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CuddleBug Kitchen


I stopped by for the lemon bars, but decided to try the chocolate salted caramels as well. Whoa!!!! I knew the lemon bars would be delicious, but those caramels were next level! Between Liv, Dave and I they were gone in 2 hrs. Hoping to grab some more soon.
Good on you...back at it!!!
Thank you for my Caramels!!! I have been given them for the past 4 years from my friend Carly, and now it's my turn to give them to some of my friends for V-Day! These are the Best I have ever had, and trust me when I say I look forward to them every year. Thank you so much.....

Not a commercial Kitchen, just a mom with a passion to cook and bake. Available to provide food for

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Came home from morning soccer games and flowers were already sold out. So I just restocked!!


The stand is full!!!!


Raspberry peach cobbler at the stand now… and flowers


Just restocked the stand with flowers & eggs

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Shenanigans at the stand… oh and lots of flowers today 😆


Just restocked eggs at my stand


Just added Flower, Peach Jam, and restocked lavender lemonade at the stand. Come on by!


Flowers at the stand all weekend!




One of my best selling sauces is just finishing setting up right now and will be out tomorrow on the stand.
Mango jalapeño Margarita sauce 😍


First batch of the season: Bread and Butter Pickles.
Getting packaged up and heading out to the stand.


News about the farmstand
And what is available


Today cash box was broken into and items stolen. If this continues I will be moving my stand back toward my house for security.


Chocolate Bourbon Bacon Caramels are at the stand for Father’s Day gifts! I Only make them in June or special order. So come on by.
Also fresh batch of Chocolate Salted Caramels as well.

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Lots of apple pie and eggs at the stand today. (Sunday June 5th)

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Tomato starts at the stand this weekend


It’s sunny and the stand is out!!!
Caramel Apples
Lavender Swig Cookies
French Eggs
Lavender Lemonade


Lavender Lemonade and Lavender cookies!
At the stand


Shop the stand


The flower garden doubled in size and got a new fence this past weekend. Very excited for the Dahlia Bouquets that will be at the stand this coming summer.

Meanwhile, the hens a laying like crazy, and everyday you can get fresh eggs from my off season stand.


Happy Friday shop the stand


Thursday shop the stand


Kombucha now at the farmstand


I have been brewing low caffeinated Kombucha. Lots of yummy and unique flavor.
Any kombucha lovers that would like me to start having it in the fridge at my stand?


Thursday shop the stand
Banana 🍌 bread 🍞!!!!


Chocolate salted caramels


The stand is filled with 12 dz eggs for the weekend!
Come by and get your farm fresh chicken eggs for Saturday and Sunday breakfast.

I have a neighbor chicken farmer now helping to keep the eggs stocked so you won’t come and find that I am sold out.


Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentines Stan is open and ready to shop

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Need a Valentines Gift or treat yourself. My stand will be stocked with these items Sunday and Monday. Come by and shop.


Shop for Valentines Sunday and Monday at the stand!!!


Was sick this past week. But back in the kitchen now getting Valentines boxes crafted.
Stay Tuned!!!

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I partnered up with a dear friend and fellow baker to bring you todays super fun “believe” box. They contain Ted Lasso shortbread cookies and a chocolate salted caramel. The perfect gift of treat for yourself. Also some cookie of the month boxes from Made From Scratch. Swing by today and grab a box or two.


Saturday shop the stand

Photos from CuddleBug Kitchen's post 02/03/2022

Currently working on what will be in my Grand Gesture Valentines Boxes. These two luxurious truffles are going to be included.
Stay tuned to place your orders.

If you would like to place a special order for Valentines please contact me.


❤️❤️Valentine’s Day Boxes❤️❤️

CuddleBug Kitchen and Made From Scratch are teaming up for a special Valentine’s Day treat box!

Check back for our official product announcement!


Chocolate chip sourdough
Lots of eggs!!!


Happy Friday
Chocolate salted caramels


Jalapeño Cheddar Sourdough


Fresh bread!


Sourdough & Lavender Lemonade


Happy Friday!
Stand is open


The stand is open. My chickens are back to laying and I have 3 dozen eggs out right now!
Lots of other treats too.


Four of these will be at the stand tomorrow for purchase.
(The other two special order)

Swing buy and pick one up, or any of the other treats to make your Christmas sweeter


I felt like making a little bit of summer in the midst of all the holiday baking. Come by the off season stand for Lemon Bars today!

The stand will also be restocked daily until Christmas. So you won’t be without treats for yourself if gifts for others.


Shop the stand


It’s photo competition time!!!
Show me your CuddleBug Kitchen pictures. You at the stand, eating treats, or gifting them away.
There will be a nice treat box in it for the winner!


I still have quite a few boxes left. Message me if you would like to snag a box or two or four.


Christmas Variety Boxes now available.
Currently have 42 left
Message to order today.

(Pick up off Central Valley Rd Ne)


Now at the stand:

Hawaiian turtle squares
Chocolate salted caramels
German Springerle (anise cookies)
Chicken & Duck eggs
Jam, syrup, caramel sauce.
Fresh pressed apple cider

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The stand is full!!!!
News about the farmstand And what is available
Lavender Lemonade and Lavender cookies!At the stand
Shop the stand
Happy Friday shop the stand
Thursday shop the stand
Kombucha now at the farmstand
Thursday shop the standBanana 🍌 bread 🍞!!!!
Chocolate salted caramels





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