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We purchased an assortment of laying hens last sunday and they‘re doing great! We were so impressed with the staff and assortment of farm and garden supplies we will be back! My hens are growing fast and I can’t wait to see their first eggs. thank you Anoka Ramsey Farm and Garden😊
This dog is missing in your area. Please check out buildings, window wells, and cameras for a sight of this girl. Pass this flyer to friends , neighbors, and co workers so we can bring her home.
Can anyone tell me what kind of chickens these are?
Do you have any new chicks?
Missing in your area. Please share!
Do yourself a favor get yourself a friend from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden This is Bernard I bought hatching serama eggs last year and hatched him, he is the best!! 😆
This lovely lady is missing in your area and we need you to share this flyer! Please do not chase or post sightings on social media. Call the number on this flyer right away with the location and time of sighting!
Hi.. any pullets for sale? Cost?
Tony Tidrick Thomas C. Tidrick Emily Tidrick David Ornat Andrea Tidrick Simonson
Hi I was wondering if you could help me identify this chicken I got from you guys. :-) thanks!

She's got feathered feet also.
This love has gone missing in your area. Please share this flyer! If you see her, do not chase or post her location on social media. Call the phone number as soon as you can. Thank you!
I had occasion to go to Anoka Ramsey Farm and Garden last week, returning a tree I bought about 8 months ago (with a year-long return policy). The tree had been properly cared for but, for one reason or another, had not made it. I had called earlier to inquire about the return and spoke with Dave who listened politely and then told me to come by at my convenience to pick up the new tree.
Both on the phone and during the visit, Dave was polite, courteous, and cooperative. All-in-all, it was a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend Anoka Ramsey Farm and Garden to one and all. A great place with great people providing great service.
Mac Mackechnie
Check out Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's variety of chicks and ducklings at the link below! How cute are they 😍

Landscape, Farm and Garden supplies and advice! Anoka Ramsey is a full service feed store, specializing in live poultry, wildlife and animal feeds.

ARFG is also a full service nursery with trees, shrubs, perennials, 8 different wood mulches, decorative rock, black dirt, gravel, hay and straw, and delivery sevice.


Notice: We will be closing at 2pm today, December 22nd, due to the weather. We will our resume normal business hours (9:00am - 6:00pm) on December 23rd.

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 12/11/2022

Juvenile hens FOR SALE!🐔 We have a nice group of 4+ month old hens right now! Pictured here is a blue laced red wyandotte, barred rock, and sapphire gem. We also have some black copper marans, leghorns, and black australorps. The availability changes daily so the best way to get up to date information is to call or private message us!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 11/17/2022

WINTER 🥶❄️ HAS ARRIVED! We have several different options to keep your chickens 🐓 and other poultry warm and comfortable through the cold! Photos below show our options for heated waterers, heated poultry mats, as well as products to keep your animals healthy thru the stress of cold weather!

We also carry a large selection of bedding, including: Fine, Medium, and Large flake shavings, Healthy Straw (fine, dust free compressed 3 Cu Ft bags), straw bales, hay bales (we offer both in bags as well), and soft wood pellet bedding!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 11/17/2022

Christmas decor has arrived!! 🎄 🕯 Also, we have many great gift 🎁 ideas as well for bird lovers, chicken owners, gardeners, with so much variety! Please call the store for any questions regarding our outdoor decor (spruce tops, fir boughs, pine boughs, wreathes decorated or undecorated, and more!)

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 11/04/2022

Thanksgiving & Fall- 20% off ALL heavy duty Ceramic and Metal art pumpkins and signs- THRU NOVEMBER 30th!!!

We also have real pumpkins, Gourds, Mini pumpkins 🎃, Pie Pumpkins, Indian Corn, Straw bales, and Corn Stalks! Please give us a call if you have any other questions!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 11/04/2022

We have 4 lionhead mix bunnies currently for sale!!! They are 10-12 weeks old. Males and females 🐰 please contact us with any other questions, or to reserve one of your choice- with a $20 non refundable deposit! Ready for their forever home today! ♥️

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 09/24/2022

Hydrangea tree sale! Our hydrangea trees are 20% off and come with a 1 year warranty. We have two different varieties in stock; Limelight and Vanilla Strawberry. Call the store or message us for pricing and availability!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 09/21/2022

BUNNIES!🐰 These Lionhead bunnies will make a great household pet! We currently have three available that are looking for loving, caring, kind homes to go home to. These are juveniles which are about 11 weeks old. They are best known for their fluffy face and docile personality. Message us, stop by, or call the store @763-421-0223 for pricing and availability!


Looking for meat chickens? We have them! We have a really nice group of approximately two week old cornish cross broiler chicks. These birds are ready for butcher at about 8-10 weeks. The red coloring is a cocci spray that the hatchery applies to prevent common chicken diseases and is often used in organic production. If you are interested, give us a call or message us on Facebook!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 09/19/2022

It's garlic planting season! We have just received our garlic seed for this fall. There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly picked, home-grown garlic! The five varieties that we currently have include: Metechi, Inchilium soft neck, Armenian, Music, and Deerfield. The University of Minnesota recommends planting garlic seed October 1st-15th for optimal results. For pricing, send us a private message or call the store @ 763-421-0223.


We are open Labor Day 9-2! Have a great weekend everyone! 😀

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HUGE TREE SALE GOING ON RIGHT NOW!! 🌳 20% OFF ALL SHADE TREES! Fruit 🍎 🍐 trees 20% off or buy 2 get 1 FREE! We have a large variety of all trees currently! Also, look for our ad in the paper for $10 off any lawn and garden purchase (cannot combine with other offers). HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 08/23/2022

Brand new baby mallards hatched today! Our last batch for the year 🦆!!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 08/07/2022

BUNNIES!!! We currently have Holland Lops available 🐰
We specialize in Holland Lops due to their smaller size, and amazing temperament. We have 1 of Luna’s babies available (photo below), 2 that look very similar of Willows batch, and 2 others that are a about 10-12 weeks old. ♥️

🐰We also carry high quality rabbit hutches, and all the necessities for your new bunny!

*Please remember when purchasing a bunny, they love attention, holding, and typically live 10-15 years.

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 08/02/2022

Baby Mallards with of course other little ducklings, and turkeys are still coming in! This is close to the end of the hatch season for Turkeys, make sure you get yours while they last! 🦃 Happy Tuesday!


We will be closed on the Fourth of July this year! Just a heads up for everyone, and have a wonderful Fourth of July 🇺🇸 weekend!!!!!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 06/13/2022

We have several breeds of TURKEYS 🦃 available!!!

Breeds include the following:

🦃 Blue Slate
🦃BB Bronze
🦃Bourbon Red
🦃BB White
🦃Royal Palm

Come check them out! These were hatched right around 5/31/22.

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 06/04/2022

Stop by to get your goslings and turkeys this weekend! We have several breeds of goslings and turkeys in right now. Some of the breeds we currently have are:

Blue Slate
Broad Breasted White
Broad breasted Bronze
Bourbon Red

White Chinese

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 06/01/2022

Azaleas are in FULL BLOOM! 🌺 These are a beautiful, early-blooming shrub! This year, we started carrying a gorgeous Electric Red color as well. Pick yours up today!


This year we are awarding the 2021 Anoka-Ramsey Farm & Garden agricultural scholarship to Gabriel Jordan-Huffman. Each year we give out a scholarship to students who are pursuing a degree in agricultural studies or a related field! Gabe has been an employee at ARFG for eight years and is currently attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities pursuing a degree in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems. We are proud to be able to support people who want to work in agricultural fields of study. We will now be taking applicatiions for our 2023 scholarships.

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 05/10/2022

It’s planting season! Come check out our black dirt and supreme garden soil in bulk! These two products would be idea for using in a raised bed or adding to an existing garden. We also recommend our 100% Cow Manure or Compost + Manure mix. The black dirt and garden soil can be delivered or loaded into the back of a trailer or truck with our loader. The garden soil is composed of:
-Black Dirt
-Peat Moss

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 05/10/2022

Now that the weather has finally turned to spring, it is time to get those spring projects going! Anoka-Ramsey Farm and Garden has got everything you need! We deliver to the metro area with competitive delivery pricing. Call down or message us for a quote today! At our store we stock:
-Red Mulch
-Golf Mulch
-Mink/Dark Brown Mulch
-Natural Shredded
-Wood Chips
-Class 2 Gray Granite
-1 1/2” Gray Granite
-1 1/2” Buff Limestone
-1 1/2” Red Limestone
-1 1/2” River Rock
-Pea Gravel
-Recycled Conbit
-Class 2 Red Limestone (crushed red limestone)
-Cleaned Washed Sand

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 05/06/2022

SPRING HAS OFFICIALLY SPRUNG! Come check out our pansies and hydrangeas this weekend!


Come check us out at the Ramsey Business Expo today from 10-2pm! We have chicks, ducklings, honey, dog food samples and a wide variety of succulents!


NEW DUCKLINGS! This is what we have in stock right now 🦆
-Blue Runners
-Welsh Harlequin
-Call Ducks
-Golden 300
-Blue Swedish
-Black Swedish
-Khaki Campbell’s
-Silver Appleyards
-Fawn & White Runners
Males and females available. Stock changes by the hour so call before you come!


NEW CHICKS! This week we got another shipment of babies!
-Partridge Cochin
-Chocolate Orpington
-Cuckoo Marans
-Blue Copper Marans
-Buff Orpingtons
-Lavender Orpingtons
-Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
-Silver Laced Wyandotte
-Gold Laced Wyandotte
-Blue Laced Gold Wyandotte
-Cream Legbars
-Black Australorp
-Brown Leghorn
-Calico Princess
-French Black Copper Maran
-Midnight Majesty Maran
-Black Jersey Giant
-Prairie Bluebell Egger
-Buff Laced Polish
•Prairie Bluebell Egger
•Buff laced Polish
•White Crested Black Polish
•Golden Polish
•Silver Polish
•White Crested blue/black/splash
•Sapphire Olive Egger
•Sapphire Gem
•Buff Brahma
•Light Brahma
•Dark Brahma
•Black sexlink
•Barred Rock
•Cinnamon Queen
•Golden Comet
•ISA Brown
•Mystic Onyx
•Rhode Island Red
•Salmon Faverolles
•Starlight green Egger


Beautiful Ayam Cemani Rooster is now for sale! He is VERY friendly and one year old this spring. $65

SOLD- He did go to a good home!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 04/23/2022

JUST ARRIVED! We just got our asparagus, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and sweet potato roots!
-Strawberries (June-Bearing and Ever- Bearing)
-Raspberries (Boyne, Carolina, Fall Gold)
Blueberries (Patriot, North Blue, North Country, Northland)
-Asparagus (Purple Passion, Jersey King, Mary Washington)
Call or message us for pricing!


Duck duck goose! Whether you say duck duck goose or duck duck gray duck, we have both! This week we got a huge shipment of ducklings. 🦆
-Black Swedish
-Blue Swedish
-Black Runners
-Blue Runners
-Khaki Cambells
-Black Cayugas
-Golden 300's
-Silver Appleyard
-Welsh Harlequin
-White Chinese Goslings
-African Goslings

*Males and females are available unless otherwise noted*


We are being featured tonight on Fox 9 news this evening at 5:30pm!


Our Mallards have arrived just in time for Easter 🐣! Also we have domestic ducklings, pictured below are Assorted Call Ducks!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 04/12/2022

Potato and onion seeds have arrived! As the weather is showing more signs of spring, it is time to start planning the garden🧅🥔! These two crops are quite cold hardy and typically can be planted before other garden veggies.
For onions, we recommend planting to a depth that only the tip of the stem is above the soil, with the roots face down. After the roots have well-established, pull the soil away from the bulb and cover with straw. This allows the bulb to expand. The straw will provide moisture retention and allow expanding to occur. Onions are big eaters which means they love a good supply of nutrients and water. It is good to fertilize throughout the growing season and water frequently! For recommendations on potato planting, ask for a potato informational sheet at our store!
Types of onions include:
Types of potatoes:
-Burbank (late russet)
-Norland Red (early)
-Viking Red (midseason)
-Red Pontiac (midseason)
-Red Lasoda (midseason)
-Irish Cobbler (heirloom white)
-Gold Rush (russet)
-Yukon Gold (gold)
-All Blue (purple interior)
-Kennebec (white)


Happy Friday! We just wanted to let everyone know that the current poultry 🐣 ban will NOT be affecting our store. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Thank you!

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 03/11/2022

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post



This week we received:
-Blue Runners (males and females)
-Black Runners (males and females)
-Mallards (St. Run)
-White Crested (males and females)

Photos from Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden's post 03/09/2022

Beautiful Asiatic and Oriental Lilly bulbs ON SALE NOW! You can buy these gorgeous long-blooming summer lillies by the bulb before we pot them and put them in our greenhouse. They are both $4.99/each or 3 for $9.99. Optimal planting time between April 5th-20th (weather permitting).


🐥Chick season is in full swing🐥! Featured here is a Lavander Orpington and White Crested Black Polish. As you can see, the Polish has quite a bit of personality! In addition to these chicks, this week we also received:
-Blue Copper Marans
-Buff Orpingtons
-Black Jersey Giants
-Gold Laced Wyandotte’s
-Rhode Island Reds
-Barred Rocks
-Cream Legbars
-Silver Laced Wyandotte’s
-Blue Laced Red Wyandotte’s
-Starlight Green Eggers
-Cuckoo Marans
-Sapphire Gems
All of these are 90% hens unless otherwise noted. Also, take a look at our online poultry calendar to keep up with our weekly shipments!


SOLD OUT (We will start to take orders for our Easter batch, if you are interested in reserving a bunny call or message us!).

HOLLAND LOP BUNNIES🐰🐰! We just got in four baby male Holland Lop Bunnies. These bunnies are nine weeks old and would love to find loving homes! The other two that are not in the picture look like the white and brown one on the right side. PM us or call the store for pricing/availability.


THE DUCKLINGS ARE BACK IN TOWN! 🦆 Today we got our first shipment of ducklings for 2022. We currently have Black Cayugas and Anconas. These two breeds are St. Run and we have limited quantities of each. Call down to the store or message us if you would like to reserve some in advance!


Baby Bunnies!🐰 We just got four English Spot Rex bunnies. They are approximately 8 weeks old and would love to find good homes! There is another one that is brown, like the one here, and another one that is white with brown spots. These bunny’s are known for their docile and calm personalities. Message or call us if you would like to reserve one!

**We always recommend researching general rabbit care before purchasing, as bunnies are a long term commitment.**

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Anoka Ramsey Farm & Garden was founded in 1980 by Tom Tidrick and Dale Firchau. It has been run by the Tidrick family of Elk River, MN since 1993.

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