Rodan and Fields with Barrett

Rodan and Fields with Barrett

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🥁☘️🥁☘️🥁MARCH MADNESS🥁☘️🥁☘️🥁☘️🥁

Be sure to turn your sound on and listen for new AND existing customers!


This is my good friend Terri.

First thing you should know about her is that her hugs are the BEST!

Second…she gets it that mental healthy is first and foremost. Seriously, the first time she shared her world with me…not a dry eye. We are a kindred of fighters. 💜

This is only a very small piece of how her life changed with not only skincare, but also this added income.

“Y’all, I don’t love it because I sell it…..I sell it because I LOVE what it has done for my SKIN and honestly I could NOT afford it ♥️

I was using a bar of soap. 🧼
I had horrible sun damage ☀️
I saw someone’s before/after 🤓
I asked how much 💵
I was SHOCKED 😳 because the Reverse Regimen was unaffordable on a Counselor’s budget. 😢

But I just wanted to try it.

So I got the consultant discount, got two regimens and planned to return empty bottles to get the refund.

Instead I knew instantly these products were the real deal and figured why not give this business a try 🤷🏻‍♀️

7 years LATER I am stunned how this has turned out.

Zero sales experience
Zero business knowledge
Zero beauty experience

I did it scared 😳
And this picture shows my skin journey, but my confidence journey is a whole other deal that you can’t see in the picture 📸

So the moral of the story is:

Great things can happen when you invest in yourself and do scary things.”


Are you saying any of these things, “My face literally HURTS it’s so dry.”
“My knuckles are bleeding they’re so dry.”
“My cheeks are flaking! What on earth!?”

Time to hydrate! How about up to 200% MORE hydration in the first use of a product? Too good to be true, right!? Wrong. It’s science. It’s a hydrating, oil-free serum containing Hyaluronic Acid and 30% Glycerin to help defend against dry skin. The result? Skin that stays continuously hydrated ALL DAY LONG! Active Hydration Serum is CLINICALLY TESTED to raise skin’s hydration level by 200% after just ONE use and keeps it there for up to eight hours. I use it on my face AND hands daily! Seriously, not a day is skipped! No oily feel, just hydration! You NEED this product!

Interested? Let me know!

Hollie Daniel, R+F Consultant 02/06/2022

Hollie Daniel, R+F Consultant

💜I loveHollie’s story!💜

Infertility warrior, anxiety advocate and School Counselor!

Sound familiar to you?

Any of it? Yes, yes, and teacher all spoke to me.

Take a few minutes to hear how this opportunity helped her and changed her life!

Hollie Daniel, R+F Consultant Hollie Daniel, Age 37Rodan + Fields ConsultantTwin Mama + 1School CounselorIVF WarriorAnxiety Warrior Lawyer Wife* This is my unique story. For more informat...

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It's time to BREAK UP!!💔

With your make up that is! 😂

Meet my Dermacosmetics line😍

While you're showing your skin, lashes and brows the love😘 you won't undo the passion!

Go subtle with just the right complexion perfection OR contour with any of our many shades!

Find your just right shade with the link in the comments👇🏾


When you give yourself 60 days to experience my products you’re taking over 30 years of dermatological practice and scientifically backed research and finding the BEST opportunity for your skin!

What you can expect:
👏🏼The chance for the best skin of your life
👏🏼 Major confidence restored

You’re already a gorgeous individual, give yourself a kiss!

Check out my solution tool in the comments below and find your just. right. fit.

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Skin is a complex organ.

One day it is happy, the next day it is not. Trying to identify the triggers can be maddening!

Our Soothe regimen is formulated specifically for times like this. I keep it in hand in our home 24/7.

Would having something like this help you? I’m happy to share information.


Skincare is a gift that can put a smile on your face or on the face of someone you L💗VE…I can help you with gift ideas…

These products are better together and come with a super-cute cosmetic bag!

💗 Smoothing Sweethearts: Total RF Serum + Multi-Function Eye Cream

💗 Date Night Glow Up: Micro-Dermabrasion Paste + Active Hydration Serum

💗 Serum Soulmates: Active Hydration Serum + Intensive Renewing Serum

💗 Beloved Lashes and Brows: Lash Boost + Brow Defining Boost

#giftswithlove #selfcaregifts #valentinesdaygifts #galentinesdaygifts

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I know it's only Wednesday...but I need a RESCUE...mask that is!

Soothe Rescue mask instantly calms dry skin, reduces visible redness while removing irritants for softer, smoother-looking skin.


Inquiring minds...

Mine will always be Soothe...the WHOLE regimen!

I have many 2nd favs because I am literally able to use pretty much EVERY single product we have all because of the repair to my skin that Soothe provided me.


I want your feedback 🥰

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Love all of yourself...including the rough parts because you are the MOST beautiful the way you are right now.

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Had a bit too much fun last night?

No worries! You can do this in less than 5 minutes!

The quick go to to get the make up off your eyes and give your face a fresh feel.

Both the Eye Make-Up Remover and the Make-up Wipes are a must have even if its to have on the go!

Our everyday dermatologic necessities for healthy-looking skin💜💙🧡❤

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Heading out tonight?

If you're the kind of person who like to 'do it up' for a night on the town or a evening with the significant other, this is TOTALLY up your alley!

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I am a FULLY transparent person.

My dry skin still has its moments of "grrrrr" and this time of year it is rearing its ugly head!

With the Microdermabrasion Paste and Active Hydration Body Replenish...

I. Am. Saved. From being a walking flake dispenser. (Yeah...gross.)

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Who do you know that hasn't dipped their toes into the pool of RF???

Like, Comment, and Share for a chance to win a FULL SIZED surprise from me!

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🦸🏻‍♀️Supercharge your skin! 🦸🏾

This 3-part skincare routine defends against lifestyle stressors that can leave skin looking dull, blotchy + dehydrated.

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If you aren’t having this kind of fun doing work of any kind…

Let’s chat. I laugh, cry, celebrate and LOVE the people I RF ‘work’ with!

Timeline photos 01/17/2022

Open your arms and welcome all you meet

Sending all the love to EVERYONE today!!

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One of my fav girls, Madison is IN LOVE with this regimen.

She's a go-getter twenty-one year old college student who is totally in tune with caring for her skin now so she can have outstanding looking skin as she ages....

And let me just say...she WILL get more and more beautiful with time. Just like her mom, who is also a huge fan of RF!


Eye Brow Tinting, tattooing, or even microblading is time consuming and tedious.

Yes, I am ALL ABOUT some self care and time for YOU!

Why not same time AND money with my brow gel that not only gives the appearance of fuller, thicker + fluffier brows over time but a younger look instantly!

You can go from a subtle day look to a sexy, VA-VA-VOOM night time look in seconds!

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Talk about making some serious changes.

Not only has RF revolutionized our skin care, but we have also created an energy boosting formula for your cells!!

Total RF Serum is our most comprehensive anti-aging serum yet!

It features RF TriEnergy Complex that energizes millions of surface skin cells by 200%.

I'm dying to get this into your hands and on your face!

Wanna sample????


Positive mindset

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Which one of our masks do you want the most?


What it is: A bubbling, hydrating gel with exfoliating Jojoba Beads to remove dullness + reveal smoother, softer, more radiant-looking skin.

Why you need it: As we age, our defenses weaken and skin loses elasticity. Hydrate tired, dry skin and smooth the look of fine lines + wrinkles over time.


What it is: An intensive face mask with brightening Retinal-MD Technology, exfoliating Glycolic Acid and skin-boosting Turmeric Extract.

Why you need it: Sun exposure can result in dullness + excessive pigmentation. Brighten skin on impact for a more radiant, translucent complexion.


What it is: A clarifying mask with Sulfur to unclog pores, cleanse away acne bacteria + remove impurities from the surface of the skin, plus calming ingredients.

Why you need it: Acne affects nearly 40% of adults. Prevent future breakouts and purifying the skin to reveal clearer, more radiant skin over time.


What it is: A soothing clay mask with moisture-attracting Glycerin to hydrate + protect dry skin while visibly reducing redness and blotchiness.

Why you need it: When the moisture barrier is compromised, irritants can get through to skin. Transform dry, irritated skin into a clearer, healthier-looking complexion over time.


What it is: An exfoliating mask fortified with Charcoal to help skin detox from environmental pollutants, plus intensive moisturizing ingredients.

Why you need it: Environmental aggressors affect the skin daily. Instantly cleanse and purify the skin and see it more balanced and nourished with continued use.

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Friday Finds

Have you checked out our newest Solution Tool?!?!?!

Not only do you answer the same questions asked in our still practicing Doctor's office, but our new technology also shows you areas on your face in need of extra attention.

Wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, sensitivity??? This tool has got you!

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Just because its in a silver container doesn't mean that it doesn't have a GOLD standard!

Hydration is key year round, winter is even more important.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that if you don't have dry patches you don't need to add moisture. Your skin is ALWAYS losing moisture...just like you need a minimum of 64 oz of water to drink, your skin needs it too!

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