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Selling and delivering all your landscapi ng supplies, winter supplies, and everything in betwe en

Operating as usual


HEY CONTRACTORS! Dont' miss out on o ur pre-winter season pallet discount offers. On ly 11 days left to order, p ay, & save! Stop by, call or messa ge with your order. All are 50 lb ba gs, 49 bags/pallet.

American Rock Salt - $3 43 (reg. $7/bag) SAVE $111.23

Magic Salt Me lt - $515 (reg. $12.36/bag) SAVE $90.64

ProPow er Melt - $515 (reg. $12.36/bag) SA VE $90.64

JetBlue Melt - $615 (reg. $14.50/b ag) SAVE $95.50


Technically, there are a few da ys left for summer, but cooler tem ps got our minds set on t he fall season πŸ‚. It is ti me to work on that yard aga in with more tolerable temps out the re. You also should take full advanta ge of the non-rainy days while y ou can.


For those of you who a re like me, I prefer to ha ve fires outside when the temps dr op. Fall is a good time to a dd one of these to your outdo or living space πŸ”₯ πŸ‚

Check o ut our kits and accessories at


Help us find homes for t he remaining bagged Becks mulch. Price reduc ed until it is gone -
4/$ 10 = $2.50/bag!

Adirondack Landscape Supply updated their pho ne number. 09/07/2022

Adirondack Landscape Supply updated their pho ne number.

Adirondack Landscape Supply updated their pho ne number.

Adirondack Landscape Supply updated their addre ss. 09/07/2022

Adirondack Landscape Supply updated their addre ss.

Adirondack Landscape Supply updated their addre ss.


Attention Contractors!


Good morning from the Mulch Ya rd to our customers & friends! Ha ve a safe holiday weekend. We wi ll be open should you want to m ix in some yard projects around yo ur fun activities!


Sale on Becks bagged products n ow through Labor Day! Listed items on ly. While supplies last!

Top Soil - R eg $3.09 - Sale $2.50/bag
Potting Soil - R eg $4.99 - Sale $3.50/bag
Mushroom Compost Manu re - Reg $4.38 - Sale $3.25
Compost ed Manure - $4.12 - Sale $3/bag

Bagg ed mulch still on sale until it is go ne -
$3/2 cubic ft bag

Limited time Homeown er Special - Dyed or Adirondack Fore st Mulch in bulk - buy 5 or mo re yards and save $5/yd


Mulch making

Good morning to do some grindi ng

Photos from Adirondack Landscape Supply's po st 08/26/2022

New product! Colorful NY skippers a re sold by the pallet only. Gre at for backyard water features, around t he pool, accent areas. Stop in to s ee all out latest product additions!


Did you know it is be st to hydroseed when the weather is cool er? Fall is creeping up on us quick ly. Start planning your hydroseed project befo re fall has come and gone!

Hydroseeding Tips:

Don't let price dictate your produ ct choice. Do your research - L ow cost might mean way more w**ds
Prep the soil
3. W**d t he area
4. Water consistently after mul ch has dried out (usually by t he next day)
5. Fertilize afterward
6. St ay off the area that has be en seeded, especially your pets!
7. Do n ot mow growth until it is at lea st 3" tall


News and such -

Friendly reminder th at we are open 7 days a week.

We are still having our bagged mul ch sale, $3 per 2 cf b ag. Get them before they are gone.

We recently added new products that we ma ke ourselves - Adirondack Peat Mulch & Premi um Compost.

That is all for today. Everyo ne have a great weekend!


Here's an idea, a "bench ar ea" beside your favorite tree. A go od spot to read a book, or to s it and pose as a family

Photos from Adirondack Landscape Supply's po st 08/02/2022

We have 8 mulch varieties. Ba rk, cedar, red, black, brown, Adirondack fore st (natural,) Coco, & certified Playground. I belie ve we have the most varieties arou nd! πŸ’―


Look what we just added to o ur inventory!

Adirondack Landscape Supply updated their busine ss hours. 07/27/2022

Adirondack Landscape Supply updated their busine ss hours.

Adirondack Landscape Supply updated their busine ss hours.


Peat Moss $17.99 for 3.8 cf - hel ps retain moisture & aerate soil. A ll natural, organic, which is good f or your gardens, flower beds, and f or grass seed to grow


SALE on bagged mulch is sti ll happening! $3/2 cf bag. It is nev er too late in the season to fresh en up, or even start!!


We stock 3/4" White Limestone in bu lk. You can create some interesting intrica te designs using different color/size stones.
I sugge st checking out Pinterest, Google, HGTV onli ne, Houzz, YouTube, for design inspiration!


River Stones come to life wh en you spray them with a ho se every now and then. They th en sparkle with their natural colorful beau ty. These stones remind me of fishi ng in streams, or of the ston es I see on mountain trails. Bo th thoughts are calming, peaceful. What a thoug ht to have with decorating your o wn yard that you look at oft en.

We have 2 sizes of Rou nd River Stone in stock. Both a re $55/yard. We load trucks & traile rs, and deliver - no minimum.


Hot Weather & Landscaping:

Mulch is an unsu ng hero of the garden. Aesthetically, it finish es off a bed and makes plan ts look more cohesive. Culturally, it conserv es moisture, keeps the sun from baki ng the ground and discourages w**ds. A nd if it’s an organic mulch, su ch as wood chips or shredded leav es, it eventually breaks down and fee ds the soil. Always match the ty pe of mulch with the plant. F or instance, drought-tolerant cactus and succulents do bett er with stones, while most other gard en plants prefer mulch.


Blowout sale on bark mulch at $2/b ag for 2 cf. Grab some whi le you can, only while supplies la st! πŸŽ‰πŸ’°


Got potholes?! We got the f ix! 66lbs of cold patch asphalt f or $20. AND, it really works to st ay put and not pop back up ov er time. Plenty in stock. We a re open 7 days a week to f it your schedule!


Just like with any product o ut there, not all products of t he same type are really the sa me. I see top soil ads on billboar ds, and on social media. A low er price does not mean better. O ur Top Soil does not have cl ay, sand, pebbles, and w**ds. We tromm el screen our top soil on a regul ar basis for our customers. This mea ns we have a cleaner product f or your top soil needs.


Adirondack Landscape Supply

We have fireplace kits with vario us accessories in stock! Who needs o ne for a holiday weekend gathering?! πŸŽ†πŸ”₯

Adirondack Landscape Supply Selling and delivering all your landscapi ng supplies, winter supplies, and everything in betwe en


Attention Homeowners! Starting now, all o ur bagged mulch products are on sa le until they are gone! Happy Summer!!

Plea se help us get the word o ut by sharing our post... which is alwa ys greatly appreciated!


Decorative Landscaping Stones' ideas!

1. Bui ld Intersections Between the House and Backya rd -
When adding proper borders betwe en the house and the yard, a ny rain splattered is deflected away fr om the home by an attractive ro ck border. It also moves the gra ss away from your house, making it easi er to mow. Finally, a rock bord er creates a lovely place for flowe rs and plants to grow.

2. Use Lar ge Decorative Rocks to Create Sections -
B ig decorative boulders, when carefully chosen f or shape and color, can provide a visu al appeal to your landscape while al so dividing large open areas.

3. Crea te Illusions with Different Rock Forms -
Decorati ve rock walls built around a ti ny slope keep soil from washing aw ay while still allowing for flower garde ns. This also adds an illusion of a larg er open area, and creates space to s et up a patio with furniture to rel ax.

4. Use For Retaining Water f or Plants and Flowers -
A clust er of small, colorful decorative pebbles n ot only look fantastic, but also he lp to keep the soil moist f or plants and flower roots by blocki ng UV rays and therefore preventing wat er from evaporating.

5. Add a Water Featu re -
Consider a pond, a sma ll fountain, or a section of a mar sh that is made up entirely of grav el rather than water. Large pebbles, miniatu re shrubs, plants, and animal figurines a ll contribute to the illusion of a made- up water feature.

6. Add a Touch of A rt Deco to Your Yard -
An art deco impression can be achiev ed by stacking landscaping rocks in ro ws that follow the slope of yo ur yard and provide room for plan ts. The rock stacks also help to preve nt erosion from washing away the so il.

Photos from Adirondack Landscape Supply's po st 06/13/2022

Two very popular mulch options a re Black and Brown. I am looki ng for feedback from our followers. Whi ch color do you prefer and w hy?


Beautiful perfect temperature days are gre at days to do yard projects!


Newly added fire pits with inser ts. Optional top screens & grates so ld seperately. More details on our sh op -

Photos from Adirondack Landscape Supply's po st 05/31/2022

We are still nicely stocked wi th Bulk & bagged Natural Ced ar mulch!


Here are our hours for th is holiday weekend!

Fri: 7-6:30
Sat: 7-3
Sun: 7-1
M on: 7-3


Spring means landscaping needs for su re!


Wake up it is time f or class! Mulch 101 is now in sessi on.

Tips and thoughts on using mul ch:
1. Reduces w**d growth by keepi ng light from reaching soil.
2. Reduces wat er loss from soil surface to reta in moisture.
3. Moderates soil temps - warm er on cool nights/cooler on hot days.
Protects bare soil to reduce erosi on & soil compaction.
5. Avoid applying t oo thick as this will suffocate plan ts and overheat the soil.
6. No ne ed to remove old much. Eventually mul ch breaks down and adds beneficial nutrien ts to the soil. Removing is mo re work and the increased expense is unnecessa ry. Just freshen up and add to addition al areas to change things up fr om year to year.

Don't worry there is no te st for this class. Hope to s ee you all soon!


We are about half way throu gh our raffle, so there is ti me left to get your name in to w in this beautiful Belgard fire pit valu ed at $600. Earn an entry p er $10 of purchased product. Please sha re and help us spread the wo rd!


Adirondack Landscape Supply

Tis the season to seed! We ha ve a variety of Lesco professional gra de seed options to fit your nee ds and budget.

This bag right he re will cover 1000 SF. There a re numerous benefits from "upgrading" your se ed choice from the lower priced optio ns out there. You get what y ou pay for! You want GRASS or y ou want W**ds with some grass?! πŸ€”

Che ck us out online at or st op in and see us!

Adirondack Landscape Supply Selling and delivering all your landscapi ng supplies, winter supplies, and everything in betwe en

Photos from Adirondack Landscape Supply's po st 05/13/2022

Hard to find bulk Natural ced ar mulch and Certified Playground Mulch at - ord er online, over the phone, or in pers on. Pickup or delivery available!


Flagstone in stock! Various sizes a nd colors available. Sold individually or as a pall et.

Flagstone is a paving stone oft en used for walkways, patios, and wa ll projects. It can be cut a nd shaped in various ways to crea te your own unique pattern!


Adirondack Landscape Supply

Exciting customer appreciation contest announcement!! Star ts Sat 5/7 and ends Sun 5/ 29 πŸ”₯

Adirondack Landscape Supply Selling and delivering all your landscapi ng supplies, winter supplies, and everything in betwe en


Did you know we make o ur own mulch by recycling local materia ls?


Please think of us when y ou finish your projects!

Photos from Adirondack Landscape Supply's po st 05/02/2022

The week had started off wi th a bang and delivery spots a re being booked. We recommend placing yo ur order for delivery at least 1 -2 days prior to assure your ide al delivery date/time. **You can order onli ne, in person, or by calling us at (5 18) 796-8607**

Photos from Adirondack Landscape Supply's po st 04/30/2022

Weather is going to nice th is weekend, we are stocked and rea dy to help with you weekend proje ct


Becks Top Soil - $3/bag

Y ou can get in your car, dri ve to a box store, navigate arou nd cars and carts, deal with a cro wd, wait in line, OR you c an come see us and pay essential ly the same price per bag a nd be happier. Decisions, decisions πŸ€”

We a re open all weekend!

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Mulch making
Topsoil screening



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