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At 11 a.m., go to SUNY Adirondack New Media for a live tour of our state-of-the-art photography student with Professor . Don't miss this opportunity to learn about how creative futures start at SUNY Adirondack!
Five SUNY Adirondack students who took Professor Kate Patterson's Drawing 2 class in the fall had artwork accepted into the 120 Regional Juried Show, which runs March 5 to April 16 at The Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy. Congratulations to Jacqueline Heuser, Joseph Schiavo, Emma Ingram, Lauren Staples and Grace Harris!
SUNY Adirondack New Media The Arts Center of the Capital Region
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SUNY Adirondack New Media
John Hampshire is an award-winning educator and artist, and a vocal proponent for careers in the arts.

“Just the other day, a local company called, looking for painters,” he said. “There is a viable career in this.”

Hampshire has seen many of his SUNY Adirondack students go on to careers as art educators, illustrators, designers and artists.

“There is an interesting arts community in this area,” he said, saying that thriving collective and the region’s proximity to the cultural centers of New York and Boston as reasons the Stillwater native stayed here.

He teaches at Oklahoma Arts Institute and the Common Ground on the Hill program at McDaniel College, posts that helped him prepare to teach virtually during the pandemic. Already incorporating virtual elements into his in-person classes, his work over the summer for OAI helped him transition to his schedule at SUNY Adirondack, which includes teaching in person, online and in virtual meetings.

“This is not an ideal learning scenario, at least for my field, but the idea of reevaluating how we give information to students — especially students conditioned to be online — gives me a realm these students exist in,” he said.

Hampshire demonstrates on video, so students can watch and ask questions. “One thing missing is that I’m not able to watch them draw, that’s such an integral component and it’s just not possible online.”

But most of his students arrive at SUNY Adirondack with inherent interest in fine arts.

“I want them to see the potential this program has, what it can offer them,” he said. “I want them to see the opportunities here and to see where our alumni have gone — what can happen after this and what can be part of our path.”
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SUNY Adirondack New Media
Paul Coleman was in his mid-30s and just wrapping up the latest run of extensive travel and long hours of training as he opened another restaurant for a corporate chain.

“After opening, I said, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore, I’m 36 and I don’t want to do this another 30 years,’” he remembers. “My wife said, ‘Why don’t you go back to school for business?’”

But despite spending the past decade and a half committed to getting restaurants up and running, he didn’t want to study business. Out of high school, he was a offered a scholarship to study art, but was discouraged by the adults in life. “What are you going to do with an art degree?” Coleman remembers them asking.

He then attended three colleges in four years and couldn’t make it stick.

“My wife asked, ‘What would you want to go for?’ And I said, ‘I always loved art and wanted to be an animator, so I’d go for art.’”

She encouraged him to do it, so with only two and a half weeks before a new semester at SUNY Adirondack, he applied, was accepted and enrolled. Among courses that first semester was an intro to photography class.

“I really rediscovered I love photography,” Coleman said. “I forgot how much I loved it in high school.”

He planned to study graphic design, but at the encouragement of instructor Nick Ameden, he stuck with photography. Today, he’s finishing up a degree and starting a photography business.

“I’m at the middle of my working career at this point in my life, and I feel like I’m starting over, but not in a bad way,” Coleman said. “I feel like I’m getting a second chance to do what I want to do, what I didn’t even know I wanted to do. This isn’t a hobby or something to do on the side. I can make money and pay my mortgage.”

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SUNY Adirondack New Media
As a child, Brandon Segal loved creating things so much, he turned his dinner plate into a work of art every night.

“I couldn’t eat a meal without turning it into a sculpture,” he said.

He started Plattsburgh State as a business major with a minor in graphic design, but took a photography class his freshman year that changed his life. “I absolutely fell in love with photography, with film, the process,” he said. “That class sparked a fire in me that never went away.”

He switched his major and became a teaching assistant, which introduced him to something else he loves: helping people learn.

As a professor in SUNY Adirondack New Media SUNY Adirondack’s Media Arts department, he is able to share that enthusiasm with students. “More than anything, I love the opportunity to ignite a passion in others, to see people grow and to be able to teach new skills and encourage them,” he said. “There are times I know I’ve really gotten through to someone, made a difference in their lives, in their work, sparked that passion within them — and there’s nothing I’d take over that.”

Segal also runs a photography business, shooting weddings and commercial art, and continues to create art for the joy of creating. “My fine arts background has always been there for me,” he said. “Commercial artwork holds just as much place on a gallery wall as any other art.”

That recognition of the artistic integrity of commercial work has also shaped how he teaches.

“In this field and day and age, you can’t just do one thing anymore. That’s one of the good things about the department: You have to be a Swiss army knife,” he said. “You might have that one really good tool, but you have to have those other really useful tools, too, to be marketable.”

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Samantha Boyle graduated from Bolton Central School with little direction.

“My head was in so many different directions, I didn’t feel comfortable going to a specialty school,” she remembered.

She applied to SUNY Adirondack, then met with an advisor to register for classes.

“I was thinking of doing fashion design, of being an engineer or a veterinarian, or maybe radiology — all these different things,” she said.

Her advisor asked about her interests — computers, design, music, video games, dance — and suggested she pursue Media Arts. “I hadn’t even heard of that,” she admitted. “But I thought, ‘It makes sense. I love computers, art, creating things.’”

That led to Boyle leading the life of her dreams. She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is on a creative team for Johnson & Johnson, designing for several of the company’s hair care lines. “We do everything: packaging design, labeling design, in-store displays, social media assets, print ads, video, photography.”

And for Boyle, that all started at SUNY Adirondack. After graduating in 2015, she transferred to SUNY Oswego (“I went there because Nick Paigo did,” she said. “He was one of my favorite professors and I just followed his path.”)

“At SUNY Adirondack, I felt like I was already diving into a speciality,” she said. “I had more under my belt — I learned motion graphics, I was taking photography — all these classes when they weren’t even offered until the third year (at other colleges).”

Boyle earned a bachelor’s degree in December 2017. She signed on with Johnson & Johnson in March 2018. The company offered more money than she was asking, great benefits, a supportive team and boss.

“I kind of always thought I’d get the dream job I’d want, but I didn’t think it would be this quickly,” she admitted. “I couldn’t have done any of this without SUNY Adirondack.”

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SUNY Adirondack New Media
For Nick McCarthy, creating art has always been an outlet. The Media Arts student has , so when he was 7 or 8, he started to draw — a lot.

“I knew there wasn’t much where I could be active, so I would stay in one place and draw,” he said.

The 34-year-old enrolled at SUNY Adirondack to further his animation skills so he can illustrate the graphic novel he’s writing about his life.

“I believe that we all have a unique story to tell the world,” he said. “We all have hidden gifts and talents we should share. If we discover them, we should use them to make the world a better place to live.”

That’s something Nick takes seriously, as he volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Southern Adirondacks Alzheimer's Association South High Marathon Dance Inc. and Out of the Darkness Walks, a group that raises awareness about su***de. He is also active in and is president of SUNY Adirondack New Media Arts Club.

Nick takes two classes a semester to make sure he has enough time to complete the work without being overwhelmed. He admits he struggles sometimes with the physical requirements, but always figures out a way to make things work. “I survive and find in my own little ways to do things.”

The hard work is worth it for Nick, who wants his story known. “I want to use my story to help others who don’t think they can do it,” he said. “If they see me out there doing it, maybe they will realize they can do it, too. I don’t let my disability dictate who I am."

The official page of SUNY Adirondack's Visual Arts + Media option. Proudly highlighting our

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 05/10/2022

Studio Photography students recently got the opportunity to collaborate with and document their beautiful plating skills. Check our stories for some behind the scenes views of our students at work.
📸: Alana Wielt
📸: Lillian Buck
📸: Lillian Buck
📸: Jarred Jeffes
📸: Kelsey Krissel
📸: Madison Dynes
📸: Myleigh Willett
📸: Tanner Dunkley
📸: Zachary Cunningham
📸: Zachary Cunningham

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 03/04/2022

Tonight’s the night! The 120 Intercollegiate Regional Opening Reception starts at 5pm at LARAC in Glens Falls. Here’s a selection of some of the students representing the Visual Arts + Media program.

Alone in the Dark, Mason Bishop
Doctor Pot, Nick Tripi
Footpath, Neil Jordon
Pilot K**b Preserve, Derek Anderson
Green With Envy, Jarrett Beswick

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 11/03/2021

Today's the day! Our Arts, Media & Culture Open House is tonight! Meet with our faculty, visit our studios and learn about or our creative degree programs, Fine Arts A.S., Media Arts A.A.S., Broadcast Media Production A.A.S. and the Media Arts certificate. We'll see you there! Click below or follow the link in bio to register.

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 10/01/2021

It’s College Radio Day!! Stop by the Lower Quad and spin the wheel with the DJs of . They have tons of prizes and free cookies! Get there before noon to enter the raffle for a fantastic prize pack.

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 05/18/2021

Check out these sculptures made by students in the 3D Design course. They were able to design these sculptures digitally and then print them using the 3D Printers in our Makerspace. The end products turned out really fantastic and we had an awesome time collaborating with them.

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 05/15/2021

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 05/06/2021

sunyadk_vam Congratulations to VAM student Josh
McLean for winning Best in Show at this year’s Student
Art Exhibition. Swipe to see 2nd place winner Jackie
Heuser’s Portrait and work from Honorable Mentions
Micaela Kunkel, Olivia Wunderlich, Victoria Luce,
Lauren Staples and Anthony Thetford. Great job,

1: Autumn Glory, Josh McLean - Best in Show
2: Portrait, Jackie Heuser - Runner Up
3: Red Rhythm, Micaela Kunkel - Honorable Mention
4: Lost in Thought, Olivia Wunderlich - Honorable Mention
5: Sunset at Lake George, Victoria Luce - Honorable Mention
6: Gaze, Lauren Staples - Honorable Mention
7: Broken Doll, Anthony Thetford - Honorable Mention

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 05/04/2021

Photographic Project Development ART220 is a course that builds upon the technical, aesthetic, and visual language of digital photography with emphasis on art photography. Students apply their advanced camera skills and post-processing techniques to create exhibition-quality photographs. The work of contemporary fine art photographers is examined and students are encouraged to experiment with different genres of photographic expression in pursuit of a personal theme. Class final is in the form of a public exhibit. This year the virtual exhibition, Corona Renaissance: Isolation in Time, is the culminating experience, a visual presentation by each artist-photographer in the class.

Preparing for this exhibition, the class considered a title for their show and how a title would reflect their unique situation as photographers during the pandemic. As we’ve all experienced, the students talked about their sense of isolation, a “Dark Ages”, but also commented on this distinctive time in history. They talked about their history lessons and the way specific time periods were identified and remembered. Optimism reigned and from the class discussion, they decided on a Corona Renaissance: Isolation in Time, anticipating an era of rebirth and renewal.

The photographs on display are a collection of images that reflect each artist-photographer’s approach to photographic image making. To articulate their themes and speak to the audience, an artist statement introduces each of the final projects.

Click here to see the full exhibition:

Please join us for a virtual “Meet the Photographers” on May 6, 2021 5:00-7:00pm. See their photos and hear their voices!

1 📸: Jack Sirianni
2 📸: Faith Royce
3 📸: Luca Paterna
4 📸: Natalya Parsels


Tune into WGFR 92.7 FM / The Revolution or stream online at for Vinylthon 2021. Our student DJs will be spinning classic and contemporary vinyl records from 8am-8pm.


Tour of the studios, take 2


Join us Friday morning at 11:30 for a live look at the WGFR studios with Professor Kevin Ankeny from the Broadcast Media Production program here at SUNY Adirondack.

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 04/05/2021

Photos by ECCA student Jackson Baker


Professor Kevin Ankeny takes us on a tour of the TV Studio and control room.


Professor Kevin Ankeny will be joining us today to take us on a tour of our on-campus TV Studio an control room.


It’s International Women’s Day, so let’s celebrate our Intrepid (and notoriously camera-shy) Photography instructor Renee O’Brien. We are all incredibly grateful for your wisdom, effort, and expertise not just today, but every day.


Brandon Segal takes us on a studio tour and demonstrates our photo capabilities


Join us on Facebook and Instagram live in 30 minutes where photography professor Brandon Segal will be touring our Photography Studio and equipment libraries

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 02/23/2021

Today is the start of our student service programs! The tutoring program offers in-depth individual help for complex concepts in the Media Arts coursework. Email Jessika at [email protected] to set up a tutoring appointment on Zoom every Wednesday.

Ask A Lab Assistant offers quick help for students needing general help with their coursework. Drop into our zoom session any time to talk to one of our well-trained lab assistants who are ready to help. Email [email protected] for a link to the Zoom meeting.


Nick Paigo discusses Safe. Smart. Ready


Join us on Facebook live, Friday, February 19TH at 11:30am to tour some of our labs with Professor Nick Paigo and discuss how we are staying “Safe.Smart.Ready.”

Timeline photos 02/10/2021

Timeline photos

Nick Paigo has a family, a house and a full-time job, but part of him is still just a big kid.

“I’m 41 years old and I still think cartoons are the coolest thing in the world and the packing of toys, and that mailer that folds in a different way ... still excite me,” said Paigo, a professor in SUNY Adirondack’s Media Arts program.

That love of creativity and making things fuels Paigo’s love of teaching and has kept SUNY Adirondack’s Visual Arts + Media, of which he was chair for 11 years, on the cutting edge of technology.

When Paigo started at SUNY ADK 15 years ago, things were pretty low-tech. “Our multimedia class when I first started had PowerPoint slide shows and to play a CD player next to it,” he laughed.

Today, the Media Arts program boasts digital cameras, tripods, computers, digital drawing tablets, audio and visual equipment, 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, vinyl printers, book makers and UV printers (“You could put in a container of water and print on it and it would float,” Paigo said excitedly).

With pride evident in what he helped build, Paigo stressed the importance that the department — which is between fourth- sixth-most popular on campus, depending on the year — is accessible to everyone.

“We have an extensive media arts lending library, so students can borrow what they need,” he said. “We try to take away pretty much every barrier you could put in front of a front from being successful.”

The importance is clear to Paigo. “I picked up like $70,000 in debt when I was going to school,” he said. “I didn’t have anybody who talked to me about the power of what a community college could do. We offer an immense value to students and I want them to know what they get is an A-plus education in A-plus facilities, with A-plus instructors.”

Learn more about how to turn your creative passion into a career at SUNY Adirondack's Visual Arts + Media Info Sessions.


Topics in Media Arts is a capstone course where students are given the freedom to experiment with their final projects. Kelly Girard wanted to experiment with Augmented Reality using logo design and illustration as the subject.

Learn more about how SUNY Adirondack can help you build your creative future at Visual Arts + Media Info Sessions at 7pm 2/16 and 11am 2/17. Click here to register

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 02/04/2021

Sketching is a big part of all of the graphic design and illustration courses. At the beginning of each semester all of the students are given a sketchbook to fill with creative ideas throughout their courses. Some of their best work is on display outside of the classrooms in Washington hall.
Now we want to see your creativity flow. Share your sketches using to be featured in our stories.


Join us on February 16th at 7pm or February 17th at 11am for our Visual Arts + Media Info Sessions!

Lending Library Catalog 02/02/2021

Lending Library Catalog

Here’s a look at our full catalog of Lending Library Items. Check out Page 3 for a full rundown on the qualifications and our open hours.

Lending Library Catalog Here's a look at all the items the Lending Lending Library. Check page 3 for information on what you need to bring with you and when the lending library is open. Email [email protected] for more information.


The Lending Library has become a huge part of the New Media Program. This news package by student Josh McLean discusses how we adapted to meet the technology needs of students.

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 12/21/2020

Oh Hay! Happy Holi-neighs from SUNY ADK New Media! Forgive us us for this, it was a SPUR of the moment decision. In the future we will try to REIN ourselves in.

📷: Skyler Hartnagle for ART 104 Intro Photography


Talk to your barista about Caffeine!

🎥: Josh McLean, new media student.
🏛: TV Field Production, COM 186


This week, the students in the Digital Prepress class are starting to work with some of our maker space machines to create physical representations of their digital creations. Here is a test print of student Owen Wrights’ outdoor sign for Gretel’s Bake Haus made on the Glowforge. Check the comments for a pic of the finished project


The Graphic Design student of the Early College Career Academy recently submitted their first ever student projects. We were, quite frankly, blown away by the talent, hard work, and imagination that these high school juniors put into their projects. We cant wait to see what they show us in the future!


Tune in to WGFR 92.7 The Revolution today at noon for “What’s in Your Lunchbox?” hosted by Broadcasting student Andrew O’Rourke. It’s a show about music, pop culture, and what’s trending here at SUNY ADK and around the world. Listen on your radio or stream online from Link in bio.

Photos from SUNY Adirondack Visual Arts + Media's post 10/22/2020

Students in Photojournalism were assigned a project to photograph a news event. Ethan Doty, a SUNY Adirondack Media Arts AAS student , took the opportunity to take photos at the charity truck convoy for “Fuel Up For Finn.” On October 11th, hundreds of truckers raised more than $60,000 for the Herringshaw family to help defray the costs for Finn’s medical treatments for leukemia. Over 400 trucks started the motorcade in Hudson Falls and travelled to South Bay and back. Ethan’s job was to take aerial photos of the convoy from a small Challenger airplane.

Ethan Doty
ART 109 Photojournalism FA21
“Fuel Up For Finn”
News Project


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