Appalachian Outdoor Essential Oils

Appalachian Outdoor Essential Oils

Your neighborhood aromatherapy store for therapeutic grade essential oils certified for purity, tear pads, books, spray bottles roller balls and much more!

Hello! My name is Cindy. My husband Chuck and I have lived in Northern VA for over fifteen years and have always had a great appreciation for the outdoors. My grandfather was an arborist, otherwise known as a “tree surgeon” and I have so many wonderful memories of long nature walks with grandpa who used the outdoors as a classroom and taught me everything there was to know about trees, vines and plants. My grandfather also owned some land in Western PA where camping, hiking and swimming were the norm for us. Chuck essentially grew up in the outdoors too. His father was very active outdoors and was an avid skier and swimmer so the family spent as much time as they could outdoors. Chuck continued the tradition by spending almost every weekend camping, hiking, swimming and canoeing on their favorite island in CT. We're both Army veterans and were stationed at a rapid deployment unit so we were “always ready” but during the summer of 2003 a major power outtage became a major lesson for both of us when we discovered we weren’t as prepared as we could have been; that’s when we became familiar with the term: emergency preparedness. Chuck especially began to educate himself and joined local groups, online forums and even began blogging about “prepping” in a practical manner – a term he likes to call “practical prepping”. In early 2013 I became familiar with therapeutic grade essential oils after a friend introduced me to their powerful effects. With my outdoorsy background, I fell in love with the oils and understood immediately the true meaning of these beautiful gifts planet Earth has given us. Therapeutic grade essential oils are perfect for any situation because their shelf life is almost indefinite (except for citrus oils which last on average 10 years), and they are potent medicines yet gentle enough for infants. In November 2013 we decided to take our passions to the marketplace and our store, Appalachian Outdoor Readiness & Essentials was born. It’s an outdoor equipment and apparel store with a unique focus. While some stores focus on activities like kayaking or climbing, Appalachian Outdoor Readiness & Essentials focuses on emergency readiness and disaster preparedness. Topics such as water purification, water and food storage, first aid, back up power, self-reliance and independence in the face of emergencies go hand in hand with camping, hiking and outdoor life. Campers and hikers are some of the most independent and self-reliant folks in the world so why not bring those qualities to the general public? I like to think of our store as the “yin & yang of outdoor survival”. Chuck’s side deals with being prepared in the physical sense while my side takes care of preparedness in terms of health and wellness. If you're in the area, please feel free to stop in and say hi! Get a hand scan while you're at it or stay for one of the many classes we have scheduled. We'd love to see you! 10/28/2016

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90% Off Everything! 90% Off Everything! 10/18/2016

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Learn about the many benefits of pettigrain oil which is considered by many to have more of a masculine scent than lavender for relaxing; perfect for chillin' out your manly-man. Calming, cleansing, and health-supporting benefits of Petitgrain 10/18/2016

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In case you missed it! In case you missed it!

[10/02/16]   Check out doTERRA's latest newsletter! In a nutshell, October's POM is Rosemary oil (so perfect this time of year - multiple benefits like respiratory, memory and hair growth). Plus, 10% off Motivate which is my personal fav out of all the Emotional Aromatherapy oils - nothing smells more crisp and fresh than mixing a citrus and a mint. It's THE oil to diffuse for those hectic morning routines.
And don't forget about the 23 (!) NEW products all available for purchase starting Oct 3rd! New oils like Spikenard and Pettigrain and a whole line of beautifully packaged, oil-infused spa products that I cannot wait to try out! You can also find out when and where the Post Convention Tour will be arriving in your neck of the woods (November 1st for greater Washington D.C. folks). The Post Convention Tour is your chance to get up close and personal with all the new products as well as meet a doTERRA "celebrity" (can you say Emily Wright or Dr. Hill?) and the best part is it's all free; I hope to see you there! 09/30/2016

Going Out of Business Sale Week 2

Going Out of Business Sale - Another Slash in Prices! Going Out of Business Sale - Another Slash in Prices! 09/21/2016

Going Out of Business Sale

Check out our most recent newsletter! Check out our most recent newsletter! 09/20/2016

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