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Web Tech Fusion is a full-service digital agency in Powhatan Virginia. We partner with organizations to help them grow using custom tailored digital strategies.

Web Tech Fusion is a full service Digital Agency based in Powhatan VA.

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Did you know the email marketing return on investment is 3600%? This means that email remains an important channel in any effective marketing strategy. Here are a few email marketing tips to better engage with your audience:

• Write compelling subject lines.
• Personalize the email greeting.
• Closely tie emails to landing pages.
• Allow recipients to subscribe to your newsletter.
• Keep the main message and call-to-action (CTA) above the fold.


Sunday was World Radio Day! It was founded in 2011 to remind us all of the powerful medium that has shaped our society and given an arena to an array of voices so they could be heard. From its humble terrestrial beginnings to its present satellite and internet streaming form, radio has evolved with society’s needs to be informed or entertained and remains a relevant channel of communication today. Nearly 83% of Americans aged 12 or older still listen to radio on a weekly basis.


Here’s a little search engine trivia for . Did you know 93% of online interactions begin with search engines? Now without Googling, can you name which search engine controls almost 92% of the market share? If you caught our hint, you know it’s Google—their name has become synonymous with searching. Microsoft Bing holds 2.75% and DuckDuckGo only 0.66%.


Another year is passing, and we must say 2021 has brought us some amazing growth along with great work done with our partners. We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and we look forward to what 2022 has in store for all of us.

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The way business is conducted digitally is rapidly changing with the birth of new technologies. Here are some trends and emerging technologies, still in their infancy stages, that will be gaining momentum in 2022.


Merry Christmas to all of our family, friends, and followers. We at Web Tech Fusion hope this holiday is filled with love, joy, and cheer for you all. As we look forward to the future, we’d also like to thank our partners who helped make this an amazing year.


Web content should be accessible to all users despite sensory or intellectual impairments which is why the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act require sites to meet certain accessibility requirements. While ADA compliance applies to both public and private sectors, Section 508 compliance only applies to federal agencies and those who do business with the federal government. When deciding what level of adherence your organization may need for accessibility compliance, we recommend the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as a reference guide for ADA and 508 website compliance. The most recent major update to these guidelines (WCAG 2.1) was published into law in 2018 and serves as the standard for compliance.

Having a compliant and fully accessible website is always a best practice to follow and working with a professional organization can confirm that level of compliance is being implemented.


May you enjoy this holiday with your family and closest friends. Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving from Web Tech Fusion.


Holidays are a time of year for giving and receiving. We have some holiday marketing tips that’ll give your customers a unique experience and help you receive more engagement.

Partner with a non-profit that aligns with your customer’s values. For many, this season means giving back and making purchases that go towards a cause close to their hearts.

Boost conversions with free gift offers. Join the holiday spirit by giving away a gift with qualifying purchases. It makes customers happy and puts them in a buying mood.

Capitalize on festive feelings with a dedicated holiday landing page. Use seasonal color themes, images, and language to let customers know it’s current.


Today we thank all of the men and women who have served in our U.S. Armed Forces. It is because of your service and sacrifice that we continue to be a free nation. Thank you and happy Veterans Day.


Our team at Web Tech Fusion hopes you get more treats than tricks. Have a fun and safe Halloween!


We still see websites without an SSL certificate which is the little padlock in the top corner giving your domain name an “https://” versus an “http://.” It is imperative to keep communications secure if any information is being passed back and forth between the user and your website. Also important, Google provides an SEO boost for all sites that have an SSL certificate regardless of info transfer. If that wasn’t enough justification, modern browsers make your site look scary by saying “Not Secure” to the end user when it detects a non-HTTPS website, hurting potential conversions. In today’s internet, a Security Socket Layer (SSL) is a requirement, not an option.


Website content is usually overlooked and often under analyzed. If someone calls your organization and asks a series of questions, many indicators like the answers that were provided, the tone or demeanor of the conversation, and the call outcome would be assigned to the interaction. Rightfully so, you want to make sure that those interacting with your customer do so politely, the information that is given is correct and concise, and ultimately the customer is well attended to for a positive result.

The vast amount of data available to analyze content and user behavior online, while not as “telling” as a phone conversation, is truly remarkable. What’s even more impressive is the lift in conversions that can be realized because of focusing on your audiences’ needs, intent, overall experience, and ultimately their conversion path when dealing with web content.

Now to be fully transparent, there is quite a bit of work needed to do this properly. So, investing in a team of professionals is going to be your go-to here, but when you look at the ROI it’s a bit obvious why this should be a primary part of your overall digital strategy.

Also, it’s important to note here that while you need to do a great job serving your audience when they arrive, your audience must first arrive, meaning that you better be sure that Google is pleased with your website content too. Search Engine Optimization, or even landing pages for Search Engine Marketing, have very specific content needs to be effective. Balance will be the key and content should be purposeful and tailored for your audience, but there is a checklist of fundamentals for search engines that need to be followed if you’re expecting to have an audience beyond those who already know your organization’s name.

Did we mention that your content should match from one channel to another? One of our first priorities for any of our partners is to make sure that what is being said on each channel is reflective of the brand and that all channels have brand consistency. This ties back into the phone conversation mentioned earlier. Was that interaction the same experience that your audience would receive online? Is your advertising truly omni-channel? Protect your brand and its interactions by ensuring a seamless customer experience. This is a topic on its own, but there are some staggering statistics that speak volumes as to why content should be consistent on every channel. As a hint, those stats have a lot to do with an increase in revenue.

All in all, website content oversees interactions with your customers 24/7. Knowing exactly how to measure and optimize these interactions should be a big focus for any organization that wants to succeed digitally.


Cross-browser compatibility is often overlooked, especially if a website has not been designed professionally. We’ve been developing websites for the last 16 years and a lot of progress has been made in terms of browser compatibility. Most importantly, developers need to be versed and aware of browser nuances along with techniques on how to achieve best results for each browser. With such a diversity in device types, screen sizes, operating systems, and browser versions, you must account for the “bulk of scenarios” when developing a website. Otherwise, your users’ experiences will not be positive which will result in lost conversions and engagement.

Cross-browser compatibility does not stop when a site is launched. It must be tested on an ongoing basis to ensure site experience is consistent with your web standards. This includes when content is updated, new site features are added, or framework enhancements are made (required for security compliance).

What do we mean by web standards? Well, you should be determining what browsers and configuration types you are designing for based from user behavior trends, traffic data and patterns, technological needs, business objectives, and your target audience. Any properly built website would have well-defined web standards at the beginning of the project and would require keeping them updated over time as needs change and evolve.



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