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Last week JuiceBox turned 21. 🎉🍾 You know what that means...


It’s Peter’s birthday, y’all. Make some noise!!! 🍻🎉 HBD PF!


Nice list?! 🤘 Hey. Ho (ho ho) Let’s go! Behind the scenes of Tysons Corner Center Christmas Tree Lighting.


Happy Birthday, JuiceBox! Cheers to 20 years in business! 🍾🥂


Not a bad view from 35th too bad it’s New Jersey… 😜

GREENIES™ HOLIDAY | SNOWMAN (15s) 12/15/2020


This Greenies ad is at its finest 😂

GREENIES™ HOLIDAY | SNOWMAN (15s) Dogs don't know what's good for them. Like not being able to leave a good stick alone. GREENIES dental treats. Something better for your dog to chew on.


This one might be a record. Barely got it in the boat.

Photos from JuiceBox's post 08/18/2020

On set yesterday in the days of c-19. ✊😷


Greetings from your friendly neighborhood JuiceBox! Hope everyone is hunkered down and staying safe! We just wanted to post a quick update to say that we are very much alive and kicking these days despite the Great Punch in the Mouth of 2020. Because you know, when times get tough...

Fortunately for us, virtual events, streaming support and *quality* video content are in high demand right now, so this is our moment to adapt, pivot and overcome. Through it all, we sincerely thank you for your support both past and present. Be well and stay safe, everyone!

Team JuiceBox

Photos from JuiceBox's post 04/16/2020

JuiceBox is celebrating 19 years in business today! What a roller coaster it has been. Thanks to all who have supported us over the years. Here are some behind the scenes pics from a shoot we did at the JuiceBox offices today starring Greg as a cryptocurrency trader... these days we have to improvise. 💪😷

AIA|DC Spotlight: Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial 04/02/2020

AIA|DC Spotlight: Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial

Did you know that April is Architecture Month? One of our clients, AIA|DC (American Institute of Architects), requested our help putting together this informational time-lapse video about the Eisenhower Memorial project which is currently under construction in D.C. As live tours and events are cancelled and postponed due to COVID-19, video is becoming a very useful tool for distance learning and member engagement. Sharing because we thought some of you history buffs might enjoy this also. Check out the first national presidential memorial of the 21st century taking shape in the nation's capital.

AIA|DC Spotlight: Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial 04/02/20


An update regarding our brand relaunch. Take care and be well, everyone! 💪🙏✊

Photos from JuiceBox's post 03/04/2020

Peter got to direct his dad, Chuck Fellows, who was our leading man today for a shoot on the Potomac River. Talented family!

JuiceBox DC, Inc. on Google 02/14/2020

JuiceBox DC, Inc. on Google

Only 3 weeks until we launch JuiceBox 2.0! Click below to learn more.

JuiceBox DC, Inc. on Google What story will you tell? When it comes to high quality video production and video marketing, you need experienced visual storytellers who are masters of the craft. You need a creative partner that "gets it." Quite simply, you need JuiceBox. Get ready. JuiceBox 2.0 is coming soon. #...

Jeep® “Groundhog Day” Commercial | Behind the scenes | Bill Murray 02/12/2020

Jeep® “Groundhog Day” Commercial | Behind the scenes | Bill Murray

This is great! Our favorite Super Bowl spot's behind the scenes video. "Babe... "

Jeep® “Groundhog Day” Commercial | Behind the scenes | Bill Murray Here’s how we made Groundhog Day happen… again. Watch never before seen footage of how we made our Big Game spot (#1 on USA Today Ad Meter) with Bill Murray,...

Timeline photos 02/01/2020

Who’s ready for some fresh Juice?

I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS - AGT Champions Tonight 8PM ET - Foreigner cover 01/14/2020

I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS - AGT Champions Tonight 8PM ET - Foreigner cover

It’s funny, but it’s sad and it’s weird and it’s really good. Wolf Trap Animal Rescue

I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS - AGT Champions Tonight 8PM ET - Foreigner cover Get this single here. https://smarturl.it/b2zfyh A new friend of ours (yours and mine) suggested I do this tune. I was like "I dunno". What could I do that w...

Timeline photos 12/25/2019

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁

Timeline photos 12/06/2019

Funfact: even just editing puppies makes you happier. Go rescue a doggo today! Wolf Trap Animal Rescue

Timeline photos 11/28/2019

So much to be thankful for... Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Timeline photos 11/22/2019

Now this is the kind of work we love! 🎥🐶❤️ We’ll be at Tysons Corner Center on Dec 3rd filming this great event. Come on out to meet and greet adoptable puppies from Wolf Trap Animal Rescue and add a little “puppy therapy” to your life!

All donations collected will directly benefit Wolf Trap Animal Rescue and assist in funding their adoption program in NOVA.
Interested in adopting or fostering? Come ‘Meet & Greet’ available pups and speak with WTAR on how you can get involved! Hosted by BrandBox.


Thank you, Veterans. 🇺🇸

Thanks to all the Veterans who have served our country. Here is a spot we just finished featuring Robert Irvine for the Code of Support Foundation, which exists to ensure that service members, veterans and their families receive the support they need and have earned through their service and sacrifice. 🇺🇸

Photos from JuiceBox's post 10/16/2019

Early call at EY in Atlanta.
Also, let’s go Nats!!! 🧹

Photos from JuiceBox's post 09/27/2019

Helena, Josh and Peter chipping in at the Childhelp DC golf event this morning! And Helena was the women’s long drive champ! ⛳️🏌️‍♀️🏆👏 @ Westfields Golf Club

Photos from JuiceBox's post 09/18/2019

Filming an interview with Robert Kogod in downtown DC today. Such a cool guy, and what a great studio to shoot in! 😉 Can you find GM?

Soap opera effect: Tom Cruise wants you to turn it off. Here's how 06/17/2019

Soap opera effect: Tom Cruise wants you to turn it off. Here's how

You know how your new flatscreen TV makes movies look like a cheesy daytime soap opera? It's something that drives us absolutely crazy here at JuiceBox. Well, here's how to fix it. Tell 'em Mav...


Soap opera effect: Tom Cruise wants you to turn it off. Here's how If you have a newer TV, chances are it's smoothing out your movies in a way that makes them look like daytime TV.

JuiceBox Design Communications, Inc. on Google 05/17/2019

JuiceBox Design Communications, Inc. on Google

Just testing out Google My Business posts. But by all means, call us if you need some video magic. 🎩🎥

JuiceBox Design Communications, Inc. on Google Need a creative and professional team for your next video project? Plug in to the JuiceBox! Call us for a quote and let's create some buzz together! 703.444.7850

Timeline photos 05/02/2018


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