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Doorside Coffee


Hi, I am with Town Hall.

We are preparing a Welcome Kit for new residents that are moving into our community.

Our Welcome Kit can only feature one Cafe and I would like to discuss your being the exclusive Cafe for our new residents.

I would like to schedule a time when you are expecting me so that I may drop off a sample of our "Welcome Kit" and explain the program in greater detail.

Please message me or for immediate assistance, feel free to call or text me on my cell which is listed below.

Carole Merwin
I finally got to taste my coffee from y'all!!!! OMG it's amazing keep up the good work 😍😍😍sorry Brandon it took me so long!
For our Son Craig Gordnier!
Thank you for your delivery today! The little has decided it angels great and he's going to be keeping it from us
Hi Everyone! I was a recent winner of a free bag of coffee from Doorside Coffee! I have a confession to make though - I live off of Keurig K-Cups. That's right, old coffee packed in plastic containers. Guilty. I don't even have a coffee grinder anymore or a regular coffee pot.

They have the little DIY coffee pods where you can stuff your own grinds into the filter and use it inside the Keurig. That's the best I have for now. I wanted to at least be able to try it out and see the flavor.

I grabbed my NutriBullet, opened up my bag, and immediately got a whiff of the fresh coffee bean scent I haven't smelled in at least two years. It's invigorating! I may or may not have just stood there for a good minute smelling the bag. It was easy enough to grind up the beans - took less than 30 seconds. After filling up my little makeshift K-cup, I popped it in and let the Keurig run.

It produced a fresh coffee - not just dark water. I did a pretty poor job of using the fake K-cup so I had to sift out some grounds, but that's entirely my fault for relying on a Keurig.

I added a splash of almond milk and a sugar cube to it. I honestly can't remember the last time I had coffee and didn't think - I need more sugar, or I need more creamer. Simply because the coffee usually takes bitter, or slightly old. Because the coffee actually just tasted great on its own.

The Doorside Coffee was absolutely smooth and fragrant - nothing bitter and no unwanted aftertaste. I feel like I could probably just add a little almond milk and be fine - which would be great to cut more sugar out of my diet.

Now I guess I need to get a regular coffee pot so I can do this fresh ground coffee thing right!

Kyle, hola. Did not find email, so thank you and Craig(?) for your wonderful visit. Microroasters are our heroes. We wish you great success, and maybe we will have some coffee for you to feature.

We would love to see your fluid bed roaster some time.
Thanks guys ! So good❤️☕️☕️
Good stuff folks. Enjoying a cup atm.
Congrats Craig Gordnier ill try some of that coffee lol :).
Keep up the good work!!!! :)
If boats bag Gordnier is involved it's gotta be on another level. Looking forward to see what you guys have!

We believe coffee should make you stop, rethink your purpose, and make you the best you. Let's face it, without coffee you might not be cool..

like at all.

Operating as usual

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Click here to support Filomena and Kara Need Your Help organized by Filomena Sharples

Click here to support Filomena and Kara Need Your Help organized by Filomena Sharples When you think about the Sharples family the words faith, love, and kindness come to mind; each member of the family would give the shirt off their back to assist someone in need. We are reaching out to our community because Filomena and Kara need your support. Below is a small picture of their...


After much deliberation, Doorside Coffee will soon be entering a transitional hiatus as we, Doorside Coffee, look towards moving onto the next chapter to include a brief relocation this coming summer. This hiatus, as implied, is only temporary and we hope to see all of you in the Fall of 2017. Thank you for your love and devotion to bringing community and coffee together. Look out for the next exciting chapter in Doorside Coffee later this year.

Much love,
Brandon and Kyle

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Remember to check out our Kickstarter and donate for great coffee!!!!

Doorside, growth of a coffee company. 03/18/2017

Doorside, growth of a coffee company.

Hey everyone don't for get to DONATE if you haven't already. There is COFFE involved and even a fancy mug ;)
and remember if you are unable to donate, at least watch the video (how we source coffee) and share this link with people who really enjoy their coffee every day.

Doorside, growth of a coffee company. Doorside is here to bring you a flavorful, kickass, well manicured, punch in the mouth, ambitious, unadulterated coffee.

Doorside, growth of a coffee company. 03/16/2017

Doorside, growth of a coffee company.

Tag your friends that LOVE coffee!

Hello everyone. We started a kickstarter to help with our mission of bring the best coffee to you and your loved ones. If you cannot donate will you all please share this kickstarter with your friends and ask them do to the same. You mean much more to us than you know. Thank you, for giving us you time.

Doorside, growth of a coffee company. Doorside is here to bring you a flavorful, kickass, well manicured, punch in the mouth, ambitious, unadulterated coffee.

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Oh the crema... so fine, so tangy, so... in need of some love.

Doorside Coffee 03/13/2017

Doorside Coffee

Don't forget coffee subscriptions are only 14.40 at !!!! Love us as much as we love you

Doorside Coffee This is a coffee that will send your tastebuds riding off into the sunset. A coffee that was so dangerously well-balanced, that upon taste-testing, we lost a third of our quality-control testers to a deep meditation that was later likened to “absolute transcendence”. The coffee will make you see sou...

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Another day roasting

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Little bit crooked but soooo much better than my last one! @mavamespresso gonna need an upgrade soon!

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Yayyyy almost got it!

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all day! you all!

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When the coast guard needs rescuing... they drink coffee.

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Toasted and roasted. Come and get it.

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First cold brew experiment! Very stoked!

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Hey everyone, check our site 10% off all subscriptions and orders over $40. Thanks again for the support I love you all. Also please message us any feedback for the site or any products you would like to see in the future!


Thank you all we are almost at 1000 followers! Share us with your friends! We are so grateful, thank you all so much. We love sharing our passion with you.

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And so we roast. coffee roasters

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I did a thing! I just stopped to early! ☕️

Photos from Doorside Coffee's post 01/15/2017

Super pumped about our new coffee! Stay tuned


Happy Sunday everyone! Be sure to check out our coffee subscription to save 10% on your coffee every month! We love you all! We hope your new years resolutions are still going strong!

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This one is cute right??

Timeline photos 01/06/2017

Almost! Haha


Hey Richmond VA!! Where should we put out first shop??

Timeline photos 01/02/2017

New York to Puerto Rico.


Happy new year everyone we love you!


Happy new year everyone. We are so excited for another year of love and sharing great coffee with you all! We are grateful for all the support!

Timeline photos 12/23/2016

So pumped for our next 2-3 coffee for you all!!! #coffeetime #coffeeroasters


Our site is back up and running. We will be working to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible. Enjoy your morning everyone!

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3713 Jefferson Landing Rd
Powhatan, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 12am
Tuesday 8am - 12am
Wednesday 8am - 12am
Thursday 8am - 12am
Friday 8am - 12am
Saturday 8am - 12am
Sunday 8am - 12am

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