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Today is the first day of . May those participating have a and rewarding month ahead! 🌙🙏


Written in the month-day-year format, 3️⃣.2️⃣0️⃣.2️⃣3️⃣ is a ! Can you guess why? A palindrome reads the same backward and forward, giving us the numeric we see in today’s date. 😎


It’s , and we’re celebrating the occasion with some shamrock ! So fire up those mental math muscles and tell us your answers in the comments. With a “wee bit o’ luck” and a whole lot of skill, we expect you’ll get things right! 😉☘️

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It’s , and we’re celebrating the occasion with some shamrock ! So fire up those mental math muscles and tell us your answers in the comments. With a “wee bit o’ luck” and a whole lot of skill, we expect you’ll get things right! 😉☘️


Have you ever solved a simple math expression, only to find out you were WAY off because of the ? Well, no more! Today's Number Sense blog article outlines everything we need to know about PEMDAS. Check it out! 🤩🌟


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, math’s most popular day of the year, is finally here. And we’re stoked! We’ll be celebrating with food, activities, rewards, and fun! So contact us for party details, and join in the excitement today! 🥳🎉


starts this Sunday in most areas of the country. Are you ready to “spring forward”? We can’t wait for longer days and summer fun — how about you? Drop a 👍 or 👎 in the comments! ⏰⏩

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PI DAY PARTY (kids math/STEM fun event) - Tue., MARCH 14TH, 2023, 5:00-7:00 PM
Celebrated by math enthusiasts worldwide every year on March 14th. At Mathnasium, we can’t wait to celebrate Pi Day! Join us on 3.14, and give your child the chance to explore math in all kinds of fun and unique ways! We’ll have food, games, activities, rewards, and more. Everybody's Invited (even parents). Scan the QR code or call us to RSVP NOW.


It’s . Join us in lifting the voices — and celebrating the achievements — of women (and girls) everywhere. Drop an SO in the comments for a woman you want to honor today! 🤩🙌


It’s , so we’re recognizing with this feature on Katherine Johnson! Check it out to learn more about this American mathematician who helped NASA discover a whole new world in space. 👩🚀


Whatever your child’s skill level in , can help them make tremendous strides in comprehension, confidence, and grades. Contact us today to schedule an assessment — and put them on a path to lifelong success! 😃🌟



, math’s most popular day of the year, is only two weeks away — and we’re celebrating BIG! So contact us today for details, and join us on March 14 for food, activities, rewards, and fun! 🥳🎉



The best part of our day is witnessing "aha!" moments with our students. John Bianchette, VP of Education and Training, shares more about these impactful instances. Take a look, then contact us to help your child arrive at their “aha” moment! 🤩🙌



Northern Virginia Camp and Summer Fun Expo - With Over 36 Exhibitors!
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📍Saturday, February 25, 10 am – 3pm, Dulles Town Center Mall 21100 Dulles Town Cir. Dulles VA 20166


Mathematical patterns follow predictable rules that help us anticipate what comes next. Apply what YOU know about to determine the value of “?” in today’s exercise, then tell us your answer in the comments below! 👍😎


Have you seen our trick to quickly multiply numbers near 100? Check it out in today's video, then head to our Number Sense blog for more practice! 😁


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What: food, games, activities, rewards, a Pi Day Champion contest, etc.
When: March 14, 2023, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Where: Mathnasium of Purcellville
1020 E Main St, Ste L, Purcellville

(540) 338-6284 | [email protected]


It’s ! Are you up for a “math-y presidents” trivia question? Mike has two monetary bills in his pocket: one features George Washington, and one features Andrew Jackson. What is their total value? Tell us in the comments! 😃🎩🇺🇸


It’s ! Simple acts of can be the catalyst for positive change at home, school, work, or play. So, choose THREE THINGS you’ll do to make someone’s day today. Then come back and tell us about it in the comments! 😃💖


, math’s biggest day of the year, is coming — and we’re having a ! So contact us today to get all the details, and join us on March 14 for food, activities, rewards, and fun! 🥳🎉



On , it is custom to share cards and flowers, but why not change things up with an heart? ❤️ Stop by our Number Sense blog for step-by-step instructions on creating your own. Happy ! 🥰



Today we celebrate women and girls everywhere who use their foundational math knowledge to grow and excel in scientific studies and science-related careers! 🔬🤩🧪


Is your child realizing their potential in ? At , we provide customized learning plans and live, face-to-face instruction so they can catch up and get ahead. Contact us to enroll your child today! 😊🧮



Happy mathematical constant ! It’s the day when we celebrate Euler's number, which has special properties useful in calculus and in applications such as exponential growth and continuous compounding. Hurray for the all-powerful “e”! 🥳

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February is . Join us in honoring the many talents, skills, and voices that have changed the landscape of and the world. 🙌⭐


, math’s most popular day of the year, is just around the corner — and we plan to celebrate BIG! So contact us today to get all the details. And mark your calendars to join us for food/snacks, festivities, and fun — everybody’s invited! 🥳🎉



We make learning fun and help your child progress in so they can succeed in school, on standardized tests — and in life. Contact us to learn more today! 😁👍

🎬 Video credit: Mathnasium student and video contest winner, Kelly B. of Columbus, GA


Usually, a temperature written in Fahrenheit is different than when written in Celsius, but did you know there’s an instance when they are the SAME? It’s true! Check out this to learn more! 🥶🧊


We're revisiting in today's video, but this time it's all about independent events. Check it out and visit our Number Sense blog to learn more! 😎


Do you have a math trick you want to see? Submit your request at:


Happy , friends! Here’s wishing you and your loved ones longevity, peace, prosperity, and good fortune! 🐰🧧🧨


At , we help students exercise their minds. This leads to “aha” moments, generating confidence and enthusiasm that go beyond the classroom. Give your child the boost they need to succeed in and in life. Contact us today! 💡🤩


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Students succeed in when they are motivated and challenged, but it's not always easy to know when this is the case. Check out our latest Number Sense blog article for five signs your child is ready for advanced math. 🤩🌟


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“My son has loved being a part of Mathnasium! It has been fun and challenging at the same time.”

Students who already excel at math are able to reach even higher levels at Mathnasium. A customized learning plan will keep your child engaged and excited about math so they can achieve their maximum potential.

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It’s ! Join us as we celebrate the life and legacy of one of the twentieth century’s best-known advocates for nonviolent social . 🇺🇸⭐

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It’s — a day considered “unlucky” by many… along with opening umbrellas indoors, breaking mirrors, walking under ladders, and black cats crossing your path. Do YOU think any of these things are bad luck? Tell us in the comments! 🤞🎲😮

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Akira and her sister Kamala are taking turns sharing skis to travel down several hills. If Akira skis for 20 minutes and another 33 minutes, and Kamala skis for 18 mins and another 39 mins, how many minutes were the skis in use? ⛷️🏔️ Bonus: How many hours were the skis in use?

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Is your child realizing their full potential in ? improves math skills and builds confidence, giving kids what they need to catch up, keep up, and excel. Call us to get started today! 😎👍

☎️ 877-601-MATH (6284)

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