Theriault Restorations

Theriault Restorations


Mr. Theriault, just saw you & your restoration team restoring the Ford 2N on Chasing Cars..great job, great team work and I applaud you for passing-on your knowledge and enthusiasm.
Would you have any interest restoring an Oliver/Fiat 1355 with a Ware hydra loader? It’s a tractor I inherited from my brother back in the 90’s...runs currently on my farm in Ware Ma. but do not use it daily. It is precious to me since it’s history I mentioned above. My name is Mitch a retired banker but, have been a farmer for approx 15 yrs. Would appreciate your response and opinion on the restoration. Thank you in advance.

Antique restorations of farm equipment as well as anything antique. Gas pumps, Soda machines, Cooler

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 08/20/2022

Just having fun. Got a non running Farmall cub and with a little Friday night playing in the shop Jake,Finnigan and I got this 58 cub up and running split new clutch and throw out bearing and she’s ready to go back to work. #stillplayswithtrucks#stillplayswithtractors#sharingthepassion#farmalltractors

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 08/15/2022

Ahh Bittersweet I was asked by my best friends daughter if I could revive Dads old tractors to have in her wedding. Well between Jake,Dad and I we finally finished all 3 This one being the most stubborn to get running again but also the most special one of the bunch It was our first complete down to bare metal nut and bolt restoration our first pulling tractor and his daughters first tractor Really honored to be part of this project and family All with 12 days to spare. 😊


Think we got it !! The simple Shop Truck Look we desired is almost there A little lowering when funds allow and We’re done ✔️ Um yea right there never done but very happy with the look and the best part Jakes driving the crap out of it 😎

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 07/02/2022

Super Honored to be the one who got to do some freshening up on this Awesome Family Heirloom 1965 Oldsmobile F85 Cool car with a even cooler history. Bought new by Brett’s grandfather then handed down to his dad who built it into a hard running good looking street strip car then sold .Always missed by grandson Brett was found and bought back Now a 3 generation family tradition continues. We freshened up the trunk with a little patch work and fresh spatter paint along with sound deadener and fresh carpet in interior. Unbelievable still has original interior and factory floor mats. Such a Awesome car 😎

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 06/17/2022

All set up at Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Festival in New Britain Ct Honored to be able to debut are tractors at this amazing event every season. Please come down and see our latest a 1940 John Deere L #livinthedream#sharingthepassion #klingbergvintagemotorcarfestival

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 06/05/2022

What a Absolutely Awesome night at the Bristol Auto Club Tractor/Commercial Vehicle /cruise night Our Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration Team was well received and lots of questions answered about our projects and what we do on Friday Nights .Weather was perfect and a amazing variety of vehicles Definitely something for everyone. Thank to all that came out to share this great event with us

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 06/04/2022

Wow what a crazy couple of days with the Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration Family Our Friday night classes are over till next school season we’re 95% done but no worries we got this a couple of Saturday afternoons and it’s ready to be raffled and on to a new home . Thursday night was a great night for our students receiving awards along with our longtime mentor Paul receiving a award for all that he has brought to our program followed up Friday with our last class for the season and a special get together for Mr Charlie Rowland (The Boss) to celebrate his retirement. Without Mr Rowland our program would have never gotten started. We are forever grateful for all he does. Come see us at our first event tonight!!! Bristol Auto Club tractor cruise night 😎

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 05/28/2022

Busy night at restoration with a small crew because it was prom night. We are definitely behind but almost there Our first event is this coming Saturday. We will be there 👍 Hope to see everyone at Bristol Auto Clubs annual cruise night/tractor and commercial vehicle show. #ffa#livinthedream#sharingthepassion #learninglifeskills

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 05/21/2022

Crazy weekend with Wamogo FFA family. Last night at restoration we came close to the finish line but just a little more to go on this year’s raffle tractor John Deere L why is it so hard to finish that last 10% oh well hard work will get it done ✔️ Saturday morning FFA tractor pull getting it done ✔️ Great times with these great students Wamogo FFA 2022 #ffa#tractorrestoration #sharingthepassion#livinthedream #pistonsfoundation

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 05/14/2022

Great Night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration Almost out of time but we got this. John Deere L moving along sitting back on all 4 And freed up a stuck clutch disc in our Massey Ferguson plus completed the restoration on another pedal tractor. That’s 2 pedal tractors already a Farmall last season and now this Deere 😎

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 05/07/2022

Still making progress even if it looks like we’re stepping back a little. Tins came back off of our John Deere to get started on the wiring and Pistons went in our Farmall Super A project So still moving forward getting close to another graduation and another finished project 👍

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 04/30/2022

Oh Boy we’re getting closer to wrapping up our projects at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. Things look so much better and so motivating with a little paint. John Deere moving forward with freshly painted parts and engine rebuilding going well with our Farmall Super A project. 😊

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 04/16/2022

Friday night Fun and progress at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. John Deere L coming together nicely Everything seems to be going better now that chassis is painted actually see the finish line coming. We will be ready soon and tickets will be available shortly for our 2022 raffle. More clean up on Farmall Super A engine block. Should definitely start reassembly soon Always a great time getting together playing with cool old stuff. 😎

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 04/14/2022

Been keeping quiet on the High School Hot Rod while Jake has been recovering Jake’s been feeling much better lately and we managed to finally finish the new wiring harness and updated to led headlights plus he installed a stereo. I’d say 85% done Goal is driving it soon Runs drives stops steers we’re getting there. Next install new windshield and registration Jake Strong 💪 💪 #livinthedream#sharingthepassion

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 04/09/2022

One Busy Busy week for Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration Team Busy started last Sunday with a full cleaning of our dirty tractor with The Sweet Patina all purpose cleaner then team effort to sand and prime tractor followed up Tuesday with a fresh coat of green. Next up is painting rims yellow and continue working on sheet metal.Friday night we managed to squeeze in time to work on our Massey Ferguson with rebuilding carb and more cleaning on Farmall engine block Special Thanks to B.Johnson trucking for transportation back to school Our team is busy 🙄. We have a long way to go and a short time to get there but we will get it done. Stay tuned!!!

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 04/03/2022

Another Awesome Friday night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. We loaded up our John Deere L chassis for paint. Thanks to at B Johnson trucking a former student and now a awesome Mentor to our program plus we brought in another of our projects a Massey TO 35 to get running again and finally pulled the engine on our Farmall Super A to start the rebuild. Plus still working on tins for the Deere.A busy and productive night #livinthedream#learninlifeskills #pistonsfoundation #farmall#masseyferguson

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 04/01/2022

Put a little bit of time into my friends Oh so Awesome IH Travelette Can’t say enough good things about The Sweet Patina. This time I tried the Century Polish after a good cleaning and scrub with their so fresh and clean cleaner The results are like Night and Day. Really having a hard time not wanting a Travelette of my own. 😬

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 03/26/2022

Productive Friday night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration.Got our John Deere starting easily on our home brewed electric start ✔️Next carb rebuild and exhaust as we work to finishing up restoration of sheet metal. Getting closer to paint 😁. Students are eager to rebuild Farmall Super A engine So out of tractor now and set up on engine stand ready to start disassembly✔️ A little more work on Cushman Cub. A reducer on carb and muffler has our little engine running much better. The team is doing great getting stuff done but missing our team mate Jake . Stay Strong Jake We got this we need you back 💪

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 03/19/2022

Oh the fun continues. Got to keep moving forward it’s almost April already 😬. Time is running against us but we are moving forward. John Deere is just about mechanically done rebuild carb next then time to paint chassis ✔️Farmall Super A a roller again. Steam cleaned last night Remove engine next week to rebuild ✔️Thanks to our friend Gary Hufner our stationary engine is up and running. ✔️getting there 😊


Awesome Night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. Now we know our John Deere L project runs and transmission is good Kinda important 😀. Just making sure we did our job right so far. Great feeling and finally got both rear axle drops resealed and ready and put back on our Farmall Super A tractor.Next we start on the rebuild of that engine plus had some time to look over our Cushman Cub stationary engine Great night Great teamwork

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 03/06/2022

Another busy weekend working on Jake’s High School Hot Rod. Special Thanks to our friend Vinny for guidance through the mess of rewiring the truck and Dennis for helping out with a much needed pizza break.Half way done with the wiring hopefully be done very soon and getting some road time behind the wheel

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 03/05/2022

Times a flying and we’re working hard to get our projects done. Farmall Super A work continues.Entire rear assembly now resealed and serviced hopefully reassemble next week The tedious job of our home made electric start for John Deere L is in the home stretch hopefully fire it up soon and cause we like to stay busy while we wait for parts for our ford project why not start on a Cushman Cub stationary engine 🙄. Hey we’re just having fun 😊. #livinthedream #farmall#pistonsfoundation

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 02/19/2022

Getting it done on another Friday night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration Great progress on all our projects continues A little bit of everything going on as we move forward A little body work A little fabrication A little welding A little mechanics and a whole lot of fun and learning skills 👍 #livinthedream#sharingthepassion #ih#johndeere

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 02/17/2022

We are finally back at The High School Hot Rod. Jake is feeling up to working on his F100 again so let’s get it done and on the road soon 👍

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 02/13/2022

Another Good Night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. Worked on our modified transmission tunnel for our John Deere. Almost have one Farmall Super A rear drop completely resealed and reassembled and Measured up our Ford crankshaft for replacement bearings plus continued on restoration of our pedal tractor project. Getting there great group to hang out with on Friday nights 😊

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 01/29/2022

Thankfully we got another successful night at restoration in before saturdays big snowstorm. Moving right along. Mock up continuous on the John Deere L project while another crew works on putting all new seals in the rear axle assemblies of our Super A We are also moving forward on doing some body work on the Deere sheet metal. Absolutely Love getting together with the team every week Making progress but so much more to do by May Teamwork will make the Dreamwork 😊

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 01/16/2022

Finally back at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration after a long 3 weeks off Lots of exciting stuff going on So far our homemade electric start for our Deere is a success. Next up make a battery box and starter button mount. Ford engine block steam cleaned and ready to start rebuild Farmall super A engine disassembly started but our 10 year old homemade sleeve puller made for a bigger piston is finally wore out. So one of our students and his Dad Bill Carlson decided to make a new one to finish the job next Friday. Teamwork like this is what it’s all about 😎

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 12/18/2021

Another Great night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. Further disassembly of our Ford Engine. Crankshaft is out and so far looks good. Broken stud removed from Farmall Hub and fabrication just about done on our try at electric start for our John Deere L project. Great Progress. That’s it till next year

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 12/11/2021

Another Awesome Friday night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. Things continue to move forward. Engine finally removed from our Ford 9N getting stripped down for complete rebuild Progress continues on our John Deere thanks to our friend Chris Proll for hooking us up with much needed driveshaft discs for the L plus a pretty Awesome visit from our friend and supporter of our program Dennis David and his wife Suzanne with a fun little contest where everyone was a winner and went home with a cool die cast car.

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 12/07/2021

What a fun project. My friend Jim gave me a extra Nash dashboard and said make something out this so I can hang it on the shop wall So after a bit of work here we go. Love playing with cool old stuff 😎

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 12/04/2021

Back from Holiday break and another successful night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. John Deere Electric start mocked up and tack welded Disassembly of Ford 9N and Super A started Hopefully Engines removed next week to begin engine rebuilding . Life is Good 😊

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 11/20/2021

Another productive night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. Both the ford and Farmall engines are free and rotating again which is good but both will need engine rebuilds So the fun is just getting started. Stay Tuned 😃

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 11/13/2021

A Fun Productive night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. We are quickly making progress. Started mock up of a electric start idea we have for the John Deere L ,Diagnosed a stuck valve on our Ford project and freed up the stuck engine on our Super A project Oh and our students got to clean out a nice mouse condo from the super A Stay tuned the season is just getting started 😎

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 11/06/2021

Well we’re finally back at it for the 2021-22 season at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. Setting goals to get John Deere L done for raffle while keeping busy on our 41 ford 9N and our Farmall Super A projects Looking forward to another great season of fun while learning important life skills.

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 10/30/2021

Well Today was a great day. My Buddy James finally came down from the Homeland Northern Maine to pick up his finished Farmall Super A Demonstrator Going to look Awesome in the collection Thanks for giving Jake and I the opportunity to restore another classic for you

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 08/25/2021

Well our friends 63 Impala is finally out of the shop and back cruising again. What started out as hey can you put my carpet in turned into over a month of little projects. For the first time in over 20 years it finally has all its windows and working convertible top plus the interior is all back together. So Jerome is a happy camper with plenty of season left to enjoy his car #327#theriaultsrestorations

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 06/12/2021

We did it 😃. The team pulled together and goal accomplished. Strange year for sure but so Thankful to have had the opportunity to complete our mission. Our 10th Anniversary Restoration is done and were ready with tickets to sell. All of our proceeds go back into the FFA program so we can do it again and continue to build confidence and teach life skills plus have a good time doing it Total Win/Win 😎

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 05/07/2021

Finally moving forward again on Jakes High School Hot Rod. He painted doors and hood and we got them hung again. Lots left to do but definitely coming together. #pistonfoundation

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 04/15/2021

Happy Happy Bolster Restoration done ✅ Radiator flushed and valves adjusted all set for the summer .Jake finished up Dave’s tractor tonight and Dave drove it home 6 miles for a road test Worked out good pain in the Butt job but obviously worth the effort. Thanks Dave for keeping us busy 😎

Photos from Theriault Restorations's post 03/06/2021

Great Day in the shop Jake did a great job on his first paint job ever on his High School Hot Rod This truck is definitely getting there. Putting into one color definitely is a milestone. No it’s not perfect but boy it looks Awesome 😎

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Awesome Night at Wamogo FFA Tractor Restoration. Now we know our John Deere L project runs and transmission is good Kind...
Here is our John Deere L project now running after freeing up a stuck valve Special Thanks to Chris Proll for donating o...
Spent the afternoon on the Deere projects got one running pretty good the other being a bit more stubborn. 😃
Great night in the shop Jake and I got the old Farmall F14 to run after it had sat outside for years fresh mag from Mark...
Happy 4th of July Everyone
Great night at tractor restoration after the entire winter of Friday nights the team got the cub up and running were alm...
It's alive the 10/20 is back up and running Thanks to all the help from @chrislaurentus @hovey922 @jacob_hoadley_04 and ...
Took the ol 1924 McCormick Deering 10-20 out for a spin today
The Farmall SMDTA is almost ready for delivery up and running like new again





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