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We provide proofreading/editing services for scientific manuscripts at budget-friendly prices. Stylos Editing LLC is a language editing company that offers high-quality and personalized proofreading, editing and translation services, on the one hand, to researchers both interested in publishing their work in scientific publications and in accessing a worldwide audience, and on the other, to emerging and unpublished writers as well as already published writers seeking to prepare their manuscript for submission to a literary agent or publisher.

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Stylos Editing recommends "Publishing 101: A First-Time Author's Guide" by Jane Friedman


Stylos Editing recommends "A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Dissertations" by Kate L. Turabian. 01/25/2019

Study finds students learning Cherokee writing developed previously unknown, 'idiosyncratic' style Study finds students learning Cherokee writing developed previously unknown, 'idiosyncratic' style Tue, 01/15/2019 LAWRENCE — Cherokee is spoken as a first language by fewer than 5,000 people, yet in recent years it has experienced a remarkable revival as a second language. But what happens when ...


Punctuation in very short sentences:

1. Commas indicate a pause.
2. Semicolons indicate a near stop; they make you slow down even more than a comma.
3. A period indicates a full stop.
4. A colon introduces something and links that something to the preceding material.
5. A question mark indicates a query. Indicate it clearly in your text.


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Difficult Word of the Day

vizard (n.) mask; visor.

Source: Atyo, John (ed.) The Hutchinson Dictionary of Difficult Words. Bounty Books. 2003.


"Stylos Editing is a professional company that specializes in helping others achieve their professional and academic goals. They complete the work in a timely and accurate manner. An excellent company that I will continue working with."

— Dunia R.


Difficult Word of the Day

edaphic (adj.) pertaining to or conditioned by soil; indigenous. edaphology (n.) study of soils. edaphon (n.) living organisms in soil.

Source: Ayto, John (ed.) The Hutchinson Dictionary of Difficult Words. Bounty Books. 2003.


13 Rules for Using Commas

1. Use a comma before any coordinating conjunction (and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet) that links two independent clauses; e.g.,: "I went running, and I saw a duck."

2. Use a comma after a dependent clause that starts a sentence. For example: "When I went running, I saw a duck."

3.Use commas to offset appositives from the rest of the sentence. For example, "While running, I saw a mallard, a kind of duck." Or, "A mallard, a kind of duck, attacked me."

4. Use commas to separate items in a series. For example, "I went to the store and bought bananas, apples, and grapes."

5. Use a comma after introductory adverbs: "Finally, I went running."

6.Use a comma when attributing quotes. For example, "The runner said, 'I saw a duck.'"

7.Use a comma to separate each element in an address.

8.Also use a comma to separate the elements in a full date. For example, "Friday, March 15, 2013, was a strange day." You don't need to add a comma when the sentence mentions only the month and year. "March 2013 was a strange month."

9,Use a comma when the first word of the sentence is a freestanding "yes" or "no."

10. Use a comma when directly addressing someone or something in a sentence.

11. Use a comma between two adjectives that modify the same noun. For example, "I saw a big, black bird."

12. Use a comma to offset negation in a sentence; e.g., "I saw a dog, not a cat, when I went running."

13. Use commas before every sequence of three numbers when writing a number larger than 999. (Two exceptions are writing years and house numbers.) For example, 10,000 or 1,304,687.

For more details on the proper use of commas, visit


Stylos Editing LLC recommends "Plot versus Character" by Jeff Gerke.


Stylos Editing LLC recommends "Scientific Writing in a Second Language" by David Ian Hanauer and Karen Englander.


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Stylos Editing LLC offers translation services from Spanish to English and viceversa for authors and academic researchers seeking to reach both an international or a Hispanic audience. Visit our new website for more details.


Stylos Editing LLC offers scientific and academic editing services to researchers and scientists seeking to publish their work in academic journals. Visit our new website for more details.


Stylos Editing LLC is now offering book editing services for fiction and non-fiction authors. Visit our new website for details.


Interested in proofreading or editing services for your manuscript? Contact us at [email protected]


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We provide language editing services for authors and academic editing for scientists and researchers at budget-friendly prices.



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