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Oreck offers lightweigt upright vacuums, bagless vacuums, convenient hand held models, versatile steam mops and a family of air purifiers. Oreck Clean Centers of Puyallup offers lightweight upright vacuums, convenient hand held models, versatile steam mops, and a full line of air purifiers.

We offer an extensive line of Oreck cleaning products and accessories. Oreck also offers full tune ups, warranty repair, and servicing of all Oreck products, and repair of other brand vacuums.


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Introducing the brand new "Elevate" Series from ORECK Clean Centers of Washington... Available now for Pre-Orders!!!

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The new ORECK "Up-Right" Vacuum Cleaner Lin-up!!!


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Introducing the new Air Purification System from ORECK Clean Centers of Washington... Available now for Pre-Orders!!!

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New Air Purification System by ORECK Clean Centers of Washington!!!


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Has your patio or deck been bombarded with the fall leaves? I love all the beautiful fall colors and the sunny crisp days, but all the falling leaves, wind, and rain have made a mess of my patio!! My Oreck Orbiter saves the day here at my house!!! The Oreck Orbiter makes it so simple to clean my patio as well as all other floor surfaces I may need to clean! The Orbiter can sand, refinish, strip, scrub, wax, and polish all floor surfaces as well as deep clean carpets!! Other floor and surface scrubbers can be so difficult to use. The Orbiter works differently: the brush head rotates in a random orbit for easy to use fingertip control that allows the machine to easily glide over the floor, and prevents brush marks, swirls, sanding marks, and gouges. With several different cleaning pads available for purchase along with superior cleaning supplies, it is versatile enough to tackle any job, on any floor surface and gives you AMAZING, professional looking results every time!!! So go ahead and get outside with your Orbiter and get that patio clean! Or, get your carpets and floors inside all sparkly clean for the holidays that are just around the corner!! Don't have an Orbiter? Then get yourself into your friendly neighborhood Oreck store and treat yourself to this essential cleaner that will make your home shine!!!!


Fall is here!! That means colder weather is on its way and chances are you will be turning on your heater or starting a fire in your fireplace. When we turn our heaters on at my house for the first time, I notice the air gets a little dustier. Maybe that's just because the dust that has settled gets blown around ( I guess I should dust more often.. Lol!! ) and when fires get lit in fireplaces, smoke can sometimes fill the air in our homes. An Oreck air purifier is a Must Have!!! Our amazing air purifiers clean the air in your home through the use of the Truman cell which is an electrostatic cleaner that removes 99.9% of dust, pollen, and dander in the air. It also uses a UV light which sterilizes bacteria, viruses, and mold that may be in the air!!! Wow!! What a great way to stay healthy this Fall and Winter!!! Come into one of our stores and see for yourself how one of our air purifiers can keep you breathing better!!!!


Do you own pets? Well, even if you don't, sometimes our homes just need a little freshening up!!! One amazing product that really goes to work to make your house smell great is Oreck's Crystal Aroma ll Carpet and Room Freshener. This awesome freshener is a natural crystal, not a powder, and its designed to freshen wherever you place it: rugs, carpets, cars, closets, basements, even your vacuum bag!!! Because it's a crystal, it won't clog your vacuum bag, and it is non toxic to people and pets!! Just shake it, sprinkle sparingly, wait a few minutes, then vacuum! You can also just leave it on your carpet and the fragrance will be released when you walk on it!!! What a great way to keep your carpet looking and smelling like its brand new!!!


When people think of Oreck they think vacuums, but did you know that Oreck also sells some AMAZING cleaning products that help you attack those dirty jobs and make your life easier! One of my favorite cleaning products is the O Monster All Purpose Cleaner. This is an all purpose cleanser that cleans and attacks and loosens dirt, fingerprints, smudges and more from most hard surfaces in your home. It works especially well on doors, door frames, light switches, walls, ceramic and plastic tile, sinks, tubs, showers, counter tops, table tops and also plastic surfaces. This all purpose cleaner does not contain abrasives, so its safe to use on porcelain bathtubs, and sinks. It can even be used to mop floors!!! It can be diluted up to 1:20 with water. With so many uses this cleaner really saves you time and money!! Another way Oreck helps make cleaning easier!!!!

theguardian.com 08/27/2015

House dust can reveal who you live with and what your pet is, study shows

theguardian.com If the steady build-up of grime, stains and crumbs on the floor is not enough to spur you to a home cleaning spree, then research on the bugs that lurk in house dust might just do the job.Tests on dust gathered from the tops of door frames in more than 1100 US homes revealed rich communities of fungi and bacteria that varied with the sexes of the home’s occupants, and whether cats or dogs lived with them.Scientists embarked on the study to learn more about the microbes in house dust that might exacerbate breathing problems, trigger allergies, or even have health benefits.“Every time we breath in we are inhaling hundreds or thousands of species and we mostly don’t understand which ones are bad for us, and which are beneficial,” said Robert Dunn, an ecologist who took part in the study at North Carolina State University. “We don’t even know what determines why you breathe in different ones in New Jersey and East London.”The researchers asked volunteers on a citizen science project called The Wild Life of Our Homes to collect dust from the tops of door frames on the inside and outside of homes across the US. They picked the tops of door frames because they are rarely cleaned, and serve as “passive collectors of settled dust in our homes”, according to a report in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.House dust is an unappealing muesli of skin flakes, food crumbs, soil particles, fabric fibres, animal fur, decomposing insects and their faeces. Living in and on the mixture are microbes that vary with climate, geography, local plant and animal populations, and the house occupants themselves.The scientists counted more than 70,000 types of fungi and over 125,000 kinds of bacteria in the course of their investigation, and discovered that they could predict whether households had cats or dogs from the microbes in their dust alone. The same dust microbes hinted at whether homes had more males or females, as men and women can carry different types of bacteria, and shed them at different rates.Two sorts of skin bacteria, Corynebacterium and Dermabacter, were more plentiful in homes with more males. Levels of Roseburia, a kind of bacteria found in human faeces, were apparently higher too. That might owe something to differences in hygiene practices, the scientists offer.In homes with more women, a type of bacteria called Lactobacillus was often more abundant. The scientists attribute the source of these particular organisms to the “vaginal microbiome”, the ecosystem of …


Top five reasons why I love my Oreck Magnesium RS vacuum cleaner: #5 Its so lightweight! At just under 8 pounds I don't have to put my back out to carry it! #4 the Saniseal bag system makes changing the bag a cinch as it seals itself when removed... no dirt and dust flying in the air!! #3 I love the Hepa bag which captures 99.97% of air particles including pollen, house dust, smoke, animal dander, and mold spores. #2 I cannot live without the swivel action! Really helps me clean under my table and around my furniture. #1 THE NUMBER ONE REASON I LOVE MY ORECK VACUUM IS....The service I get at my friendly neighborhood Oreck store!!! I love that they keep my vacuum working like I just bought it yesterday!!! That alone is priceless!!! Come test drive an Oreck Magnesium and see for yourself how amazing this vacuum cleaner is... you will fall in love!!!!


What a summer we have had here in Washington!!! I have certainly been enjoying the amazing weather we've had!!! But all our in and out activities have left my carpets looking pretty sad. My carpet cleaner of choice? The Oreck Orbitor of course!!!! This amazing floor cleaner comes with several different attachments for any type of floor, including carpet, hardwoods, laminate, slate, and even cement for cleaning your patio!!! My favorite thing about using the Orbitor is that you do not have to wait for your carpets to dry!!! You just sprinkle the cleaner that comes with it over your carpets, clean, then presto!!! Your carpets are fresh, clean, and like new again!!! Don't forget to pre treat any difficult stains with No Return first!! Come by one of our stores today and see for yourself how amazing this floor cleaner truly is!!!


Did you know that you can use Oreck No Return spot remover to remove stains on your clothing? One of my kids spilled chocolate milk on their shirt this weekend, so I whipped out my trusty No Return bottle. I use it as a pre-treater on all stains before washing the clothes in the washing machine. Just spray on the stain, let stand for 1-5 minutes depending on the stain, and then throw in the wash!!! Gets all stains out of your clothes!!!! This is one Oreck product that I absolutely cannot live without!!!


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A fun little #flashbackfriday to a Classic Oreck commercial!!!

David Oreck classic Cowboy commercial filmed in Dallas Texas.


Picking up a bowling ball with an Oreck


Here's an example of how powerful the buster b handheld vacuum really is!!!

The Oreck Handheld is so powerful, it can pick up a 16 lb bowling ball! Filmed at the Oreck store in Rehoboth Beach, DE.


How long has it been since you've taken your grate off of your refrigerator and vacuumed the coils? For me, its been so long I cant even remember the last time I did it! Did you know that you can extend the life of your fridge if you do this? It lowers the energy level the fridge will need to keep all your food inside at the right temp. For this task there is no better tool to use than the Oreck Buster B handheld vacuum!! Weighing in at 3 pounds its so lightweight and easy to use yet it can pick up a 16 pound bowling ball with its suction power!!! Great for vacuuming those baseboards and corners in your home as well.... or how bout the stairs or even the car!!! I love how Oreck helps me clean smarter, not harder!!!


So I've noticed that people with allergies have really suffered this year as the allergens have seemed particularly aggressive this season. My family has been affected, especially my husband. Thank goodness for my Oreck purifiers!!! As soon as my purifiers need to be cleaned, my husband has trouble sleeping and breathing. After we've taken our purifiers in for a cleaning at our friendly neighborhood Oreck store ( once every few months depending on the air quality in the home) my husband immediately feels better... and so do I... no more snoring at night!!!! Another reason why I love my Oreck!!!


Have all those trips to the park or the beach with the kids and the dog taken a toll on your car upholstery? Well let our M-900 do the clean up for you! This amazing carpet/upholstery steamer will take all the stains, dirt and grime out of your car upholstery and leave your car looking and smelling brand new!!! Use it also on dining room chairs or living room upholstery. Its also a breeze to use!! Just another way Oreck helps keep our lives happy, healthy, and clean!


Have you tried Oreck No Return spot remover yet? My daughter spilled grape juice on our brand new dining room chair. After I got my heart started again and the panic attack stopped, I reached for my Oreck No Return!! I followed the directions, and after only one treatment... p**f!!! The grape juice was gone!!! No stain!!! Thank goodness!!! I will never be without this stuff!!!! Oreck to the rescue!!!!


Have you owned a Oreck for years and never had a tune up?? I sure hope you're shaking your head and saying of course you've taken advantage of this amazing service, but if you haven't let us tell you what you will get with your annual tune up!!

What does a 9-point tune-up include?
*Replace worn or damaged seals
*Check the drive belt
*Replace inner bag
*Check roller brush bearings
*Clean roller brush
*Polish commutator (motor shaft)
*Check all electrical connections
*Clean housing and base plate
*Clean inside of outer bag and bag dock

Come and see our master technicians and we will return your vacuum as good as new!!!


Everyone celebrate safe and sane this weekend! We are here to help clean any memories your house can do without!!



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