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SUNY Adirondack Educational Technology 03/26/2019

New Senate Bill Bans Online Ads Targeting Kids Under 13, Gives Teens Power to 'Erase' Personal Data Senate lawmakers on Tuesday introduced new bipartisan legislation that gives kids under 16 years old and their parents substantially more control over their data while further limiting the data-collection practices of apps, websites, and online services. 03/24/2019

New Noise-Blocking Material Could Make Jets and Drones Super Quiet The most effective way to block an annoying sound is to simply build a barrier—the thicker, the better. But instead of everyone living in sound-blocking caves in a few years as noisy drones criss-cross the skies, researchers at Boston University have engineered an acoustic metamaterial that’s de... 03/22/2019

The UK Royal Mint Is Putting a Black Hole on a Coin to Honor Stephen Hawking The United Kingdom’s Royal Mint will honor the work of Stephen Hawking with a commemorative coin featuring the physicist’s name above concentric circles representing a black hole. It looks pretty awesome. 03/22/2019

Onewheel Pint is a more affordable, easier to ride electric board The Onewheel Pint electric board aims to be your ride of choice for short commutes, even if you're a newcomer. 03/18/2019

Microsoft's AI app for the blind helps you explore photos with touch Microsoft's Seeing AI further helps the blind by offering descriptions wen you touch photos. 03/17/2019

Ikea’s 3D-printed add-ons make its furniture more accessible for people with disabilities ThisAbles make Ikea design more inclusive. 03/14/2019

Yup, Verizon Texting Was Busted If you’re a Verizon customer and had a hard time texting this morning, you weren’t imagining things. The company had a widespread texting outage that left customers up and down the East Coast unable to send or receive messages. 03/12/2019

A New Method of DNA Testing Could Solve More Shootings Criminologists thought it was impossible to get DNA off of shell casings, but a technique pioneered in The Netherlands is having notable results. 03/11/2019

How Scientists Made a Laser Beam That Can Pass Through White Paint It’s not quite seeing through walls, but scientists are working to engineer light beams so that they can pass through an opaque medium without scattering, according to a new paper.


During Spring Break week, March 11th-15th our hours are 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday - Thursday, and closed Friday March 15th. We go back to normal hours Sunday March 17th. 03/06/2019

Recycling Is Broken In Philadelphia, people like to recycle. Together, all 1.6 million of us generate about 400 tons of recyclable material each day. But since last fall, roughly half of the bottles and cans my neighbors and I have placed dutifully curbside in our blue bins every week haven’t made their way to a sort... 03/05/2019

Bitcoin mining profits rise for first time in over a year According to recent research, the profits earned from mining Bitcoin have begun to rise for the first time in over a year. 03/03/2019

Confused how USB 3.1 just turned into USB 3.2? Here's some help with the labels The group behind the technology is trying to simplify labels, though. 02/28/2019

Lyft's Shared Saver rides save you money if you're willing to walk more Lyft's new Shared Saver option asks you to walk a few blocks to catch a cheaper ride. 02/26/2019

CDC confirms that Hawaii’s false missile alarm was scary "[expletive deleted]" 02/25/2019

Google Maps can now guide you to drug disposal locations Search terms like “drug drop off near me" will also pinpoint your nearest kiosk. 02/21/2019

Florida prisons sued after inmates spent $11 million buying songs they can’t play Switching music providers made inmates’ old music useless 02/20/2019

Facebook Says Android Users Can Now Share Location Data Without Being Constantly Tracked Facebook, ever the thoughtful steward of our most intimate personal data, announced today that it’s rolling out a feature change for its Android users: those with location sharing turned on will no longer have to continually report their whereabouts to the social network at all times. 02/19/2019

Scientists design 'decoy platelets' that reduce risk of blood clots The treatment can be reversed immediately, unlike other antiplatelet therapies. 02/18/2019

NASA's Opportunity Rover Mission on Mars Comes to End – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program NASA's Opportunity Mars rover mission is complete after 15 years on Mars. Opportunity's record-breaking exploration laid the groundwork for future missions to the Red Planet. 02/18/2019

Ford made a conveyor belt mattress to keep bed hoggers in their own lane This is going to save so many marriages 02/15/2019

US government lays out strategy to speed up rural broadband deployment More than 20 federal agencies are taking part in the American Broadband Initiative. 02/12/2019

Humans playing VR game Beat Saber move faster than what Steam thought was ‘humanly possible’ People were moving so fast that Steam VR couldn’t track their movements. 02/11/2019

Apple releases fix for the Group FaceTime bug It turned off the feature until it could remedy the problem with an iOS update. 02/07/2019

Google Fiber to shut down in Louisville after ongoing service issues Google Fiber customers in Louisville will get free service until it shuts down in April. 02/06/2019

First Dinosaur Feather Ever Discovered Isn't What Scientists Thought Using advanced imaging technology, scientists have shown that a fossilized feather uncovered in the 19th century likely didn’t belong to the bird-like Archaeopteryx as conventionally believed. 02/05/2019

Mozilla will mute auto-playing videos in Firefox Firefox is joining Microsoft, Google and Apple in fighting back against annoying sites by blocking auto-playing videos. 02/03/2019

How to watch Super Bowl 2019: Patriots vs. Ram start time, ads and more You can livestream Super Bowl 53 for free -- here's how. 01/30/2019

What's the Latest on Apple's Catastrophic FaceTime Bug? [Updated] As Apple developers scramble to fix a disturbing bug in FaceTime that allowed users to eavesdrop on the people they call with the Group FaceTime function, we’ve learned the company was allegedly notified about the issue before it was widely known, repeatedly. At least one lawsuit has already been ... 01/29/2019

Battery-free sensor tag gathers energy from radio frequencies Wiliot's sensor tag doesn't need a battery -- and that could put connected tags on the clothes you wear and the food you buy. 01/28/2019

Starship robots will deliver pizza and coffee to George Mason students If you're attending George Mason University, you're in luck -- delivery robots will fetch food for you, including when you have a student meal plan. 01/25/2019

Nike's Adapt BB is an app-controlled, self-lacing basketball shoe Nike's new self-lacing basketball shoes are called Adapt BB, and you can control them with your phone. 01/23/2019

This tiny Bluetooth chip doesn’t need a battery because it harvests energy from the air Amazon and Samsung are both investors, and a full release planned for 2020. 01/22/2019

FAA considers letting drones fly over crowds It also wants to allow them to be flown at night by trained pilots. 01/15/2019

China lunar lander sprouts first plant seedlings on the moon So far, only the cotton seeds are growing. But the lander's biosphere habitat is stocked with other seeds, fruit fly eggs and yeast too.



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