Goose Creek Farms & Produce

Goose Creek Farms & Produce


Just want to give a big thank you to Goose Creek Farms & Produce for such a wonderfully organized event. This was such an awesome opportunity to try for my first time as a vendor. Some Like It Hot had a wonderful experience….
Merry Christmas to all!
Good morning Bird & Bear gang! We’re here at Goose Creek Farms & Produce with our fresh new tie dye beanies and socks to match our sweaters and hoodies! Also, check out our 50% off rack!!!
See you soon! We’ll be here until about 2pm! And if you want to catch us later in the day, we’ll be at the Farmington Library after until 7pm!
Will anyone be bringing Christmas Dresses or outfits?
Garland and Twine is excited to bring some fun goodies to this years’ Christmas Market! See you Saturday! I'm so excited to be at this event.
Love your cover photo!!
If you’re in the area, head out to Goose Creek Farms & Produce on Goose Creek Road in Prairie Grove. They have it decorated AMAZINGLY for fall 🍂🍁🍃!! You’ll also find some of my fresh flower bouquets 💐🙂.
Thank you, Goose Creek Farms & Produce!! So excited to win the drawing for Fall Decorations!! This made my Saturday!!! 😍
If coconut hold for me will come get it
Do you have any coconut pie today
Goose Creek Brunch.
Fresh eggs, veggies galore, salsa and Fromage Blac from White River Creamery, refrigerator pickles on the side.
Healthy never tasted so good ❤️
Update - sold out for delivery but more available on Saturday at Goose Creek Farms & Produce

Summer in a jar. 🌼❤

I will have 10 bouquets for delivery tomorrow.
Goose Creek Farms will also have more available on Saturday morning along with their fresh produce!
Every bouquet will vary slightly but include flowers similar to these. The berries are edible but not ripe and these arent even tasty when they are ripe lol , but they sure look pretty tucked in with the zinnias 😁.

Welcome to Goose Creek Farms & Produce we have fresh vegetables when in season. Also we have homemad


1 dozen mixed fried pies left (6 pecan and 6 cherry) Who wants them? $32

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$1 pumpkins and $10 mums
Come grab them!
Last day open this season! Open until noon today!


FRIED PIES TOMORROW 8-noon, come get some before we close for the season. Flavors are Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Pecan and Strawberry.


This Saturday will be our LAST DAY OPEN this Fall season. We will not be open on Friday this coming weekend.
We have a handful of mums and a few pumpkins left. This will be your last chance to snag up some FRIED PIES this season!
Open 8-noon! See y’all soon!😊❤️🎃🍁


GOOD MORNING!!! We are open today until NOON! We have FRIED PIES (apple and peach)! This week the apple fried pies will knock your socks off, I think it’s the fall weather setting in! Yummmmm❤️😍
We have a few mums and pumpkins, come grab them before they are gone!


GOOD MORNING!!!! Rise and shine it’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL SATURDAY!!!
Just picked these beauties yesterday afternoon!❤️😍🎃🍁
Come see us, open today 8-noon!
Mums, pumpkins and fried pies the best way to start this amazing FALL SATURDAY!! See y’all soon!

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Snapped pictures of these beauties this morning! We will be open tomorrow and Saturday 8-noon. Since fall weather is finally starting to appear we are celebrating huge with a mum SALE!!! Mums will be $17 each!!! Yes you read that right, we have several different colors to chouse from. Come see us!!!
Oh and we will have APPLE and CHERRY FRIED PIES!!!!


💥💥💥SOLD OUT💥💥💥

WE have a few fried pies…


Will deliver if local 😊

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Good morning!!! FRIDAY FINALLY SHOWED UP!!🎉🎉🎉
We will be open today and tomorrow from 8-noon!
We have fried pies (apple, peach, chocolate and pecan), mums and beautiful funky pumpkins!
Now that FALL has officially showed up, it’s time to decorate your front porch!
Come see us!!😊❤️
We will also be at the Junk Ranch with PUMPKINS, stop in to say Hi!

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Early morning pickings (1 of many) 🍁🎃❤️💪🏻


This fall season we will be changing things up a little, every Saturday we will have 1-2 pop vendors for the day.
This opening weekend we will have 479 Woodworks with us. Hop on over and check out their page. They have some pretty amazing pieces of woodwork, you could pair any of it with some pumpkins or a mum! Also it’s not too early to be thinking of Christmas gifts!
If you would like to do a pop up this fall please send us a message and your info!

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EEKKKK….We are almost ready for opening of pumpkin and mum season! 🎉🎉
I want to give y’all a little info on our mums this year. These beautiful mums are grown just a few miles from us. We have teamed up with this AMAZING family to bring you nothing but the best. We have several different colors and many in different stages, some are heavy budded and a lot are blooming out. This is great so that you can choose when you are wanting your mums to be in full bloom. We do have 5 TriColor mums this weekend, we wasn’t planning on having them but decided to give it a whirl. We also have 4 large pots with mums and oriental grass in them.
We will open this Friday September 23 at 8am unite noon and Saturday September 24th 8-noon. Will be open every Friday and Saturday until Halloween!😊🎃
Can’t wait to see y’all!!

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EEKKKK….Pumpkin time is in sight!!! ❤️🍁🎃
We will be opening up Friday September 23rd 8-noon and Saturday 8-noon. We will remain open every Friday and Saturday until October 29th.
We will have huge variety of mums in a range of different colors (some in full bloom, some cracking color and a few heavy budded). We are planning to pick pumpkins this coming Sunday.
We will also have our baked goods available and FRIED PIES!!!!😍❤️
Stay tuned for more sneak peak pictures as the pumpkins and mums get put out.

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Pumpkins are growing! ❤️😍
Stay tuned for when we will open back up for FALL!!!🍂🍁🎃


💥💥💥SOLD OUT💥💥💥

We have 1.5 bushel of canning tomaotes if anyone is interested❤️🍅


Good morning!!! Happy SATURDAY!
This will be our LAST DAY with summer veggie this season..🍅🥒🧅
Today we have tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, yellow squash, bell peppers, jalapeños. Moving over to the good stuff…FRIED PIES (flavors…peach, strawberry and chocolate), homemade bread, jams and cinnamon rolls!
Come grab one for breakfast and shop for vegetables!
Open until noon unless we sell out sooner.
See y’all the end of September with PUMPKINS, mums, banana bread, pumpkin bread and much more baked goods! ❤️🎃🍁🍂


💥This weekend will be OUR LAST WEEKEND open with VEGETABLES! 💥
We will have tomatoes, yellow squash, cucumbers, green beans, spaghetti squash, bell peppers and onions.
OPEN FRIDAY 8-noon (or when we sell out)
OPEN SATURDAY 8-noon (or when we sell out)

We will open back up towards the end of September with all kinds of baked goodies, MUMS and PUMPKINS!!! We are super excited for this FALL and we can’t wait to share our pumpkins with y’all! 🎃❤️


We’re open and we have tomatoes, green beans, jalapeños, onions, cucumbers ….FRIED PIES (flavors apple, strawberry, coconut), homemade bread, jams and CINNAMON ROLLS!!!
Come see us!😊❤️


HAPPY SATURDAY…you finally showed up!
We’re open today!!
We have a few tomaotes, bell peppers, squash, cucumbers, onions and a little bit of okra.
FRIED PIE FLAVORS…apple, peach, STRAWBERRY (one of our favorites) and we have a new one SUGAR FREE APPLE PIE, this is a trial and error flavor. Come grab one and let us know what you think!
Open unail noon or when we sell out!

Thank you to everyone doing all the rain dances, your hard work paid off🤣🎉💃🏽


Good morning….it’s a beautiful Friday morning with beautiful raindrops falling.
Our gardens and pastures are soaking ever bit of this much needed rain up.
Today we have tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, jalapeños, squash, green beans and a few okra. And of course FRIED PIES…we like to call it balance, veggies with a side of sweets!
Grab your umbrella and throw on your rain boots, come grab the some veggies before we sell out.



We are almost sold out of everything!
We have a few cantaloupe left, some jalapeños and onions.
On a SWEET NOTE…we have a couple fried pies and cinnamon rolls left, come grab them before they are gone!


Good morning! ☀️ HAPPY FRIDAY!!!
We will be open today from 8am-10am and reopen tomorrow from 8-noon!
We have tomatoes, green beans, squash, jalapeños and FRIED PIES…new FLAVORS THIS WEEK…Apricot and Coconut!!!
Tomorrow we will have cinnamon rolls! ❤️
Come see us this morning while it’s nice and cool!

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All we have left is 11 fried pies (2 chocolate and 7 peach ) and 2 cinnamon rolls….
Who wants them? Can deliver😊🚗💨




We are open today from 8-noon, it’s a beautiful morning with a nice over cast sky. Today we have FRESH HOT CINNAMON ROLLS (if you come early), FRIED PIES (apple, peach and chocolate) green beans, a few tomatoes (come early, they will go fast) squash, cucumbers, a few okra ( not very many), small candy onions.

Next week we are changing up our flavors of fried pies…so stay tuned! ❤️

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Good morning, we are open until 12:00 today. We have cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, cabbage and a few onions.
I can’t forget the best part….fried pies (apple, peach and chocolate) cinnamon rolls (still warm from oven) and a few loaves of bread. ❤️🍅🥒🧅
Come see us before it gets too hot!
This next week we are adding new flavors of fried pies soo stay tuned for that!!😍



1 key lime pie left…and 1 dozen peach fried pies….do we have any takers? These would be perfect for this Great American Holiday weekend! ❤️💥
I can deliver if you are local.😊🚗💨

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Hurry before we are completely sold out!
Fried pies flavors….APPLE, PEACH, CHOCOLATE. We will be open until 12:00 today. Come see us!😊🍅🥒💥

Goose Creek Farms & Produce updated their business hours. 06/28/2022

Goose Creek Farms & Produce updated their business hours.

Goose Creek Farms & Produce updated their business hours.


And FINALLY….We are opening for this season on Friday July 1st 8am-noon and Saturday 8am-noon. We are scrambling around to get the stand ready for this weekend. We will have a few tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and some more yummy veggies!
And the best part…FRIED PIES!!!
The flavors we will have this weekend will be APPLE, PEACH AND CHOCOLATE. We will be adding flavors in the weeks to come!
We will also be making our yummy Key-lime pie, must order those by Thursday at noon!!
We can’t wait to see y’all!!! 😍😊🫑🍅🧅🥒



Happy Monday!!!
Yesterday we had the privilege of taking our fried pies on the road. We were set up at the weigh in of AYBN (Arkansas Youth BASS Nation) in Greers Ferry with our pies. It was such a great experience sharing our fried pies with different people in the other parts of the state.
We do have a few left overs we would like to offer up for sale at discounted prices……they are great to freeze or stick in the refrigerator. You can take them out and put in air fryer for a few minutes or oven to make them crispy.
Apple 1 dozen ($33)

Will deliver them today if you are local.


Good morning!!! Happy MONDAY!
We have been kicking around the idea of a Spring Show…We are looking for your input. We need ideas of different kinds of vendors, things you would like to see at this show, food, drinks etc….Please comment or you can send us a PM if you like.
We look forward to hearing all our your awesome ideas!😊❤️


We can not SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH to EACH AND EVERYONE of y’all that showed up today! From the vendors that braved the weather to Campfire Coffee for keeping warm liquids in our belly’s. I appreciate all the customers that stoped to buy from the awesome local vendors, we could not do it without y’all.😍❤️

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Good morning, everyone is set up and ready for y’all!
Open until 2pm


Don’t forget to wear your YOUR UGLY SWEATER TOMORROW!


We have a large batch of fried pies ready for y’all….if you want to make sure you get the flavors you want, just place a preorder.
Flavors for tomorrow will be apple, cherry, pecan, pumpkin, peach, strawberry, chocolate and peanut butter with chocolate drizzle. Yummmmm…y’all mite just want to try 1 of each!😍

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Sneak peaks….🎁🎄🎅🏻
Tomorrow 9-2


We are 1 day away from our Christmas Market!!! Make plans to join us tomorrow for shopping, coffee sipping, listening to some music, eating fried pies and kettle corn all while the kids are being entertained in the bouncy house.
The weather is looking great!! Come see us!❤️🎄🎁🎅🏻

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Look what a vendor will have at the Christmas Market…a breath taking beautiful California King bedroom suite.
The weather is looking great! Come out grab some coffee from Campfire Coffee and do some shopping!
This Saturday 9-2, we can’t wait to see y’all! 😊🎁🎄🎅🏻


Don’t forget Campfire Coffee will have some yummy coffee Saturday morning…come ready to grab a coffee, do some shopping and grab fried pies, kettle corn or cookie kits while making your way around the Market.

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Good morning…..Here are a few more items that will be at the Christmas Market this coming weekend.
This will be a great opportunity to do some Christmas shopping and stocking stuffing lol❤️🎄🎁

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Good morning!!! Here’s a sneak peak before everyone gets here😉If you listen closely you can hear the birds and cows sere...





15383 Goose Creek Road
Prairie Grove, AR

Opening Hours

Friday 8am - 12pm
Saturday 8am - 12pm

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