 09/28/2018

Sacramento airport shuts 1,500 parking spaces. Here’s what travelers need to know.

Leave the hassle to us! Call 1 Way Tesla for all your airport needs! Avoid trying to find a parking space and relax on the way to the airport in a luxurious Tesla! Special Airport Rates now available, just mention Sac Airport Parking and receive a 10% discount.

sacbee.com Paving work will shut 1,500 spaces in the economy parking lot at Sacramento International Airport for several months, Sacramento County airport officials said. The airport will open an overflow lot on a rolling basis.


Self-Driving Uber Taxi Hits, Kills Pedestrian Crossing The Street

Your future in transportation?? We prefer human drivers at 1 Way Tesla!

CBS Miami's Kris Van Cleave reports on a driverless Uber car hitting and killing a pedestrian in Arizona.

abc7news.com 08/27/2018

Oakland woman says she escaped Lyft driver who was taking her in opposite direction

abc7news.com "It became a fight or flight situation," said Brittney Sundquist about a Lyft ride she took. "I was no longer in control and it was a situation that I needed to quickly escape from."

washingtonpost.com 08/14/2018

Uber driver convicted of raping female passenger, faces 20 years in prison

Uber at it again! Take a service you can trust! 1 Way Tesla is committed to excellence!

washingtonpost.com In a 911 call, she asked for police help: ‘I don’t know how I woke up here. I don’t know.’

linkedin.com 07/24/2018

Clean Air Ride Share, the conscience choice for Professionals!

Your ride has just been made simple with 1 Way Tesla on the new CARS app. Download it now, to book a ride with us, or many other professional transportation companies that use emission free vehicles!

linkedin.com Its here! No more need to worry about Uber or Lyft drivers following you home or freaking you out! No more, disgusting cars or air polluting vehicles!

people.com 06/28/2018

At Least 103 Uber Drivers Have Been Accused of Sexual Assault or Abuse: Report

Uber again, try our new app. Experienced drivers, quality cars and professional companies working together to give you a safe experience! All at an affordable price. Check out our app on IOS and Google Play, clean air ride share and enjoy the experience don't fear it!

people.com The ride sharing company Uber has faced several lawsuits and legal cases over sexual assaults allegedly carried out by their drivers

fash.com 06/27/2018



wgntv.com 06/19/2018

Wrong-way motorist, Lyft driver charged with DUIs in crash that killed passenger

This just in, more from Uber and Lyft! When will people learn? There are good alternatives to Uber and Lyft now that are still affordable, just not so cheap, they recruit these types of problems!

wgntv.com CHICAGO – Both a Lyft driver and the motorist who hit them head-on have been charged with driving under the influence in a crash that killed a passenger in the Lyft in Logan Square on Friday. The cars collided when a Toyota crossed over the center line and hit the Lyft head-on, killing a passenger...

gizmodo.com 05/29/2018

Uber Driver Arrested With Passengers in His Car on Outstanding Attempted Rape Warrant

Really? Really? It's not that much more to have a professional service pick you up! Support your local small business!

gizmodo.com An Uber driver was arrested by authorities outside Atlanta after a license plate check revealed he had a litany of outstanding warrants. Those charges included two counts of attempted rape, two counts of sexual battery, and three counts of aggravated burglary.

Special Occasion 05/20/2018

No matter what the occasion, 1 Way Tesla has you covered~

thespec.com 05/15/2018

‘I was afraid I was going to be raped': Lyft driver charged with sex assault of teen

Don't live in fear! There are other option to a cheap ride share app, 1 Way Tesla!

thespec.com ‘I was afraid I was going to be raped,’ Hamilton teen says


Its here, by popular demand! We tried our hardest to get a large group emission free vehicle to accommodate you but could not. Fortunately with the extra passengers, we will still help off set emissions. Plus with the most luxurious limo in Northern California, it will make the ride worth it!


There is now room for two loves at your wedding! Your companion and your planet!


Clean Air Ride Share

Anyone looking for a new Tesla? Check out this beautiful Model S! What a steal, includes free supercharging, upgraded rims, leather and Autopilot! Go to www.CleanAirRideShare.com to learn more.

Why get a Tesla Model 3 when you can get this Beautiful 2016 Model S with upgrades and free supercharging for about the same cost? Includes 8 year unlimited mile warranty, upgraded rims, leather and autopilot. It doesn't get any nicer than this! Go to www.CleanAirRideShare.com to find out more.

9news.com 04/23/2018

Denver professor: Uber driver ‘wouldn’t unlock the doors’

Passengers Beware! Why a professional, licensed, transportation company is the option to choose! With 1 Way Tesla it is not too much more, but the service and confidence is!

9news.com In a series of tweets, law professor Nancy Leong described being trapped by an Uber driver, who was supposed to be driving her to Denver International Airport. It is unclear whether police will investigate the alleged incident.


Great event today at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Napa! If you have a special event or occasion and would like to impress your guest, with the largest fleet of Tesla's available, in the Norther Cal area, contact us at www.1waytesla.com we would love to accommodate you!


Clean Air Ride Share

Clean Air Ride Share just added this new Model X. What a great deal! Remember our affiliate C.A.R.S. is the only place you can Experience a Tesla with Chauffeured get a ride service, Try by renting a Tesla then Buy a Tesla, it is the only one stop Tesla Experience!

OMG! Check out this beautiful 2016 Tesla Model X! Well maintained premium white interior. All the bells and whistles, with free charging for life! Only $77,500 If you always wanted a Tesla, here is the chance of a lifetime! There is no better deal on a Model X anywhere!


Clean Air Ride Share

Looking to own a Tesla? Well now you can, our affiliate CARS has one for only $67,000. Includes free charging for life and 8 year unlimited mile warranty on Batter and motor. Truly Amazing! Please check out the link below or go to www.CleanAirRideShare.com the one stop for EV Chauffeured Services, EV Rentals and EV Cars for Sale

CARS is proud to announce we have another beautiful Model S for Sale. The beautiful Blue Model S 90D comes with all wheel drive Grey Leather Seats and a 8 year Unlimited mile Warranty for the battery and Motor. For more info click on the link or go to www.CleanAirRideShare.com your one stop for EV Chauffeured Transportation Services, EV Rentals and EV Cars for Sale!


Clean Air Ride Share

EV Etiquette. Please don't be like this person! I know it's the holidays and parking is hard to find but show respect for others who need to charge.

newsinfo.inquirer.net 11/04/2017

Number of Uber, Grab vehicles shocks LTFRB

Air quality is getting worse around the world! The more vehicles the more smog, you can now ride your part at www.CleanAirRideShare.com When getting a ride, renting a car or buying a car, make a conscious decision get a vehicle that doesn't pollute the air and uses emission free vehicles.

newsinfo.inquirer.net Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) chair Martin Delgra III on Wednesday said he is "shocked" to learn of the number of Uber and Grab vehicles plying the roads of Metro Manila which the transportation network vehicle services (TNVS) companies earlier did not reveal.


Special Thanks to Molly and Stan (1 Way Tesla Client) for sharing their picture of the Nicola Tesla monument in Zagreb Croatia! It's a shame it took this brilliant man so long to get the recognition he deserves!


Going to Lake Tahoe? Now you can, in style and comfort and wit...

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Please welcome 1 Way Tesla”s newest vehicle.  Fits up to 6 passengers and doesn’t pollute the air! #teslalimo #saclimo
Going to Lake Tahoe? Now you can, in style and comfort and wit...

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Tesla1way is the Clean Air Rideshare. Just like Uber&Lyft without the pollution or oil dependency Combined with quality cars& drivers, there is no better!

Tesla 1 Way Tesla 1 Way
Rancho Cordova, 95742

Tesla1way is the Clean Air Rideshare. Just like Uber&Lyft without the pollution or oil dependency Combined with quality cars& drivers, there is no better!

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Taxi and Airport Transportation. Seniors and Military get 15% off metered rates. Located in the Rancho Cordova/Rosemont area of Sacramento.