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Happy First Day of Fall from all of us here at Home Town Glass LLC. May the entire community enjoy a wonderful fall season.


Wayne left us a glowing review on Facebook: "Ferrin came out to our house. Hard to find a man of his word, and Ferrin's word is rock solid. I'd recommend him to anyone without reservation. A+"

Thanks so much for your feedback, Wayne.


Mirrors have been observed to have a slight green tinge. Read more about this in the informative article below.



Question of the day: Have you ever experienced glass damage in your home from a natural disaster or episode of severe weather? How did the damage occur?


Add a touch of luxury to any room with custom mirrors from Home Town Glass LLC. Our skilled team handles big and small projects. Visit our website to learn more and call us at (804) 380-0940.



Where would you like to add a piece of customized flat glass? Would you like to upgrade your table or maybe change the doors on your shower?


Happy Labor Day from our team at Home Town Glass LLC. We hope you are having a great evening with your loved ones.


"HomeTown Glass is very efficient, reasonably priced and on time with appointments. Very nice and easy to work with and I highly recommend them. Top notch company!!" Thank you so much, Verna! We appreciate you.


Scratches can be a bummer on the glass coffee table. Check out this article to avoid it from ever happening to you. https://bit.ly/3zyLV3A


What questions do you have about our glass service? We have the answers you need. Call us at (804) 380-0940 to discuss your queries with a team member today.

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Our team has the skills and knowledge to ensure you get the customized glass pieces you desire. We will work with you to make your ideas a reality. Call (804) 380-0940 to get started today.

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Have we customized glass for you? Tell us about your experience. Let us know how we are doing by sharing a review on our page today.

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In addition to our customized glass, we offer glass repair services for windows, shower doors, and more. Call us today at (804) 380-0940 to schedule a repair service or visit our website to learn more. https://bit.ly/39tSeJI

How to Clean Glass Throughout Your Home, From Windows to Doors 08/19/2022

How to Clean Glass Throughout Your Home, From Windows to Doors

Ensure your glass surfaces look their best with proper cleaning. Read this article for some helpful tips. https://bit.ly/31pucyb

How to Clean Glass Throughout Your Home, From Windows to Doors Glass can get easily dirty, but don't worry. We have your guide to cleaning all the glass surfaces in your home, from mirrors to doors to windows.

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Dress up your coffee or dining room tables with a flat glass cover. These are great for easy cleaning and a fun look. Head to our website for more details on this service. https://bit.ly/3OOgsji

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"I got 2 pieces of glass from Hometown Glass for furniture in my home. They were called back within an hour and were able to make a template for the custom piece the same day. My order was completed and delivered in a timely fashion." Thank you, Sev!

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At Home Town Glass LLC, we are committed to providing high-quality flat glass products to our clients in and around Richmond. Give us a call at (804) 380-0940 to order your custom glass today or visit our website for more info. https://bit.ly/3OOgsji

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In most wood windows, glass is held with small metal pieces and glazed in place with putty. If you're noticing drafts around fixtures that have undamaged weatherstripping, the glass itself may need to be sealed with new putty.

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If you've worked with us before, we want to hear from you. Leave us a Google review to share some thoughts about the experience: https://bit.ly/3NzFW3o

How to Dispose of Broken Glass Safely - What You Need to Know! | House Grail 08/03/2022

How to Dispose of Broken Glass Safely - What You Need to Know! | House Grail

Dealing with broken glass is never fun, but with the right precautions, you can at least stay safe and avoid another headache. Here's an article with some helpful tips for properly disposing of the shards: https://bit.ly/3m0EaO0

How to Dispose of Broken Glass Safely - What You Need to Know! | House Grail If you've broken or shattered a piece of glass you need to dispose of it the correct way to keep everyone and yourself safe. Our expert guide will help you to ...

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From sliding to French-style, patio doors come in a range of forms. Which one is your favorite?

18 Entryway Mirror Ideas That Are Absolutely Captivating 07/29/2022

18 Entryway Mirror Ideas That Are Absolutely Captivating

If your home's entryway could use an extra touch, custom mirrors may be the way to go. This article showcases different ways you can use glass to create a luxurious and unique space that'll impress your loved ones: https://bit.ly/3ODdA9Q

18 Entryway Mirror Ideas That Are Absolutely Captivating The entryway really sets the tone for a visitor's first impression and what they might expect when they enter a home. Whether your entryway is big or

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From window inserts to patio glass, HomeTown Glass LLC creates pieces for all parts of your home. We also have decorative and energy-efficient options! Call (804) 380-0940 to schedule a free installation estimate.

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Do you have any tips for cleaning your windows without scratching the glass? Share your tricks in the comments!

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When a glass fixture breaks, it's a smart idea to cover the area until you can have a new pane installed to keep bugs and hot air out. After cleaning up the area, tape two heavy-duty sheets of plastic over the hole--make sure to wear safety gloves and steer clear of any remaining sharp edges.

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When your patio door has a broken pane, it can compromise the fixture's safety and visual appeal. HomeTown Glass LLC provides glass replacement to help you restore yours easily! Learn more on our website: https://www.hometownglassllc.com/patio-doors

Hurricanes: Protect Your Windows and Doors 07/18/2022

Hurricanes: Protect Your Windows and Doors

We're in the middle of hurricane season, which can spell trouble for windows, French doors, and other glass features. Here’s an article with some tips that’ll help you protect your property from any damage: https://bit.ly/2KOoRFf

Hurricanes: Protect Your Windows and Doors Protect your windows and doors for this year’s hurricane season to reduce potential damage. Learn how you can lower your insurance premiums, too!

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Serving clients across the Richmond area, HomeTown Glass LLC cuts glass for a range of applications. Whether you want a custom mirror or special tabletop, we'll create a piece you love. Call (804) 380-0940 to discuss a project and get an estimate!

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Today is National Simplicity Day. Celebrating the life of American naturalist Henry David Thoreau, today is all about simple living in the natural environment. With their sleek glass and ability to turn the outdoors into parts of your interior decor, windows fit the message perfectly! Give yours some TLC today.

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A glass tabletop is not only a great way to add simple elegance to any room, they're also a fantastically easy surface to clean when compared to wood and its assorted stains, water marks and more.

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Have we recently done business together? Let us know about your experience in a Facebook, Google or Yelp review.

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Glass walls and panels not only help a room look more aesthetically modern and allow more natural light in, but they also allow you to have views in more interior rooms you otherwise wouldn't be able to have!

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Did your skidsteer or excavator get a chip in its windshield that's spreading out? We can help replace your heavy equipment's glass with new safety glass! Check out our website for more details: https://www.hometownglassllc.com/heavy-equipment-glass

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Want a home office that's separate but still cheery with plenty of natural light? Consider installing a glass sliding door as if it were a patio!

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Want to take your bathroom remodel to the next level with a stylish new mirror? Contact HomeTown Glass today for a custom cut new mirror, or even repairs to an antique one. Check out our website for more info: https://www.hometownglassllc.com/mirrors

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A great way to incorporate more natural light into your commercial office while limiting noise and disruptions is through glass walls and dividers. More natural light (instead of relying on fluorescent light) can also help boost your employee's overall morale!

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Wishing all the dads out there a happy Father's Day today from everyone here at HomeTown Glass.

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Want to give the room before your balcony or patio more of a sunroom feel? Consider installing a glass door with matching panels, or a sliding glass door set-up. It will not only allow more light in, but will help it look larger, too!

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"My daughter's new house needed the shower door fixed and Ferrin was "Johnny on the spot" with great advice and a very thorough explanation on the next step to get the work done. We are very pleased." Thanks for the great Google review, Campbell!

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Want a more modern look in your home? Consider incorporating more flat glass into your furniture and overall décor.

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For custom-cut glass replacements, Richmond and surrounding areas count on HomeTown Glass to serve their needs. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help: https://www.hometownglassllc.com/

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Did you know that there are natural forms of glass? One of the more infamous ones is obsidian, which is made from volcanic eruptions.

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Have we recently helped you with our glass repair services? Let us know about your experience in a Facebook or Google review!

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Did you know that we have more than 20 years of experience when it comes to fixing and repairing both windows and mirrors? Learn more about us on our website! https://www.hometownglassllc.com/window-repair

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Wishing you all a happy Memorial Day today from everyone here at HomeTown Glass.

The Best Ways to Clean Glass | Household Hacks 05/27/2022

The Best Ways to Clean Glass | Household Hacks

Looking for some tips on how to clean the glass surfaces in your household? Check out these hacks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtVmL7LW_Vc

The Best Ways to Clean Glass | Household Hacks Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Follow us around the web, too:Our home: http://www.lifehacker.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/lifehac...

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Stop worrying about foggy windows or air leakage ever again with quality windows from HomeTown Glass! Contact us today on our website to get started on your custom quote: https://www.hometownglassllc.com/

Laminated Glass vs Tempered Glass - The Craftsman Blog 05/23/2022

Laminated Glass vs Tempered Glass - The Craftsman Blog

Do you know the difference between laminated and tempered glass? Read on to learn more, including how to tell them apart: https://thecraftsmanblog.com/laminated-glass-vs-tempered-glass/

Laminated Glass vs Tempered Glass - The Craftsman Blog Laminated glass vs tempered glass? What’s the difference? There are some important details you should know to determine which to choose.

Timeline photos 05/20/2022

Keep up-to-date on all our latest news and offers by texting Glass321 to 85100! Be sure to "opt in" to receive text messages.

Spark Plug vs Car Window at 800,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys 05/18/2022

Spark Plug vs Car Window at 800,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys

Just how fast can glass cracks travel? Pretty fast! Check out this cool, super slo-mo video to see it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE7ug2okU-E

Spark Plug vs Car Window at 800,000FPS! - The Slow Mo Guys In the slowest Slow Mo Guys video yet, Gav whips out the newest Phantom to show the mesmerizing paths a crack takes through glass at a whopping 800,000FPS.Me...




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