Buy Low Flooring Warehouse

Buy Low Flooring Warehouse


Small businesses are vital to o ur communities and a healthy economy. Tod ay on #smallbusinesssaturday2021 I visited Buy L ow Flooring Warehouse in Queensbury N.Y a nd found the perfect flooring for my proje ct. Judy Ross Simpson will be so hap py when this project is finished! 👍🇺🇸

#SmallBusinessSaturd ay
Want the best price on carp et, wood, or other high-quality flooring? Che ck out Buy Low Flooring Warehouse - th ey have a huge selection, and they' ll measure your space for free!

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Are new floors on your ho me improvement project list? You can g et them quickly and at a gre at price from Buy Low Flooring Warehou se! Stop in and see their hu ge selection of wood, carpet, laminate, ti le and more.

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Need to update your flooring? T he experts at Buy Low Flooring Warehou se will help you find exactly wh at you're looking for at an unbeatab le price! Stop in to see the ir incredible selection.

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Get the lowest price and be st selection of carpet, wood, tile a nd more at Buy Low Flooring Warehou se! Bonus, they'll measure your space f or free, and will install flooring th ey have in stock just days aft er purchase!

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No one does flooring like t he experts at Buy Low Flooring Warehou se! They have an amazing selection, t he lowest prices, and the quickest turnarou nd time. Meet with one of the ir specialists today!

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No one has a better selecti on of flooring in the area th an Buy Low Flooring Warehouse! Visit th em for the best prices, plus they' ll measure your space for free!

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Get $99 remnants at Buy L ow Flooring Warehouse!
Our friend John Carr at B uy Low Flooring Warehouse is offering an amazi ng $99 sale on his huge selecti on of carpet remnants! Tune in to he ar all about it.

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We are having an issue wi th some carpeting seams on carpeting th at was installed about 2 1/2 yea rs ago. I was wondering if y ou would be willing to come ta ke a look at the flooring a nd giving your recommendation on what to do. My number is 338-6105.
They promise installation within days ( on their website)! We couldn't even g et a measurement and quote within day s!! Nobody offered to help us wh en we went to look at carpeti ng, we had to ask a g uy who isn't the salesman... (btw- he w as very nice!) We arranged for a ho me measurement and quote, left every conta ct number we had (2 cells, 1 wo rk and home)... we called back ea ch day multiple times to the sa me tune of "Phil isn't in or Ph il is on the other line, I' ll have him call you back as so on as he's off".... Never was a pho ne call returned!! When we called t he last time, Phil was (not surprising ly) on the other line and t he person on the phone asked to ha ve him call back- we answered 'Forg et about it, we're tired of t he run-around, we'll take our business elsewhere" ... Do you think we even g ot an apology or perhaps a , 'let 's work something out'? Nope- just an "Oka y", click. Is this what you g et when you try out local inste ad of big box? How are th ey still in business?!!!

Your local flooring one-stop shop! B uy Low Flooring is locally owned a nd operated. Owner, John Carr, is maki ng moves with prices that can't be be at!

Professional, fully insured installers help y ou with the process of updating yo ur space. We offer a wide varie ty of carpet, sheet vinyl, resilient vin yl, area rugs, remnants, tile, and mo re! From residential to commercial, we g et the job done.

*Did you know?*
We do in hou se binding to make a unique a nd completely custom area rug for yo ur home.

Operating as usual


Carpets Made Easy

Buying carpet has never been easi er! Come by our showroom, grab so me carpet samples, and bring them ho me to see what color you li ke best. We've got you covered.


Shop Pet Friendly Carpet

We have an incredible selection of P et Friendly Carpet to choose from. Sh op durable, stain-resistant, easy-to-clean carpet at B uy Low Flooring.


Shop the largest selection of floori ng in the area at Buy L ow Flooring Warehouse. Enjoy 20% OFF Vin yl Flooring now!


Get a FREE PAD with t he purchase of any installed carpet.
Buy Low 's got you covered.


$99 Remnant Sale

Don't miss out on our $ 99 Remnant Sale going on now!

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Lots of instock Vinyl Plank a nd Laminates at Great prices starting at $1. 99 a sqft !!! Always great dea ls on carpet and carpet rems a nd we install all of our produc ts stop in and check out o ut all our great products!!!

Photos from Buy Low Flooring Warehouse 's post 06/05/2021

Shop local we are the on es sponsoring our kids in our communiti es not the box stores!!!


20% OFF All Vinyl Flooring!

Shop from the largest selection of floori ng in the area. From now unt il March 21st save 20% on o ur vinyl flooring selection. Excludes LVT a nd LVP products


We Get It Right!

Shop from the largest inventory in t he area at unbeatable prices.


Spruce Up for the Holidays!

We’ll Come to Your Home, Measu re for FREE, and Install in Da ys.


Buy 3 Rooms Get 4th FR EE!


Right now when y ou buy carpet for 3 rooms y ou will get the 4th room f or FREE. As well as free carp et padding with the purchase of carp et and installation. Stop into our showro om today to see what we ha ve to offer.

Photos from Buy Low Flooring Warehouse 's post 10/04/2020

Come in and check out t he new line of Wood Fundamentals fr om Pergo Extreme luxury viny..A Buy L ow Flooring exclusive product not available in b ig box stores and made in Ameri ca 🇺🇸


Want to put your hands on t he actual carpet that would be in yo ur house? No problem! Unlike some oth er places, we can actually pull o ut the same carpet that will be install ed in your home so you c an feel it and make sure th at it's exactly what you want, n ot just a sample on a boa rd.


If you're sitting at home a nd staring at your old floors thinki ng about upgrading them, our team is he re waiting to help you. As y ou can see we have one of t he largest, in-house, inventories of carpet, hardwo od, laminate, and all your other floori ng needs in the area. Stop by or gi ve us a call!


We're sure that many of y ou may be home for an extend ed amount of time, and could be looki ng at your floors wondering what happen ed to them? For time being, B uy Low is still open and rea dy to help fix that.

Our 20% off all vinyl flooring sale is sti ll going on through the end of t he month. You can either stop in or gi ve us a call to speak wi th our experts so they can he lp you pick the perfect flooring f or your home.


Vinyle Sale

Don't forget that our 20% o ff all vinyl flooring sale is goi ng on through the end of t he month! Stop in to see o ne of the largest inventories of vin yl flooring in the area and spe ak with our experts to pick t he perfect one for your home.


Another satisfied customer! Make sure y ou stop in to see one of t he area's largest in-house flooring inventories in t he region, paired with top-notch customer servi ce and pricing.


2020 Free Pad Sale

Our annual Free Carpet pad sa le is currently going on! Stop in to s ee one of the largest in hou se inventories of carpet and other floori ng options in the region.

Check out Buy Low Flooring Warehou se. 02/10/2020

Check out Buy Low Flooring Warehou se.

We are honored to be nominat ed for a The Post-Star Best of t he Region award for best flooring/carpet sto re! Help us take home the t op honor this year!

Check out Buy Low Flooring Warehou se. Help your favorite businesses get t he recognition they deserve. Vote now throu gh March 13, 2020.

Should You Buy a Carpet Remna nt to Save Money? 01/23/2020

Should You Buy a Carpet Remna nt to Save Money?

Have you ever considered buying a carp et remnant for you home, but ju st don't know much about them? He re is a helpful page that go es over all you need to kn ow about remnants and if they're rig ht for your next project. Then co me into the warehouse for our $ 99 remnant sale currently going on!

Should You Buy a Carpet Remna nt to Save Money? Buying carpet remnants can save y ou money, but are they worth t he risk? See the pros and co ns of going this route for yo ur home or decorating project.


remnant sale

It's that time of year aga in for our annual $99 remnant sa le! Make sure to stop in to s ee that huge number of remnants th at we have available, all at $ 99 each.

2020 Flooring Trends: 25+ Top Floori ng Ideas This Year - FlooringInc Bl og 01/07/2020

2020 Flooring Trends: 25+ Top Floori ng Ideas This Year - FlooringInc Bl og

Just like anything else, trends in floori ng tend to change each year. If you' re looking to update your flooring in 20 20, here's a helpful blog that sho ws what's trending this year. Then st op in to speak with our exper ts and view our large inventory of floori ng options.

2020 Flooring Trends: 25+ Top Floori ng Ideas This Year - FlooringInc Bl og Keep your home up-to-date starting wi th your floor. Use this guide to t he hottest 2020 flooring trends and fi nd stylish flooring ideas.


Happy New Year! We will be clos ed today but will reopen with o ur regular hours tomorrow.


From all of us at B uy Low Flooring we want to wi sh you a very Merry Christmas!

The sto re will be closed today but wi ll reopen tomorrow.


Everyone's got their own style wh en it comes to flooring. Does yo ur flooring reflect your style, or someo ne else's?

Stop in today to me et with our experts so they c an help you find the right carp et, hardwood, tile, or whatever kind of floori ng your looking for.


Happy Thanksgiving! We will be clos ed today and re-open tomorrow at 9:00 am.


You could spend your money on a pret ty great holiday suit, or you cou ld upgrade your flooring this holiday seas on to impress all the friends a nd family that will be coming ov er. Stop into the store to spe ak with our experts to see h ow you can give you a ho me a special present this season.

Carpet or Hardwood? 5 Good Reaso ns to Give Carpet a Chance 11/14/2019

Carpet or Hardwood? 5 Good Reaso ns to Give Carpet a Chance

With it being as cold as it 's been lately might be thinking abo ut switching your hardwood flooring for carp et to keep your feet warmer. Lucki ly our experts have the knowledge a nd expertise to help you make t he best decision to keep you comfortab le all year long.

Carpet or Hardwood? 5 Good Reaso ns to Give Carpet a Chance Carpet or hardwood? Your heart (a nd feet) say carpet, but your he ad says hardwood. Here are 5 reaso ns to go with your heart f or your home’s flooring.


All carpets are the same, rig ht? The answer is a resounding "n o." We are thrilled to offer o ur customers a wide range of optio ns when it comes to flooring, a nd this includes the only hypoallergenic, lat ex and volatile organic compounds free so ft flooring, Mohawk Flooring's Air.o carpet.

St op in to speak with one of o ur experts about what this means abo ut the health of your home a nd your family.


Buy 3 Get One Free

Going on right now, you c an buy flooring for 3 rooms in yo ur house, and get another room FR EE! Additionally, we'll include the carpet p ad a no charge with your purcha se. Come see and feel the differen ce at Buy Low.


Man Cave Commercial

When's the last time you look ed at the flooring in your m an cave or she shed? Stop in to the store to see what we ha ve available to give it your spa ce an upgrade.

Man cave flooring ideas 09/06/2019

Man cave flooring ideas

It's the first Sunday of t he new NFL season and that m ay mean that you are about to desce nd into your Man Cave. When's t he last time you looked at t he flooring down there? Are there yea rs of nacho cheese, wings, and oth er stains? Stop into our warehouse to spe ak with our experts about what m ay be the best options to impro ve your space.

Man cave flooring ideas Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspirati on and other ideas to try.

7 Top Trends in Flooring Desi gn for 2019 08/28/2019

7 Top Trends in Flooring Desi gn for 2019

Looking to upgrade some flooring in yo ur house but want to know wh at styles are trending? Check out the se top 7 trends in flooring a nd then stop into the shop a nd speak with our experts about h ow we can make it happen.

7 Top Trends in Flooring Desi gn for 2019 Sebring Design BuildFlooring trends change througho ut the years as homeowners acquire n ew tastes and technology allows a larg er variety of flooring designs for the ir remodeling project. In 2018, medium bro wn tones struck the right note wi th homeowners. Flooring finishes ranging from ebo ny


It's amazing what an update to t he flooring in a small hallway c an do. Do you have any are as of your home that could u se a refresher? Stop into the sh op to see one of the large st in-house flooring inventories in the regi on.

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Carpets Made Easy
Shop Pet Friendly Carpet
Shop the largest selection of floori ng in the area at Buy L ow Flooring Warehouse. Enjoy 20% OFF Vin yl Flooring now!
Get a FREE PAD with t he purchase of any installed carpet.Buy Low 's got you covered.
$99 Remnant Sale
20% OFF All Vinyl Flooring!
We Get It Right!
Spruce Up for the Holidays!
Buy 3 Rooms Get 4th FR EE!
Vinyle Sale
2020 Free Pad Sale



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Monday 9am - 6pm
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